Can sex enhance brain function? Learn about five magic effects

Sex is a kind of instinctive impulse. Only through the sexual life of both husband and wife can release it better. Research has found that regular sex has a positive impact on brain cells, not only can release pressure, but also can improve memory and relieve migraine symptoms.

What effect does sex have on the brain?

1. Antidepressants: women exposed to men’s semen are 40% less likely to develop depression, because semen contains a large number of compounds, such as prostaglandins and estrogen, which can fight depression. Sex with a sex doll has the same effect.

2. Let sad things forget temporarily: when the pressure is too high, head injury, physical pain, and violent sexual life, the patient will have a short-term amnesia, especially when the sexual behavior is strong, men and women will get the corresponding orgasm, resulting in amnesia or amnesia symptoms, and they will forget the sad things. Sex toy can be used to make sex for more fun.

3. Calming effect: according to gender experts, sex is the safest sedative, and the more frequent sex is, the calmer people will be, thus improving their ability to resist stress and their tolerance. In addition, it can also relieve insomnia symptoms. Men’s sex life is more easy to quickly enter the sleep state, because after ejaculation, the prefrontal cortex of the brain will slowly relax, thus improving the quality of sleep.

4. Improve memory: studies have shown that people who maintain a normal life can promote the growth of nerve cells, thereby improving memory and attention. Migraine can also be relieved. The study found that 30% of group headache and 60% of migraine patients relieved their symptoms in sexual life, because sex can stimulate women’s G-spot, thus increasing the pain threshold, mainly due to the role of oxytocin.

5. Bring spiritual pleasure: because performance gives us a certain degree of physical and mental satisfaction, we will be more eager for and like sex life, which can make people happy, mainly because it can release a lot of dopamine, which belongs to a neurotransmitter, can activate the brain center, but also can make people more excited.

Long term sexual abstinence your body will protest like this!

Is abstinence good or bad? Long term abstinence in sexual life is not a good thing for men and women. It’s best to abstain for a short time. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the couple’s feelings or personal health. So what are the disadvantages of long-term abstinence? Today, let’s get to know.

What is the harm of long-term abstinence?

1. Psychologically, many experts say that if men want more of themselves. Forced abstinence can lead to serious emotional illness. If you don’t have a sexual partner, choose a suitable sex doll.

2. “If young people don’t have sex, they may increase their libido and fantasy,” sexologist doctors said. So you can’t concentrate. Irritability, insomnia, extreme tension and other diseases, the severity of the disease depends on everyone’s libido, temperament and the strength of the environment.

3. Long term abstinence can also have a great impact on sexual function. Especially for the elderly, it is easy to cause temporary or permanent impotence. Using sex toy can enhance the pleasure of sex

Benefits of short-term abstinence

1. Stimulate creativity. Limiting your desires in a short period of time can put your work and Study on the right track. This may be the benefit of concentration.

2. Exercise will. Because it’s not easy to suppress desire, because it requires willpower. So if you can hold back, you’ve actually completed a huge challenge.

3. Family happiness. After a brief abstinence, your ability is likely to surprise you. Little is better than a newly married couple. At this time, when the firewood is on fire, the family affairs will be very harmonious.

4. keep healthy. Short term abstinence will make the body enter the rest period, which is conducive to the recovery of the body.

Performance gives us a certain degree of physical and mental satisfaction, so we will be more eager and like sex life, can make people happy, mainly because it can release a lot of dopamine, which belongs to a neurotransmitter, can activate the brain center, can also make people more excited. Sex is a kind of instinctive impulse. Only through the sexual life of both husband and wife can we release it better. Research has found that regular sex has a positive impact on brain cells, not only can release pressure, but also can improve memory and relieve migraine symptoms.

Do you know the four main killers of sperm?

A man’s semen quality has a lot to do with his body’s health and giving birth to a healthy baby and sexual life. However, due to the wrong eating habits, there is a downward trend in his semen. Many male friends unconsciously eat a lot of spermicidal food, which affects the sperm quality. So what kind of food are the killers? Let’s have a look.

1. Soybeans: soybeans are a common face. How could they kill sperm? I believe that many people love to eat soy, but men who like to eat soy and other soy products should be careful. Soybean products have adverse effects on male reproductive system, especially sperm production. Soybean and its products are rich in isoflavone phytoestrogens. If they are ingested too much, it will naturally affect the level of male hormones, which will lead to a series of adverse consequences. China has also had a male experts that eating too much soy products will affect the number of male sperm. You can learn to use some sex toy if you feel a decline in your sex life.

