What Does Sex Doll Expect From Human?

Any relationship is caused by the mutual initiative intimacy in emotion and activities. Couples are tied together with the commitment and attachment. It is widely known that humans are striving to make a stronger human-like sex doll to meet their requirement for a perfect partner character. Then, in turn, the life like sex doll also look forward something from humans. You must feel funny, how does a sex doll without life and emotion have the requirements to human? Let us find out the answer in the following words. Keep reading.

1 Never expose in the direct sunlight
It requires being treated carefully. The flimsy and sensitive skin should be away from sun exposure. The dust will adhere to the skin in frequent and prolonged sun exposure. Which service life will be influenced.

2 Never use sharp items
You have to know the cracks is not easy to be repaired. Any sharp items will be a big threat for realistic sex doll.
3 Never touch discolored items
You can’t believe how difficult to wipe out the marks once the sex doll body was discolored. Take care, don’t make yourself in big trouble.

4 Never stay long in one position
The soft TPE body will be slightly deformed under the gravity stress. In order not to affect the perfect figure size, you should make a good storage condition.
5 Never overbend the body joint
Similar to the real human, the joints of life like sex doll has a limited move range. Don’t try to force your sexy sex doll to perform Yoga.

6. Keep regular cleanness
After each usage, you have to clean the genitals or mouth if necessary. Otherwise, they can grow bacteria. You’d better get thoroughly cleaned at a certain period 20-30days.
7. Never share sex doll with others
You’d better not share your sex doll with others to prevent STDs.
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A Proper Return on The Investment of Sex Doll

The life like sex doll benefits people in the global world. There are of course extremely amounts of manufacturers and vendors dedicated to the promotion of life like sex doll. Therefore, the increasing sex doll fans are entering the large fantasy world.

If you are expecting the proper return from adult sex doll, you may do because of the efficiency and pleasures of the process. All the money, time and energy you put in is worthy of a quite long sweet time. The sex doll is what you are looking for and you will resolve the annoyance in your single days.

The life like sex doll is created and used in order to take the most onerous interpersonal relationships and featureless sameness out of the way. Not everyone is a smooth operator, thousands of people would be frustrating after failure and failure. You will be right to anticipate a good resolution from a sex doll. The sexy sex doll is the most proper object to the practice. It possesses all the perfect features of the woman you dream of. Its gorgeous looks, sexy body and realistic genitals will meet all your fantasies needs.

It is a waste of time when you are dating with the improper woman, and that should not be tolerated.
Not all realistic sex dolls sold online are the same. Manufacturers do not all adhere to the same standard of quality. Unless you don’t care about it, you have to double-check with vendors to make sure the best you want. This is a reasonable suggestion. It does take some time to find out the right site for purchasing. You should take a proper research if you won’t pay for over-charge sex dolls.
If you want to get tips to buy the cheapest sex doll, you can refer to below links.

How to Look for The Cheapest Sex Doll Online?


Why Life Like Sex Doll Is Better than A Precarious Relationship?

One night stand with strangers online can be very challenging to many people.You are probably dating and sexing with an STDs infection. What is more, you might be involved in complex emotional disputes.

Because of uncertainty, most men usually feel emotionally disturbed after each play. And not everyone is the playboy. In order to have the dating partner come to the end naturally and you can have a successful dating, you have to contribute the right benefit in emotional or economical.

You might say a long-term relationship should be away from such problems. While how to handle a stable relationship seems not easy like before. With the speedy development of the economy, women have higher expectations and demands than before. The feeling is a steep learning curve, it is worth each person learn the knowledge. You might feel unsatisfied with your partner. You can not stand her making conflicts without any reason. But you failed to blame her due to you might lose her accompany and sexual benefits. Actually, you would like to enjoy stress-free days with your partner, but the real life always run counter to your idea. It is obvious that you are struggling with your precarious relationship.More and more people get trapped in this weird cycle.

There is another part of people choose to live alone. They prefer a life like sex doll to release their occasional sexual desire.

