“The Craziest Fantasy” – Japanese Sex Robot Brothel Opens

Recently, a Japanese robotic brothel opened in Nagoya. They work with real doll vendors to provide customers with the most ideal sexual services. This is actually not the first similar service center in the world, and this is not the last one. It will also be seen in Russia, Spain and Italy.

As a realistic sex doll it can provide your customers with a future sex experience. They can also be dressed as your favorite anime characters. Clothing can also be chosen by customers. Head-to-toe dressing can be decided by yourself. It sounds great. Imagine the space, indeed, you can think about what those sexy looks are like.

In addition, they will also prepare special services for customers with different sexes, or accept special requests from customers. For example, customers who accept both male and female sex dolls are also considering this issue. In addition, there are currently hot customized sex dolls or multi-functional sex dolls that are excluded due to price. Sexual doll brothels are often very popular with many consumers at a lower price and with a good environmental experience. Japan’s service as a country with a very developed pornography industry is naturally welcomed by more people, and more advanced dolls will be introduced in the future.

Examples of benefits for purchasing sex dolls

Nowadays, the pressure of life is increasing and the society is becoming more and more complicated. Some rich lonely old people in foreign countries prefer real dolls because they think young women cannot be easily trusted and do not want to find them. They need simple company and less complicated feelings, so they choose real dolls. Now manufacturers can meet all the requirements of customers, can customize people want height, shape, face, or other special requirements can be made.

As the number of single people increases and more and more people find it hard to find a place to live, many people are ready to move on to the recently popular real doll. real sex doll is a kind of adult products, it is very realistic, according to the real design, the doll is big legs big chest face good beauty, which attracts a lot of people, many net friends feel to buy a sex doll benefits a lot, the following to share a few examples.

The makers say they are willing to pay a lot of money to make the best love doll, some dolls are based on the younger version of the deceased spouse. The old people treat the doll as if it were their wife. They will take the doll out for a walk and let it sit down and chat with themselves. Although it cannot speak, the old people still feel very happy about this.

Women’s pregnancy, the peak period for men to cheat, has become the “doom” of many marriages. The main reason men cheat during a woman’s pregnancy is that they are unable to express their sexual desire. So, one wife bought a real sex doll for her husband during her pregnancy to vent her physiological needs, so as not to be derailed during her long pregnancy.

sex doll

She claims to have seen a lot of such affairs, and in order to solve her husband’s sexual problems, she found a love doll, which she said is very beautiful and real, and her husband would not mind. In this regard, some netizens said that they have emotional cleanliness, even the sex doll is not acceptable; However, many people claim that this method is feasible, which can ensure that the man will not cheat, solve the physiological needs, and reduce the rate of cheating during his wife’s pregnancy, which is also an effective method.

Will sex dolls and sex robots cause serious social problems?

The anthropomorphic dolls for women and girls have become more and more commercial.Since women and girls suffer from severe sexual violence, the addition of dolls normalizes a culture in which the female body is considered a male property.

Because sex dolls are made of silicone, they are not real, they will not be harmed, neither psychologically nor physically. Although we are talking about dolls, the male isolation we know is sure to coincide with the prosperous commercial prostitution, pornography and child sexual exploitation culture. It is such a simulated solid sex doll that does not reduce this world problem. Instead, it blocks the communication between humans.

Especially the emergence of sex doll brothels, society allows pornography and prostitution to happen, we need more norms. The objectification and commercialization of women’s images is undoubtedly the consumption of women’s bodies. All child sex dolls reinforce the lack of empathy for pedophiles because he is doing what he wants to do with the doll. The real problem is that he has no empathy. If this desire is rape, then yes, it is important to have no such desire. So the use of life-size sex dolls / robot masturbation will strengthen the culture of rape.

Fantasy own day

Caterina is a small, petite blonde who is a little shy by nature. “I was raised by my mother to be an obedient and old-fashioned girl, so I never got a chance to date boys,” she says. “I was not allowed to wear make-up or short, revealing clothes either.”

