Three funny NEWS about sex dolls.


British woman spends 10,000 on plastic surgery to turn herself into ‘sex doll’

Cindy, from salford, Greater Manchester, has spent £10,000 a year on breast implants, hair extensions and lip implants to transform herself into a real-life sex doll. Cindy has spent £7,000 on breast implants to turn her a-cup into fabulous F cup. She said: ‘I’m still not satisfied with the shape of my breast and I’m going to have another plastic surgery. I also want to have a tummy tuck and keep losing weight so I can look more like a sex doll.’

Cindy reportedly started wearing makeup at the age of 19, and was fond of flamboyant looks. But after knowing that her fiance was cheating on her, her fascination with plastic surgery became increasingly rampant. Cindy says she has received even more attention since the procedure, with 3,000 facebook followers and 4,000 Instagram followers.”A lot of guys stare at me now, and I can go out for date every night if I want to. Cindy said proudly.

Before and after plastic surgery


Sexual harassment of sex doll

An sex doll named “Annilenr” was found to be badly contaminated at the Austrian electronic arts festival. The doll’s breast was covered with black handprints, suffered from fingernail scratches and cracks in the most bizarre places, had to be sent back to the Spanish manufacturer for repair, cleaning and disinfection. Annilenr, an interactive artificial sex doll that became a star and attracted crowds of men, is now temporarily off display to clean up after being hugged and attacked by millions of men. Annilenr not only looks like a real person, but also can interact with the people, respond to being touched and speak several languages. Annilenr, which costs about $4,500 and is made in China and Spain, responds to touch and speaks several languages, and has sold 15 units so far


Men ordering sex dolls ‘that look like their mate’s girlfriends’

In a disturbing twist to the growing trend of sex dolls and robots, men are ordering silicone dolls designed to look like their friend’s girlfriends. The trend was revealed by a popular doll manufacturer, who said that dolls designed to look like celebrities were falling out of favour. Andy Phelps, product specialist at Silicone Sex World, told the Daily Star: “We do get customers who inquire about celebrity dolls although they are not as popular as you may think… “We do get some strange requests for dolls, such as dolls that look like friend’s girlfriends.”

Other sex doll manufacturers have previously spoken about the demand for dolls with “girl next door” looks. Jade Stanley from Sex Doll Official said that fulfilling customers’ fantasies was as easy as them sending a photo of someone they were attracted to. While it’s not clear whether dolls created in a real person’s image would run foul of the law, the rise in sex dolls has been met with several legal hurdles. Italy’s first sex doll brothel was raided and shut down by police only nine days after it was first opened in 2018. Offering clients silicone models inside one of its eight private rooms, LumiDolls Torino was found to be breaking Italian laws on renting out accommodation.

The city’s health authority also investigated if the dolls in the secret establishment situated in the northwestern city of Turin were thoroughly cleaned after each use. And last year a Timaru man was arrested and charged after importing a child sex doll. Customs investigations manager Bruce Berry told the Herald in 2017 that the office was aware of the growing, global trend and was monitoring it closely.

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Artificial intelligence give sex robots life and independent thoughts, will you fall in love with a sex robot?

Will you fall in love with a sex doll? As long as there are literary works discussing stories about the future, artificial intelligence AI is an inevitable topic. In optimistic works, AI naturally becomes the helper of human beings, such as R2-D2 in Star Wars. In pessimistic works, humans are betrayed by robots and end up completely destroyed, such as Prometheus. There are more works that discuss how we should get along with these robots as human technology develops and artificial intelligence improves.

Detroit Become Human Kara: This is our future

They show us a process, not a result. Last year’s game Detroit into Man, for example, had you play three different bionic characters: the leader of the bionic rebel army/the bionic police officer who grabs the rebel army and the babysitter robot who takes care of the human child. One policeman, one bandit, one civilian. Catch yourself, protect yourself, destroy yourself. After playing the bionic man for hundreds of hours, every player will have their own experience of joys and sorrows in the game. I think what we need most now is the third kind of work, because with the vigorous development of various artificial technologies, these are not long ago in the future, it is likely to be happening. Google says its artificial intelligence has enabled error-free translations of many languages. The artificial intelligence of Microsoft Ice, already can write a poem to chat.

