Seven skills to ignite sexual desire

1. The temptation of “biting the ear”

In your sexual life, don’t touch too close, only temptation can’t touch. This process doesn’t take a long time, just a few minutes, let her feel your warm breath, and show your “biting ear” skill to your heart’s content. If there is any temptation, there is a very attractive warmth around, but it can’t touch. This temptation is painful and addictive.

2. Consideration of details

Compared with the formal theme, the continuous love words and meticulous consideration can more directly attack the heart of women and reach the deep. Tightly clasped with her ten fingers, fiddling with her broken hair, caring for her tenderly, but without further excessive demands, slowly softening her heart can make her actively give up herself. If you don’t have a partner, sex toys and sex dolls are great choices.

3. Unique way of intimacy

Intimacy doesn’t mean just touching the sexual organs of both sides. On the contrary, fast sex is very annoying for women. It’s better to create more unique ways of intimacy, caress the places that are easy to be ignored in normal times, so that women can put into the state faster and make more satisfactory feedback.

4. The temptation to play hard

Let her temperature cause your actions, not burn her out at one time. For example, before she does not actively grasp your hand and put it between her legs, she just swims around the private place until she can’t bear it completely, and makes a woman who is willing to turn into a bed special object with thousands of styles.

5. stripping inadvertently

Don’t take off all her clothes and trousers at once. Slowly, one by one, take off her clothes until she has only the vest that fits her best. This sense of bondage is not only a kind of extreme temptation for you, but also a kind of wrapped security for women, which greatly stimulates the sexy valve of her body and mind.

6. Come to be rude at the right time

It’s just teasing. Can it be called a pure man? Sex should be passionate. It’s OK to show a man’s heroism. But it’s necessary to let her fully trust her at a mature time. You can hold your wrist, press your shoulders and kiss forcefully in a very masculine way Can bring her more stimulation.

The couple’s little actions are more important than sex

How is the love between husband and wife maintained? What do women do in a relationship? What do men in sexual life? How can husband and wife improve the viscosity of their love?

1: Mutual communication

Sleeping is a very long time in our life. Sleeping is an indispensable thing in our life. You can share today’s dribs and drabs together before going to bed, even if it’s talking nonsense, such as the company’s colleagues’ gossip and the neighborhood’s affairs. Every day, you can spare some time to communicate with each other before going to bed, which can promote your feelings.

2: Appropriate flirting

Flirting can be done when you are young or before marriage, but men and women forget to flirt after marriage. You can do romantic things together to know that flirting is helpful for both love and sex. Using sex toys and sex dolls is also a way to warm up your emotions.

3: Savor the good times

Every couple has a good time, a good memory and a sweet past, so when they quarrel, you will find that you are always happy and your partner is the best.

4: Share your thoughts

The husband and wife should have a common thought and a common goal. Such a husband and wife will know how to respect each other and discuss marriage issues together. When there is a problem in marriage, they will also discuss it together, which is more conducive to the warming of each other’s feelings.

5: Touch is more important than sex

We all know the importance of sex for husband and wife. Sex is essential for husband and wife, but sex can’t exist every day, so it’s very good for husband and wife to touch each other and find some reasons to contact with husband consciously or unconsciously.

Five common knowledge of Andrology for women

There are many differences between men and women in physiology and psychology, Even after having sexual life it is difficult to understand each other, which leads to some misunderstandings. In order to make the love life between couples more harmonious, in fact, both men and women have to understand the physiological common sense of the other side.

Will men bleed for the first sex?

As we all know, girls have hymen. Although hymen is easy to rupture due to other reasons, and not every woman will bleed in her first sex, there is still a high probability of bleeding in her first sexual life. What about men? Men naturally don’t have the so-called corresponding virgin membrane, because their reproductive organ structure is obviously different from that of women, and they don’t need similar membrane for protection. But because of the tension or the damage of the foreskin in the male’s first time life, there is still the possibility of bleeding.

Does male penis bend normally?

Many women who have not had sex will think that the male penis should be straight after erection. In fact, about 70% of the male erections will show different angles and degrees of curvature of the penis, which is actually normal, does not mean that the male is not healthy, nor will it affect the quality of sexual life.

