Sex doll “clone”

As the popularity of celebrity dolls declines, models that look like everyday people are rising.

According to manufacturers of silicone sex dolls, customers are more inclined to choose cloned dolls for people they know. Although the customer’s requirements are different, their imagination is more common. In addition to the real human face sex dolls, they are more of a person who wants to be familiar with the appearance.

Through such a customized service, customizing a dream sex doll only needs to provide photos, and the designer will ask for details about the character’s characteristics, so as to maximize the restoration of the true love doll in the customer’s mind.

Sex dolls or customized dolls for real human faces. Is this legally allowed?Usually this should be rejected because everyone’s image rights are protected. The “clone” service or custom service requires permission to the real person, just as they can’t use your image to make a doll.

Sex doll and sexual culture relationship

Talking about the trend of the sex doll industry, the development of the sex products market and other topics, we have to talk about the development of sexual culture, because these two have an inseparable relationship, can be said to be complementary and complementary, mutual development, but also closely related, the rise and fall of the relationship.

The development of the love doll industry and even the whole sex products industry cannot be separated from the popularization and development of sex culture. Without the drive of the latter, no matter how well the relevant manufacturers and enterprises do the sex products, it is of no help. After all, it is the most important thing whether consumers buy them or not.

Male and female dolls are available in adult stores. Different from children’s dolls, the toy is made of silica gel or plastic to imitate the human body structure. The volume of the solid is close to the adult size. The solid is soft and elastic. Male and female physiological conditions are different, often cause male and female orgasm time is different, at this time can be used as a prelude to sexual love or sexual love after the sex is still unsatisfied auxiliary appliances, achieve harmony and perfect;

real doll

In the next 10 years, the real doll will completely replace the other half and become the “perfect lover”, saving the earth more than 30 million older single men, helping them release pressure, get out of the trouble of “single dog”, and live a more relaxed, healthy and youthful life. It is applicable to the elderly living alone and the empty-nesters. The market prospect is huge, and the elderly living alone and empty-nesters will also be the biggest beneficiaries.

The development of sexual culture is the biggest and only pillar of the trend of real sex doll industry and the trend of sex products industry. Only developmental culture, universal knowledge, improve sexual awareness, enhance people open attitude towards sex, out of the talk about the idea of sexual color change, such as tiger beast and error, can let the baby industry and show vitality, the industry as a whole sex products and related industries to flourish, will feedback consumers, make people produce more healthy, more rational values, to derive a more positive attitude.

Christmas gifts for my daughter become sex toys?

Recently, I learned that Alex Bai, a father of Rhode Island in Greece, bought a set of wood-burning crafts for his daughter at Christmas. As a result, Amazon sent a sex toy that made him feel very angry. .

Alex Bai said that Amazon had mixed up his orders. Originally he ordered wood products, but when he opened it, he found that he was an adult sex toy, not a gift he wanted to give to his daughter. When he first opened the box, he realized that “this is definitely not a set of wood-fired kits, but I didn’t know what it was at first.”

After Google took the picture, he realized that it was an adult sex toy. “But the label is a wood product, which is the one I ordered.”

Bai said that he had called Amazon to complain about the problem and received an Amazon reply saying that he would call back, but there was no news. Finally, he was told that he would provide a refund and a $10 coupon.

Bai believes that Amazon does not take this issue seriously. “They didn’t realize that this might cause psychological shadows for customers and put customers in awkward situations. If I didn’t open the view first, my daughter in my early 10s got it.”

Finally, he suggested that when consumers buy gifts from Amazon, it is best to check the gifts before sending them out to avoid the confusion of orders. “You can’t completely trust the goods that Amazon sent you is the one you ordered.”

The Amazing AI tech can be used in sexbot

Micro-expression technology can recognize a variety of facial expressions such as happiness, anger, disgust, fear, sadness, surprise, and even expressionlessness in human facial expressions. Changes in emotions can be identified by micro-expression recognition techniques. This was originally used by financial lenders to help loan reviewers prevent fraudulent loans.

Even more incredible is that artificial intelligence can also read the expression of words. Maybe you will be confused, but this is the existing technology, which is understood by analyzing the logic of the combination of words and keywords, key categories. According to this development, artificial intelligence may become the most understanding of our own existence. It is difficult to imagine how much advantage they will have in the field of robotics. Robots at that time must be the embodiment of perfect human beings.

