Why use sex toys

Although more and more people and couples are seeking more intimate technologies as their reputation for sex toys increases, sex toy can make your life easier for the reasons for your partner’s lack of confidence and trust. In fact, nonetheless, no one and game device can be the focus of anyone’s life.

They relieve stress on women. Orgasm is not easy, especially if you are female, no matter how patient your partner is. According to research, 70% of women need some kind of clitoral stimulation before reaching orgasm. Although the clitoris can be stimulated by using the tongue and fingers, it may not always be an option due to limitations in sexual posture. By using a vibrator, you can release stress and free yourself from orgasms. Once you reach your first climax, thanks to your consistently reliable vibrator, your partner can now more easily meet your needs and help you successfully reach your climax.

It helps to strengthen men’s self-confidence. Ever wondered how unfair sex is for men? Most of the time, it is the man who must do all the work to orgasm his partner. This is the main reason most men resort to foreplay. They want to satisfy their women immediately so that they have time to enjoy themselves later in sex. Thankfully, women can choose from a wide range of sex toys. This is a wise choice for all men, and if you are a woman who uses / controls a vibrator for a woman, it is you, not the vibrator, that orgasms her. Give all your credit, no one will know.

What Is The Similarity And Difference between Sex Dolls And Real Women?

Sex dolls appear in front of men as replicas of perfect women. With the growing popularity of sex dolls, women also gradually feel threatened by sex dolls.Lonely men’s demand for sex dolls is increasing, and the meaning of sex dolls is not only sex for them, but also for companionship all the time.Although the economy, science and technology and culture of modern society have been greatly developed, but the relationship has become complicated, the sense of emptiness and loneliness of modern humans has gradually increased, so sex doll just fill in the gap of human heart.Sex dolls have obvious similarities and differences from real women.

The similarities

Same body structure and similar appearance.Realistic sex doll is created to simulate women in real life, with beautiful heads, perfect body proportions and sexy figures, all of which satisfy male sexual fantasies.And with the same vagina and anus as real women, men can experience multiple sexual intercourse and increase the way they experience sex.

sex doll

The differences

1. In reality, women have life and soul, while realistic sex dolls have no life and no soul.Realistic sex doll will never say no to you, and real women may reject you when you feel tired or uncomfortable when you want to have sex.A realistic sex doll is always there for you 24 hours, but if it is a real woman, she will have her own business to deal with and cannot be with you at any time.If it is a realistic sex dolls, you can according to your idea change her appearance, but for a real woman, you need to respect her thoughts, you can communicate with her, if she is willing to change for you, this is the best results.Silicone sex doll don’t complain, or you don’t have to spend a penny to meet the requirements of she, however, real woman has a lot of complaints theme, anniversaries, her you need to find ways to meet her various requirements.

realistic sex doll

2.Real women can get pregnant, but silicone sex dolls don’t.There is no need to use condoms in order to have sex with silicone sex dolls.On the contrary, when having sex with a real woman, preventive measures must be taken.

3.Having sex with a real woman can lead to STDS.When we have a one-night stand, we have sex with a strange woman. In this case, we don’t know whether the other person is healthy or not.Silicone sex dolls can avoid such things happening.

silicone sex doll

4.The purpose of sexual intercourse is different.In the course of sexual intercourse with a real woman, the man often tries hard to please the other person.But having sex with a silicone sex doll is a completely different thing. You don’t have to worry about the feeling of other people.Even if you have sex with a sex doll just to practice your sexual skills, it doesn’t affect your relationship with the sex doll.

From the above description, this is why sex dolls are becoming more and more popular and why women feel threatened.

A Different Option – The B-Cup Sex Doll Is Also Great

In the human the inertia of thinking, the more plump, curve sexy women more able to get the favour of men. So from ancient times to the present, women are crazy to use a variety of ways to increase their bust, reduce their waistline.But anything can happen by accident. Not every man has the same idea. Everyone has his own unique taste.Flat chest is also a good choice for men who do not like full boobs

Here are three great B-cup sex dolls.

1. Demi-165cm Silicone Sex Doll

sex doll

Demi is a very lovely woman, with lovely hairstyle, lovely eyes and cute lips.Please note that the height of this silicone sex doll is 165cm, and her weight is 70.54lb, which isn’t very light, so the men who want to buy her must consider her weight.It’s not easy to carry her and bathe her, so be sure to know if her weight is within your ability.

2. Sherry-156cm Silicone Sex Doll

silicone sex doll

Sherry is a girlish silicone sex doll.A good face, a slim figure and innocent eyes make men want protection.Although she doesn’t have a full bust, it doesn’t affect her attractiveness.She is 156cm tall, but weighs 63.8lbs.Although slightly lighter than Demi, it cannot be ignored.

3.Kate-156cm Realistic Sex Doll

realistic sex doll

Kate is a realistic sex doll with a bit of sex appeal and cuteness.The short hair of the golden micro-volume, blue eyes, full lips, very provocative.Very beautiful face, slender arms and waist, attractive breasts, it’s impressive and unforgettable.Although she wears simple conservative clothes, but also it’s can’t stop her sexy and lovely temperament.

We don’t have to follow the crowd and make choices that go against our hearts.The most important thing is to find your heart and do what you think is right.Because anyone or a realistic sex doll is unique.