A good listener
You are looking for an exit to release the stress from work and life. At this point, there is no one fit than a quiet pleasant sex doll. You know that woman at home is hot and ready for you. When you back home, you just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the talking with her.

Free lifestyle
If you wanna date with a girl, you need prepare too much. An exotic restaurant, romantic dinner, dress well and perfect styled hair. All of these is necessary but you must feel pain. While a sexy sex doll is always here, she won’t joking for your uncombed hair, neither complain the disgusting snack. She is ready to make you fun over there.

Fantasies fulfilled
In real life, males’ weird fantasies would hardly be agreed by their partner. But realistic sex doll won’t refuse you whatever you want. No one would judge you for special sexual interests, you will feel safe to indulge these sexual desires.

The Development of Sex Doll

Sex dolls have the same figure and appearance as a real woman. Body proportions are carefully calculated, so sex dolls are more sexy and perfect than women. The skin is soft and smooth and has a shiny finish. It is simply a beautiful reproduction of a real woman.

The history of realistic sex doll is very interesting. If you are interested, you can explore with me, the mystery story behind realistic sex dolls.

Sex doll are also known as inflatable doll, Dutch wife, and love doll. Inflatable dolls are the first to enter the field of vision. During World War II, it was rumored to have been launched by the Nazis. All men in the army were male, so the soldier’s sexual desire was not released. Many soldiers went out to find prostitutes, which also caused the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. In order to prevent STDs from spreading in the military, an inflatable doll was distributed to all soldiers. Inflatable doll made of PVC plastic, bright color, light weight, can be folded, easy to carry. Many people question this claim because of the lack of evidence.

Another source said that sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the 17th century. They were isolated during the voyage, so they brought masturbators. During the Rangaku period, the Dutch sold some of the dolls to the Japanese. They call it “the Dutch wife.”

Until the middle of the 20th century, the production of “realistic sex doll” began to be popular in adult sex shops, and the inflatable dolls became the main product of many adult sex shop. At the end of the 20th century, realistic sex doll manufacturing technology has been progressing and gradually replacing PVC with silicone and rubber in order to obtain a more realistic texture and touch.

By 1996, the American company , had introduced a solid latex silicone sex doll that provided greater posture and a more durable end product.

Sex dolls are for anyone interested in it. Customers who buy it include those who want to improve their sex life, single men, photographers, collectors, filmmakers, scientists, health professionals, future artists, and more.

The future of sex dolls will be developed in artificial intelligence, with a variety of functional sex robots.Samantha and harmony 3.0 are typical examples of artificial intelligence robots. Talking with people, interacting, learning, these things are very simple for them. Humans are still developing sex robots that can do housework and reproduce, and the road is so far away that one day it will become a reality.

Silicone sex dolls are designed for sex.However, some men think they are more than that.To them, the silicone sex dolls represent friendship, even lifelong companionship.


Higher Demands for Functional Sex Doll

There has been growth in the adult products market worldwide. In terms of market scale, it is expected to be 28 billion dollars. Among that, life like sex doll has been accepted by more people. It is even created life-size, human-like shape models. While it seems that people become less happy over time about just for “sex” doll. Not long ago, many Western companies have developed life like sex doll with the warm body, speaking mouth.

life like sex dollLife size sex doll has high-cost materials and sophisticated craftwork process from creating the face model, liquid silicone injection to curing and forming for 6-8 hours.
Human is not perfect. Each individual’s expectation of life partner will be much better than real life. Life like sex doll is super amazing, some imperfect parts of real people’s vision will be improved when creating the model.Some issues of eyes size, lips size, upper body and lower body scale will be modified deliberately. You could get the dolls you want by choosing different heads to flatter different figure types, even with the color of pupil, wigs style.
More and more young generation pour into sex doll’s circle. Anime fans and nerdy guys take sex doll home not only for sex but accompany.
Different from the sex doll with a bias porn before, life like sex doll nowadays is more like the human and fulfilling human’s requirements of emotional communication. Doll’s owner will ask for a living doll after living with sex doll for a long time. Thus, voice interaction and facial expression will be the important point of improvement in nearly future.