But Caterina has confessed to us that she used to read a lot of porn magazines secretly in her bedroom, and play with herself every night, imagining a man touching her body and making dirty, sweaty love to her.

“If you are that man, then please know that though I am still a virgin, my mind and body are hot and ready to be initiated into adult sex play,” she assures. “Teach me how to give blow jobs and fuck with my pussy and ass, and I promise I will be the best lay you have ever had.”

Take her now, please!

sex doll

Choose your favorite sex doll

Everyone at the time of purchase sex dolls, there is someone different hobbies, some people like is pure lovely, others like to sexy mature a little, because the real sex doll will have different hairstyle and makeup look, actually we are in the face of the doll, will fantasy have their own about the future wife might be a girlfriend. If it can be completed in the product, then we will be satisfied. At first, you may feel a little embarrassed, but after you spend a lot of time with the doll, you will find it can deal with many problems in your life and bring you a good experience. From the first doll you buy, and then gradually buying more, you will feel that your life will be more meaningful with it.

In fact, we do not care about whether there is a real girlfriend in life, as long as it can let us find comfort in the soul, in fact, it is a qualified product. It may be an appropriate shopping, the purchase of sex doll to identify manufacturers is very necessary, from the normal channels to buy back the product, on the one hand, it will worry about the quality of the problem, but also worry about the use of will not affect our health. Buy good real doll shop must be different from the ordinary business, so you have to choose carefully.

After you buy a love doll, you may worry about its service life. Sometimes you can buy this product and it will be damaged in a very short time, which is not expected to happen. Merchants to provide quality warranty service, and can often use the term, if after the buy back is not properly maintained, it may affect the time limit, to use it as a real doll, this type of product over a period of time you lose interest in it, might put it aside, or permanently into the cupboard, so a begin to choose to have a look at its shape is our favorite.

sex doll

As for modelling, in fact, we can buy some nice clothes, so that we can give it to replace some of the clothing with their own mood, to be sure that at every moment to see is the appearance of beautiful, in fact, a lot of people in the real doll like they treat their girlfriends, see today should have what kind of dress, because it will make them more interested in. Stores often offer several outfits to choose from, or buy more if you need them, so there’s a lot of novelty to be had every day. Of course, if you buy too much, it may be a burden for you. How to wear it is also a problem.

How to use technology to transform adult toys

In a church in London, 50 young geeks are gathering together to develop sex robots. They test the vibrator effect on each other’s nose, tie the other person to the inflatable doll’s arms and feel the hug, and take apart the various sex dolls under the huge glass window of the church to study the internal structure. The things that this group of people are doing are in stark contrast to the devout words on the stained glass windows: “Christ, you are a glorious king.”

This is the Goldsmiths College of the University of London. The building was once the church of St. James Hachum and was later transformed into the Academy’s “art center”. A community called “Hacker Smith” in the university chose to hold a “hackathons” theme party here. Hackathons, also known as programming marathons, are a new type of activity popular among hackers. Programmers gather with other professionals to brainstorm ideas and work together to develop new projects. The theme of this hackathon is the bloody “sexual technology.”

It is not new to create a satisfactory sex robot as you wish. In the 2008 movie “Reading After Burning”, in order to please his wife, George Clooney spent $100 at the Home Depot supermarket to buy materials to make a funny sex chair. In 2002, a photographer named Timothy Archibald discovered a site where folk inventors gathered to communicate with their own methods of making sex toys. The photographer used this group of people as a film and published an album called “Sex Machines.” The story in the book is wonderful: a retired technician transforms the old-fashioned noodle machine into a powerful sex toy; a brain-savvy person worried that men would become extinct in the future and created a female survivor in advance. A Taiwanese sex prototype; there is also an Idaho cowboy who intends to use his invented machine to give people a premarital experience consultation. These sex machines have something in common: they are all self-made by men, heterosexual users, and most of them are rough, just to modify the household appliances slightly, trying to use the vibration and strength of different frequencies. Take the pleasure. Despite the wisdom and wisdom of the manufacturers, these rough machines are hard to satisfy.