Detroit Become Human with state ring

The “future” shown in films like ” I, Robot ,” “Ex Machina,” “Her,” and “Blade Runner” may not be the future any more, but may be tomorrow, or may come before tomorrow. I was surprised before that there were few serious and formal media works in our country to discuss this issue in such an environment. It seems that people seldom discuss serious things, let alone serious things about the future. But last weekend, I watched a documentary made by Tencent news, which was very interesting. It’s called Companion Robot.

Stage photo of I, Robot
Stage photo of Ex Machina
Stage photo of Blade Runner

This barbie-looking doll is called harmony. We mentioned before. In the words of Andy, the director of the documentary, “the best adult silicone dolls in the world.” Although the title of the documentary is Robot Companion, but it actually called “sex doll.”— The programme cuts in a very interesting way, saying artificial intelligence. Not the autopilot, not the translator, not the personal assistant, but the sex doll. That is, with the emergence of artificial intelligence, the feelings between human beings and silicone dolls will have what changes. When those silicone dolls that have been bought for sex become intelligent, will humans start to feel differently about them? In fact, the first scene of the documentary shocked me. Actress was sitting in the street, having a long conversation with this silicone doll, hamoni. he doll is fully capable of responding to and responding to actress’s words, even joking around. Has artificial intelligence developed to this point? To find out, the show visited the manufacturer of the doll. Staff told them to make artificial intelligence silicone doll, divided into two parts. Part of it is making silicone dolls, which they have done very well, and the company’s showroom has silicone dolls of all shapes and colors. And part of that is building artificial intelligence robots, which they’re still working on. What they do now is make a smart head and attach it to a silicone doll.

Artificial intelligence companion in science fiction

So their doll is still only able to move its head. Next, they hope to make their doll move its whole body. Of course, the company did not pay me advertising fees, so I will not continue to talk about their company vision. Interestingly, the company is also trying to add human emotion to the feelings of dolls. For example, in one mode, you have to flirt with the doll, warm up with her, to a she will be willing to have sex with you, this very real. According to the founders:”We used to make products that customers bought just to let off steam.””But this is different. This is what we want to bring to our customers: Company, friendship, affection. It’s movable, it’s conversational, it’s emotional, it’s personal. In my opinion, this has been a lot of sci-fi artificial intelligence companion shadow, the future is happening, this is an epoch-making product.

However, the company’s products have been fiercely attacked by a feminist in the United States: “if you look at how many girls are suffering in the Middle East and how many girls are being attacked in India, you are making female robots that are also women and also objectifying women, which will greatly degrade the status of women.” Her question is not directly answered in the documentary. But then, reporter visited many real sex doll users. The man, who did not want to show his face, described himself as lonely and misogynistic after his marriage failed. Because of partner dolls, they are now very satisfied with their lives, not only physically but also psychologically. I watched the documentary on firstrun, when the main team and reporter were there, and someone asked about women’s rights and the objectification of women. they replied:” When I was there, I heard about the sex doll. I thought it was objectification. I had to argue with them, it couldn’t be done.” “But when I did, they gave me a male silicone doll, Henry.” “How can this chest muscle feel so good?” “Empathy, it’s hard to say in a theoretical or dogmatic way that you shouldn’t.” “You’re actually quite happy to change places.” Now the trend around the world is that women are consuming more, so the market is catering more to women, and I believe there will be more male dolls like Henry in the future. In the words of a female blogger next to me — after all, each of these dolls has an eight-pack abdominal muscle, won’t get lost, has a bellyful of wisdom, probably fulfilling the need for companionship better than real men.

