What does a woman want about sex ?

Despite the existence of male sex dolls, women’s choices are still very limited. In the sea of silicone dolls, there are usually only two or three male ones.

When Brian Gill founded silicon wife, an e-commerce platform, he didn’t even know there were male dolls. As the platform’s name suggests, he is entirely focused on the female doll market for men, with a wide range of products, many made in the us, China and Japan.

The dolls are mostly custom-made and can even be sold separately for special parts, such as an sex toy shaped like a woman’s ankle. On the website, you can find a variety of beautiful dolls from different manufacturers, including “big buns sex doll”, “Japanese long-legged doll”, “fat buns cougar doll” and “Russian sex doll”.

Like Racyme and RealDoll doll maker, tend to make women look more fantastic creature and therefore less consider specific role type, instead of focusing on research and development a series of different types of face and body, or you can according to individual be fond of, to “waist, big buns , big chest, a pretty face” as a design standard to innovation.

Racyme sex doll

The sex dolls, which look like real women, are also popular with a large number of male customers. According to the sales director of a company that used to simulate dolls in China, the company’s website BBS has more than 220,000 members, among which there are 65% males for every 35% females. More than 90 % of people who buy dolls are male, with men aged 22 to 55 being the main group.

So what about the male sex doll market for women? Currently, sales of the male dolls are much lower than those of the female dolls, with only a few sold each month. Matt McMullen says he only sells about 40 male dolls a year — about 10 per cent of the business. No amount of facial scrubs on the dolls’ chiseled cheeks, life-size models of private part (both circumcised and uncircumcised), or handsome photos of men smoking cigarettes or playing the guitar haven’t made these dolls a hit.

This has led doll designers, salespeople and manufacturers to agonizing over the question: what do women really want? Jill, director of silicon wife, has received complaints from customers that the dolls are not ‘manly’ enough (because they started with short female hair).Some women complained that private part was too big, while others felt it was too small.

As for the height of the male sex dolls, they are generally around 1.75 meters. Not all customers think they are tall enough, but it is a challenge to make the dolls taller, because they are already very heavy, about 40 kilograms. It seems that women who buy male dolls are more difficult to please than men who buy female dolls, which is why Vice’s video emphasizes that women prefer customized personal dolls.

Why is it so difficult to promote sex toys among women? One dominant dualist explanation is that men are more sexually hungry than women, that they are visual animals, that they are used to submissive, brutal sex, and that women prefer to be gently caressed — a difficult operation for silicone products.

The implication is obvious: men are the hunters, women the prey. Men are obsessed with “manipulating” objects: figurines, for example, or apple pie in American pie — whereas women need emotional bonding. But this view also ignores the fact that: many women have sex even when they’re not under a bed cover covered in rose petals and many men also like to cuddle rather than just have sex — even if it’s not with real people.

“If we accept a patriarchal explanation that men’s only preference for women is sexual value, then sex dolls are a good alternative.””Says Shelley Ron, a sociologist at Haverford college.”But I think that’s going a little too far.” Ron said the reason women are buying fewer sex dolls may have little to do with sexual preference.”Women earn less than men, and these dolls are very expensive,” she said. In addition, “under pressure from social norms, women may be shy about wanting these things and consume less porn than men.”

To put it bluntly, women don’t have enough space to enjoy their bodies, let alone sex dolls.

More and more women are realizing that the purpose of sex is not only to have children, but also that the release of sex does not have to be the same as the development of a relationship.

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I slept with the world’s first male sex doll

Back in 2016, Vice guest sex columnist Carly Shoretino went on a field trip and launched a video themed “I slept with the world’s first male sex doll.” In the video, she visited factories that make male dolls and found the first female customers willing to appear on camera.

According to the director of the male sex doll factory, their dolls are mainly sold to local women in the United States, and the less open to sex, such as Texas, the more female customers will buy male dolls.

