Adult sex dolls are authentic works of art

The real sex doll industry for adults is an economic sector that has been booming for several decades. Obsolete is the image of the typical inflatable doll made of plastic and with a physical appearance that was far from what a real woman is. Currently, adult sex dolls have great realism, and for many people, they are authentic works of art. Here’s what a customer who bought a sex doll has said for your reference. And is that the development of a sex doll is a very long and thorough process.

We can understand that purchasing a sex doll online is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are various things like materials, quality, prices and preferences that you should look into before making a final doll purchase. Everything has to fit perfectly, from its measurements, to its morphology through those characteristics that make each lifelike sex doll a unique item. Thanks to the internet world that is full of those websites offering an extensive range of adult playthings. The best part is that they are determined to ship discreetly.

So, all you need to do is just check out the credibility of the website with an open mind before going to buy a doll from them. The only thing I’ve never heard was that the doll was made with a vaginal insert instead of a removable tongue, but I’m not frustrated, I got a removable vagina I guess. As you know, it is best to saturate the TPE love doll with oil and petrolatum. These real dolls are amazing.

TPE sex doll

Not all online stores are trustworthy and have an extensive variety of quality love dolls. Avoid being associated with a team of scammers who can give you nothing, but a fake deal. Once you have decided what you want, you move towards a store that offers a doll made of safe and non-toxic materials. Fortunately, the World Wide Web has today evolved as a widely recognized alternative when it comes to meeting a reliable and safe doll.

Will sex robots end human civilization?

Extraordinary stimuli can be deceptive. In the modern world of mankind, the extraordinary stimulus is essentially a hijacker. They are technological products created by humans that hijack our evolved psychology in a way that leads to short-term emotional and or physiological benefits. However, because these products are evolutionarily unnatural at the end of the day, they often do not bring long-term evolutionary benefits, and these stimuli are above all what humans expect. Ever since sex robots made headlines and became adult products, the demand for robots has been increasing. Robotic sex dolls are also one of the fastest growing industries today.

What Hawking refers to that can threaten human survival is the artificial intelligence we are now vigorously developing. In the next 300 years, artificial intelligence will develop rapidly. Computers may even disguise themselves as humans. This will make it impossible for normal people to distinguish between a machine and a real person. He believes that if the relationship between humans and robots is not handled well in the future, robots are likely to replace human social status and become the rulers of the earth. Although advances in artificial intelligence will bring great convenience to humans, dangers will accompany them.

Will AI real dolls destroy human beings? Once artificial intelligence gets rid of its restraint, it will redesign itself in a state of constant acceleration. Due to the limitation of long biological evolution, human beings cannot compete with them and will be replaced. This will cause great damage to our economy. In the future, artificial intelligence can develop self-will, a will that conflicts with us. We should be optimistic about this.

Makeup of TPE Sex Doll Tutorials Ⅰ- Easy Eye Makeup

If your TPE sex doll already has a makeup, the first thing to do is to remove the makeup. This step is easy, similar to cleaning, and you don’t have to worry about damage her/his face. A common make-up remover can be used because the material of the TPE is also oily. You can start the makeup step after cleaning.

brown eyebrow

One of the most important thing in doll make ups is the eye makeup. The following is the step of the doll’s eyebrows. In order to ensure the shape, you can prepare the eyebrow sticker in advance to shape it. If you are confident enough, you can use the eyebrow pencil to draw according to your own preferences. The choice of eyebrow pencil color is recommended to choose brown, which is more harmonious with a wide range of colors.

upper eyelashes

Remember to install the realistic sex doll‘s eyeball and then attach the false eyelashes. First put on the eyelashes and take out a pair of eyelashes as the size of your doll’s eyes. Then do the appropriate cropping, then apply glue on the inner edge of the eyelashes. Start with a hand and put a hand on it to find a small tool to gently press until you touch the other corner of the eye to pay attention to the angle of the eyelashes.

lower eyelashes

Then the lower eyelashes, the lower eyelashes are more variable, but note that the bottom of the lower eyelashes should be separated from the lower eyelids when sticking, especially the lower eyelashes of the tail of the eye should be a little away from the eyeball. You can choose the length according to your personal preference, and use scissors to trim the desired length. It is recommended that the position of the center line of the eye should not be too long or too much. It is not possible. The standard for attaching eyelashes to real dolls can follow the rule that the closer to the outer corner of the eye.

