Do you know the people who buy physical dolls?

You might wonder, who are the people who buy physical dolls? In fact, the purchase of the population is very wide, because the physical doll is very real and beautiful, although it is a kind of adult products, but in addition to the most basic use there are many USES, so the purchase of the population is naturally wide.

  1. Let’s start with what everyone knows, such as the fact that an otaku hasn’t had a girlfriend or is divorced or widowed for a long time. Because there is no girlfriend but there is always demand, so such a beautiful physical doll is the best.
  2. Temporary singles. It is possible to be in certain period inside with single same, for instance the wife was pregnant, went on a business trip to wait for a long time cannot undertake sexual life.
  3. used to shoot, this is still a lot of, we know that the cost of hiring a model to shoot for a long time is still quite large. However, the physical dolls are good in both appearance and proportion, and they are all human in height, so there is no problem in shooting.
  4. like the hand, like the simulation of the model, there is this hobby collection.
  5. film and television crew can be used to replace real people, this may have been seen, but the general use of very cheap inflatable dolls, it is not realistic.
  6. used as a human model, painting, portrait.

Actually the use still has a lot of, the person that buys not necessarily pure use, after all the entity doll is not inflatable doll, appearance level figure is very tall really.

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