In contrast, the hackathon with its high-tech aura is much better, and the degree of diversity of the group is unquestionable: white heterosexual members account for only a small part of all participants, participants from different races, genders, and sex. Orientation, age and hair color are not the same.

In the welcome speech, Kevin Lewis, the organizer of the event, reminded the participants to pay attention to the correct title of each other when they communicated with each other. In Western society, different sexual orientation groups have their own exclusive pronouns, in addition to ordinary she, he, he, and hit, zir, ze, hey, ey, Peh, fae, etc., so that everyone’s name tag will be marked with the pronoun corresponding to their sexual orientation. Lewis also encourages you to consider three themes while inventing new equipment: intimacy, ease of use, and personalization. He hopes that participants will address issues that have not yet been recognized by mainstream manufacturers, such as sex toys for marginalized minorities and those who cannot enjoy normal sex due to physical defects. Sex toy manufacturers may think that some sex toys are too exaggerated and perverted to produce, and participants are encouraged to consider this part of the demand.

Florence Schutz is one of the participants in the event. She has her own sex science channel on YouTube and is currently building a museum for fundraising. Schutz told reporters that the original intention of participating in the event, some women are plagued by diseases and can not enjoy normal sex, she hopes to create sex toys suitable for these people. “As a woman, we know that these pains really do exist,” she said.

Physical problems should not prevent people from enjoying sex. In the Netherlands, the cost of disabled persons can be reimbursed to the state. The German Green Party also intends to follow suit, hoping to let the poor free. Similarly, the use of technology to bring better sex to humans is not only justified, but also a frontier market to be developed.

Kate Devlin is a senior lecturer in the computer science department at Goldsmiths College. In her speech, she projected a photo of a stone inscription 30,000 years ago on the screen. She is now studying archaeological studies and is now studying the transformation of social and technological interactions and the neglect of sex by society. She has a deep research on sex robots. She connects contemporary sex robots with ancient human sculptures and reveals the hidden connections. She cites the example of Pygmalion in Greek mythology. Pygmalion created an ivory sculpture according to the ideal female image in her heart, and fell in love with it, eventually giving life to the statue through a deep kiss.

The Good Boys and Sex Dolls

This is a movie featuring a sex doll that tells the story of three sixth-grade students trying to impress girls and seniors by skipping school and attending parties. This is a movie in which middle school students watch their first porn, kiss with sex dolls, and drink the first beer. The film requires us to recognize that if all relationships are constantly evolving and growing, then they will work.

Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams, together with Tremblay, became sixth-grade partners who called themselves Bean Bag Boys. The film opened on August 16th. Good Boys is a movie about childhood, but definitely not a children’s movie. As boys mature and begin to become interested in sex, there is a serious lack of expertise. The boys consider sex dolls to be dummy for cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. Many jokes depend on the humor of the adult, and the child may be confused, like a sequence involving realistic sex dolls, which the boy considers to be a dummy for CPR training.

Merchants and filmmakers decided to extract all the potential of comedy from the strange good boy love doll scene. When it comes to these good boys’ sex dolls and adult toys, the simple way out for anyone is “Well… … ask your mother.” Although the filmmakers only have children’s family support to star in good boys, there will inevitably be a conversation about setting up props. In any case, Good Boys is a movie about childhood, but definitely not a children’s movie.

Love doll helps you long in bed

It is a crazy world for men, regardless of their age, they are very scared. Are you worried about the size of your penis, will it be big enough, will it be difficult and strong to last long? Will it be possible to demonstrate its purpose or will my wife be satisfied with vaginal orgasm during intercourse? For beginners, these questions can make his thoughts so difficult that he may not even be able to wake them up. The reason is that when the brain is as stressed as it can give the penis a full strength signal that wakes it up?

Love doll helps you long in bed – A man can be trained in sexual techniques and postures that maximize the effect of angles. Buy adult dolls to try out intrusion vectors, work with a small penis, and find out how to last longer in bed. Yes, exercise will be perfect. Silicone dolls are the best and most cost effective way to prevent premature ejaculation with your even smaller penis.