They like customized male sex dolls. Some even send pictures of the men they like and ask the factory to deeply customize them according to their own needs. Compared with the perfect figure, they prefer the doll with a little flaw, which seems more real. Of course, these dolls can be expensive in 2016, with a custom doll costing $13,500.

Carly Shoretino had a hard time finding a female client willing to appear on camera and share her experience buying and using male sex dolls. Jessica Ryan is a sex worker. According to her, she is in a long-distance relationship with her partner and is reluctant to flirt with strange men on tinder for sex.

On top of that, she also took pictures of sex with dolls and put them on porn sites, which I thought would pay for itself. At the end of video, the male doll factory made a new male doll for Carly Shoretino, who tried it on video and gave feedback that, except for the lack of immediate interaction, the doll’s touch and sex experience were “completely life-like”.

Luckily, when I posted the video screenshot to my Yummy group, a low-key sister said she had also bought a similar doll made of steel and silicone. Our whole group immediately seethed and asked her about her experience.

COCO (pseudonym, Yummy user) said that as a homosexual, she bought girls. “She has a great body, big breasts, soft body, she can pose. In addition to sex, daily will also be used to cuddle together to watch a movie, do leg pillow. The bad thing is there’s no body temperature, because you use lubrication and it’s not easy to clean.”

Now that she has a girlfriend, she’s replaced the doll with new parts and given it to a friend.

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Male sex dolls designed for women are gaining popularity

The market for male sex dolls designed for women has suddenly become hot in the past year or so, with a number of sex robot companies launching their own male dolls.

For example, the recent release of a male doll named “Zack” has attracted a lot of attention, and he has set the market on fire with his well-designed appearance. A Los Angeles-based sex doll maker recently launched three male models: Aquila, with sexy freckles on his face; William and Gabriel, like Lenny Kravitz and Mark Consuvelo respectively, are just a little squinty.

Zack, currently on sale at a dollhouse in Canada

Each doll can be customized, and the private parts can come in different colors and sizes, as well as the choice of upright and relaxed, you can choose. Of course, the price is sexy too: the base price is $6,750, not including upgrades and shipping.

Another artificial intelligence company Sinthetics released a sex robot called Henry last year. When Brian Gill launched sex doll in silicone wife in 2015, he didn’t even know there were male dolls. About a year ago, with the female doll business booming, Jill decided to try selling male dolls as well. Today, It offers four types of male dolls, mainly made by a factory in Zhongshan, China.

Male sex robot

Hunter, he’s a muscle man. Wrapped in a bath towel, he clasped his hands to his chest and stared into the camera like an overbearing President.

Ethan, who looks like the “young boy” of the moment, has a precocious, stubborn childlike nature that makes you suddenly overprotective and motherly.

Patrick, two dimensional, silver hair, looks a bit like a vampire

Liam is a doll with a large private parts but no idea whether it is technically good or not. His face has a “empty but satisfied” expression, looks quite cowboy temperament. Well, just look at the picture.

Three different male dolls

And then there’s the upcoming doll, which has the bad boy look of James spader’s early days. The dolls retail for $2,000.

A more “manly” doll has yet to be named

Like Zack, most male dolls have personal biographies of sexual satisfaction and commitment. Hunter, for example, highlighted his career as a flight attendant and is “looking for a full-time playmate and life partner.”Well, isn’t it a bit like dating sites?

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They have used more than 2,000 sex toys , What is it like to be a sex toy experiencer

They’ve used more than 2,000 sex toys, but they’re more serious than anyone else

Carla, who has more than 2,000 sex toys in her room, earns $250000 a year by having 15 orgasms a week. Sound like this girl has a special job, but she is actually a very serious tester, and the object of the test is sex toys.

Carla is at work

Carla works for an adult toy company as a sex toy tester, also known as a sex toy experiencer. The job is to use various types of sex toys in person every day, express her feelings in writing, and provide reference for customers.

