Odd Status for Current Social Relationship

The way to love and marriage twists and turns, it is filled with pain to fun, not everyone could get survival and stick to it. Attitudes to love and marriage continue to change. Then how is it like right now?
1. Rising Divorce Rate
Under the temptation from real life and virtual web, loyalty to marriage is worth something. Most people have learned how to comfort themselves in the gap of reality. Human has an instinct selfish. Once confront of the disadvantage factors in subjective or objective, they will probably run away or give up directly. That’s why the divorce rate remains high.
2. Declining Marriage Rate
Social sharing makes it possible to speedy exposure other’s life. Paparazzi always tracks and publishes celebrities’ negative marriage. Many affairs, such as promiscuity, cheating, is flashing around. All it happened makes people not aspire to marriage. They realize live alone is much better than the couple.
3. Blind Narcissism And Personality Disorders
It is a common scene that people are longing for something gorgeous. Those celebrities who are in good shape, pretty looking, fabulous income, have become public dream life partner. The crazy followers have carefully constructed the house of cards and looking for romantic love in the mirage.
4. Becoming Materialistic
Many people are disappointed with love, so they learn to focus on house, car, wealth to make themselves feel safe. Men neither rich nor handsome are usually left alone.

Moreover, it is not difficult to feed themselves for a normal in this world. The young people are more like to enjoy themselves and far away from the troubles brought in a family.
One more question, how to fix their sexual need as an adult? For women, a proper dildo and comfort vibrator is enough to get sexual pleasure. For those men without the regular partner, there is a great product created to meet their vanity and fancies. That is life size sex doll. It is popular with the star status. It provides love and fills people’s loneliness.
If you are not going to date a natural woman, realistic sex doll is a not bad option. You don’t need wrack your mind and heart for an uncertain dinner. You don’t need to spend time on anything boring. You can do something for yourself. Perhaps, You just need a partner, rather a capricious girl in your life.
Sex doll manufacturers are capitalizing on the chance and start their business fast. They have developed more and more life like sex doll for the market needs.

Really?The Robot Sex Doll Can Save Our Marriage

With the rapid development of science and technology, there seems to be something new every day from science fiction to daily life.

Robots sex doll will soon make that leap.

While the idea of intimate contact with machines will undoubtedly make some people uncomfortable, there are some who believe that introducing robots sex doll into our lives can be a vehicle for positive change.

The adult sex doll industry has experienced a period of hate and ridicule, and the industry has become an elastic developer for millions of industries.Initially, not only adult sex doll was banned, but it was also taboo to talk about it in public.However, due to the continuous development and modification of robots sex doll and the amazing benefits of robots sex doll, more and more people are using them without adult sex dolls.

sex doll

Among the many benefits of robotic sex dolls, one is their ability to play a third role in a relationship.Unlike a third person, a lifelike sex doll can only get you together in a weird way.What’s going on here?I’ll tell you what to do.

Robots sex doll offer another option, especially when only one partner is craving sex at a particular time.This option is perfectly safe, and one partner does not have to worry about being cheated or unclean by visiting a brothel.It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Men especially want to have sex when a woman wants to have sex with him.Otherwise they don’t want to have sex at all, because obviously women don’t enjoy that much.Most men don’t like sex if men feel that women can’t fully enjoy sex.This is the cause of many sexual problems.Sex has undermined the relationship between couples because of lack of synchronization.And that in itself can be a means of sexual problems, and divorce is a possibility. Lifelike sex doll, to provide the man with such a scene, a safe choice, to help the husband release sexual desire when his wife is not in the mood.

The form of marriage is changing, just like everything else in the world, adapting to the development of The Times.It’s important to keep an open mind.

‘I Won’t Stop My Husband to Have A Sex Doll’ Said A Housewife

I felt kind of uncomfortable on love sex doll from the very beginning. Just like most feminist, I thought it was insulting to the women. It materialized male’s disgusting desires. I noticed there happened a no small dispute. Not like the torso for masturbation, life size sex doll has simulated the entire woman body from head to foot. It makes this possible to achieve the integrated sex. The men can dig out the deepest sexual pleasure.