At the end of the documentary, an expert said, “whether we agree or disagree, robotics will continue to evolve until 2050, maybe there will be human-robot marriage, and in another 100 years, there will be human-robot children.”What we really need to worry about is how we will get along with these robots in the future when they become exactly like humans. Are they our slaves? Do they have human rights? Will they rebel against us? I don’t know, the show says they don’t know, in the director’s own words “We won’t have answers to our questions now, but hopefully tomorrow.”

Back to the original question: will you fall in love with a sex doll?

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In which case would you buy a sex doll? The real psychology of sex doll buyers in different countries.

This is a true story. More and more artificial intelligence is applied to physical dolls to fill people’s loneliness. After graduation from college, I joined an AI adult doll company to sell dolls to foreigners. I have seen the deepest loneliness and the most painful humanity here.

NO. 01

At 7:30 in the morning, I woke up, dressed and washed, and ran to the office. The dormitory is only ten minutes away from where I work, through a deep alley, a small gray four-story building. Arriving at the factory, countless young women’s ‘bodies’ hang from steel frames wrapped in clear plastic bags. They have different complexions, all exquisite. After graduation from college, I was employed as a foreign trade clerk in this factory. My responsibility is to sell sex dolls to all over the world. Our product is sex doll, also called physical doll, a kind of sex toy. My parents died early. My grandparents raised me and Try every means to earn money for my college education. They are getting on in years and my wish is to make more money. The starting salary here is high, and there is commission after three months ‘probation. The factory also provides food and accommodation. It is a good condition for me.

Most people in our country only know the inflatable doll, while the physical doll is made of silicone or mixed material TPE, which has been popular in Europe, America and Japan for decades. The sex doll looks like a real person and is highly realistic in every aspect, with built-in metal skeletons, flexible joints and various poses. Doll shape is a variety too, weight, skin color, facial features, even hair, eye color, tattoos, nails and other features can be customized, the body can also heat, can be customized sound card, let the doll speak some simple language. Regular versions of the dolls are priced between 200 and 2,000 Euros, as well as high-end customised dolls, which can be moulted into the exact same doll as long as the customer takes a photo and lists the requirements.

The factory has also developed a kind of artificial intelligence doll that can move its head and limbs and respond to customers in English. It is similar to the intelligent robot, but the price is expensive, with the cheapest one costing 5,000 Euros. But dolls made in Asia are much cheaper than those made in the us and Europe. Across the factory floor, I walked to the office, opened my computer and checked my email. One of the first things I do every day is respond to bizarre questions from new customers: “do I get stuck?” “how hot can the doll get?” and “what is the maximum size of the doll’s breasts when it stands?”It was Andy’s email with the subject line: “this Christmas, I won’t be alone anymore.”

NO. 02

Andy is my first customer. He is an American. He is introverted and shy. A few months ago, I knew nothing about this industry. The factory sells 80% of its dolls abroad. In order to match the customer’s time, I often stayed in the office until midnight. After three months’ probation, I still got nothing. Is anyone really buying it? On the last day of my probation, I was so depressed that at 11 o ‘clock in the night, I was alone in front of the computer, with my hands constantly wiping my cheeks. One day, I saw a customer comment on facebook: “I’m in America. Can I have the doll mailed to me?” At that time, I was so excited that tears almost came out of my eyes. I quickly replied, “no problem, our customers come from all over the world, and we can send them by express.” Within a minute I received a reply: “I want that elf, QY1709.”

QY1709 is the product number. The doll is 160 cm tall, slim, with elf-like pointed ears and angel wings, like an anime character. “no problem. We have this in stock. We can ship it right away.” I said, He said, “are you sure the doll is exactly like the picture?” I answer: “of course same, if convenient, can video, the scene shows the product for you.” He refused: “you can record a video and send it to me.”I immediately recorded sex doll video, did not expect him to immediately pay the order. The price of this doll is 599 dollars, plus 200 dollars shipping cost, I have a little can’t believe, incredibly make the first order like this, hurriedly look for the express company. I met a lot of people when promoting dolls, they often chat on one or two words, just want to chat with me video, and some people even just add friends to send indecent video to me, disgusting and helpless.

