8 difficult poses, it’s really hard to do without gymnastics

As a veteran driver with hard disks and web disks full of “compressed packages”, because he is knowledgeable, he often tries various positions for fear of missing an opportunity to make me happy.

However, there are some postures that are too restrictive for people to dare not try easily. Only if she is flexible enough and you are strong enough to try.

1.Sitting in Lotus (upgraded version)

After the male sits down, the female sits in opposite positions and then puts the bipod on the male’s shoulders. This position is very intimate and difficult at the same time. It requires the male to have enough strength to hold the female back, while the female is in this position there will be an uncontrolled swaying sense of loss of control, and in stressful situations, it will be easier to get excited.

2.Dog standing (upgraded version)

Men stand and women bend down vertically. This position looks simple, but in fact, it is difficult to operate. Women tend to lose their center of gravity because they are bent over. At the same time, if the height difference between men and women is too much, they also need to cross their legs and stride. Large movements, but weightlessness, and head congestion will give women a feeling of dizziness, and it will be easier for men to enter.

3.Dog standing (upgraded version)

The male stands, the female half-bends, and then leaned her leg on the male’s shoulder. This position is not only stimulating but also has a full visual score, but it is too difficult to operate and difficult to encounter.

4.Split missionaries

According to incomplete statistics, the missionary is the most used position. If you want to upgrade the next time, you can lift one of her legs, and then start to lean forward and press the legs forward. I believe you will have a different kind of feel.

5.Jade missionaries

If the split missionary can do it easily, you can try to raise both legs, pay attention to legs must be straight, bending and straightening are two sensations, straightening will make it tighter and more exciting.

6.Cheating and pinching

This position requires women to have a certain degree of flexibility. Men can sit with their backs against the head of the bed, and then women can sit with their legs split. If they are unstable or want to free their hands, men can also bend their legs so that women can lean on.

7.Diagonal spider

Sit face-to-face with your partner. The female lays one leg flat and the other leg rests on the male’s leg. The same is true for the male. Afterward, both sides lean back and you can start rubbing. This position requires strong waist strength.


The female lowers the waist, and the male enters with a horse. It is necessary to pay attention to the gentle movement, otherwise, it is difficult to maintain balance. This position has many restrictions, not only the height and physical strength of the two sides but the softness of the female.

If your other half’s ligaments are soft and you can do these difficult movements, you can try; if not, and you want to try it too, I suggest you buy a sex doll to satisfy the movements that your partner can’t reach.