2. Coffee: coffee is the favorite of the office workers. The office workers who often work overtime love it very much. The strong fragrance is fascinating and refreshing. The reason why coffee is refreshing is that it contains caffeine which stimulates the sympathetic nerve. Sympathetic nerves control all activities of the day. When stimulated, people will be refreshed and energetic. When the sympathetic activity is frequent, the relatively weak parasympathetic nerve will be suppressed to some extent, and the clinical manifestation is the decrease of sexual desire. Using sex toys during sex can add more fun.

3. Coke: American professor of gynecology Anderson and his colleagues became the winner of the alternative Chemistry Award for proving that coke has spermicidal effect. Anderson heard about the legend of coke contraception for many years, and decided to test it with some colleagues. The results showed that coke can indeed kill sperm, and the spermicidal effect of diet coke is very obvious.

4. Beer: beer is the most popular drink for modern men’s and women’s parties. Every night, there will be a lot of empty beer bottles under the stall. In fact, beer is also spermicidal, especially has been suffering from kidney diseases, and unlimited drinking a lot of beer, will make uric acid deposition lead to renal tubular obstruction, resulting in renal failure.

If a man wants to achieve the best quality of his sperm, he must stay away from tofu, coffee, coke and beer, so as to ensure the quality of sperm, have a good body and have a healthy and intelligent baby.

99% of people will fall into three sexual misunderstanding

Although you feel that you know a lot about gender knowledge, there will always be some small knowledge misunderstood by you. Some couples have sexual life long time but don’t know that they have many wrong ideas. What wrong ideas can’t be distinguished in their brains?

1. The use of contraceptives will not infect sexually transmitted diseases: in many contraceptives, only condoms have this dual function, which can be used for contraception as well as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Unless you use your own sex toy and sex doll you don’t have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. The following is an analysis of the resistance of several contraceptives:

Oral contraceptives: there is nothing you can do to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Uterine cap, diaphragm: some protection of the fallopian tube, but the protection of the vagina is not enough.

Intrauterine contraceptive ring: this method of contraception actually increases women’s risk of sexually transmitted diseases, because pregnancy can be prevented without other protection.

Sterilization: reduces the risk of pelvic inflammation, but the risk of cervical and vaginal infections remains.

2. Oral contraceptives are harmful to the body: for women who smoke, oral contraceptives do have some harm. They may become victims of heart disease, stroke and other diseases, while women who don’t smoke don’t have to worry about it at all. According to the survey of medical institutions in the United States, women taking contraceptives are 40% – 60% less likely to have ovarian cancer than women not taking contraceptives, 50% less likely to have endometrial cancer, and less likely to have ovarian cysts. Oral contraceptives are also helpful in preventing pelvic inflammation, because regular medication thickens cervical mucus, which hinders the growth of bacteria. In addition, oral contraceptives can reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy and help women with osteoporosis during menopause.

3. If you don’t ejaculate, she won’t get pregnant: if you are have sex during menstruation, you won’t get pregnant? the contraceptive method of external ejaculation is quite dangerous. Our partner in the “foreplay” in the secretion of lubricants (prostate fluid), there is part of the semen. Moreover, don’t put too much hope on the control ability of men. It’s hard to guarantee that everything is safe when you pull out the body before orgasm. In fact, most men have sperm leakage, and the number and mobility of sperm are enough to cause pregnancy. If you do not enter the vagina and ejaculate in the vulva, it is not impossible to be pregnant. Active sperm may enter the vagina and continue to move to the uterus. In addition, the general people think that menstruation should not worry about pregnancy. But the truth is: there is a real precedent of menstrual intercourse and pregnancy. This is due to irregular ovulation. Most women ovulate on the 14th day or so after menstruation, but if the ovulation period is advanced and sperm vitality is strong, it is likely to cause pregnancy. The average number of male ejaculation is about 300 million sperm. These sperm can survive in the female body for about 7 days. If the female ovulates in advance, it is very likely to be pregnant. Therefore, even during menstruation, necessary contraceptive measures should be taken.

Which country has the longest sex time?

Recently, I saw a research survey on the length of sexual life of husband and wife, which is about the sexual life time of citizens in many western countries. The results of the survey are a bit of a delight for Britons, who are ranked first in terms of their sex lives. However, in addition to being happy, the British also feel a bit discouraged, because this “first” is not so good, because the average time is only 7 minutes and 36 seconds.

According to the survey, with the exception of the British, the Americans came second with an average time of seven minutes, followed by the Spaniards of 5.8 minutes, the Dutch of 5.1 minutes and the Turks of 3.8 minutes. According to the survey, the duration of orgasm in couples’ sexual life is 44 seconds at most and 30 seconds at least. Men also easily reach orgasm with a sex doll.

