Don’t think of sex dolls as mere sex toys,the role of sex dolls is radiating different fields

Marriage is actually the product of privatization before, a piece of paper, contract to own the body. So, above the bottom line of morality, above the promise of contracts, finding sex workers is inherently incompatible with society. So we want to find a substitute. How a doll fits into the role of a real person depends on its texture.

Believe a lot of net friends will ridicule, the doll ugly so expensive is to god? T told us, “the first sex dolls introduced in China were actually European. However, due to aesthetic differences, many people do tend to choose Japanese dolls. At the beginning, many cheap inflatable dolls and real life dolls were sold on the Internet. However, over time many users will find the doll ‘too perfect’.”Human nature is such that it is easy to act or fall apart when you are confronted with something

whose skin is as slippery as a doll’s, whose face is as beautiful as a doll’s, and whose body is as hard as a doll’s. In the end, it is with plastic skin. But the silicone used in the silicone doll technically improves the feel, skin texture and elasticity in many ways. The so-called ugly and the real, and soon there is a winner. Plus a lot of American and European stars are even willing to do a real person model, it is not necessarily the appearance of indigestible doll. Jessica drake, best actress at the AVN awards in 2015, has contributed her own model, which is very realistic.

Also, the factory can make sex dolls for anyone with permission. Besides, one of the most important questions we will be curious about is “safety and health”.

It’s still a dummy after all. Yes, but you can also get bacteria and STDS if you choose to be a sex worker. This time thought of the good companion of mankind — condom! But “condoms are not condoms,” and many bacteria and sexual viruses can enter the body through the nanoscale aperture of the material.

It is also true that more people play with inflatable dolls than can be counted. But the vast majority of them use inferior dolls and have no cleaning habits. You can catch bacteria if you don’t bathe yourself for years. Sex doll is made of materials that are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and non-toxic to humans. At present, a relatively mature system has been formed with strict quality inspection mode for the safety requirements of adult toys. However, Asian countries are still trying to find out some reasons such as late start, lack of openness to sex or imperfect laws. For consumers, of course, they prefer to buy on merit.

Also, don’t think of sex toys as mere sex toys, but the role of sex dolls radiates from different fields.”Not every sex doll is used to Make Love,” wrote one movie fan in his review of Lars and the Real Girl, which also appeared in the movie.

According to Abyss Creations, the U.S. department of defense bought a number of abatement versions of sex doll from the company, which was bought for first aid training. Psychiatrists use dolls for adjuvant therapy; Other parents create dolls for children with autism or who are isolated by their peers. And the fabled chief, prince, race car driver and Nobel laureate Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil has made no secret of his $15,000 custom-made sex doll.As mentioned earlier, sex dolls have recently even dabbled in VR in order to get into the full range of experiences!

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