The experience report should not only introduce the product in detail from the aspects of smell, packaging, hand feeling, etc., but also have the gameplay recommendation and label its applicable population. It is not as simple as somebody else said that you can make money by lying down. After all, too much exercise will hurt you.

Carla has more than 2,000 sex toys in her room

Qi, who is also a sex toy experiencer, says she spends most of her working day riding. Qi has used no less than 2000 sex toys. The first thing she does at work every day is to check out the products to be tested today in the office full of sex toys. Take inventory of the products to be tested today, take them to the “experience room”, and write down her feelings in a notebook as she go along.

Sometimes after use the sex toy, she didn’t have any energy to type the feeling, she would ask her female colleague to come and record for her. In fact, every climax will take away a lot of energy of Qi, not only work very tired during the day, go home at night and also have to together with her boyfriend, so taste experiencer is also a work only with youth.

The male experiencer Xiang that just entered a job not long, just happened to meet the new period of the company’s product, every day must be busy experience to write a report, many times, mental state is not very well. The company leader saw Xiang is very tired, took the initiative to give him two days off, let him go home and take care of the body.

To be an experiencer, should not only have a good body, but also be familiar with the products of the whole sex industry, not only the products of our company, but also the products of competitors and overseas products. It is necessary to know which brand of products is durable, which brand is more cost-effective and what kind of silicone is suitable for making products. You need to interact with fans online, and analyze users’ preferences based on sales data and reported readings. To answer users’ questions about the profession, experiencers learn themselves about sex.

Use words to accurately express the performance of the product without turning the experience report into pornography. Moreover, the report of the experiencer should not only be presented to the customers, but also be expounded in front of the whole company staff, stating the problems of the product and proposing suggestions for modification.

Can you imagine a young girl describing how she orgasms in front of a group of men?

“When it first got in, it was a little cold and the vibration wasn’t strong enough.”

“This position requires lying flat, not sitting.”

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What’s Platinum TPE Sex Doll

The materials we have heard of realistic sex dolls are generally divided into “silicone” and “TPE”.We can always see the option of platinum tpe when browsing the sex doll website. So what is platinum TPE, what are the advantages compared to ordinary TPE? First of all, let’s look at the difference between them.

Platinum TPE Sex Doll

Platinum TPE is not as hard as ordinary one, but the opposite touch will be more realistic.

TPE sex doll

Silica gel is classified into “condensed silica gel” and “added” silica gel according to the material. The former has a large shrinkage rate, is odorous, is relatively hard, and is prone to aging. However, the curing is stable and the price is low, and it is mainly used for the production of various molds. The latter is also called “platinum-catalyzed silicone rubber”. It is non-toxic and tasteless, resistant to temperature and anti-aging. However, it has high requirements for fixed-line and is expensive. It is generally used for women’s chest pads, medical supplies, and other adult products. It can be seen that the name of platinum silica gel is only a noun used in propaganda, which has nothing to do with the chemical element Pt. Platinum resins are platinum-cured silicones (just like they used tin-painted silicones in the past) so this is actually related to platinum used to catalyze the curing process.

TPE has oil oozing during use, and platinum silica gel is also known as oil-free TPE for better visual and physical performance. Therefore, you don’t need to spend more time on care of your love doll, and you don’t need to take talcum powder every time after exercise.

How to distinguish them: The simplest difference is to look at performance, is it not oil, no smell. There was no significant change after a while. The price of platinum silica gel is between silicone and ordinary TPE sex dolls. In terms of price, the price of cured rubber is generally more than 5,000 US dollars per ton, while the price of ordinary TPE is between 2000-5000 US dollars. In addition to these special TPE materials, TPE prices are more advantageous than silicone materials.

Birth of a inflatable doll: A trip to an adult products manufacturing plant

What introduce below is the inflatable doll of cost price more than 10 dollars, cannot compare with the physical sex doll cost thousands of dollars. the difference between inflatable doll and physical sex doll is that the entity sex doll’s materials are more exquisite and the design is more exquisite. Entity sex doll is more realistic to use. Today we will reveal the production process of the inflatable doll that we often can’t get online.

