Why is it now prohibited to sell children’s dolls?

Didn’t you find the height below 140 cm in Amazon and AliExpress?
Like the Japanese doll company, which claims to make children’s sex dolls specifically to reduce the rate of injury to children, this view has quickly been questioned by many netizens because they believe that this will increase the rate of child victimization.

For example, many countries prohibit importing small dolls, such as Canada, Japan, and some Middle Eastern countries. Some even bought the children’s dolls not only for a seizure but also for the purchasers to arrest them. Some people bought the children’s dolls and were caught by the police. A survey found that the person was seriously pedophile and covered many children at home. Photo of the private office. But it cannot be said that the people who buy children’s sex dolls are all pedophiles.

Some people want to store better because they are smaller and easier to hide.
What is your opinion?

The Most Popular 3 Types of Sex Dolls in The Future

No one could have predicted that sex dolls would quickly take over the sex toy market and become popular with men.In the past, sex dolls were taboo, and people were careful to avoid anything about them.Now it’s totally different. Sex dolls are gradually accepted by human beings, and new kinds of sex dolls are coming out.Here are the three most popular sex dolls of the future.

Artificial Intelligence Sex Doll

The combination of artificial intelligence technology and silicone sex doll is a trend of future development.Being able to talk with people, interact with them, have your own personality, and have the same learning ability and super intelligence as human beings is a great eye opener in the future.Buyers can also customize their own unique silicone sex dolls according to their fantasy and taste.The previously created harmony and samantha have generated a lot of buzz.Makers say the artificial intelligence silicone sex doll will be the perfect sex partner.


Star Sex Doll

It’s only a matter of time before the star realistic sex doll comes along.Who doesn’t want to sleep with a reading idol?For ordinary people, and the distance of the star is always reach, can close to watch their idols are become very luxury, so celebrity realistic sex doll is a very big potential market.We’ll start with porn star realistic sex dolls and test the market first.If there is a lot of money to be made, there will be star sex dolls.


The Surreal TPE Sex Doll

The first two realistic sex dolls will be more expensive due to artificial intelligence technology or celebrity portrait rights.For ordinary people, it is a heavy burden, but the affordable surrealist TPE realistic sex doll is a very good choice.The sex dolls made from TPE are very lifelike, with the same body structure and appearance as women, as well as better body proportions than women.And sex dolls’ bodies and looks do not change over time and can remain in their original state forever, but women in their lives cannot.

Is your life lonely?Sex dolls are the perfect partner to keep you company until you get old!