3 simple ways to identify the quality of silicone dolls

Have the heart to buy the friend of silicone doll, or have ever eaten the deficit when inflated balloon and inferior silicone doll pit miserably friend, you must want to know how to effectively identify the quality of silicone doll?

Teach you 3 small methods, can effectively identify the small method of silicone doll quality, very practical yo, nonsense not to say, directly into the topic!



Appearance can be obtained and identified remotely through the network and other methods, which is the most basic method of identification, but the effect is not satisfactory — after all, you do not know whether the goods you received is the goods he showed you, so only the use of preliminary screening.

2.Personal testing and experience.

If there are conditions, it is recommended to experience the booth of the manufacturer in the sex culture festival, or you can directly go to the manufacturer’s factory to order, personally touch, pose in a variety of positions, personally experience the weight and feel of the doll and private place, I believe it is the best choice. Besides being able to effectively identify the doll’s quality, it can also avoid the risk of direct online payment.

3.Distinguish quality from function.

Although inferior silica gel doll touch, material is bad, have peculiar smell, easy to bad, but not every inferior doll will provide intelligent function and perfect structure, high-quality skeleton, etc., so, can distinguish the quality from the function, intelligence, skeleton posture.

It should be stressed that each before ordering silicone doll, basically can’t personally to test and experience, such as the sense of touch and the trunk bending, posture, such as testing, most can only through the network to the inspection, such as to see the appearance, height, appearance, it is difficult to through these see material and quality of the real (bad) maybe in a few days, so suggest, even in the safe of businesses, vendors, should also pay the deposit only, rather than full, as far as possible through the pay treasure to guarantee deal or channel such as taobao, in order to return, and human rights!