Today’s physical dolls look more like real people

Tailors use heat technology to glue the edges of plastic seams together in a molded with environmentally friendly PVC

After being glued together by the tailor, the doll needs to be inflated for testing. If any leak is found, it will be returned to the previous process for further completion or repair

The doll’s chest accessories were colored like a pile of upside-down bowls

Hand dyed, You can dye it pink if you want and black if you want

Choose the chest accessories after spray color

The chest accessories works with the body’s link

Beautify her face

Lip color

Put false eyelashes on your eyes

Draw eyebrow

This is what low-end products made

After the feet are trimmed

The semi-finished product after molding

Reaeration test

Piles of tests

Finished product packaging bag

Bagged for distribution of adult supplies inflatable dolls, in a few years ago this kind of low-end inflatable dolls are in demand

Is that what you got?

Each inflatable doll on the Internet retail price in 10-25 dollar, do you still dare to believe you can buy a dreamlover online?

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28 frequently asked questions and answers about sex toys-part one

Abstract: this time, we collected a lot of questions from users of sex dolls. Here are the answers to the most common questions

Q1: How many times should I wash the black clothes worn by the doll? 

Soak the detergent for 10 minutes to see if the water has been stained. In addition, you can do the dyeing test. Generally, you will not dye the clothes until the water has no color. However, a new garment should be washed and soaked with laundry detergent without color.

Q2: Will the white cloth let the doll dye?

White will not be dyed, color will be dyed, and the general color of holding together to produce heat, will be dyed to the body of the doll. 

Q3: Do dolls dye easily?

Generally speaking, according to the type of clothes, the clothes will not be dyed if the color does not fade. If you are afraid of dyeing, it is recommended to wear an anti-stain primer before wearing other clothes, or directly wear light clothes.

Q4: About dolls, dyeing dark clothes?

At ordinary times had better not wear brunet clothes for a long time, doll is naked it does not matter, underwear proposal prepares white is better. 

Q5: Don’t you have to worry about it if you wear a sweater?

Can clothes be worn for a long time? Still have when the dress is washed do not lose color to won’t dye namely, even if be brunet also can wear all the time? And it will fade, it will stain, right? A bit safer commonly, after the dress is bought, use lukewarm white wet cloth to brush forcibly, want to have a little color only, be about to wash to wear again or cannot wear for a long time. If you can cover the whole body of the doll, you will be fine. It is important to note that dyeing is a very troublesome thing, even if the color does not fade clothes do not wear all the time, especially the knees and buttocks such as the most often rubbed areas of the most easy to dye. 

Q6: How to care for wigs?

You can use shampoo and then apply some conditioner to make it smoother.

Q7: How do I use talcum powder?

Powder your doll’s whole body and place it in a box or bed.

Q8: What is suitable for cosmetics?

Buy the cosmetics that real person uses, all brand is ok, not too much requirement .

Q9: Will the doll produce oil?

What kind of material is not available? Doll can give oil, but the degree that gives oil is different, need to hit talcum powder often, habit is good.

Q10: Do you have to change positions?

Yes, occasionally it is necessary to change the position, it is better to have the doll lying flat, change the position, careful butt deformation.

Q11: Put on sofa can’t change a posture and how to prevent butt deformation?

Use a cushion under your butt. 

Q12: Can I put it in my suitcase?

Best not, can’t let sex doll curl up for a long time.

Q13: Is there water inside the doll?

No, Because they’re all made of solid silicone and don’t need to worry about water. Just be careful not to get water in your neck. It’s all metal.

Q14: How do I move my doll?

It is best to move the doll on a chair with wheels to avoid getting hurt or falling over it. Of course, you can also take the back or carry the way, but be careful not to scratch the doll. While you’re enjoying it with the doll, use an auxiliary tool like a pillow to hold it in place. Crack when the joint, had better be to use two hands to fasten at corresponding joint both ends, move again next, slow move, must not unconventional twist fold joint. Also be careful not to pull the doll violently to avoid joint damage.