Will the sex doll be more conducive to men remaining harmonious marriage or relationship?
For most of the women, it is the mutual responsibility to loyal to spouse and marriage that have sex in couples. Then should the sex doll be counted the third party of the relationship? There is no consensus, perhaps no one can say it convincedly.

From the moral justice, women seem to have no reason to restrain their spouse to get a sex doll.

More or less, the life size sex doll becomes the alternative once you are in the period, pregnant, even not in the mood. Your husband can get the sexual desire off safely, rather than go out for the hookup. In another world, the sex doll is a perfect way to enhance your marriage and relationship.

Maybe some women thought it is no concerned if go for a hooker. Have intercourse with a hooker sounded fell much better than a dead sex doll. Come on, have you ever thought it would bring the STD back home? Would you want to bear such risks?

Anyway, I am glad that I have watched a lot of things open. I can understand and accept it if my husband asks for to get one.

Does Sex Doll A Violation of Feminism?

The sex dolls have been in a heated state since they were created, supporters and opponents are in a state of war.Opponents say sex doll is a violation of feminism.But supporters say the growing complexity and lack of communication and trust in modern relationships have led many men to feel lonely and empty, designed for lonely men.There will be adult sex doll designed for lonely women in the future.Do sex dolls a violation of feminism?

The end of the 19th century was the first wave of the women’s liberation movement, the focus of the debate is to require the gender include all of the life course equality between men and women, which is the equality of the sexes, also calls for civil rights and political rights, against aristocratic privilege, polygamy, stressed that men and women in intelligence and ability is no different.The most important goal is to strive for the equality of family labor and social work and political rights. 

sex doll

The second wave of feminism began in the 1960s and 1970s.The second women’s liberation movement was believed to have originated in the United States.The movement continued into the 1980s.The key is to emphasize the nature of the division of labor between the sexes and to eliminate the phenomenon of equal pay for men and women.The requirement to ignore gender differences is seen as the basis for women’s attachment to men in the relationship between the sexes.It requires that the field be open to the public, and so on.

Sex dolls are the epitome of perfect women, and men can get their own adult sex dolls in real life.And the figure of the sex doll does not increase with time, it can maintain a good image of the man.Therefore, in a short period of time, they are warmly welcomed by men.

sex doll

And the lifelike sex doll is not exactly equal to the female, because it has no life, no soul.

The feminist movement has been to increase women’s social status, think women and men enjoy equal rights, feminists have been efforts in this road, and achieved significant results.After the lifelike  sex doll was created, it was found that men compared lifelike sex dolls with women, even to the extent that they did not need women.The feminists felt threatened again.

The invention of e-books does not affect the existence of paper documents, and the appearance of e-commerce does not affect the existence of physical stores.Now do you think that sex doll  a violation of feminism?

How to Take A Shower for My Sex Doll?

When you have a sex doll, the sex doll is not only your sex toy, she can also act as the person you miss, it is your spiritual sustenance.Two people sleep better than one alone in bed.When you hold her in your arms, you are no longer lonely.You will speak to her in all your heart. She is the best listener and keeper.You can bring all of your crazy sexual fantasies together with her.

Some sex doll owners have this question, can I take a shower for my sex doll?

Of course,you can.Remember to wash your sex dolls regularly after you own one.When you take your lifelike sex doll to the shower, you need to know whether your sex love doll is made of TPE or silicone.There is a big difference between the two materials.

sex doll

Whether it’s TPE or silicone, you should clean your sex doll immediately after use.Silicone and TPE materials are waterproof.She can sit in your bathtub with you or take a shower with you, but we advise not to immerse her head and hair in the water.Use a wet towel to carefully wipe the face of a sex doll.

If you’re going to take a hot bath with your sex doll, you need a silicone sex doll.Sex dolls made of this material are more resistant to hot water and sterilization.Silicone sex dolls are more expensive, but they can be worth every penny.

lifelike sex doll

Using a TPE sex doll for a hot bath may cause significant damage to the sex doll’s porous structure.Don’t be shocked if you see your adult sex doll losing its appeal after a hot bath.The material may become sticky or even melt!Remember, TPE sex dolls can only be washed with warm water or cold water!Make sure that water is not more than 40 ° C.