If the appearance of the sex robot is a real-life sex doll with high simulation, can it also solve the love in the form of a long-distance relationship? It turns out that the lack of physical contact between love and marriage is vulnerable, and the artificial intelligence and refined design of the sex robot can perfectly satisfy all your needs, and it is human nature to fall into it.

A good emotion must go through love, marriage, and old age. Marriage may not be love, but a good old marriage will have a good marriage. It is worth noting that sex doll or sex robots will definitely be with you as you wish.

Release inhibitions about “sex”

In the brightly lit city, no matter the empty nesters living alone or the bachelors drifting in a other city, from some time, they will find that an important part of their lives is missing “sex”.Then after looking for of all sorts of channel, adult products enters the life of one part person shyly. The elderly in the physiological needs of this kind of differentiation, there is a reality, but also virtually add some family contradictions. The sale of sex doll has increased significantly in recent years.

The consumers who purchase silicone sex dolls generally have the following conditions: young users are more curious, they buy from the Internet, and the usage rate is not high; Middle-aged people, most of whom are migrant workers and separated from other places, have more users. Left-behind old people or those who live alone use them a lot, and they choose them repeatedly in brick-and-mortar stores, which is easy to return. Sex doll is not the same as inflatable doll, inflatable doll is last century 1990s from abroad, the market silicone sex doll is about 2010 began to have.

People’s repression of sex, think sex is ugly, do not want to talk about sex, more do not want others to talk about their own sex? This group is mainly male. Most of them are between 35 and 60 years old. They have normal physiological needs. With the rapid development of the city, the intensity of infrastructure construction is increased, if the cross sex or prevention is not in place, it is very easy to cause the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which is a great harm to the family and society.

real doll

This group is in urgent need of social attention. Sex itself of human reproduction is a survival instinct, anyone can’t escape, sex is also the important organization part of life, it can affect the person’s mood, emotion, sometimes can also affect the people make impulse ultra behavior, it is not the life complete, but affect the quality of life, needs to be seen in a correct and equal vision.

Sex robots are prone to failure and attack users

Although sex robots have been limited to the world of science fiction, they are now a reality.

As their name suggests, these robots are designed for sex, but now an expert warns that sex robots can “easily” fail and attack users.

A simple coding error may cause the sexy robot to conflict with its owner.

He said: “This makes me scared. This is a machine. It always becomes a machine. It won’t be something you can hit with a pipe, it will collapse.” I always say, when When the composition can support itself, the composition will be much stronger than the average person.

“It will become more durable, not the bone will produce high impact, plastic or aluminum frame, it will be very powerful, it will not be tired, it will not stop unless it runs out of energy supply.

“Unless you can use some type of projectile to stop it, such as a gun or the like, if this thing gets out of control, it can cause some serious damage.”

Worryingly, Brick claims that only a bad code is needed to make sexbot against its users.

He added: “If you make a mistake and you have a bad series of code and it will encounter this series of bad code, depending on what it is doing or where it is or many other instances, it may just decide it is What it is supposed to do.
It has been programmed, and it is likely that it will respond to some kind of cloud server to get updates to do any type of work on the AI ​​itself, it will have to link to the server.

“It won’t stop until these things happen. Just say it can put its arms around your neck, just stop you from breathing, you can’t get rid of it, just as simple as that, a simple hug might be a Shrinking can compress your chest and respiratory tract and prevent you from breathing.
“It can keep shrinking until you stop breathing.”

Shortly after the futurist Dr. Ian Pearson claimed that there should be a “graphic rule” to prevent the sex fighter from appearing too realistic, Brick’s warning appeared.

He explained: “This is possible (we won’t know the difference), but regulation may force some obvious differences to be obvious.”

sex doll

Sexual Life is Changing

In the long river of human life, sex comes from human instinct. We always desire to love ,sex but without response. While in nowadays, we own everything , wife, suites, work, but we still get less satisfaction and being freaking out easily. We do have so much lust. But how does it comes. Life may be lonely.

According to surveys online, celebration of festivals is still the main driving force to sex toys. Especially on love days and some other traditional festivals.

Besides , sexual emergencies it also causes people to change their sexual habits. For example, Fifty Shades of Gray has swept the world at 2015, and sales of sex toys growth followed rapidly. Searches for related words also made the list. The original novel of it sales abroad. It comes from people’s emotional perception and touch of the world around them. And It is hard not to be influenced by primitive desires and pursuits.