This guest seemed to be different. I opened his homepage and his registered name was Andy. He was 20 years old. The occupation column says actor. The home page had only one photo, long hair, thin and gloomy. Maybe I don’t recognize faces. He looks like a picture of Jesus. The cost of the doll is around 300 Euros, and with accessories and other expenses, the sale of such a doll can bring in about 100 Euros, a 20 percent profit. After that, Andy asked me every day: “will the doll arrive today?” I sent him a screenshot of the logistics information, and he replied with a tearful expression. It was two weeks after Andy received the doll. He said he had a sofa in his bedroom for dolls. Before Christmas, he bought another doll, which was 168 centimeters tall and weighed 50 kilograms. The postage cost was more than 300 dollars.

Since then, Andy has been emailing me about his doll almost every day. He dressed the two dolls in all kinds of fashionable and beautiful clothes and sent me pictures of them every time he changed them into new clothes. Gradually, I got to know him. Andy has social phobia and is afraid to talk with others. Only in the online world can he feel at ease. However, he also has a desire to communicate with others and have real friends. The two dolls were his first steps. It suddenly occurred to me that Christmas would be in two days. Open Andy’s email. In the picture, two dolls are dressed in their Sunday clothes. Andy is sitting in the middle with a big smile on his face. It was the first time he had ever sent a picture of himself. I was a little relieved and giggled at the screen for a long time.

NO. 03

My front desk colleague trotted up to me and said sympathetically, “Airic is calling again.” Hearing this, I felt dizzy. Airic is my new client, German. His order is the largest one since I joined the company. It is a one-time order of 6 dolls, all of which are high-end customized, and each doll is about 3,000 Euros. Since Airic placed this order in early December, my pressure has become extremely heavy. Airic requires very high quality. He was not satisfied with the doll made of silicone, which was too heavy and easy to be stained with dust. He replaced silicone with mixed material TPE. He asked the factory to issue a certificate that it was new material and not recycled. Hair is specially specified, not conventional, skin color after many times of comparison, can not have a little color difference. He worked in the United States for many years, fluent in English, fluent on the phone, I did not have a chance to refute, can only apologize to solve the problem. Every time I answer Airic’s phone, I literally get butterflies in my stomach. After three weeks of repeated correction, the doll probably meets the requirements of Ariic, and the rest is matched with wigs and clothes, waiting for delivery. Over the phone, Ariic said, “Amy, I find something wrong with the doll. The distance between the two eyes is at least two millimeters short of what I asked you to do.”

I really didn’t pay attention to that. He was so good that he could see in the picture that the distance between the doll’s eyes was two millimeters different from the requirement. I was thinking about how to reply. Airic said, “please modify it as soon as possible. I will go to your factory to inspect the goods before delivery. The Spring Festival was approaching when Airic inspected the goods. He was tall, thin, white-haired, dressed in a suit and a black coat. Meet for the first time, everybody is good to him impression, but he asks to revise ceaselessly, whole factory is working overtime for his doll of a person. Factories usually offer holidays, and workers are anxious to go home to their families, but they have to stick to their jobs. It was the day before the Spring Festival, and the workers were ecstatic to go home and celebrate with their families.

Airic booked a plane ticket to Germany on New Year’s eve. My boss asked me to treat Mr. Airic well. Airic didn’t seem to know it was Chinese New Year. He asked me why there was no one at the factory today.”Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year,” I said. Airic looked at me and said shyly, “I’m sorry, Amy. I made it impossible for you to go home for the Spring Festival.”I shook my head and said it didn’t matter. Anyway, there were only grandparents in my family. I seldom went home these years. Mr. Airic bent his head for a moment and chatted with me about the past. As we stood face to face in the doll shop, Airic’s voice seemed to drift. When Airic was young, he was very good at his job. Soon after he and his wife got married, he was sent to the American branch office as a director. When he was busy, he could not go home once a year. He made a lot of money and missed a lot in those years. His son was born not in Germany, I know he is his father died, he has been busy busy,  wait to retire back to Germany, want to have a good family, enjoy your life with his wife, his wife has had breast cancer, died early and only son, as he was being sent overseas work, it is difficult to meet.

