American forest found corpses, police inspection is actually a doll.

When an engineer in Corelaine used a machine to photograph Richard Forest Reserve, he spotted a human-shaped object wrapped in a garbage bag on a hillside. The engineer suspected the bag was a discarded body, so he immediately alerted the local police.

Because of the terrain, it was difficult for the local police to reach the scene of the “corpse” at first. Then the police called the coroner. After a long time, a group of people finally found the garbage bag. They opened it to see that it was not a corpse but looked like a human from a distance. After some examination, the coroner found that this was a life-size sex doll, and the doll was different from the usual inflatable doll, the doll built-in artificial intelligence, according to different scenes to make different responses. The news looks somewhat nonsensical, but the following comments are very funny. The commentary said that the police claimed to have left the doll for testing.