Why do men have morning glory?

Male erections sometimes have to do with sexual stimulation, sometimes they may not have to do with sex. According to the data, men will have multiple erections even in the middle of the night when they are sleeping. As for the morning, it is a normal physiological phenomenon unrelated to consciousness. The male’s morning budding is closely related to the change of androgen level and the reflex function of related organs in the male body. If the male doesn’t have the morning budding for several consecutive days, it needs to be doubted whether there is sexual dysfunction.

Can male penis fracture?

You don’t need to think about this question if you using sex toys and sex dolls. Although there is no bone in the penis, “fracture” can also occur. If the male penis is bent violently after erectile hyperemia, the white membrane outside the sponge will be damaged, which can cause severe pain to the male, accompanied by swelling and congestion of the penis. Therefore, attention should be paid to strength and angle when having sex, so as to avoid the “indescribable” harm to men.

Why ejaculation in vitro is not reliable?

If you don’t want to get pregnant, the most common way is to use condoms, but some men will be greedy for pleasure and unwilling to use condoms. At this time, ejaculation in vitro is a very unreliable contraceptive method. Because men don’t secrete sperm when ejaculating, they often unconsciously secrete prostatic fluid at the beginning of sexual life, which will contain sperm and may still make women pregnant.

In addition, if men are used to ejaculation in vitro, it can lead to excessive stress in sexual life, which can lead to sexual dysfunction over time.

The relationship between men’s sexual endurance and blood type

Don’t think that the theory of blood type and personality is a kind of fiction and coincidence. Experts have found that a man’s attitude towards sexual life is closely related to his blood type, and also affects the length of his sex.

Type A men have a strong desire for sex.

According to statistics, the average sexual life time of type a men is about 4 minutes and 26 seconds, which is the shortest of the four blood groups. The advantage of doing so is that they have more frequent sex, 196 times a year on average, every 1.86 days. Type a men have been trying to get women to orgasm. If you can say, “great! Then he must love you very much. Needless to say, the biggest weapon against type a men is coquetry. Type a men have 4 sexual partners on average in their whole life. They have the best understanding with type O women. They work hard in bed. They must make their sexual partners have orgasms before they stop. They are typical good men who are more considerate of each other.

Type B men enjoy open sex.

They are very fond of trying different sex toys, and they will also like different styles of sex dolls. Don’t like the sex life of darkness, depression, or marriage problems. In short, love and sex are two different things. You can make love without love, or you can confirm love without sex. If a woman can speak frankly about her happiness, she may enjoy a happy marriage. Type B men have the most endurance. On average, sex lasts the longest, about 7 minutes and 11 seconds. Sex is not heavy in quality. It’s made 158 times a year on average, every 2.31 days. Type a women have an average of eight sexual partners in their lives, and they have the strongest chemical reactions.

Type AB men are serious sexists.

It’s not hard to work with him, and he likes pornographic jokes, but the truth is that they’re all spotless about sex, so it’s best to work in a natural way. Others believe that partners must be virgins or they will appear inactive. It’s best to create a great atmosphere in a natural way. Type AB men are the most conservative in sex, spending an average of 6 minutes and 10 seconds making love, followed by the most endurance men. They have sex an average of 173 times a year, every 2.1 days. On average, they have three sexual partners in their lives, the lowest and closest to type a women. Conservative to sex, won’t easily go to bed with a woman, when going to bed, must have feelings

Type O men are passionate sexists.

Think of sex as an integral part of life, just like eating. People with type O blood show a more relaxed attitude while accepting sex enthusiastically. Usually when a man and a woman are in love, their passion will push them to the edge. This leads to the experience of sex, which is obviously very different from men’s transactional sex. Generally speaking, people with type O blood are more active in love, but more greedy. They make the love process serious and delicate, but after the event, they can’t grasp the beautiful moment memories. The average time of sexual life of men with blood group O is 5 minutes and 32 seconds, ranking the third among the four blood groups. They have sex 180 times a year, every 1.91 days. On average, they have about six sexual partners in their lifetime, most of them in line with type O women.