7 Reasons of Sex Dolls Popular with Men

In recent years, sex dolls have dominated the market with a dark horse trend.People no longer hide in dark corners for sex dolls.Attitudes towards sex dolls are becoming more open.Sex dolls are increasingly popular with men.The reasons are as follows:

1.Reasonable Price.

While great sex dolls always cost you a lot of money, this is not a reasonable excuse for shameless predator sex doll dealers.To avoid possible online or physical fraud, try to strike a perfect balance between high quality and affordability.

2.High Quality

When considering buying a silicone sex doll, the quality of silicone sex dolls should be considered first.Silicone sex dolls on the market are mainly made of silica gel and TPE.TPE is more durable than silicone.TPE features softness, anti-skid and waterproof.

sex doll

3.Realistic Appearance and Soft Skin.

The great advantage of modern silicone sex doll is that they look like real women.A man never wants to have sex with his hands when he gets a doll that looks like a real woman, and then he gets more fun.So, that’s one of the most basic reasons men love silicone sex dolls.

4.Very Safe.

Before choosing the most attractive sex doll brand in the current sex doll market, be careful about the safety features/aspects of the product.For example, is the material used to make realistic sex doll poisonous to humans?

5.There Is No Risk of Contracting STDS or AIDS.

You don’t have to worry about sexual transmission from having sex with real women outside.But realistic sex dolls can solve this problem. Realistic sex dolls don’t have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

silicone sex doll

6.Realize All Your Sexual Fantasies.

Every man dreams of having sex, but your girlfriend or wife doesn’t take it seriously or follow your heart.Realistic sex dolls don’t reject you. They can fulfill any sexual fantasy you have.The mouth of a sex doll can give men real oral sex, while the vagina can give men the same contractions as a real girl.

7.Easy to Clean.

In order for you to have a healthy sex life, you need to clean your sex doll for at least a month.The way to clean up a sex doll is simple, and the tools used are common.The manufacturer will give away the cleaning brush.

Do You Prefer Silicone Sex Dolls or One-Night Stands?

In the beginning, many people still had reservations about the behavior of robots, but as artificial intelligence and mechanical behavior and their feelings improved, they gradually became accustomed to the relationship with robots, and they began to become emotional friends. Neurotic feelings will gradually disappear.

With the increase of AIDS and sexually transmitted infection rates, many men become hesitant in the matter of one-night stand. The risk of choosing a one-night stand is too great.

While silicone sex dolls are clean and free from the risk of infectious diseases, men can confidently make love. And you can meet your sexual desire at any time. “She” is waiting for you all the time. It is only for you and never left you. The reward for investing in silicone sex doll is quite rich.

However, when the night is over, the woman will eventually leave you after the night. After that, you have sexual desires and want to have a sexual partner again.

In China, millions of men leave their homes and families to work in cities and go home every weekend or less.

However, with the emergence of loneliness, many people feel that they need to accompany them.

Some Chinese men who have worked at home for a long time are purchasing expensive items such as realistic sex dolls, so they will not deceive their wives.

Thousands of men no longer resort to prostitutes or casual sex. Instead, they buy high-quality dolls made of soft rubber materials that feel like skin, adjustable hands, and detachable heads. And genitalia.Has a real woman-sized appearance and body structure.

In Beijing, a sex shop, Micdolls, a slave trader. He said that his clients are usually professionals in their 30s and 40s and he admires their loyalty. He said: “If a married man refuses to see a prostitute and uses a realistic sex doll, isn’t it worth admiring?”

Some men have emotional attachment to their realistic sex dolls. They call themselves “Friends of Dolls” and anonymously use online forums to share photos, experiences, and suggestions. In recent years, their number has increased from a few hundred to more than 20,000.



Celebrating Easter with Your Sex Doll

Easter is a very important and traditional festival. During the festival, families gather and taste traditional foods. When relatives and friends meet, they must congratulate each other. The eggs, fire, water, and rabbits that symbolize life became Easter mascots. Parents should specially prepare eggs and rabbit-shaped chocolate candy for children. Eggs are made into beautifully colored eggs. These eggs are exquisitely beautiful and decorative. They represent people’s good wishes and share with you the joy of changing the seasons.

Are you a person? Are you worrying about Easter? When other people celebrate Easter joyfully, you don’t want to go alone for Easter alone. You prepared a wealth of traditional food, but No one will accompany you on these delicious foods, it is a regrettable thing in life. The joyful and lively atmosphere outside brings out the loneliness and desolateness of your heart.

Sex doll easter day

Now, you do not need to worry about this matter. In such a grand festival, in order to welcome the arrival of the holiday season, silicone sex doll makers specially organized an Easter promotion for the silicone sex dolls.

Currently, the sex dolls on the market are mainly made of medical silicone, which has a realistic touch.The sex doll’s skin is very soft, just like a real young lady’s skin.

Moreover, the adult sex doll has the structure of the real woman’s body, vagina, anus, mouth and so on.

The adult sex doll is sexier and more perfect than the real woman’s and can satisfy all men’s sexual fantasies.

Easter sales have brought lovers of adult sex dolls closer to sex dolls. Sex doll lovers can get their long-awaited adult sex dolls at the best price.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Buy your long-awaited adult sex doll at Easter and take “her” home to let the adult sex doll celebrate Easter with you!