Do You Prefer Silicone Sex Dolls or One-Night Stands?

In the beginning, many people still had reservations about the behavior of robots, but as artificial intelligence and mechanical behavior and their feelings improved, they gradually became accustomed to the relationship with robots, and they began to become emotional friends. Neurotic feelings will gradually disappear.

With the increase of AIDS and sexually transmitted infection rates, many men become hesitant in the matter of one-night stand. The risk of choosing a one-night stand is too great.

While silicone sex dolls are clean and free from the risk of infectious diseases, men can confidently make love. And you can meet your sexual desire at any time. “She” is waiting for you all the time. It is only for you and never left you. The reward for investing in silicone sex doll is quite rich.

However, when the night is over, the woman will eventually leave you after the night. After that, you have sexual desires and want to have a sexual partner again.

In China, millions of men leave their homes and families to work in cities and go home every weekend or less.

However, with the emergence of loneliness, many people feel that they need to accompany them.

Some Chinese men who have worked at home for a long time are purchasing expensive items such as realistic sex dolls, so they will not deceive their wives.

Thousands of men no longer resort to prostitutes or casual sex. Instead, they buy high-quality dolls made of soft rubber materials that feel like skin, adjustable hands, and detachable heads. And genitalia.Has a real woman-sized appearance and body structure.

In Beijing, a sex shop, Micdolls, a slave trader. He said that his clients are usually professionals in their 30s and 40s and he admires their loyalty. He said: “If a married man refuses to see a prostitute and uses a realistic sex doll, isn’t it worth admiring?”

Some men have emotional attachment to their realistic sex dolls. They call themselves “Friends of Dolls” and anonymously use online forums to share photos, experiences, and suggestions. In recent years, their number has increased from a few hundred to more than 20,000.



Do You Really Know about Life Like Sex Doll?

When you get into the sex shop, you will find tons of sex toys available.Some sex toys will bring you into fantastic heaven.Some toys will put clouds over your sex experience. For instance, life like sex doll is one of the favorite sex toys in the adult industry.It is of choice material and elaborate manufacture. At an angle of users, sex doll is developed and improved to fulfill human’s sense requirement.

From the outside, it is like a real person, ahead of normal one from whole to part. The sexy sex doll is definitely a most exhilarating combination. It’s statuesque figure and sultry look that please public person all over the world.Such TPE materials endow sex doll vitality.It impresses a super real touch, soft and elastic.

From the inside, it has a metal skeleton to support the whole body. Its bendable anthropomorphic joints can suit most sexual positions. Moreover, sex doll mouth, anal, vagina are well prepared. It can actually comfort all your sexual needs.

Do you think it is the one-time investment? Absolutely not.A life like sex doll not only brings you acme of enjoyment, but also complex later maintenance.More cost and energy are necessary for a better performance.
You might want some special and personal features on sex doll. Believe you will disdain the original uninspiring clothes and accessories. Then you have to be all-around from hair and makeup to clothes, shoes, and others to your designed scene.

Furthermore, you have to learn more cautious about the sex doll, including cleanliness, usage, simple repairs.
If you still have interests in getting a realistic sex doll. You can find a reliable seller. USEXDOLL could be your top choice, they insist the principle of high quality and good service and makes progress by determination and concerted effort.

Celebrating Easter with Your Sex Doll

Easter is a very important and traditional festival. During the festival, families gather and taste traditional foods. When relatives and friends meet, they must congratulate each other. The eggs, fire, water, and rabbits that symbolize life became Easter mascots. Parents should specially prepare eggs and rabbit-shaped chocolate candy for children. Eggs are made into beautifully colored eggs. These eggs are exquisitely beautiful and decorative. They represent people’s good wishes and share with you the joy of changing the seasons.

Are you a person? Are you worrying about Easter? When other people celebrate Easter joyfully, you don’t want to go alone for Easter alone. You prepared a wealth of traditional food, but No one will accompany you on these delicious foods, it is a regrettable thing in life. The joyful and lively atmosphere outside brings out the loneliness and desolateness of your heart.