And how long is the most perfect sex? The answer given by researchers from byland college in Pennsylvania is: 7-13 minutes. Fox News reports that this is the first large-scale study on the length of sexual love. Researchers randomly surveyed thousands of people in the United States and Australia and found that physical sex (from the beginning of sexual organ contact) was the most appropriate time in 7-13 minutes. Most of the respondents, especially the men, said that when having sex for more than 13 minutes, the feeling of fatigue will increase, and it is difficult to recover physical strength; when having sex for less than 7 minutes, they will have a sense of meaning. Using sex toy can make sex more fun.

In fact, in sexual intimacy, the time required for women to reach orgasm is also very personalized. According to another survey abroad, among 964 women, 27% of them have orgasm only one minute after having sex, while 61% of them need about 12 minutes, and the longest one needs dozens of minutes, with an average of 10-20 minutes. In other words, nearly 30% of women and men have similar speed of sexual response.

It’s learned that in order for women to reach orgasm, many men will deliberately extend their sexual intercourse time. But in fact, even women who are sexually sensitive don’t reach orgasm every time. Therefore, excessive extension of time, especially more than 30 minutes, is likely to lead to some adverse consequences. For example, the male side may have excessive congestion of prostate gland, discomfort of perineum, spermatic cord and testes after sexual intercourse, and the female side may have excessive congestion of pelvic cavity, resulting in abdominal distention and pain, increased leucorrhea, cervical erosion, etc. In addition, deliberately prolonging sexual intercourse time will consume a lot of physical and mental energy, and both sides will feel particularly tired the next day, thus affecting normal life and work.

In general, it’s unwise to control ejaculation in order to prolong the time of sexual love. The sexual law that really suits you needs husband and wife to explore and explore together. As Xu Dachun, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, said, essence is a thing. If you want to move, you will live; if you don’t move, you won’t live. Natural immobility is beneficial, compulsion harmful, and overuse exhausted. Let nature do what it wants, and the method of keeping essence. That is to say, harmonious sex life has nothing to do with time. Blindly pursuing long-term sex life will not only threaten men’s health, but also reduce women’s sexuality, and then generate anxiety, disgust and even resistance. Therefore, it’s better for the couple to let it go.

What kind of men do women dislike to have intimate relationships with?

Some men, they do not understand the woman’s mind. Sexual life is a matter of two people, so it requires continuous running in of both sides to achieve more perfect sexual intercourse. This is also a joint cooperation between the two sides, in order to make each other more happy. But what’s the reason that many men try all kinds of tricks but can’t make women orgasm?

1. Don’t like great fire: for women, what kind of man is the sexiest and most attractive? Powerful and brave, or rough and fierce? Sorry, that’s the old yellow calendar in the age of knights in the middle ages, or just the story in martial arts and gunfight movies. In today’s society, women are more fond of men who are gentle, kind and aggressive, because this kind of men will give them more trust. Most women also admit that such men are really sexy, charming and fascinating. but sex dolls don’t have these requirements. 

2. Don’t like lighting: most women think that only in the dark can they feel a broader sexual space, can better think of many pleasant and emotional things, and thus more excited. The eyes can’t see. Women are used to having sex with their eyes closed. Everything makes them feel in the body, making them more focused on sex. Another important reason is that most women are worried that their faces will turn ugly because of excitement, which will be covered up in the dark. Sometimes sex toys can be used appropriately.

3. Don’t refuse all kinds of postures: men are always dissatisfied with the habit of sexual posture and caress, always want to try new things in order to pursue greater stimulation and happiness. In fact, modern women are no longer excluded in their cognition and action, because they also need to pursue fresh stimulation. But we must insist on the premise that they think that this sexual posture and caressing way is healthy, hygienic and safe, and can make themselves happier, and can never bring any harm to their physical and mental health. Therefore, if men want to try new sexual gestures and caresses, the most important thing is to respect the wishes of women and get their consent!

4. Passivity is illusion: Although people’s ideas have been opened up a lot, in people’s mind, the good women are the demure, solemn and docile women, especially the women who show calmness, steadiness and restraint in sexual life. This makes most women reluctant to show up in sex.

In fact, whether women are active in sex is different from whether they are active or not. Women are by no means passive in their sexuality. However, women can only express it in a more obscure and implicit way.

Differences in sexual behavior between men and women

In the sexual life of many couples, the sexual behaviors of men and women are same, which are caused by strong sexual desire. However, there are obvious differences between men and women in sexual behaviors. Let’s have a detailed understanding.

