Detailed Maintenance Guides about Sex Doll’s Wig

Each sex doll has at least one beautiful wig, and different wig types can create different sex dolls. Proper maintenance of the wig of a sex doll will make it look brand new.

The frequency of washing depends on factors such as air quality and humidity. Generally speaking, a wig can be washed after one month of wear, but this is not static.

If you are looking for some tips on how to maintain a wig for a sex doll and let it last longer, then you are in the right place.

To take care of the wig of a sex doll, you need to follow these simple instructions:


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How to care for the wig of a sex doll?

Brush the wig thoroughly with a wig brush before washing. For curly, firm wigs, do not brush and gently remove the tangles with your fingers.

Use a mild shampoo. Add cold water to the sink or basin (don’t heat, because heat can damage the fiber) and mix in a small amount of shampoo. Turn over the wig and immerse it. Gently rotate and soak for about 5 minutes.

Rinse the wig gently with cold water until all shampoo is removed. Rinse twice.

Gently apply the conditioner to the wig and let it penetrate the hair in 2 minutes.

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Gently place the wig in cold water until all the conditioner has been removed.

Wrap the wig with a towel and gently pat the excess water. Do not squeeze, rub or twist your wig while it is dry.

Optional: Apply a hair spray on the wig and spray 10 – 12 inches from the wig.

Place the cleaned wig on the wig stand and air dry thoroughly before combing. Do not let the wig dry in direct sunlight.

IMPORTANT: To prevent fiber damage, do not use a hair dryer, curling iron, or other drying equipment, and keep the wig away from all excess heat or open flames (such as stoves, ovens, grills, lighters) because heat can damage synthetic fibers.