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What do men think of women using sex toys? Three truths about women using sex toys

Three truths about women using sex toys: anyone can use sex toys. Research shows that people who have sex are more likely to use sex toys than those who don’t.

Sex doll

Three truths about women using sex toys:

1. Are sex toys for people who don’t have a good sex life or don’t have sex life?

Truth: anyone can use sex toys. Research shows that people who have sex use sex toys more often than people who don’t. Partners who use sex toys usually have better sex and are more emotionally intimate. About 20-30% of people use sex toys at least once in their lives.

2. Sex toys become addictive?

Truth: addiction means some kind of harm. But using sex toys won’t hurt you (as long as it’s done right way).While some people may become dependent on sex toys, you don’t need to force yourself to quit, and anyone can easily return to masturbation or sexual-free sex with a sexual partner.

3. If a woman uses sex toys, she doesn’t need a man?

Truth: sex toys are not substitutes for people. Sex toys don’t hug you or tell you how much they love you. Many men are afraid of women using sex toys because they think their importance to women is mainly their “big guy”, which makes men feel insecure.

Connect a woman and sex toy, big obstacle is “idea”, solved idea problem, the rest follow specification to do. But who can give “idea” a “specification”? Let’s talk more about it today: Men need to give women understanding and respect.

Men’s views on women’s use of adult products:

The men were first in a state of equivocation. One married man’s reaction was “normal”, adding with a smile: “in modern society, if men don’t understand more about women, it’s as inconceivable as my son seeing an apple fall to the ground and inventing a law of mechanics.” But when a reporter asked, “what would you say if one day you found out your wife was using it, and the reason was you?” Relaxed smile began to solidify, silence for a while, he said: “Maybe not!” Other men said: “female sex products are great because they will be ‘obedient’ and as long as there are no power cuts, there is no one to stop women from Greed death greed Unzen. It’s just that if it’s you, you’re handing over your body to a pile of silicone, what’s the point?” In fact, it is no wonder that men do not want to entangle on this issue too much, and even become angry, because female sex products undoubtedly hit men’s heart, like a slap in their face. To put it more maliciously, no matter whether the woman is his wife or not, men don’t want to see women having sex with her, because the former is a disgrace to them, while the latter is more straightforward: if every woman has sex with sex toy, where are they going to have sex with him?

How to use sex toys:

Many people have accepted sex toys, but whether sex toys can really play a role in improving the quality of a couple’s life depends on whether they know about sex toys and how to use them. According to the needs of different people, the types of sex toys are different.

1. Men who have short sexual intercourse may be satisfied when they meet the demand, but the female has not reached the climax stage. At this time, they can match the use of sex toys. Of course, the purpose of using sex toys is not simply to bring one party to orgasm, but to satisfy both parties. Therefore in the bedroom, can cooperate with the use of sex toys to stimulate each other’s sensitive parts, to bring stronger female pleasure, as far as possible to make the two orgasm synchronization.

2. Sexless woman sex toys for sexless people have a certain healing effect. Because sex apathy is mainly psychological, lack of sexual desire. The use of sex toys can stimulate sexual desire. Sex toys first produce visual stimulation from the senses. In the process of use, they can let women experience the pleasure that sex can’t bring, improve sexual desire and relieve sexual apathy. And can cooperate the external use product such as human body lubricant, massage oil, tie-in USES meeting better.

3. The person that needs contraception no matter be young men and women or husband and wife, still be old couple, condom has big effect, can assure the safety of sexual life already, can prevent pregnancy again. As a single man or woman, without a sexual partner, it is difficult to release the desire in the heart. An inflatable doll or fake penis can help single men and women relieve their depression. Sex toys are not spiritual sustenance, but can actually take you into the paradise of pleasure.

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12 practical tips for cleaning and caring for sex dolls.