1. The difference of sex sensitive area: after the human body experiences sexual stimulation, it is easy to induce sexual excitement, which is called sex sensitive area. Sex doll can also help men or women achieve orgasm. It has been confirmed that there is a significant difference in the sex sensitive areas between men and women. The sensitive areas of men are concentrated in and around the penis, especially the head and neck of the penis. In addition, the lips and the tip of the tongue are also sensitive. The sexual sensitive areas of women are widely distributed, almost all over the body. Especially sensitive areas are clitoris, vagina mouth, labia and inner thigh; in addition, buttocks, breasts (especially nipples), lips, tongue and cheeks are also very sensitive; ears, neck and armpit are also sensitive areas, but clitoris has more nerve endings, the most sensitive.

2. Differences in sexual desire initiation: once orgasm occurs, women experience sexual pleasure more strongly than men. And some people need a sex toy to reach orgasm. The orgasmic experience of male ejaculation disappeared in only a few seconds, followed by a “refractory period” in which sexual stimulation did not occur again. Women not only have a longer duration of orgasm pleasure than men, but also have the ability of continuous orgasm, without “refractory period”. The conditions for inducing sexual activity are sexual stimulation, including visual stimulation, auditory stimulation, olfactory stimulation and tactile stimulation. Visual stimulation, such as facial beauty, body shape beauty and demeanor beauty, is an effective sexual stimulation for men, which is easy to activate the sexual impulse of men; auditory stimulation, such as speech, includes sexual words and love songs. Through olfactory stimulation, it is easier to start the sexual impulse of women. Tactile stimulation, such as touching, kissing and cuddling of female and male skin contact, is the catalyst of orgasm, which is easy to produce sexual pleasure.

Female orgasm is more affected by psychological factors than male. Women’s sexual excitement, sexual desire start and progress are also much slower than men, so it is difficult for women to reach orgasm. Once the orgasm experience sexual pleasure, women are stronger than men. The orgasmic experience of male ejaculation disappeared in only a few seconds, followed by a “refractory period” in which sexual stimulation did not occur again. Women not only have a longer duration of orgasm pleasure than men, but also have the ability of continuous orgasm, without “refractory period”.

After the detailed introduction of the above content, we believe that we have a certain understanding of the differences in sexual behavior between men and women. Of course, there are different differences between different people. What we need to do is to understand the differences in sexual behavior of the opposite sex, so that we can easily get a high-quality sexual life for each other.

How to dress up your real doll more attractive?

When you buy sex dolls as your companion or sexual partner, they always look seductive and beautiful. As simulated real dolls, manufacturers have preset the roles and character traits of each doll before producing them. It can be said that each realistic sex doll is a special companion in the eyes of buyers. But after buying it home, you may lose its charm after using it for a long time, but you can still make your doll look more beautiful by dressing up.

Wig- Give your realistic sex doll a wig or two. You can choose from many different styles. Hair color and style can illuminate and accurately represent your ideal partner. You can buy a short wig and a long wig. The wig is long and smooth.

Face-Use makeup to make your face look more attractive. Use some good blush, eye makeup and lipstick. If you want to improve her face permanently, you can use acrylic paint. We can provide you with some makeup tips and guide you through the process; just log in to our website – and we will be happy to assist you.

Clothing: You can choose to buy clothing suits and accessories, and you can make her look like her favorite character in video games, movies or books. Currently the most discussed on the forum is the role-playing of anime and manga genres from Japan. The combination of hair and clothes is enough to make your real doll look more attractive.

Virgins’ misconceptions about sex.

As a way of emotional communication between men and women, sex can relieve pressure, relax body and mind, and let oneself enjoy the beauty of life. But in sexual life, we are also prone to some wrong views. These wrong ideas will lead to our wrong behavior in sexual intercourse, which is very harmful to sexual life. Men and women should pay attention to these problems.

Women are prone to make mistakes:

Misunderstanding 1. Women are sexually passive: according to a survey, 60% of men believe that “always asking for sex reduces their desire for sex.”. At this point, as long as women have a little initiative, the situation will greatly improve.

Misunderstanding 2. Sexy is not suitable to wear: Sexy has nothing to do with exposure. If exposure is sexy, it’s low-level sexy, it can’t attract high-grade men. Most of the time, women’s actions, eyes, even smiles, will make men have sexual impulse, which is mainly the influence of endoplasm.

Misunderstanding 3. Men are “sex animals”: men value sex, not means no feelings. Researchers at the University of California found that men are more likely to combine sex with love. They think sex is the best way to express their feelings, and their biggest expectation is to be satisfied together. It can be used with some sex toys.