Airic looks at his family’s big house and several luxury cars in the garage. He finds that he has worked hard all his life and no one is around. His heart ached with grief as he remembered what his wife had looked like when she was young. So I took photos of my wife at several important stages in her life and customized these dolls. It suddenly dawned on me that all six sex dolls had been made to look like his wife. No wonder he didn’t allow any flaws. He stroked the dolls one by one and explained, “this is when we were first married. This is when she was pregnant, she became a little fat, smile and double chin, especially cute; This is her 30 years old, the corner of the eye has a little wrinkle…”Here, he stopped, his back to me, no longer speak, from his rapid panting figure, I guess he is crying. Later, Airic often wrote emails telling me about the doll. He would bathe the doll, put on new clothes, and push it to the park to bask in the sun. The doll is like his kin.

NO. 4

Airic’s order gave me a bit of a good name, and since then the number of clients has increased, selling at least a dozen dolls a month, and at most, nearly 50 dolls a month. Over time, I was able to make quick decisions about whether I was a bored guy with an axe to pick or a client who really wanted to buy a doll, just by checking an email or chatting on social media. In 2018, I received a customized inquiry from a Belgian customer. The other party sent a picture of a girl aged about 3 or 4 years old, with blonde hair, red skin and white skin. I accepted the order and asked the production department to produce as soon as possible. In order to crack down on paedophilia, many countries in Europe have banned the import of children’s versions of the dolls. If they are found out in the customs, the factory will be blacklisted and possibly imprisoned. Hearing this, the joy of receiving orders instant collapse, I was very depressed, had to send a long email, to the customer explanation, apology, return the deposit.

Two days later, someone added me as a friend on Watsapp. As soon as I added him, he asked to chat with me on facebook. Since did this job, I often encounter just added good friend to ask video chat, this kind of person is either abnormal or nymphomaniac, normally I block immediately, but the name of this person I feel like to have seen in where, think carefully, it is that Belgian client. I hesitated and answered video. Video, is a middle-aged foreign couple, two people smiling and waving to say “hi”. See E-mail, they say, two people canvassed the Belgian law, found that there is no limit to the young child doll to import this one, thank my cautious at the same time, they also very hate those pedophilia, in order to let me not to remorseless logic, especially video chat with me, let me know why they want to customize a young baby. In video, the couple pushed open a door in their home and I saw a lovely room with familiar cartoon characters such as rabbit, Snow White, Alice and Cinderella on the walls and ceiling, and a pink children’s bed filled with stuffed toys. In addition, there are many photos on the wall, most of them are a little girl and the couple. The little girl, the picture of the custom doll. The couple explained that the girl was their only daughter, who died in a car accident a few years ago. For a long time they had been missing their beautiful daughter when they opened their eyes. They also considered having another child, which was unrealistic given their age and physical condition. One day, my wife came across my facebook page and was immediately fascinated by how many beautiful dolls looked like real people. After more than a month of consideration, the couple decided to make a doll to look like their daughter. I told my boss about the Belgian client in detail and he finally agreed to make them custom dolls. I did not let the production department immediately starts to make, but the couple should be carefully checked and the child’s details, also let them recording to me, you are speaking to her daughter to give them the custom children’s sound card, though not smart baby, can’t reply, can only say that some such as: “dad, mom, I love you, I’m hungry, I am happy” so simple words, but I believe, can hear daughter again, they must be very happy. When the couple received the doll, they communicated with me on video, and both of them cried in the screen: “this is just like our daughter, so lovely.”

