After the divorce, the man chooses to spend the rest of his life with the doll: fall in love with the sex doll

German photographer Sandra Hoyn met Dirk in an online forum. Dirk is wary of the media and photographers because he is afraid that he will be prejudiced as abnormal or deformed. But perhaps the desire to share defeated the hesitation, and soon he chatted with Hoyn about his marriage to Jenny. Do not shoot your face, use a pseudonym. After the agreement was reached, Hoyn began recording the couple’s day.

Dirk, now about 40, is working from home, and Jenny is sitting beside him at work. He will bathe Jenny every Sunday and sometimes watch football together. In recording this marriage life, Hoyn found that their relationship was more than just a man and a sex doll. For Dirk, Jenny is his life partner. Dirk is holding Jenny into the bathroom. In order to facilitate access, Dirk will remove the bathroom door.

Dirk himself knows that this statement sounds far-fetched, so sometimes he will be confused and lost. But he always thought that Jenny came from another planet, just because the people there were like her, and the thought could not be connected with the body senses, and she could not respond to her love. “When I looked at her, I thought she had a soul.” In order not to hurt Jenny’s increasingly fragile skin, Dirk carefully scraped his beard before each intimate with her.

As with many of the same types of photography, Hoyn didn’t know how to look at Jenny when he first started shooting. But gradually, she began to understand that Jenny is not only a sex doll but also the favorite of Dirk’s life. Later, when Dirk said that Jenny should go to sleep, Hoyn would cripple and lower the volume. Sometimes she would think if Jenny actually allowed her to appear in her private bedroom. As time passed, Jenny’s body was gone. As the silica gel oxidized, her skin began to fall off.

Dirk and Jenny live only in a small home. Dirk will dim the lights so that they don’t let the neighbors see them, and when a guest visits, he will hide Jenny in the bedroom. Even his ex-wife and children don’t know Jenny’s existence. Dirk said: “Now I don’t need other women, or she will split my love for Jenny.”