More artificial human body than silicone sex doll

From silicone sex dolls to AI simulation robots, more and more advanced technologies are refreshing our perception. When we were still outstanding in the amazing robot, the artificial man of the surreal simulation appeared. Two simulated human bodies appeared on the American ces exhibition.This is made by a biotech company called PsychaSec. This small booth, which can be described as shabby, has attracted a lot of media attention, and even more and more people have stopped to understand the company that surprised them.

Psychasec claims to be a biotechnology company, claiming that he has been conducting secret research. Their core is to help people change their bodies and achieve “lifelongness.” Their exhibition area shows two lifelike artificial bodies. They claim to be able to divert human consciousness and “upgrade” their limbs.

In the future, although such artificial technologies are morally controversial like clones and robotic sex dolls, their popularity in medical care is unimaginable, especially for people with physical disabilities. In the near future, humans will be able to customize the body they want. Height 1 meter 90, eight pack abs, even change the race, gender is not a problem. According to the staff, human beings cannot make life has become a thing of the past. The organs, tissues, and even cells of the body they make are no different from real people. These bodies also experience aging, disease, and death.

However, the reality is that Psychasec is a company that does not exist at all, and the technology on their booth is also fake. This is just an advertisement from Netflix, the company’s upcoming sci-fi episode (Altered Carbon). Through such a thrilling marketing plan, more people are curious about the artificial world.

How to maintain sex dolls’ wig?

If you have bought a solid silicone doll,  you must have a tough story with her wig.  The TPE sex doll needs us to maintain it, and the wig is no exception. You want less trouble from the wig, then you can tie all your  doll’s hair, but this is not once and for all. We still have to clean the wig regularly. I mean no one can stand the hair without washing for two months.

Generally, the wigs we receive are given at random, so it is conceivable that if you do not plan to change, please take good care of her. Don’t touch the high temperature, try to comb the wig as little as possible, then it won’t lose hair all the time. You are clear that she can’t grow hair like you.

When cleaning your real sex doll’s wig, be careful not to be as rude as you wash your hair, because the general wig is not the material of the real hair, and you will be confused if you do it accidentally. It is necessary to pay attention to the slightest wigs. What you want to know more importantly is to ensure the wig’s suppleness.

Want to make the wig easier to handle? You can try using fabric softener, soak the wig in the middle of the fabric softener’s aqueous solution for half an hour. For the wig’s suppleness, remember not to use a hair dryer,just let it dry naturally. Then you can feel the silky and supple hair.

The follow-up method can also be used to keep her clean and tidy hairstyle by braid and ponytail.