After cleaning, use a towel to dry thoroughly, or use a hairdryer, preferably with a cold wind.Then brush your sex doll with cornmeal, so that the skin of the sex doll won’t become sticky again.

If you’re cleaning your face for a sex doll, the sex doll’s makeup is no longer flattering, and you can try to make up for her and bring her back to the top.

Remember all this information when you want to shower with your sex doll.Don’t lose thousands of dollars because of your romantic ideas.Everyone will pay attention and love for their “love”.

How to Make Your Sex Doll Service Life Longer?

There is a kind of super realistic sex doll, it has all the qualifications for your dream girl. Its face was soft and smooth, with no sign of a wrinkle. Like the morning sun, the slightly curled long silken hair suddenly shines into your heart. You could feel her breasts, soft and plump, nearly out from the thin clothes.

Life sized sex doll has the price range from one to ten thousand dollars. It is not cheap. Now that you have invested sex doll too much, you must love to know how to make your sex doll service life longer. Follow the below tips to make it the reality.

Having fun with your sexy sex doll
Using water-based lubricants in the vaginal, oral and anal canals to prevent you and your sex doll from excessive skin friction when you are intimacy touching.
Using pillow or thick blanket to help to cushion impact forces when you are trying doggy style.
Using condoms as much as possible when you are playing.
Don’t bite through the delicate parts with your sharp teeth, for instance, earlobe and nipples. These weak parts cannot bear repeating gnaws.
Don’t share your doll with others to avoid the STD.

Cleaning sex doll
Washing genitals after each playing. Bathing thoroughly once a month at least.
Using anti-bacterial soap
Don’t submerge its head into the water
Drying sex doll thoroughly with the soft absorbent towel
Powdering the surface of sex doll
Away from the heat source, such as the strong sunlight or heat appliance.

Clothes and Skin Care
Don’t wear the clothes fade
Away from the items contain ink or oil-soluble pigments.
Away from sharp items

Skeletal Care
The metal joint has the certain move range. Don’t overbend its limbs and fingers.
Be careful when moving it.
Keep upright position for storage.

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Top 5 Anime Style Sex Doll for Man

All anime fans will dream come true, and all the fantasy of anime characters will become a reality. Because of the appearance of anime-style sex dolls, it is an ideal interpretation of anime characters. You can live with anime-style sex dolls. Let’s take a look at these anime-style sex dolls.

1. Sherry-5.18ft Silicone Sex Doll

anime sex doll
Holding a long sword and wearing combat suits, silver hair perfectly embodies the image of a strong character and extraordinary female warrior. I volunteered to offer my admiration and surrendered to her powerful fighting power. Perhaps in real life, such women can only watch far, but they can’t get close to talking to them. But now you can take this type of sex doll home,do everything you want.

2.Kurumi -148cm Silicone Sex Doll

adult sex doll
This cute lifelike sex doll is called Kurumi. She is like a little princess living in a castle. Red dresses and red hats add a lively atmosphere. Romantic curls add a cute atmosphere. The cute girl can always increase the male’s protection desire.

3.Lolita-4.59ft Realistic Adult Sex Doll

sex love doll
The dress of the maid is always full of temptation and is a common role in role playing. The maid image is always revealing sexy and cute, can perfectly show two styles, so it is loved by the majority of male compatriots. The bow on the chest, cute short hair perfect and sexy stockings, sexy body fusion. Sometimes sexy and sometimes cute, this kind of sex doll can quickly capture a large number of men’s hearts. Have you been deeply attracted to her?

4. Muyun-168cm Adult Sex Doll

The Japanese sex doll wearing a kimono called Muyun is like a Japanese girl. The pink kimono and soft black hair give off her gentle and pleasant personality. The looming white thighs, beautiful breasts play a little sexy. Many men, after seeing her for the first time, were obsessed with Muyun..