The good quality real doll, the height is generally between 125cm-170cm, the weight is in 10-40kg (different height body weight is different), not only has the near perfect simulation skin, also has the whole body built-in skeleton, regardless of the appearance level, the figure or the posture, the look is more like a real woman! There are male dolls too. Beautiful sex doll, different dress up and figure can show different amorous feelings. It can be lovely and charming and shy. Can be pure and lovely, and can be dignified sexy. In addition to have sex, dolls can be named and clothes exchanged.

real doll

Dolls 140cm or above are more life-sized in terms of body structure, and clothes and hair accessories are easier to buy online. Not only more ornamental, sexual intercourse is also more into the feeling! And the weight of the sex doll below 140cm is controlled basically in 10-15 kilograms, cabinet figure is more convenient and agile, can make love attentively after putting good posture. The choice of doll needs to consider the material material, smell, elasticity and tear resistance, after all, the doll is not to buy only a glance on the line, but want to save as a long-term partner! In short, having a love doll gives you a whole new level of satisfaction, both mentally and physically.

Bring sex dolls and virtual worlds with VR

Both sexes and high technology are a strange combination. Starting today, they provide so-called “virtual communication with real people” by using virtual reality (VR) devices and networked sex toys, referred to as VIRP (Virtual Intercourse with Real People).

The actors on the adult website use a Wi-Fi vibrator to connect to the “male masturbation device” owned by the paying viewer. Everything that the vibrator feels will be sent to the masturbation device as “stress data”, mimicking the feeling of gender communication. This technology, known as Teledildonics, has matured. But the company has also added new options to put these masturbators in life-size sex dolls, immersing users in the virtual world built by VR devices. The combination of all these elements can bring “the ultimate sensory experience, mimicking the interactions in real life.”

But considering the sex toy manufacturer, selling its doll products for thousands of dollars, it is still doubtful how many people will try the full VIRP experience at first. Users also need to spend $99 to buy the only male masturbation device that supports this feature, as well as a set of VR devices, but cheap devices like Google Cardboard can do the job.

According to the email, sex dolls and VR devices are not required. Only about 30% of the company’s more than 300 network anchors have the required Wi-Fi vibrators. However, he said, users definitely want to try this (fresh) experience, just buy a cheap male masturbation device. “We know there will be audiences, because we get feedback from both the audience and the anchor, they are looking for a more intimate and more physical interaction.” Parker also said, “There are many company employees, test users and anchors. I tried this experience, and all of them were convinced by this interactive function.”

Some news photos are provided to judge that this experience may not be as natural as Parker described. But it also depends on the user’s level of interest in the comfort and experience of the item. CamSoda said they are also developing a version for female users.

As for this technology, from the perspective of most people, whether it will be strange and more exhaustive, Parker is optimistic about the future. “Fiveteen years ago, people generally thought that mobile phones were very strange and unnecessary. What is it today? Although people may hesitate at first, I hope people will acquiesce in this technology and realize its essence – a Excellent and able to satisfy people’s deepest desires.” VR gender communication with remote control of inflatable dolls may be as popular as smartphones in the future, everywhere. No one can say this.

Are you Ready for Sex Robot?

If robots are more and more realistic like humans, humans are more willing to share their ideas,and have more relationships with them.
How to achieve a significant improvement in human-computer interaction, this is the father of Japanese robots’ point of view ” it has been considering issues.” Have you assumed a scene like this: Are you willing to kiss a robot and kiss their rubber skin? Maybe more realistic than silicone sex dolls. Or are you willing to contact their cold skin and pass on heat to them? In fact, this is not impossible. Humans and robots can be friends, sex and even marriages in the near future.

Different regions, different nationalities, different body and decorative features make their choices richer and more free. Even the developing robotic sex dolls are selling with their independence. Each of them can be called a work of art, just like a real person can’t be copied and cannot be replaced.

Some radicals believe that people and robots are based on algorithms and are stylized animals. And the connection between people and robots is getting closer. He believes that human and robotic sex is definitely part of the future society. And the research of sex robots will eventually be accepted by most people. Especially when the researched robot is such a beautiful and realistic artwork.