Silicone Sex Doll Factory Tour

People who buy realistic sex dolls treat them as lovers and partners. It is said that they will find a factory to produce these dolls to worship. Because their lover was born here.

A factory in China that produces love dolls has nearly a thousand simulated dolls shipped every month. An office is the first step in the life of a silicone sex doll. First, it must be perfectly shaped by the company’s 3D stylist. They even refer to some well-known models for design, of course, not to imitate their faces. “It is the ratio of the upper body to the lower body, and the ratio of the head to the whole body.”

According to the technology, of course, it can be completely consistent with the perfect model, but this is an infringement and therefore just an imitation. Under the beautiful appearance is a more complicated and meticulous design. In order to make the real dolls move more like real people, they are still studying to add more joints.

The skilled worker is injecting the silicone into the mold. After filling the silicone, it takes six to eight hours for the doll’s body to solidify.

What they need to do then is to give these dolls different identities: OL office workers, nurses, flight attendants, etc. Even, they will design some story backgrounds and characters for these dolls, and they will also give names to these dolls, such as Sakura, Keira. Different names of silicone/TPE sex dolls have different personalities, single-word names, go anime style, and loli type. Two words or three words, go realistic style, usually belong to the royal sister type.

History, Funny Facts and Legends about Sex Doll- Sexual History Tour

Modern age

Starting from the US allowing the sale of sex toys, sex dolls at that time were only inflatable dolls, and the use at that time was not limited to sex, they were more likely to be used as a prank or entertainment tool during the party, just like the Russian inflatable doll swimming game. After all, inflatable dolls are hard to bear the weight of a person, and the frequency of frequent use.

qioux sex doll

The modern life-like sex dolls originated from the mannequins of surrealist artists. Dali has a picture showing a semi-naked.The woman model is covered with snails, while the other Man Ray is not limited to pouring eroticism into the work.

Female buyer Barbara
From the beginning of only male buyers to the emergence of female buyers, the prejudice of sexual dolls in people’s minds is gradually narrowing. Barbara and her husband used to have four realistic sex dolls. Although she is mainly used for photography, she does not object to the actual use of these dolls.

Matt Mark Mullen Developed Silicone Dolls
The most artist, he developed a high-simulation silicone female sex doll and shared the production method, but this still failure to truly meet the sexual needs of men. It was not until they personally broadcast the process that they let the public completely open their minds.

Mechanized warfare ages

Hitler was also a supporter of inflatable love dolls, designed to inflate the soldiers’ sexual needs during World War II.Dolls. Although it was claimed at the time to prevent German soldiers from having a relationship with non-Aryan women. Whether this is true or not,But the commercialization of inflatable dolls also really originated in Germany.

The earlier plastic love doll was born in Germany. Her name is Lily. She is not only a male fantasy fan, but also a source of inspiration for the girl’s childhood Barbie doll. Her image is a sexy cartoon character, which is called the imitation of eroticism by the author of The History of Sexual Dolls.

Middle Ages

In the sailor’s mind, the meaning of using adult sex doll is more intuitive, and it is more appropriate to say that female substitutes are substitutes for sexual organs. After all, such an environment at sea is more likely to make the essence of sex more vivid.

Myths and legends

Pygmalion: suggestion
The story tells of a sculptor who fell in love with a beautiful marble girl who carved herself. And treat it like a wife, and pray that she becomes her wife every day, and eventually Eros is impressed to give it life and make them a couple. This has also become a source of inspiration for many later works. Similar stories of the plots include Pinocchio, Frankenstein, and My Fairy, all reflecting the meaning of real dolls.