The current sex doll can be said to be a sex toy or the most expensive product. But this situation will reach an alarming price in 2020.Experts say that the popularity of sex dolls and sex robots is the main reason for the decline in birth rates in some countries.Some people think that sex dolls will not be the ideal sexual partner of people.In fact, women do not show much enthusiasm for male sex dolls.

Why sex dolls are essential for single men

With the gradual opening of social concepts, people’s minds are becoming more and more open, and sex toys are no longer considered as immoral as before. People’s acceptance of adult products is getting higher and higher, and the life of high grade and high interest has become people’s new pursuit. Under the situation of adult products market expanding day by day, adult products have abundant product series, high quality product guarantee, and excellent product technology. Its main real sex doll series products are welcomed by many fashionable men.

With silicone sex doll, men can rest easy and effectively reduce sexually transmitted diseases such as STDS and AIDS. It can relieve work pressure. Have real doll is best way to effectively relieve pressure. The sex ratio imbalance, the possession of dolls, at least release some people’s sexual repression, will reduce sexual crime to some extent. Accord with economy type social spirit. Most men who have girlfriends or are married have to spend more on shopping for their wives and shopping with their girlfriends, while men who want to be single can cut down on this expense by owning a sex doll that doesn’t eat or drink.

Sex dolls are essential for single men traveling on business. Travel, with sex doll, convenient, practical, one can solve the journey fatigue, two more safety and health, the probability of derailment naturally reduced. Once entering the aging, it is said that there will be 400 million old people, half of whom are old people. Especially under the increasingly favorable living conditions, the psychological needs of the old people will be satisfied, and the sex dolls have solved huge social problems.

Single men have real dolls will have an effective impact on the sex service industry. Nightclubs, bath centers and so on under such a strong impact can also reduce some social pressure. Can make disabled people have a perfect life. Disabled people find true love, only in the news and stories, and real life is often very difficult, many people have to face single life, if the sex doll, is another way to solve.

Order a sex doll that looks the same as your girlfriend

It is said that the models that sex doll customers demand to make look like their partner’s girlfriend.

The manufacturer’s silicone sex world says that celebrity-like dolls are not as popular as you think, and some punters prefer “everyday” to look more like plastic.

Product experts said: “We do ask customers to ask celebrity dolls, even though they are not as popular as you think.”

“We did make some strange requests for the doll, such as a doll that looks like a friend’s girlfriend.”

The strange event echoes the previous comments of Sex Doll Official founder Jade Stanley.

Ms. Stanley, who runs an adult shop near Birmingham, told the stars: “In terms of customization, whether it is a celebrity, a dead spouse or someone you like.

“This is really different, you will ask people to ask Kim Kardashian, or the girl next door.

“The situation across the board is completely different.”
Sex dolls are one of the most expensive products in the sex toy industry and are estimated to reach an astonishing £38 billion by 2020.

Dolls cost as much as £15,000, and there are even people who can try brothels of dolls that have emerged in Europe and the United States.

Channel 5’s documentary “Sex Business: Me and My Sex Doll” recently delved into the world of sex toys.

A sex doll can change your life

Over time, the sex doll has come a long way. Thanks to advances in technology and advanced techniques, using the same material has brought the hottest adult doll. Purchase sex doll, you will probably get them right away. This is for single males, people of different sex, sexual dysfunctions that are disabled and live alone with disabled people or empty nests.

A love doll can make you have sexual freedom, which may not be too much, but for some people, it is an integral part of yourself and can play a big role in the way a person sees himself , You will be surprised what difference it will have in your sex life. If you have always wanted to try something, but due to its existence or expectations of society and others, you have some difficulties. A sex doll can change your life and give you a chance to try it.

If you have desires and fantasies with real celebrities and celebrities, you could have specially designed sex doll to fulfill all your desires and fantasies. Order for someone who is oriented towards real people, and make the sexy doll like the celebrity with whom you want to have sex. Do not you want the doll to be yours now?

realistic sex doll

Or maybe you have a personal connection to a fictional character and hope that the sex doll looks like this? Well, you do not have to worry because you get these by using real real doll and more. From hair color to eyes to style and whether you want a large breast doll or a doll with smaller breasts and buttocks, there are so many customization options. You can choose which type of doll you would like to receive.