Men are prone to make mistakes:

Misunderstanding 1. Changing posture can make women feel more happy: Although there are more than a dozen personality gestures, it is recommended to use up to three at a time. The change of body position is mainly based on the difference of sexual organs between the two sides, and the most suitable body position is selected. If the body posture changes too frequently, and the excessive pursuit of novelty and variety will not only significantly enhance the sexual feelings of the other party, but also violate the human dignity of the other party, even bring psychological harm, weaken the emotional connection and trust with the lover.

Misunderstanding 2. The larger the penis, the more attractive it is to a woman: the intensity of a woman’s happiness does not depend on the size of a man’s sexual organs. In fact, as long as a third of the vagina is stimulated, women can reach orgasm. Compared with the size of the penis, women care more about intimacy and caress.

Misunderstanding 3. Women’s groans indicate sex climax: not every woman likes to groans. Breathing and blushing are the best basic requirements for judging orgasm. A 20 minute foreplay is the best way for a woman to build her body.

In sexual life, we should pay special attention to these mistakes, avoid the seriousness of the situation, and develop a good sexual relationship, which is of great help to improve the quality of sexual life.

What are the benefits of kissing?

Physical contact is inevitable for couples. The most common is kissing and sex. It’s the best way to show your love to each other. Because it’s only when you love someone that you want to kiss them. It’s a wonderful thing. But kissing is more than just a physical act. It brings us a lot of physical benefits. Let’s take a look at the benefits of kissing?

1. Tooth protection: kissing can replace any brand of chewing gum. Kissing can stimulate the secretion of a large amount of saliva, which contains a large amount of calcium and phosphorus, which can effectively prevent caries and is not easy to get gingivitis. In addition, in the process of kissing, the pH of saliva is neutral, so it can prevent a variety of tooth diseases.

2. Cosmetology: a warm kiss will make more than 30 muscles in the face tense, which can make the skin smoother and accelerate blood circulation. Of course, it’s better than using skin cream or facial mask.

3. Analgesic: endorphin hormone is a good anesthetic. The more passionate the kiss, the more endorphins the body will secrete. The hormone produced by a kiss is equivalent to a painkiller. In addition, some other interesting effects of kissing are related to antibiotics. During kissing, saliva automatically produces antibiotics. This can also produce anesthetic effects.

4. Decompression: kissing can prevent the formation of stress hormone (adrenocortical hormone). Corticosteroids are also responsible for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, muscle atrophy and insomnia. Generally speaking, kissing can effectively calm people down from the tense emotions and get rid of the shackles of pressure. In addition, kissing can stimulate the secretion of a large amount of adrenaline. Adrenaline blocks the formation of the stress hormone hydrocortisone, and kissing at least three times a day can keep you in a romantic and pleasant atmosphere 24 hours a day.

5. Immunity: our saliva contains a lot of bacteria. About 80% of them are bacteria, all of them are the same. Almost 20% of the remaining bacteria vary from person to person. Once another person’s bacteria are added to the mouth of the kissing object, these microbes will react differently. So it can stimulate a person’s immune system to produce specific antibodies. According to science, this process is called “cross immunization”.

6. Lose weight: people don’t have to go on a diet to lose weight in order to get the favor of the opposite sex. Although we consume no more than 12 calories each time we kiss, scientists claim that if you Kiss three times a day for no less than 20 seconds each time, you can lose a whole pound of fat.

7. Ease the tension: kissing is a happy and joyful thing, but also a matter of true feelings and full attention, because there is only one thing in the mind at the moment. Therefore, you can forget everything and relax with your whole heart, so you can relieve the tense mood. The sex doll also can ease the tension.

8. Anti aging: when kissing, people will feel very excited, their heart will speed up, and more adrenaline will enter the blood, so that people can maintain a better physical condition. Kissing can strengthen facial muscles more than any massage. The skin will be more tender and ruddy. It will also help reduce wrinkles, make the skin more delicate and elastic. It not only has the effect of nourishing the face, but also can delay the aging process.

9. Be able to prevent diseases: This is also supported by medical evidence and research results. It is said that when kissing, the human body can release some healthy substances, and at the same time, it can prevent oral diseases and some common small diseases, such as cold. Because human saliva contains ingredients to kill bacteria and protect oral health, when kissing, besides expressing love, you can kill bacteria for each other by the way.

Conclusion: Yes, I didn’t expect that there are so many benefits of kissing. Maybe we didn’t think of these things when we kissed. I learned some knowledge about kissing. So don’t be stingy about kissing. If you love him, kiss him! It can not only express love, but also be good for our health!