Bring your sex dolls go home

It becomes very important to experiment with your sex life from time to time to avoid the occasional delay in your relationship. There are times when, due to inevitable problems, you can not have sex with your partner while you are really looking for physical affection. And at this point, a certain distance between you and your partner unknowingly arises. This problem can be easily solved by a real life sex doll.

These dolls can also be easily cleaned and disinfected without compromising the quality of the toy in the long term. The most amazing thing is that both TPE and silicone materials are hypoallergenic, which means there is no risk of skin disease or irritation when using the products made from them.

lifelike sex doll

It is advisable to spend a little more and to buy sex dolls made of TPE and silicone materials. Both materials do not cause irritation or damage to human skin. Silicone sex dolls have set their own huge market with offering plenty of fun possibilities.The dolls supported by the sensor technology can become progressively more lubed when you try to kiss her lips, stroke her clitoris or rub her breasts.

If you love your partner very much, it’s very hard to even think about seeing him with someone else. But if you use a sex doll that is just a doll and is not considered a scam. These life-size sex dolls are mainly sex toys like a dildo and the only difference is that they are full-size dolls that will help you to satisfy your sexual hunger.

Various researches around the world have found that relationships become much stronger as you experiment with your sex life. This can be done by introducing the sex doll and having an exciting threesome without hurting someone’s feelings. There are many people who look excited to bring sex dolls to their home. As a response, they decide to explore their strong sexual urges alone in an area where nobody can notice them. These people think about bringing sex dolls as a substitute for their relationship, but, on the next moment, they drop their plan and start seeking for other ideas to get their wild sexual urges fulfilled.

The development of the market for tens of billions of sex toys

Because of the privacy of sex toys, many people are willing to try to buy online.A few decades ago, at the sex toy convenience store, people have seen a lot of things that have not been seen. Anyone who has sex with them can be found here. Those who are willing to buy will flee with the purchased products in the first time, and more often don’t dare to rush in before the door. How has the current sex industry developed after more than 20 years?

With the rapid spread of the Internet, the interest industry has developed greatly. In 2015, it was the year of the outbreak of Chinese sex toys. In this year, the data of the fun industry reached its peak.

Undoubtedly, under the wave of “Internet +”, the sex doll industry, which was full of “sexuality” and full of words such as “shame”, “skull” and “taboo”, began to enter the public’s field of vision and was slowly becoming famous. The gradual rise of commercial companies also proves that this is a market with many pain points, realizable and great potential.

Take Japan, the United States, and China as an example. In 2015, for example, Japanese sex toys traded at US$83 billion, US sex toys traded at US$65 billion, and Chinese sex toys traded at US$18 billion. Second, in smart sales. In the freighter market, Japan has 6.5 million units, the United States has 5.1 million units, and China has 500,000 self-service vending machines.

Male sex dolls designed for women are gaining popularity

The market for male sex dolls designed for women has suddenly become hot in the past year or so, with a number of sex robot companies launching their own male dolls.

For example, the recent release of a male doll named “Zack” has attracted a lot of attention, and he has set the market on fire with his well-designed appearance. A Los Angeles-based sex doll maker recently launched three male models: Aquila, with sexy freckles on his face; William and Gabriel, like Lenny Kravitz and Mark Consuvelo respectively, are just a little squinty.

Zack, currently on sale at a dollhouse in Canada

Each doll can be customized, and the private parts can come in different colors and sizes, as well as the choice of upright and relaxed, you can choose. Of course, the price is sexy too: the base price is $6,750, not including upgrades and shipping.

Another artificial intelligence company Sinthetics released a sex robot called Henry last year. When Brian Gill launched sex doll in silicone wife in 2015, he didn’t even know there were male dolls. About a year ago, with the female doll business booming, Jill decided to try selling male dolls as well. Today, It offers four types of male dolls, mainly made by a factory in Zhongshan, China.

Male sex robot

Hunter, he’s a muscle man. Wrapped in a bath towel, he clasped his hands to his chest and stared into the camera like an overbearing President.

