Are ‘real dolls’ more than a toy?

When we face difficulties, embarrassment, and unknown, everyone around you reminds you to be more sophisticated, more mature, and more independent. You can’t help but shrink, cowardice, and doubt. And […]

Danger of loneliness

Most people are always in trouble and their emotional state deteriorates during tentative events such as breakups, divorce, unemployment, and other adverse consequences. Most people are vulnerable to emotional distress […]

The most common sex doll accessories

With the popularity of TPE sex dolls, the sales of sex doll accessories are also gradually rising. People no longer just have a sex doll. They have more choices to […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Sex Dolls

Don’t choose a doll that is too heavy for you Think about your strength and weight, because full-size sex dolls have metal skeletons, so they are very heavy. When you […]