I feel happy for them. On second thought, no matter how much the couple loved the doll, she would never grow up. The couple will grow old, but their children will stay at this age forever. The couple could not see that their daughter grew taller and taller, and one day surpassed her mother and even her father. She could not be seen carrying the book out of the school; Can’t see her leading another companion home, hand in hand into the church…Think of here, I also some sad. By the end of 2018, the factory’s business is getting better and better, not only doubling the export volume of foreign trade, but also surging domestic sales. The factory hired two new foreign trade staff, I was promoted to director, busy every day.

I think of the day when I sent Mr Airic home. Because it was still early, Airic invited me to have coffee in the cafe of the airport. It was the afternoon of the New Year’s eve, and there were few passengers in the airport. Airic and I were the only two people in the cafe. Airic was lost in thought and did not speak for a long time. I dared not disturb him and sat quietly with him. After I don’t know how long, he suddenly whispered, “so lonely.”At that moment, I seemed to be touched by a cold hand. The image of white-haired Airic sitting quietly with six sex dolls in the living room suddenly flashed in my mind. For the first time in my life, I wanted to go back to my grandparents, get married quickly and have more children.

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Live shot: married man fell in love with “sex doll”, Separated from his wife and living with the doll, Claim to have found true love!

The man choose decorations for the sex doll

A 62-year-old man who fell in love with a sex doll in Japan, this hit the hot search list, The pressure of life, the change of pace of life, changing everyone’s life. It gives us a new understanding of true love, true love can also be with sex dolls.

The man take a walk with his sex doll

The world is big and full of wonders! Japanese man has finally found his true love – a sex doll, the daily mail reported.

The man and sex doll watch TV together

They often watch movies and TV together is very happy, he said he is not boring, with her company. This married man is not a idler. He has a family. The man is married, has a wife and a father of two children, but enjoys the special relationship when it comes to falling in love with the sex doll.

The man buy clothes for the sex doll

He still loves and enjoys this special relationship. The Japanese man, who has separated from his wife to spend time with his true love, has moved out of his home and rented a house. Live a comfortable life.

The man took the sex doll in the car and fastened the seat belt for her.

“To me, Sazhen is more than a plastic doll or a piece of rubber.” The man said frankly “she will never betray me or stay with me for money. I am tired of the reality of people in modern society, they have no love in their heart ” Every day when he goes out for a walk, he must bring his true love “sex doll”, From the picture, we can see the happy expression of the man.

The man is combing the doll’s hair.

The man is enjoying the beautiful moment now! He combed the doll’s hair. For the occurrence of such things, ordinary people are difficult to understand and accept, I think, perhaps his family relationship is not harmonious, family contradictions caused by. Also hope he early return to his family.

The man sleeps with the sex doll

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article, if you feel like, or have any suggestions, welcome to comment in the comments section below.

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Film real people as sex dolls. The world’s first reverse transfiguration photo studio

” Film real people as sex dolls studio ” is a popular photo service for you to turn into a sex doll, whether you are a man or a woman…

No matter the appearance and texture, sex dolls are becoming more and more real. For some men, they are not only sex toys but also companions. In the past we’ve seen pictures of sex dolls as models, But this ” 人间ラブドール制造所(Film real people as sex dolls studio)production a real person into a sex doll … It claims to be the world’s first turnaround studio ” 人间ラブドール制造所(Film real people as sex dolls studio) Just as people go to Kyoto to experience kimono and maiko photography, this studio offers photography services that production a real person into a sex doll.

The resulting photos are hard to tell from real people or sex dolls

Forty percent of the customers who came to the studio for consultation were man, and not only women customers wanted to become sex dolls.

The studio was covered by local news in Japan

Not only do they offer pre-shot makeup and hair styling, but the post-shot photos are also redone to make the skin look more like the silicone of a sex doll. In addition, the naming, packaging, opening, and shipping of the sex dolls after the manufacturing process will also allow customers to experience. Finally, there will be a period of “selfie time” for customers to take selfies in the studio with the shape of the sex dolls.