The most reasonable arrangement of perfect sexual life

Sex is not only a physical activity, but also an essential part of a harmonious sexual life for adults. Couples who have a good sexual life seldom have extremely depressed violent emotions. Sex is also a way for couples to increase their feelings. Sex can make people feel happier than money. Sexual life should pay attention to a healthy way, otherwise it will backfire. The schedule of living a perfect couple is recommended to you:

1. Do not work within 1 hour after sex.

Sex can inhibit the activity of brain logic area, speed up blood circulation of lower body, cause temporary cerebral ischemia, weaken logic ability and problem-solving ability, so rest for 1 hour after sex to deal with other things. Sex toys can also increase the quality of sex.

2. If you change your sexual partner frequently, you will shorten life time 4.7 years.

Changing a sexual partner can be harmful to heart health and blood pressure stability. A French study found that having multiple or frequent sex partners can accelerate aging and shorten life expectancy by 4.7 years. Sex dolls can also be regular sex partners.

3. 15 minutes after sex, the most effective communication.

If there is any misunderstanding between you, you need to apologize or explain, and do it after sex. The study found that 15 minutes after sex, men and women have the highest degree of recognition and tolerance for each other. Seize this opportunity to communicate with him or her, and many problems will be solved.

4. At 10 p.m., women are most likely to have sexual fantasies.

Experts from Harvard Medical School found that at about 10 p.m., women’s brain creative cells are most active. At this time, they are good at imagination, and most of the fantasy content is related to “sex” and “love”. Therefore, it’s better for a man to go to bed before 10 o’clock and share his passion with her.

5. It takes an average of six months from strangers to close contacts.

Love is a process of mutual understanding and exploration. If you are too eager to enjoy the fun of love, you will lose your passion if you are too slow. Psychologists have found that the average time between meeting and having sex is six months in a successful marriage. “Six months is not a long time. This progress can make your feelings and sex more harmonious.” The researchers said.

Before sex, forget about all the things that bother you, and then have sex. This will help women to combine too much strength into their own figure and exquisite thinking, so that orgasm is naturally easy to reach.

Tips for improving the quality of sexual life

In the couple’s sexual life, some people often complain that is not as good as they think. They are not only tired but also hard to realize the pleasure brought by sex. Many people may go straight to the topic, but they often neglect some tips that can improve “sexual quality”. What’s the problem? Maybe you can see the following six tips about husband and wife’s secret affairs.

1. The best room temperature is 27 degrees for sex

Maybe you like to turn on the air conditioner in the room, but the research shows that the best room temperature is 27 ℃. In low temperature sex, will reduce blood circulation speed, make nerves tense. In the long run, the body is also prone to over reaction, such as physiological shivering in hot weather. Using sex toys can also improve the quality of sex.

2. The best time for sex is 13 minutes

People’s expectation of long-term intimacy is actually wrong. A good couple’s life time is 13 minutes, more than 20 minutes will make people feel tired, less than 5 minutes and too hasty. Sleep is the first factor to ensure high-quality room time. If you sleep less than 6 hours a day, you are prone to “sexual fatigue”. Pieced together sleep time will also reduce your expectations of sex. Instead of sleeping 10 hours three times a day, it’s better to sleep 7 hours at night.

3. In the morning and autumn, men are most eager for sex

Men are not on call. Men’s sexual desire is in direct proportion to their androgens. In the morning, the male hormone secretion is twice and a half of that in the noon, 16% higher than that in the evening; and every autumn, the male hormone secretion is the most vigorous in a year. Sex dolls can also meet sexual demands.

4. Men are sexually excited when they see red, and women are sexually fantasy when they see purple

Men see red will be sexually excited, and women because of menstruation, see red will have physiological fear instead. In the bedroom of purple atmosphere intimacy, the excitement of a woman will be one and a half times higher than usual. Because purple is similar to the color of human mucous membrane, it can make women have rich sexual fantasy.

5. Make love in the car, women feel more secure

19% of women like to use the car as a place of intimacy. Because the car has a good airtight, is a flow of “bed”, can bring a stronger sense of security than the bedroom. If you want to do something new, you can move the intimate place from the bedroom to the back of the car.

