Do you have any real feelings for physical dolls?

While many people scoff at the idea of a physical doll, there is no doubt that the physical silicone doll is a brilliant invention. It can not only satisfy our original desire needs, but also can adjust the mood, eliminate loneliness, so that we are no longer lonely.

Searching through the Internet about the material of the physical silicone doll, we can learn the development history of the doll, it started from a beautiful legend, then the first appearance of the inflatable doll in World War II, until our present physical doll. I believe that with the development trend of high and new technology, the more forward the time, the closer to the real. Some predict that in the middle of the 21st century, fully intelligent robots will emerge, just as science fiction shows.

In fact, estimated and not to say the exquisite forced solid silicone doll, even if it is a quality not smooth doll, and long communication, also will give birth to emotion. People are an innate need for affection. They look for lovers, carry on the family line, spend time with their families, and from beginning to end they are looking for a place to place their feelings.

As children, we are so naive and sensitive that many of us sometimes treat the dolls as our relatives. As we grow up, reason makes it difficult for us to open our minds to others, even as we mature. Therefore, there are some people looking for ways to find the high level of appearance in the ideal, sexy fan qiao entity silicone doll to accompany themselves, although such a doll can not communicate directly, but they are very “faithful”, have been staring at us with deep feeling, lovely and pitied, let the heart give birth to pity.

Solid silicone dolls “poor innocent” in front, we thoroughly learned to put down the guard against, solid silicone dolls at the moment is not nothing emotional “doll”, the people for their love of solid silicone dolls involuntarily to block the idea that “it’s just a tuo chemical materials, and took her as a life, like the eyes of the beholder this description, sex can’t fall in love with like, temporarily sex copulating with them, and the real doll of actual combat, after the passion, the reality of unhappiness to release, we can get the satisfaction of one another.

However, some people may get bored with the physical doll after spending too much time with it, which is understandable. The physical doll is not suitable for anyone after all. However, there are still a small number of people who are different, they think that the doll is emotional, has its own emotions, the use of a long time will have a more profound emotion to the physical doll.

Is that normal? That’s normal! Once we subconsciously accept that a doll is not just a doll, but an emotional being, the doll becomes a beautiful, sexy, empathetic, obedient, loyal, willing to do anything for us.

So, which one do you fall into? Do you have any real feelings for your physical doll?