Ethan, who looks like the “young boy” of the moment, has a precocious, stubborn childlike nature that makes you suddenly overprotective and motherly.

Patrick, two dimensional, silver hair, looks a bit like a vampire

Liam is a doll with a large private parts but no idea whether it is technically good or not. His face has a “empty but satisfied” expression, looks quite cowboy temperament. Well, just look at the picture.

Three different male dolls

And then there’s the upcoming doll, which has the bad boy look of James spader’s early days. The dolls retail for $2,000.

A more “manly” doll has yet to be named

Like Zack, most male dolls have personal biographies of sexual satisfaction and commitment. Hunter, for example, highlighted his career as a flight attendant and is “looking for a full-time playmate and life partner.”Well, isn’t it a bit like dating sites?

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The Five Characteristics of Sexual Love and the Study of Male Sexual Psychology

Before the article begins today, let’s talk about a little story.

In an afternoon coffee, two women began to talk about their homes and found their lives very similar: they all have very happy families, work is stable, both parents are healthy, there are no problems on the surface, but two people The heart is very painful because they feel that they have been deeply hurt.

Xiao Yan is a temperament girl. She loves music since childhood, and the violin won the first prize in the talent show in the university. She usually loves to read books and has a small circle of life. After graduation, she is assigned to be a teacher at a local school, and her life is calm and comfortable. After a day of introduction, I got to know the muscular male student. When I met for the first time, I felt the other person’s gas field. The sly eyes made her enjoy and be ashamed. I still remember the illusion that I can’t help but go home on the way home, how the future male hormones can melt themselves. Fortunately, Wensheng thinks the same way, so the next story is the same. There are few places to walk, no place to kiss, one month to go to Kunming, the first time I opened the room, I have no time to shower, then Feelings are unforgettable. In the seven years after the marriage, the literati was full of enthusiasm, which limited Xiao Xiao’s class reunion and social activities with opposite sex. In the later years, I found that in ordinary life, Wensheng had no interest in Xiaoyan, until now she discovered her husband’s vision of other passions of the opposite sex. Xiao Yan began to think about what happened to love, marriage, and family.

The story is very ordinary, but the two women who chatted have similar experiences and are strikingly similar. There have been no waves in my life, but why I have deviated from the most persistent love. The common problems in this society are thought-provoking.

The above is a standard sexual psychology case. We can trigger the root cause by triggering from the most primitive angle. If both of them understand the characteristics of sexual psychology, the question will have an answer.

Sexual love is the admiration of the opposite sex and the close emotional experience based on sexual desire. It is intuitive, secretive, impulsive, exclusive, and new.


This is a unique feature of sex. Whether it can produce sex is often judged by the perception of both sides. This kind of intuition is the accumulation of long-term observation, experience, and imagination of the parties. The confirmation of a person is sometimes subconscious; this is what we often say at first sight. People who fall in love at first sight have already sketched the image of a vague standard of the opposite sex in their brains. Once they meet in life, they can quickly spark. The scene with the deepest memory of Xiao Yan is also an unforgettable moment, nothing more. The current Xiaoyan still pursues the previous “instant”, which is an unrealistic start.

Human sex is different from animals. The high-intelligence emotional elements are very different from the animal’s instinct. Human sexuality is different from comrades-in-arms, girlfriends, and respect for the boss. It shows the characteristics of not knowing and not letting people see, especially in primary sex. It is often said that a woman in love is stupid for three years. Silence, lack of concentration, and willingness to be alone are the characteristics of the initial sex. Covert is one of the symbols of human civilization. Concealment makes people’s sex more subtle and poetic. Of course, some people say that there are kisses and relatives on the streets of foreign countries, but in general, it is better to quietly carry out more satisfaction in the quiet place. There is no hiddenness in Xiao Yan’s life. This is the reason why there is no passion in the life of sex.