Sex doll easter day

Now, you do not need to worry about this matter. In such a grand festival, in order to welcome the arrival of the holiday season, silicone sex doll makers specially organized an Easter promotion for the silicone sex dolls.

Currently, the sex dolls on the market are mainly made of medical silicone, which has a realistic touch.The sex doll’s skin is very soft, just like a real young lady’s skin.

Moreover, the adult sex doll has the structure of the real woman’s body, vagina, anus, mouth and so on.

The adult sex doll is sexier and more perfect than the real woman’s and can satisfy all men’s sexual fantasies.

Easter sales have brought lovers of adult sex dolls closer to sex dolls. Sex doll lovers can get their long-awaited adult sex dolls at the best price.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Buy your long-awaited adult sex doll at Easter and take “her” home to let the adult sex doll celebrate Easter with you!

Really? Sex Doll Can Solve The Problem of Gender Imbalance

The gates of sex dolls were gradually opened by humans. From the beginning, inflatable doll, silicone sex doll, artificial intelligence doll… A doll manufacturing company based in the United States has been devoting itself to the development and research of sex dolls. It aims to solve the problem of male loneliness and takes artificial intelligence as the direction. They also claim that after 100 years, they have developed sex robots that can pregnancy and reproduction. The idea is crazy. They are also working hard in this direction.

But this crazy behavior has been met with moral resistance. People believe that the existence of adult sex doll is a provocation and disrespect for women, and it will affect the normal relationship between men and women.

But for men who are not able to communicate normally with women and have no communication with women, adult sex dolls are their savior and they have the opportunity to increase their self-confidence. Although there is still a difference between a adult sex doll and a real woman, for example, there is no thought and no life. However, adult sex dolls are very similar to women in body shape, appearance and body structure. Realistic sex dolls are created using the real female as a template, which can be called a copy of a woman.

In some countries, there is a serious imbalance between men and women. The number of men is far greater than the number of women. Therefore, many men have already reached the marriageable age but they cannot find their wives. Some poor men will have a lifetime bachelor. Therefore, these beautiful realistic sex doll was sought after by some men because they solved the physiological needs of some men and helped the country to solve the gender imbalance.

Every thing has two sides. We need to see the problem objectively.





Having a Great Travel with Your Sex Doll in The Spring

Have you ever travelled with your sex doll? Where did you go with your sex doll? How much beautiful memories do you have about you and your sex doll?

Finally, spring is coming. It’s a perfect time to travel with adult sex dolls.The cold weather in winter limits the area of our activities and inhibits the idea of going out and playing.Fortunately, the coming of spring has revived our thinking.Take a trip with your adult sex doll to announce the arrival of spring.

Now that we have decided to go on a trip, we need to prepare well. What needs to be prepared in advance?

Arrange route

We must plan our routes in advance so that we can be methodical on the day of the appointment, and we will not panic and behave like a daredevil. We can go online to find out which places are suitable for dating.Then plan our route for the day.

Prepare necessary food and water

It is written last but equally important. We need to prepare food in advance, and we can supplement our energy at any time to meet our needs. Sitting on a green lawn with your sex doll and tasting the delicious food,it must be a very enjoyable experience.


We know that the lifelike sex doll have a certain weight. If you carry her for a long time, it will be a very difficult task. So we need to prepare a wheelchair in advance, so our date will become very easy. If your doll is lighter and you’re strong, then you don’t have to prepare a wheelchair.

A camera or a high-pixel mobile phone

One moment that is so important and beautiful must be remembered. So we need to prepare a camera or a high-pixel mobile phone in advance. Remember to charge the night before. This is our common memory with your lifelike sex doll. It is also a very happy thing to wait until later to recall the scene. At the same time, we can also share these photos with people who have the same fun with us, for example, sharing in the doll forum.

If you can travel with other people who have lifelike sex dolls, it will be very great!

I hope this article is useful to you.Have a happy date!