6. Prolonged foreplay or massage can avoid wandering in bed

This situation is not new: you are making out with him, and your mind suddenly drifts — the bowl in the kitchen hasn’t been washed yet. Yesterday, the manager called on your name at the regular meeting to criticize your performance decline, and just found that you’ve weighed another 1kg

Harmonious sex life can not only make men and women feel the pleasure brought by sex, but also promote the emotional exchange between the two sides. In husband and wife’s life, men and women are more concerned about some skills. Many people have little knowledge of the benefits and details of sexual life. Today, these 13 secrets about husband and wife’s life are brought to you, hoping to help you.

How do men want women to cooperate in sex?

Sexual life is a matter between husband and wife. It requires mutual cooperation between the two parties. Women should take the initiative when having sex and not be too shy. However, some women are very shy and do not want to talk about their feelings and skills about sexual love too much with their husbands, which makes the two parties cannot be satisfied when having sex. So how do men want women to cooperate when they have sex?

1, I hope she has a sense of humor in sex

On this issue, men are divided into two groups, one thinks it is important, the other completely ignores it. The former thinks that humor can help to alleviate the embarrassing situation, and adding a little laugh can stimulate the spark of love. If it’s not a bad thing to look stupid in bed occasionally, we should laugh together instead of you or me. How to locate a man’s humorous ability? He can act in an ironic way, can get along with women happily, and has male charm. With this kind of people, sexual partners are always happy. And I hope she’s happy to use sex toys.

2, I hope she has an orgasm

When a man has sex, he most wants a woman to cooperate and have an orgasm. Some data show that if a man finds that he cannot bring too much pleasure to a woman, he will feel sad. Even if he can enjoy the feast of America and watch the wonderful football, he will not feel happy. As a woman, your passion and visible pleasure are the most essential things. But if a man doesn’t realize it, or won’t use it, you’ll still be depressed. I’m afraid I can’t wait for the evening to come. This will change the awkward situation and guide him to where you are going. Some men like sex dolls because she can be anything they like.

3, I hope she wears something sexy in bed

Who cares what she’s wearing? It’s always a secondary issue. A man said, he also said most men’s voice. But whether it’s sexy or not often affects the duration of orgasm. And duration is often a concern for men. If a man is asked: when you undress her, if she’s sexy, do you like it? Most people admit that they do. A man who doesn’t care much about this replied: it’s good for me anyway, as long as she doesn’t wear too much. There are many differences on this issue, but it can’t be denied that wearing is a factor that can’t be ignored. Some men will be excited when they look at underwear and stockings.

How to be closer to the girl you like?

1. Express your ideas directly to girls: Greek sexologist Niki Haya said that although women express their feelings euphemistically, they all like direct men, so expressing love directly to her can improve the success rate. Helen Fisher, a professor of sexology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, further pointed out that men should keep confident posture in front of women. When sitting, keep an open posture, legs apart, head up, chest out, straight back. Stand with your shoulders toward the woman and turn your head toward the person you are talking to. This is also a kind of self-confidence in their sexual ability. In addition, mimicking certain actions of a woman can also signal your interest in her, for example, when she drinks a drink, you also take a sip.

2. When sending out an invitation to have sex, it should be natural and can’t help it: This is the advice given by Emily dubley, a British sexologist. When sending out an invitation to a female partner, it’s better not to be too intentional. For example, after a affectionate kiss, say to her, “you really suck me, let’s go to the bedroom to have a intimate relationship.” In this way, it’s all natural. Women don’t think that men only think about sex. So you can have a good sexual life,and sex toy can be used appropriately to add fun.

3. When you have sex, don’t go straight to the subject. Foreplay is like investment. The earlier you start, the more you will gain: PAM sperr said, “foreplay is the only way for a woman to reach orgasm.” Pay attention to the details of the foreplay: South African sexologist Caroline Herry points out that when you have sex, don’t go straight to the subject, try to touch her hair when you kiss your partner, exhale in her ear, or gently kiss her eyelids. For women, gentleness and consideration are the most important factors.