Impulsivity is the original feature of sex. The strong desire to be close to sex and the desperate behavior that is provoked at any time are sexual impulses. Of course, such impulses are quick and explosive, but the control is poor. The irrationality at this time is the main factor leading to socially vicious cases. Of course, impulsiveness is also a concrete manifestation of the intensity of love. In the story of the eternal regret, most of the lover can not become a genus is the lack of this “impulse”, Chinese traditional culture has bound countless perfect marriage. In the above cases, the small shackles in love belong to the “reasonable” impulse, which is quite normal; but both sides in real life lack this important element.


Exclusivity is the biggest feature of sex. It refers to the psychological tendency of people to reject others’ sexual proximity to their sexual objects. This is also the biological instinct. Human exclusivity is influenced by many social factors. Monogamy restricts each other physically and psychologically, and morally promotes “exclusiveness.” Xiaoyan’s sexual partner is her husband, and the ideas and opinions formed are also exclusive. At the first marriage, Xiao Yan saw the hustle and bustle of Wensheng, and also verified how deep the love of Wensheng was on the side.

New opposite sex

New opposite sex is also very common. Seeing the new opposite sex is enjoyable, and seeing the opposite sex can renew the passion of sex. This is also the instinct of human beings. No matter what men and women are, human beings are only suppressed by morality. New opposite sex is the biological instinct of new and old. When a man is derailed and a woman is abducted, we can attack it from a moral level, but this is normal in sexual psychology. The final affair of Xiaoyan’s husband is a problem faced by most families. How to face up and how to prevent and avoid it is first to understand each other’s sexual psychology.

Male sexual psychology

1, like to see a woman. A man holding a woman on the street will throw a glimpse at the moment when he and the beautiful opposite sex pass by. This is not a male lust, but a subconscious “multi-view”.

2, like to see a woman’s nude. The private part of women’s long-term concealment is irritating to men’s psychology. The scientific argument is determined by the inherently erotic relationship between the individual and the heterosexual contact.

3, like to touch women. Men are born with a strong exposure to heterosexuality. The so-called man’s sensibility is to hope to reach out to women, show the intimacy of both sides, and the heart is confirmed.

4, like to talk. It is not a low-level interest, nor a down-to-earth, but a normal sexual psychological reaction of a man.

5, like to listen to the woman’s past. A man is born with an exclusive desire. In the current situation of monopoly, he hopes that his woman will be unique and exclusive from now to the present. Sometimes in the process of sex, there is also a situational fantasy guide, so that I put more important roles in the role, increase sexual desire.

sex doll

Sex dolls have made notable improvement

In recent years, these sex dolls have made notable improvements. Science helps these dolls to become more and more like humans. For many people, a love doll may seem easy, but if you’re not careful, it can really affect the overall quality of the doll. With the help of these materials, the doll conveys a humanized feeling. By adding good and flexible joints, these sex dolls are very flexible.

For many people who want a sex doll, you should take this into account. They are not very maintenance intensive, but they require some care. Remember, before you buy a realistic sex doll. You can use them wherever you want. This only increases the good experience. The expression they use is to make sure there are no leaves to make your experience more enjoyable. Whether you fuck her or give you oral sex, you are absolutely worth it.

Sex with a sex doll is another experience. Many users are addicted to it. Do you know how to use the mouth of a sex doll? Some people like silicone dolls instead of real women, both with their own strengths and weaknesses. The suppleness and flexibility offer a big advantage to the doll. If you have just bought a sex doll, congratulations. They invested a lot. Sex dolls can provide friendship and sexual satisfaction and even give your relationships a unique taste.

real life sex doll

Therefore, more men like silicone dolls than women. Sex dolls are almost the same as real women. When it comes to lessening the benefits of both, they will be hard pressed.Sex dolls are not interested in the content of your work, your car, your appearance or your wallet. They are always very happy and will never judge or hang you up because of your fantasies.

They have used more than 2,000 sex toys , What is it like to be a sex toy experiencer

They’ve used more than 2,000 sex toys, but they’re more serious than anyone else

Carla, who has more than 2,000 sex toys in her room, earns $250000 a year by having 15 orgasms a week. Sound like this girl has a special job, but she is actually a very serious tester, and the object of the test is sex toys.