5. Debra- 163cm Sex TPE Doll

Debra is a sexy cat. At first sight, men often noticed her sexy outfit – sexy bikini. The cute cat ears on her head will increase your urge to get close to her. Beautiful and sexy red lips, really want to taste her taste. This sexy and cute little cat, do you want to take her home?

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People who are far from home because of many kinds of reasons are working and living alone outside. In general, it is not easy to release the sexual desires exactly right. Masturbation is a common way for most people. The hand job is uncomfortable and it will cause a series of health complications. What is the safer and comfortable way to solve the physical problem?

From the consumer side, sex doll manufacturer realized that it should be something close to real, people can enjoy the sexual intercourse and have fun in sexual experience. Then they created life sized sex doll, it is like a human cloning but never beyond your control. Sex doll has super real genitals. For those looking for real sexual pleasure, love sex doll is an ideal option without any doubt at present.

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This company has the advanced process conditions. All the details of love sex doll, such as vaginal, breast, lips, mouth, can be obtained well under strict operation. Making use of excellent materials and the popular appearance get its achievements.

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Truth about Love Sex Doll You Have to Know

What is a realistic sex doll? There are many online stores selling sex dolls while they have not explained exactly what it is like. A love sex doll is created and formed according to beauties’ body elements as a person’s sexual partner. For meet the inquiries of the market, separate body parts are produced. Such as head, breasts, and channel to stimulate for sex. The size of these sex dolls is same as a real human. And you will feel like face the real humans when see and touch it.

The mindset is essential within the use of a realistic sex doll, you wish to own some emotional attachment and play it as real as the potential to fancy.

love sex doll

Some men have the high emotions to their TPE sex dolls

The doll owners will attach strong emotions to the dolls. It causes various of moral problems. Because they are not real human

Feminine sex dolls share the majority of the market than the male dolls.

It is apparent that life sized sex dolls square measure principally employed by men, male sex dolls solely account for 100% of the market. but with the increase of the gay society, it remains to be seen whether or not male reality sex dolls can increase in use.

 They’ll never act and behave like humans

Although they need to be been upgraded with this technology, they can’t have love and affectionateness like ladies. At present, they are only used as sex toys.

How to Role Play with Your Sex Doll?

Role play is a great way to explore your innermost desires and try new sexual behaviors and roles with your partner. You can try it with your sex doll. This is an adventure. Role playing allows you to play, dream, explore sex, in a fun way in your relationship.

Role playing is a way of “playing” and if you really like it, you can know it. In a short period of time, you pretend to be someone else. That person is not “you”, so you can safely try out all sorts of weird things. If, when you are done, you find that you really enjoy it. So how to perform a role playing with a lifelike sex doll?

1.First, find out your fantasy and determine the role you want to play.

Every adult male must have imagined a very sexy role-playing scene. Choose a character that will always attract or inspire you, and let your adrenaline rise. Nurses and patients, maids and masters, office assistants and bosses, teachers and students are just a few different roles that you can choose. If you have a perfect outfit with it, you can guarantee yourself a completely crazy role. Play the night of sex. Then list the items that the role play needs to purchase into a list. Sex dolls will not say anything about your ideas, you can boldly try your own crazy ideas.

Remember that role-playing sex is much more hospitable than regular sex, because you can play any fantasy you have ever had and play a role in sex. You can actually spend more time expecting sex, not without preparation. Sex.

2.Start your actions

You already know what kind of role play you like. Then the next step is to purchase equipment. Now that the Internet is very developed, you can buy the clothing you need and decorate the scene in the online store. It is very convenient, and the online store will also pay attention to protecting the privacy of customers without worrying about leakage of information.

3.Lay out the scene and start your game

After waiting, the required items finally arrived. Next you can begin to arrange the role-playing scene you want. Before putting on a role-playing costume for an adult sex doll, you can first clean the sex doll. After everything is ready, enjoy the role-playing sex slowly.

Learning how role playing is sometimes exposed and embarrassing, but over time, you will learn to enjoy yourself and feel comfortable with your body, even if it is a bit fat or thin. Get ready to experience new things and enjoy life.