In fact, as far as the fidelity of the sex dolls is concerned, putting these photos together with the photos taken by ordinary sex dolls does not seem to be too discongruous. However, it can be imagined that the shooting will consume more time.

Just like cosers cosplay their favorite characters, maybe cosplay sex dolls will become a part of cosplay in the future…

What do you think about that?

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A new sex doll brothel has opened, 80 Euros for half an hour! Go see it!

It is the third store for Sex Dolls and has previously been successful in Barcelona and Russia. Europe’s third “sex doll brothel” opened in Turin. The bizarre news has sparked a heated debate in Italy.

The doll brothel scene is similar to a regular brothel

According to italy-today on August 8, LumiDolls is a business establishment that provides sex services. But instead of real people, it treats its guests with sex dolls, or inflatable dolls. Each of the sex dolls has its own name, such as Kate, Ilary, Molly, Eva, Arisa, Naomi, Bianca and even Alessandro. In other words, sex is not only for men, but also for women. Here, guests can choose to have fun and relax with “virtual companions.”

Brothels have different scenes and themes to choose from

What about the price of sex doll brothels? 80 Euros for half an hour, 100 Euros for an hour, 180  Euros for two hours. There are also different sex dolls available on the website, with prices ranging from 700 Euros to 2,000 Euros for each person to choose from.

Many netizens have expressed their opinions, here’s what the Italian netizens thinks:

  • there’s no business for those ordinary brothels!
  • only crazy people would go…
  • 80 Euros is too much for a sex doll!
  • great, solved a difficult problem for us!
  • Is it cheating to go here?

It is the first time that sex dolls have been used for sex in Italy. The sex doll company has granted a franchise to a Turin company that will run its business in Italy. The sex doll brothel has opened in the city of Turin on September 3, 2018. “We provide a wide range of services and entertainment to satisfy the requirements of our customers. The sex trade here is absolutely safe and legal. In addition, the manager said: “we wanted our guests to enjoy themselves in a super luxurious and confidential place with a completely different way. Our store in Turin is comfortable and elegant, guests will be able to fulfill all their dreams.”

The first sex doll brothel of LumiDolls opened in Barcelona and is also the headquarters of LumiDolls. A second sex doll brothel in Moscow has also been a huge success. The one in Turin is LumiDolls’ third store in Europe. The sex doll brothel is open to all adults: men, women, straight couples, gay couples, groups. “Guests can come alone, with a partner, also a gathering place for friends or hen nights. We will protect privacy and hygiene, “the manager said.

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Like a blockbuster! take you through the history of the sex doll!

The development history of adult sex doll is like a movie blockbuster, which makes people feel wonderful and amazing!

It is said that the first description of sex dolls is Chinese

In 1865, Xie Xia , a scholar of the Qing dynasty, mentioned the doll in the chronicle of China and the west, “foreigners make things as naked women, blowing them with air, which can be handed over like humanity”. At the end of his tsundere sentence: “the ability of foreigners has reached the point of crazy!”

Chronicle of Chinese and western

The father of the sex doll – Hitler

In order to prevent German soldiers from having sex with “non-aryan” women in the occupied territories and prevent venereal diseases (especially syphilis) from being rampant in Nazi barracks, Hitler personally ordered Himmler, the commander of the ss, to secretly develop “dolls” with similar physiological structures with women and solve sexual desires for male soldiers.

Hitler also demanded that the inflatable girls should have white skin, blonde hair, big eyes, a height of 1.76 meters, as well as a fleshy mouth and full breasts. However, the soldiers refused to carry the sexy dolls for fear of being laughed at if they were captured.