Sex Doll brings us a lot of happiness, to meet our physical and psychological needs, a lot of people can’t put it down and love her very much, do you know, doll just as girls, they all need to clean and care, the following I will teach you how to do it.

1. Shower gel, usually the kind used by babies, such as Johnson & Johnson, is neutral, mild without stimulation and smells good.

2. Cleaners, Less than a dollar each, buying more at one time is cheaper. Can be used repeatedly, one part with one cleaner, if you do not mind can be used interchangeably.

3. Baby powder. You can smell it and buy whatever you like. Johnson & Johnson, BABY brand, all right, not a lot of requirements.

4. Towel, The towel must not lose its hair, the best is a kind of strong water absorption.

5. Makeup cotton, also known as makeup remover cotton, is white, one by one, mainly used with olive oil, which can be used to wash local dirty things that cannot be washed off, and can also be used to remove slight stains.

6. Olive oil, simple and ordinary is ok, need not be very expensive after all is not used to eat, general maintenance dosage is very big, I may be lazy, dirty things are to rely on this to wash, and makeup remover & makeup remover cotton, will be used, with one dollar, of course if you have more money can choose better.

7. Cosmetics, this mainly depends on the smell, I like the clear type, the smell is very heavy can not stand, when buying can smell it. Close civilian brand is good, need not buy big famous brand, because makeup draws the effect that come out is about the same.

8. Small watering can, small enough, also less than a dollar each, mainly used to do wig, wig comb is not smooth, in the small watering can put hair conditioner and water mixture, usually is the word of the hair, do with water directly.

9. Lubricants, condoms, these are commonly used, depending on personal preference, but recommend a female condom, after use don’t wash the doll just throw the condom away, otherwise it will be very troublesome to clean after each use.

10.Female privates lotion, a kind of lotion for inflammation of female private parts, is relatively cheap, just buy one at will, as long as it is not expired. Don’t use alcohol. Don’t use alcohol. Don’t use alcohol. Do not use easily, the body used bath fluid what is enough, Yin anal mouth, can use Female privates lotion, and have specific aim more.

11.Fake nails, nail remover, like the students can find manufacturers to want, also can buy their own, basically can be used. Removal and installation is a skill. See how appropriate, the online mall has drawn a good nail, also have transparent nail to sell need to draw.

12. Nail polish. Use your nail polish bit by bit, using a toothpick instead of a straight up tip. The last time someone asked me why the tear was getting bigger and bigger while I was mending it, they sent me a picture and almost laughed me to death. The glue was completely falling off and it was just pouring onto the surface. The shopkeeper that the proposal looks for to buy wants to repair video directly, it is careful to cherish above all, next small cut has nothing to do, glue stuck fix. Finally try not to send back to the manufacturer to repair, because the freight is very expensive. Unless you really can’t. You can usually do it yourself.

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Show you all about sex dolls:What kind of experience to have a virtual girlfriend?

Please follow my footsteps, sex doll products for a comprehensive investigation! My friend Andy is single again recently. He can only spend time with his hands every day. Despite being a bachelor, Andy also has the desire to break free from the shackles and regain his sex life. So he came to me and wanted to know how to have a partner quickly.”Even if it’s fake!”Andy screamed. Well, if it’s fake, that’s fine! A physical doll can satisfy all your fantasies.

So today, we’re going to talk about dolls. In most people’s view, the so-called sex doll may look like this.

Inflatable doll

Or this…Isn’t that really desireful?

Inflatable doll

However, there are also high-end products in the doll world.

Racyme sex doll
Racyme sex doll

At this time, curious you may ask: ” why the difference between the doll so big?” In fact, as a sex toy, the price range of dolls from 10 to 10,000 Euros. Select material, making, mould different also decided the price of doll. Next, follow my footsteps and make a comprehensive survey of the doll. First of all, dolls can be roughly divided into three categories.

