VR combined with virtual sex dolls, technology changes the sex life

SONY wins patent for new PSVR controller. VR combined with virtual sex dolls, technology changes the sex life

SONY’s PSVR is arguably one of the best VR devices out there, but compared to other VR controllers, PS Move is a notch behind, especially when it comes to keeping track of users’ movements. Sources say SONY has just received a new patent and a new controller may be in the works.

The patent was filed in Japan by SONY interactive entertainment and released earlier last month. The patent is for a new controller, and while the overall look may be similar to that of the PlayStation Move, there are many differences. Most obviously, the design of the joystick in the center of the handle has been greatly changed. In addition, several buttons are mounted around the shell facing up, with a trigger underneath. Like a Move controller, the wrist cord is located on the side of the controller and connected to the bottom.

Notably, the patent notes that the controller will be tracked by the headpiece, not the external camera, suggesting that future VR headsets from SONY could be equipped with cameras to track the controller. In this way, the problem that the line of sight between PS Move and PS Camera, which has been criticized by players, can be alleviated. If the controller turns out to be as good as the patent claims, it will be an important step for SONY’s vr plans.

Actually, it was reported last week, but I ignored it. Looking back now, at least SONY’s conscience finally found out how stupid those two balls on their PS Move controller were…I put a ping-pong ball on the handle. Combine robots to create VR products that have “virtual sex with real people

Despite the limitations of current technology, the porn industry has been identified as a potential driver of the mainstream VR content. However, adult chat site CamSoda recently announced that it will offer users “virtual sex with real people,” a service that combines VR porn with RealDoll robots. The user will have a relationship with the person in the VR content, but it’s actually the robot.

The service comes in the form of a wi-fi-enabled vibrator that also connects to paid viewers’ airplane cups. Data from the actor’s vibrator will be transmitted directly to the airplane cup, simulating the sensation of real sex. The service has actually been around for a long time, but recently CamSoda has incorporated airplane cups directly into life-size sex dolls and will pair them with VR glasses.

Darren Press, vice President of CamSoda, said, “people have been speculating for a long time about how the adult industry will seamlessly leverage its cutting-edge technology to achieve the ultimate sensory experience, which mimics real-life interactions, including sex. Our partnership with RealDoll allows our users to completely change the rules of the game. Now, users can interact with their favorite models in real time through VR, while experiencing real sex through the integration of RealDoll and teledildonic.”In addition, the company is working on a version for women, Press said.

Still, not everyone can afford it. RealDoll starts at $1,500, and the only connected airplane cup is $99, as well as a pair of VR glasses. If porn really does drive VR, it still requires a price most people are willing to pay, and in this day and age, it probably doesn’t.

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