Sex Doll Robot Will Refuse You with Cold Violence

Manufactures in global are queuing up to push out emotional sex dolls. You can ‘t believe the doll robot you bought becomes emotional. If you don’t respect her or make her feel unhappy, she will present to be an unconcerned doll and give no action in the intimacy experience. That is due to she can not fight back you with violent behaviour. It looks like she is acting silent confrontation.

This sex doll robot with dummy mode has been displayed at the Life Science Center. The work theory is that the sex doll robot will turn down sex when the sensors under the skin receive the single of impolite or uninteresting. The mode is developed from the consciousness of the respect and awareness to the women.

The future sex doll robot has an intelligent electronic brain. It will monitor complex emotion. Besides she will say no if she is not in the mood, she has been developed several modes, such as family, romantic and passionate. You probably switch to the correct mode. What’s more, the microcomputer inside the brain has the ability to store the previous interactions with the owner for a better Interactive experience.

There is still one deficiency, though they have switched to dummy mode, they cannot stop the owner advance activities. Believe the future sex doll robot will be built as more creative.