1. Price range of full inflatable doll: 10-50 Euros

2. Price range of semi-entity doll: 20-200 Euros

3. Price range of physical doll: 200-3000 Euros

Inflatable doll

Packaging of sex dolls

This kind of doll can be described simply with horrible looking, whole is a balloon to install a organ additionally, as for the face is drawn up. You can imagine the user experience of a balloon. The only advantage of such dolls is that they are easy to carry and keep, but I think you might as well buy an airplane cup if you have a few dozen Euros.

Bust sex doll

This kind of doll can be regarded as the small sex toy, also can be regarded as the body part of the real doll. Relatively speaking, the touch and experience of this kind of product is far more than that of the previous type. You can hold, lie on your stomach, and stand, when you make love with it. while their internal passageways are more exciting and real because they are integrated. Through close observation, we can find that the internal structure of this kind of inverted mold is very satisfactory. There are also many variations of the half-body doll, which is more fun to use. This doll is also the closest thing to a physical doll, but since the body is half the size of a physical doll, the price is much lower.The use experience of this kind of doll is quite good, the disadvantage lies in the cleaning and storage after use.

Two kinds of bust sex doll

Physical sex doll

The real doll is the focus of today’s presentation. There may be more than half a year’s conversation on the topic of entity dolls. This time, I would like to give you a brief introduction of the different brands of dolls according to the price from high to low. First of all, physical dolls are generally used for two purposes: 1. Having sex and 2. Taking photos (don’t be surprised).Although most of the time both can be done at the same time, the emphasis of each type of doll is different. Some are just beautiful to look at, but not real combat.


Real Doll (American)

Reference price: $800- $5000

Real doll is the ferrari of the doll world, and the tens of thousands of moving price is daunting. This kind of doll is a life-like experience in terms of both authenticity and skin quality, including skin wrinkles, skin touch and texture. What’s more, it can be tailored to your needs. Skin, race, even appearance…You want to have in-depth contact with various aliens or exotic creatures can be customized to meet the needs of manufacturers.

Real Doll


OT doll (Japan)

Reference price 6,00-30,00 (Euro)

The doll that accords with oriental aesthetic most. It’s a little less anthropomorphic than real doll, but it’s still one of the top three brands in the doll world. You get what you pay for. O.t. ‘s doll is so beautiful! At the same time, it is obvious that OT’s doll presents completely different styles from real doll in production. The difference is as obvious as European AV and Japanese AV, and I certainly haven’t used this one. But according to online comments from experience, the experience is less ideal and more photo-friendly .As to whether it’s true or not, I don’t know.

OT doll


4woods (Japan)

Price: 3,000-5,000 Euros

Japan’s 4woods doll, launched in 2002, has brought new life to the Japanese market in recent years because of its combination of Asian spiritual faces and European seductive doll proportions. In the past two years, it has been wildly embezzled by various inflatable doll websites in China. It can be seen that the charm of 4woods has caught up with that of big brother, OT industrial doll. It can be seen that the appearance of 4woods is still quite different from that of OT. However, according to experientialists, 4woods’ actual combat experience is better than OT’s. Prices in the low 30s are also more affordable.

4woods doll

For consumers need to pay for the brand name, ranking the front of the doll is really expensive, for the doll early experience is not necessary to proceed with so expensive sex dolls, and with the development of science and technology, the development of many brands is good, the material is very good, beautiful appearance, high cost performance, such as Racyme is a good choice.

If you characterize products like dolls. I think they are more like expensive toys such as models, toys, cameras and lenses. It needs careful care and maintenance, after all, silicone or TPE material is also a kind of consumables. You may learn a variety of skills for it, such as makeup and clothing matching And what it can give you is more of a comfort, both spiritual and non-physical. I think every hieroglyphic thing deserves to be taken seriously who can say that it has no soul? Listen and don’t hug, love and don’t make love.”I’ve spoken to the doll owner community and it’s more about companionship than desire. After all, in a sense, dolls are perfect.

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