Check out The Bizarre Ads for Early Life-size Inflatable Sex Dolls

The earliest sex dolls were thought to have been Dutch sailors in the 17th century, and they used an ancient journey – a hand-doll made from cloth – to relieve sexual stress on long trips.Rubber and other plastic materials prepare the entire male or female body for hommes or dames DE voyage to promote fornicatory purposes.What is more special is that the reproductive organs behave in a way that is true to nature.Even Bartholin’s glans secrete can be imitated by filling the “pneumatic tube” with oil.Similarly, the ejaculation of semen is imitated by fluid and appropriate devices.These mannequins are actually sold in the catalogues of some manufacturers of the Paris rubber products.

During world war ii, the rumors were long, but never really proved that Nazi leader adolf Hitler’s ordered sex doll was supplied to German troops fighting on the front lines.The real change in sex dolls came in the 1960s with the development of vinyl inflatable dolls with lifelike “openings”.These became very popular in the 1970s, as can be seen in the bizarre ads below.

Life-size sex doll

sex dollLife size sex dolls

sex doll

inflatable sex doll

inflatable sex doll

The poor guys of 1971.Imagine they come home from work, eager to untie a living woman trapped in a USPS package, only surprised by a sad plastic blister.Your heart is broken for them!

These ads from 1971 really drove the fact that realistic sex doll is not like most sex toys – they’re the stand-in for real women.They have names like Judy, wear wigs and pajamas, and “live life in every detail”.

Life size sex dolls

Nowadays, advertisements for sex dolls have various forms of expression, and advertisements of every era have characteristics of every era.These advertisements also prove that sex dolls are not developed in recent years. They have a long history.


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