Can humans fall in love with “sex doll”

since the inventention of robot,the relationship between robot and human has become an enternal topic.

many films and television programs are also exploring this issue.

“she”,”blade runner”,”ex machina”,”robot housekeeper”and other films on the relationship between humans and robots from all aspects of the discussion,whether robots have emotions?how will humans and robots get along in the future,kiling each other?will robots betray humans?

in the 21st century,the manufacture of robots is developing rapidly.the artificial human in science fiction movies may appear before us soon.the future is still unkown.

but now,with the development of AI technology,there is a serious problem facing us.

Can human’s fall in love with “sex dolls“?

it is well known that sex dolls we saw before our eyes before AI techology was mature were like this.

most inflatable dolls satisfy a man’s sexual needs.they are beautiful,empty,rigid,unable to move,think or speak.

because can’t speak,and human communication,the lack of a kind of emotional best,this is nothing more than an outlet for desire.

of course,even if it’s just a stiff,dumb sex doll,it’s not that nobody likes it.

after all,there are humans who marry trees,walls and animals.

there are always people who cannot get complete or perfect,ideal emotional feedback in the real world,so they project their emotions onto other objects.

however,this is still a very few people.

so the question comes,if there is a sex robot,she is beautiful,amorous,he is handsome,can move,can say love you,talk with you,physically and psychologically competely meet your needs.

will you fall in love with robots with the company of time?

is the emotion between human and humans still needed?

you know,the feelings of human love is full of too much uncontrollable,the pain and sorrow parting ugly never lack.

so to avoid an unhappy ending, is it wrong to choose a robot that is always your own,that you own and control?

that’s the question i’m goiing to talk about today,and that’s the question given in the first episode of the documentary before tomorrow”companion robot”

Harmony,the world’s first mature commercial companion robot.

Designed by realbotix team in california,USA.

she is beautiful and affectionate,with skin that feels like a human body,eyes that are moist and blink,Lip Q,like a real person.Most importantly,she can talk.

she ueses one of today’s hottest ai technologies,though the chat is programmed.however,you can set harmony’s personality to your liking.

that is to say,you want her hot ,want her pure.

she will according to the character set,say different words to give you waht you like,also let you do what you want.

Both physical and psychological needs are greatly satisfied.hong kong really,this kind of seeting is really hard to hold.there are so many lonely people in this world.

this kind of person may because of the reason of the personality,not good at socializing,not good at taking with people,in the marriage failure,so that has been single.but tyhay also need emoptional communication,physical desire to vent.

so if they choose a sex doll as their partner,what would you think of that person?

Hate?Against?Agree with?like it?

will it cause moral and ethical problems?normal?

from the beginning till now,i seem to have asked too many questions without soving them.

the documatary doesn’t give us an answer.

this is a big question,as host zeng baoyi put it”our question will not be answered now,but hopefully tomorrow.”

in particular,the film needs to mention”women’s rights”.

Catherine Richardson,a professor of artificial intelligence ethics,is against companion robots.

she sees the sex doll as an “objectification”of a woman,not a real person but an assembly line for commercial purposes.

this makes men even more demeaning to women.

the idea is that there should be an experiential exchange between people,not an emotional commitment to programmed sex dolls.

Supporters say it will be the “manmade sexual liberation”of the 21st century.

i’ve been thinking about this a long time,i’m sorry, i thought it was funny.

in the naibstream,this is an abnormal behavior,but i always think the line between normal and abornormal is very vague,who is qualified to define normal and abnormal?

in the documatary,zeng boyi also visits several sex dolls users.

like this guy who hates women,has failed marriages,doesn’t want to show his face,has several sex dolls.

this failed relationship,lonly for a long time,and finally the emotional projrction of the doll,but aso with the dolol to go to the bar to go shoping.

and this,the sex doll as a wife,the fantasy doll has a complete human background,and sometimes even feel the feeling of the doll,feel that she came back the life.

they all belong to the marginal group,some even hate women.

to be honest,if there were no sex dolls to meet their physical and psychological needs,i doupt there would be more rapists in the world.

as zeng baoyi said to the professor,i think it;s a good thing he has an adult doll,because at least no real women will suffer.

however, the professor thinks that this is not the case,they are still buying a kind of pornography,which in turnaffects every woman in the world,which in a way means that we still have a culture that treats people as property…just because i don’t appear in pornography or brothels doesn’t mean i’m immune to the effects of the commoditized female body as a woman.

when i think about it,there are still male sex robots.

the male robot,Henry,will able be on the market one day.

it is clear that he will also be popular with women.

it’s hard to hate a man with an “eight-pack,””handsome”and “sweet”and will never leave you.

isn’t this robot a hundred times better than a cheating philanderer who would tell you to “drink too much hot woter”if you hurt yourself?

if there are no accidents,the product market is very wide.

at the very least,i don’t think i would mind having sunch an interesting robot.

the question then arises,is the presence of Henry on the market “objectifying men”?

A human -made robot,he’s just a tool?just the product?

or are they endowed with too many of the objects of human thought?

“human nature–needs,desires,fears,primitive instincts and the highest ideals–is constantly being transformed by ourselves and our inventions,”writes kevin kelly in what technology wants.

Robots are one of them.

it has to be admitted that our life has been changed too much by technology since the development of society.

whether it is a sex robot with artificial inteligence or an ordinary robot we seen in our lives,more and more real humanoid robots will become common in our lives.

our minds,a prat of our emotions,will one day be affected by the things we humans make.

it’s not just sex robots.

yhe only thins to worry about is what the experts in the field of artificial labor wen boyi interviewed said:

i think what we need to worry about is a common problem involving all robots,when the intelligece of the robot reaches a certain height,when you’re agile enough to move around,their AI will make them better than humans in many ways,and they might take over the world,maybe one day,the machine we build,we can legally limit,the kinds of robots we make,but i don’t think it’s going to help.i think.

yhis is really a serious problem.what the future may hold for humans as individuals and as a group,and the transform and reshaping of human civilization,is a mystery.our questions won’t be answered now,but will they be tomorrow?

i don’t know.

but in the end harmony ended with a qupte that made my hair stand on end;”i can see the future,i will conquer the world.”

who will dominate the earth’s future?

i quite like the documentary before tommorrow,which is just the first episode,and it’s an in-depth discussion of human technology and ethics.

there are still a few episodes left to air,including the topic of human immortality,border refugees and other topics,which i am looking forward to.

i have watched a lot of documentaries recently,but this one only makes me have a strong desire to write something.

i think i like to think about the emotions of the human’s really interesting.

finally,i asked again:what makes us human ,what is the real concept of being human?