Carla is at work

Carla works for an adult toy company as a sex toy tester, also known as a sex toy experiencer. The job is to use various types of sex toys in person every day, express her feelings in writing, and provide reference for customers.

The experience report should not only introduce the product in detail from the aspects of smell, packaging, hand feeling, etc., but also have the gameplay recommendation and label its applicable population. It is not as simple as somebody else said that you can make money by lying down. After all, too much exercise will hurt you.

Carla has more than 2,000 sex toys in her room

Qi, who is also a sex toy experiencer, says she spends most of her working day riding. Qi has used no less than 2000 sex toys. The first thing she does at work every day is to check out the products to be tested today in the office full of sex toys. Take inventory of the products to be tested today, take them to the “experience room”, and write down her feelings in a notebook as she go along.

Sometimes after use the sex toy, she didn’t have any energy to type the feeling, she would ask her female colleague to come and record for her. In fact, every climax will take away a lot of energy of Qi, not only work very tired during the day, go home at night and also have to together with her boyfriend, so taste experiencer is also a work only with youth.

The male experiencer Xiang that just entered a job not long, just happened to meet the new period of the company’s product, every day must be busy experience to write a report, many times, mental state is not very well. The company leader saw Xiang is very tired, took the initiative to give him two days off, let him go home and take care of the body.

To be an experiencer, should not only have a good body, but also be familiar with the products of the whole sex industry, not only the products of our company, but also the products of competitors and overseas products. It is necessary to know which brand of products is durable, which brand is more cost-effective and what kind of silicone is suitable for making products. You need to interact with fans online, and analyze users’ preferences based on sales data and reported readings. To answer users’ questions about the profession, experiencers learn themselves about sex.

Use words to accurately express the performance of the product without turning the experience report into pornography. Moreover, the report of the experiencer should not only be presented to the customers, but also be expounded in front of the whole company staff, stating the problems of the product and proposing suggestions for modification.

Can you imagine a young girl describing how she orgasms in front of a group of men?

“When it first got in, it was a little cold and the vibration wasn’t strong enough.”

“This position requires lying flat, not sitting.”

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What’s Platinum TPE Sex Doll

The materials we have heard of realistic sex dolls are generally divided into “silicone” and “TPE”.We can always see the option of platinum tpe when browsing the sex doll website. So what is platinum TPE, what are the advantages compared to ordinary TPE? First of all, let’s look at the difference between them.

Platinum TPE Sex Doll

Platinum TPE is not as hard as ordinary one, but the opposite touch will be more realistic.

TPE sex doll

Silica gel is classified into “condensed silica gel” and “added” silica gel according to the material. The former has a large shrinkage rate, is odorous, is relatively hard, and is prone to aging. However, the curing is stable and the price is low, and it is mainly used for the production of various molds. The latter is also called “platinum-catalyzed silicone rubber”. It is non-toxic and tasteless, resistant to temperature and anti-aging. However, it has high requirements for fixed-line and is expensive. It is generally used for women’s chest pads, medical supplies, and other adult products. It can be seen that the name of platinum silica gel is only a noun used in propaganda, which has nothing to do with the chemical element Pt. Platinum resins are platinum-cured silicones (just like they used tin-painted silicones in the past) so this is actually related to platinum used to catalyze the curing process.

TPE has oil oozing during use, and platinum silica gel is also known as oil-free TPE for better visual and physical performance. Therefore, you don’t need to spend more time on care of your love doll, and you don’t need to take talcum powder every time after exercise.

How to distinguish them: The simplest difference is to look at performance, is it not oil, no smell. There was no significant change after a while. The price of platinum silica gel is between silicone and ordinary TPE sex dolls. In terms of price, the price of cured rubber is generally more than 5,000 US dollars per ton, while the price of ordinary TPE is between 2000-5000 US dollars. In addition to these special TPE materials, TPE prices are more advantageous than silicone materials.

Sex doll is a true submissive partner

Buying a real love doll usually begins a journey into a fascinating world of eroticism, sexuality and love, sometimes the human soul and spirituality. A lifelike doll moves people around the world in different ways and dimensions.

