FAQ for New beginners of TPE sex doll

Q: Is it difficult to maintain a TPE sex doll by myself ?
A: If you are concerned about wear and tear after prolonged use, we will provide you with daily effective care and a cleaning kit with the doll. You can also get useful information by visiting our website’s blog at racyme.com . To freshen up your doll with all these efforts.

Q: Can I use types of lubricants that are commonly used in the market.
A: Please only use water based lubricants.

Q: How often do I need to clean my doll?
A: Because of hygiene you’d better clean the private parts of your doll immediately. For general cleaning we recommend that you clean up the doll’s once a month.

Q: What should I do at my doll’s monthly cleaning?
A: Firstly, gently wipe the surface of the doll with a sponge or towel and warm water. If the surface of the skin is stained with dirt, wipe it with soapy water several times. Do not apply it hard. Do not use corrosive detergents when wiping the skin surface, including strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, strong disinfectants and detergents. It can be cleaned with soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel or mild detergent. After the surface is dry, give the doll a scorpion powder or talcum powder. When you are powdering, wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust.

Q: Can I take a shower with my love doll and wash it with the bath?
A: In principle, the doll cannot be put into the water, because the skeleton of the doll is made of metal, so you should be careful of water. The neck is the only place where water can go in. Please make sure waterproof measures of the doll’s neck.

Q: I was worry about the doll’s makeup, what if her makeup is massed up?
A: Under normal circumstances, this phenomenon does not occur., because we used a special craft to finish the doll’s makeup.

Q: Can I make up the doll?
A: Yes, most powdery and liquid make-up products are very friendly to the skin of the doll, but the oily product does not appear to be ideal on the skin of the doll. If you want to remove the makeup, use a mild makeup remover or detergent.

Q: How to deal with the indentation of the sex doll?
A: Cover the indentation with a hot, clean towel for a while, then put on the glove and tap the part with your hand. Repeat them until the indentation disappears.

Q: How did the smell of TPE dolls come from?
A: Life-size sex dolls generally use TPE as a raw material, which can achieve a realistic effect similar to that of the human body. In order to achieve a relatively realistic degree, it will increase the color of the chemical products and the adjustment of the fragrance during the processing. Usually when adding these things, they will be added according to the standards of environmental protection and safety, non-toxic and tasteless, so you should not care too much about these ingredients, it will not be toxic.

Makeup of TPE Sex Doll Tutorials Ⅰ- Easy Eye Makeup

If your TPE sex doll already has a makeup, the first thing to do is to remove the makeup. This step is easy, similar to cleaning, and you don’t have to worry about damage her/his face. A common make-up remover can be used because the material of the TPE is also oily. You can start the makeup step after cleaning.

brown eyebrow

One of the most important thing in doll make ups is the eye makeup. The following is the step of the doll’s eyebrows. In order to ensure the shape, you can prepare the eyebrow sticker in advance to shape it. If you are confident enough, you can use the eyebrow pencil to draw according to your own preferences. The choice of eyebrow pencil color is recommended to choose brown, which is more harmonious with a wide range of colors.

upper eyelashes

Remember to install the realistic sex doll‘s eyeball and then attach the false eyelashes. First put on the eyelashes and take out a pair of eyelashes as the size of your doll’s eyes. Then do the appropriate cropping, then apply glue on the inner edge of the eyelashes. Start with a hand and put a hand on it to find a small tool to gently press until you touch the other corner of the eye to pay attention to the angle of the eyelashes.

lower eyelashes

Then the lower eyelashes, the lower eyelashes are more variable, but note that the bottom of the lower eyelashes should be separated from the lower eyelids when sticking, especially the lower eyelashes of the tail of the eye should be a little away from the eyeball. You can choose the length according to your personal preference, and use scissors to trim the desired length. It is recommended that the position of the center line of the eye should not be too long or too much. It is not possible. The standard for attaching eyelashes to real dolls can follow the rule that the closer to the outer corner of the eye.