Must-have for holidays: the law of quality fun

In this world, many animals have a specific estrus period, and they will have sex at their peak during this time. What people and animals don’t understand is that people […]

Who is enjoying female adult products?

Recently, a large number of adult products for women have flooded into Shanghai’s adult products malls, supermarkets, and sex products and health products market. “Masturbation device”, “artificial phallus”, “aphrodisiac cream”, […]

The best way to protect a realistic sex doll

For the valuable silicone sex doll, how to achieve the best protection effect is what we have been pursuing. I have some suggestions for storing dolls, and I want to tell […]

How much do you know about physical dolls?

The physical doll is a kind of adult sex masturbation device of the life-size and the human body, which allows the user to have pleasure in sexual intercourse. In the […]