First and foremost, you feel happier and healthier with a doll. When you make love to a doll, you actually generate feel-good hormones in your body that eventually makes you feel good and happy. Also, as sex comes with several health benefits, you obviously get healthy by involving in sexual intercourse with the doll. You can penetrate her, stroke her, finger her pussy, lick her boobs and do anything that makes you go wild.

sex doll

No matter how many friends we have in our life, we always look forward to a companion who stays with us and is all ears about our feelings and problems. We want someone to discuss things with us and understand what we are going through. Be it happy moments or sad moments, we definitely want a true companion and this is what the adult doll help you with.

A silicone sex doll is your ultimate medium for bed-breaking orgasms. She is a true submissive partner that understands your sexual needs and make sure that they are fulfilled without any discomfort. The only thing that you need to take care of is to clean the doll after every lovemaking session. This will protect you against any diseases or infection. So, start stroking today!

Cosplay Love Doll Wig Purchase Tips

Wigs affect the appearance of the character your realistic sex doll play. Many popular characters in the animation industry can recognize them with their hair. Think of the yellow double ponytail of the sailor moon or the long green hair of the Hatsune. To help pick the perfect wig for the best fit, first determine the character and choose the five basic skills of the ideal role-playing wig.

  • Purchase channel

Usually, wig companies prefer Japan, where the animation industry is developed. Japanese-made wigs are very realistic. Although the quality of the wig is important because of the material of the wig, only the wig that best matches the original character is the perfect wig, which requires a deeper understanding of the animation.

  • Length and style

If the character of your love doll is close to human styling, then you can buy a regular wig when you buy a wig and then shape it yourself. If your doll wants to try a more exaggerated styling wig, such as a spike wig or a bangs spike, then it is best to buy a wig that has already been shaped. If you are planning to make changes to the purchased wig, remember to purchase a longer wig to facilitate your trimming.

  • Color

Learn to compare real colors with the colors presented on your computer screen, and adjust the color display of your monitor to natural while browsing the wig you want to buy. Another way is to look for colors on real photos in the comments. It’s easy to check out colors, shapes, sizes, and styles.

  • Heat resistance

If the character’s straight hair or other features require a hair dryer, curling iron or hair straightener for heat setting, be sure to purchase a heat-resistant wig (otherwise you may fluff and smolder the fiber). High quality, heat resistant wigs should withstand high temperatures of 150–180 ° C (300–350 ° F).

  • Materials

The material of the wig is divided into a human hair, a synthetic fiber and a wig made of a combination of the former two. Of course, there are some newly developed wig materials that can be selected according to the company’s reputation. It is guaranteed that they have a natural appearance, low heat, strong style and color.

Birth of a inflatable doll: A trip to an adult products manufacturing plant

What introduce below is the inflatable doll of cost price more than 10 dollars, cannot compare with the physical sex doll cost thousands of dollars. the difference between inflatable doll and physical sex doll is that the entity sex doll’s materials are more exquisite and the design is more exquisite. Entity sex doll is more realistic to use. Today we will reveal the production process of the inflatable doll that we often can’t get online.

Today’s physical dolls look more like real people

Tailors use heat technology to glue the edges of plastic seams together in a molded with environmentally friendly PVC

After being glued together by the tailor, the doll needs to be inflated for testing. If any leak is found, it will be returned to the previous process for further completion or repair

The doll’s chest accessories were colored like a pile of upside-down bowls

Hand dyed, You can dye it pink if you want and black if you want

Choose the chest accessories after spray color

The chest accessories works with the body’s link

Beautify her face

Lip color

Put false eyelashes on your eyes

Draw eyebrow

This is what low-end products made

After the feet are trimmed

The semi-finished product after molding

Reaeration test

Piles of tests

Finished product packaging bag

Bagged for distribution of adult supplies inflatable dolls, in a few years ago this kind of low-end inflatable dolls are in demand

Is that what you got?

Each inflatable doll on the Internet retail price in 10-25 dollar, do you still dare to believe you can buy a dreamlover online?

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