As Hitler demanded : white skin, blonde hair, big eyes, a height of 1.76 meters doll

The sex doll dies before it lives

Danish doctor Olen and German psychiatrist Rudolph took over the design and development of the doll, but on the night of February 13, 1945, allied bombing destroyed the factory and its 130,000 residents. Ten years later, the United States replicated the once stillborn “sex doll” program, providing a large number of dolls for American soldiers on the front lines.Germany quickly started selling similar toys.

There is a big gap between inflatable dolls and real girls.

“Antarctic no. 1” the sexual welfare of Japanese civil servants

Japan first sent men to the Antarctic in the mid-20th century.Worried about the health risks of long-term abstinence, the government spent public money to develop a high-quality emotional doll called “Antarctic no. 1”.

The original Japanese doll, basically a personal balloon comfort toy, was made of vinyl and rubber and was very cheap.Blow before use, fold after use, but the body edge is often due to cracks and air leakage.Imagine you’re using a sex doll and the doll face suddenly dries up.Can it be happy?

Inflatable doll air leaking again, Japanese youth street photo mischief

In the 1970s and 1980s, the big hollow bananas and ‘amputee girls’ were dolls

This period, appeared to still be wide at present popular “palm sex doll”, it is roughly equivalent to a big banana that is hollowed out, easy to carry and hide, make men feel long drought meets sweet rain for a time.

At the end of the 1980s, the complete body of the “friend” finally appeared!They began to move closer to the simulation, but their bodies were still frighteningly and in a single pose.In order to overcome these shortcomings, combinatorial girl appeared on the market.Can look at those are torn apart, the arm that fall apart , how so horrific?

Sex dolls drive men crazy all over the world

After the 1990s, the doll was given a big show, and people began to use advanced medical non-toxic software silicone or PVC materials to make the “companion”. The dolls have become more resilient, the battery allows them to maintain a constant temperature of 37° c, and the indoorsman can finally shower with their “girlfriend”.

Indoorsman with his dolls

Here’s Valentina, a Brazilian doll whose virginity rights cost $105,100.
Bidders also get a free round trip to Sao Paulo, a free presidential suite at the hotel, a French dinner and sexy lingerie from a beautiful girl! The $105,100 gift package includes access to the doll, a round trip to Sao Paulo, a presidential suite, a French dinner, sexy lingerie…

Valentina, a Brazilian doll

American Realdoll

In April 2017, Realdoll united technologies launched Harmony, an AI robot doll with artificial intelligence. Unlike traditional sex dolls, Harmony has the ability to learn and connect with people. Harmony has an internal heater that simulates real body temperature. Built-in evolvable AI system, permanent memory, remember user information. You can chat, learn, and fall in love with your users. The operating system can be updated through the mobile APP. Harmony is said to have a Scottish accent and 18 personality traits such as “shy” and “sexy”.

RealDoll founder Matt McMullan poses with Harmony, an AI doll

Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now :

Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅳ-Enthusiastic at Dressing

Generally, cosplay sex dolls are purchased to satisfy the visual effect. The customers who dress and appreciate only tend to buy expensive and exquisite lifelike sex dolls, because these dolls pay more attention to the visual experience and the convenience of dressing. In general, the weight of the TPE doll is difficult for the customer to change the doll often, on the one hand because of the weight and on the other hand because the joint activity is less flexible than the silicone doll or other smaller plastic dolls.

Many people think that the current adult real dolls are more suitable for viewing, because they need to spend more time and effort to maintain and protect them as a sex toy. Dress up dolls and put on their favorite clothes to ease the pressure on life.

Now let’s take a look at how they all make the doll look more appealing, from the entry level to the makeup artist’s level of expression.

In general, it is enough to just have a wig that emits charm. The color of the eye color of the doll with the purchased wig can make the characteristics of the doll itself obvious enough. If you need a better experience, you can put a sexy or cute outfit for the doll. You will like your free play. If the makeup technique is good, it is also a good choice to create a delicate makeup for the doll. There are also more artistic elves and anime characters are the most popular love doll shapes.