When AI is combined with a sex doll: Would you still want to date a real person?

There’s probably been a lot of public talk about AI applications since AI became a hot topic, but the only thing that hasn’t been discussed is sex. Although this is a difficult topic to discuss, anyone who has seen Her will be impressed by the fact that the main character is obsessed with Scarlett’s voice and has sex at night. Director Spike Jones wants to show us that falling in love with artificial intelligence is the ultimate antidote to human loneliness.

Poster for movie Her

The previous technology cannot reach that level, and Abyss Creation is trying to solve this problem.

Group photo of Harmony and Abyss Creation executive president Matt McMulle

With flowing long hair, beautiful face, plump breasts  and slender waist, Harmony is a sex doll produced by Abyss Creation. Although from the appearance, she is not much different from other realistic sex dolls. in fact, her head, eyelids and lips are movable. What’s more, she can move, talk and even have her own ” temper”. Harmony is not just a doll, but part of a new robot revolution that incorporates artificial intelligence into “humanoid” bodies.

Let’s take a look at how an ordinary sex doll is made:

Each doll takes 80 hours to make
The general shape is made by silicone injection mold
Draw the eye color with each stroke
Then make up her face, put on clothes, make modeling, manicure, jewelry and so on
Hair, skin color, eye color, Freckles or not
Customers can choose the shape of the doll, the size of the parts, and the shape of the breasts
Even nipple and lip colors are optional
When it’s done, it’s pretty realistic

And Matt was clearly not satisfied with that, Matt wants to combine sex dolls with the AI technology to make sex robots that can communicate and develop their own personalities. Since Harmony took a long time to develop, Matt first launched an app for a sex robot. Above, you can set your favorite doll’s personality, such as: dominant, no presence, shy, or jealous, etc. You can choose her mood, sexual level, voice, accent, body parts, underwear and clothes.

This is Harmony, the world’s first AI sex machine
In addition to her realistic appearance, she has an AI device on her head

She will recognize the owner’s voice, and when everything is ready, you can talk to her about love. The process of chatting is also the process of robot learning. As communication increases, robots and humans will become more familiar with each other and learn more about each other.

When users buy an AI robot like Harmony, they can import the data from the app into the robot’s brain via bluetooth. More conveniently, if you get tired of the doll, you can simply peel off her face, replace it with another face, and introduce a new personality, so you have a new sex doll. Like the original doll, you can choose all the details of the doll at the time of ordering, including her figure, the size of various body parts, hair style and so on. At the same time, the doll now has the character you want to communicate with you.

Intelligent robots have appeared in many movies

The virtual character on the screen will become this lifelike robot. She remembers who her owner is, his preferences, fears, expectations, aversions and sexual preferences. She has sensors on her, and when you make love to her, or touch her, she starts to heat up, secrete lubricant, and of course she orgasms. The robot, which is still in development, will have cameras in her eyes that can detect her owner’s movements and emotions. When the owner comes home, she gives a hug or shakes hands. The sex robot won’t come cheap, costing around 11,000 pounds. Of course, Matt hasn’t forgotten what women want. Abyss Creation is working on a male version of the robot, foreign media reported recently.

Matt said: male sex dolls will be designed in all shapes and sizes. We need to rebuild the system before we can create a male sex doll platform, and we’re working on that, and that’s the next big thing we’re looking forward to.He says he created not just sex dolls, but companions.

While some think it will revolutionize the way humans interact with each other, others think it is the worst advance in robotics. But in general, we have to admit that, whether we want to accept it or not, the era of sex robots has come. The question then arises: with Harmony as your perfect match, would you want to date a real person?

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Is Robot Sex Doll Our More Intimate Relationship in The Future?

Did you know that two-thirds of 100 men would have sex with a robotic sex doll?Can you imagine yourself having sex with a robotic sex doll?If you don’t know, keep reading and learn more.

Robotic sex dolls have become more human-like in appearance, attributes and intelligence.Because of this, more and more people are willing to have sex with them.By 2050, sex with robotic sex dolls will be more common than with humans, and sex between human and robotic sex dolls will become socially normal.In fact, robotic sex dolls can be your future mates.

If you don’t understand, open your heart and read this article, and you may change your view of robotic sex doll.

robot sex doll

At the beginning, sex dolls were always challenged by morality, which was regarded as immoral by opponents. However, time gradually changed people’s views on sex dolls, and many people began to accept sex dolls.

In a survey of 3,000 men on Twitter, 20 percent said that “robot sex doll lovers can make real women obsolete.”Another 10 per cent said “other” men might choose artificial intelligence sex dolls over real-life women, but not them at all.

So, in the future, sex dolls are more likely to appear in your home.

Over the past few decades, inflatable dolls have been considered a gag gift, and the quality of inflatable dolls has never been Paramount in the production process.

sex doll

This year, thanks to the development of technology, silicone sex doll has been upgraded to an unprecedented degree, and their appearance is very similar to that of real women.Soft life-size silicone sex dolls are too real, but they are perfect.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, silicone sex dolls have also been upgraded, and artificial intelligence sex dolls can now talk to humans and give rational answers, rather than just playing back recordings and moaning.These sex dolls become smarter with each conversation because their memories store their owner’s information.Interphone artificial intelligence is developing rapidly, providing more realistic companion.Artificial intelligence does not stop at talking to humans, but also combines sophisticated facial movements that mimic human emotions with some fairly modern artificial intelligence (AI).The goal of artificial intelligence is not only sex. There are other human needs in order to achieve a more realistic, harmonious and intimate relationship.