4. Awaken all her senses (breath, voice, touch): according to the survey, 30% of men hope to capture women’s body and mind better and faster. The secret to this is to try something that will activate at least three senses at a time. According to Marta, an Italian sexologist, this requires men to make full use of breath, taste and voice. Sonia Pereira dukey, a clinical psychologist in Lisbon, suggests holding your partner in your arms as you approach a mirror so she can see you kissing and caressing her all over. Or play her favorite record, spray her favorite perfume in the bedroom, put some fruit or chocolate on the head of the bed. Sex toys are also a good choice.

There is also a tried and true way: make spa for her. When the warm water flows on her head, gently scratch her scalp with the fingertips, which can release oxytocin in her body and help deepen the emotional connection.

How can a man make a woman infatuate with him

When men and women first met, it was the role of charm and attraction, the impact of hormones, which made them from acquaintance to love. Women are fascinated by men’s looks first. In addition, some characteristics of men can also fascinate women after a long time together. So what are the characteristics of men who addict women?

1. Understand girls’s psychology: girls always want to be a princess and not be hurt. Once a man takes care of them and loves them in all possible ways, they will feel that they are the happiest women in the world, and they will also be fascinated by these men. Use a sex doll or sex toy to make your sex life more enjoyable.

2. Be gentle with women: men need to be brave and powerful. If a man can treat his woman gently, she will be happier than she imagined. Every night, she wants to snuggle up in his broad and warm arms, sleep sweetly and wake up naturally.

3. Show hegemony when appropriate: men know how to love women, strong men can show gentleness, which may make women feel infatuated, but when a man shows the autocratic president’s style at the right time, it will make women more infatuated, because it can give women a certain sense of security. Of course, such hegemony must be reasonable and displayed at an appropriate time.

4. Know how to create a good life: two people together for a long time, will inevitably produce a sense of boredom, once tired, two people’s feelings will go wrong. However, some men don’t let their love be dull, so they will create some romantic festivals and atmosphere. They will give gifts to women. If there is no gift, they will get blessings. There will be surprises from time to time. Women like this feeling most, which is always unexpected. Sexual life also needs to be good.

5. Understanding tolerance: due to physiological reasons, women sometimes have some unreasonable emotions, when these emotions vent, men may suffer. If men can understand this, it’s because of women’s physiological functions. If they can understand and tolerate it, then women will appreciate them.

6. Have a sense of humor: if a person has a more optimistic attitude towards life, then there must be some humor temperament. If a man has a sense of humor, he often tells humorous jokes to make his women happy. Such men and women like him very much. They must want to be with him all the time and think of him when they are upset.

When a man has these characteristics, or one or two of them, women will be attracted by these characteristics, because these characteristics are what women like and pursue. If men don’t have any of the above characteristics, then from now on, they must cultivate their own characteristics, so as to win women’s infatuation and love more easily.

Several signs that suggest you’ve been single for too long

In sexual diseases, although being single or have no sexual life is not a disease and does not need medical treatment, but you should think about whether you have been single for too long if you find the following symptoms:

Signal 1: shy in front of the opposite sex. The best explanation for why you don’t associate with the opposite sex is that you don’t know how to deal with yourself in front of them. When you look at them and they find your gaze, you feel that you are not pleasing them, but repelling them. When you have just been with a member of the opposite sex for a while, you end the relationship in some bizarre way.

Signal 2: found that all the opposite sex had problems. Maybe you are afraid of pursuing the opposite sex, even more afraid of pursuing the opposite sex. Being single for too long can become overly critical. You can find faults in every other person around you. Even if you are a man of excellent conduct, you can be critical: you don’t have good taste in clothes, you have big pores, you don’t like to watch entertainment news, and you can save money

Signal 3: indulge in love soap opera: your biggest entertainment is love soap opera. Fantasize oneself is female one, have perfect love ending. It’s time to adjust your preferences.

Signal 4: The hope is that technology will bring lifelong companionship. You give up the idea of finding a real heterosexual partner and hope that the world’s advanced science and technology can bring you a partner. You are interested in every aspect of bioengineering. There are other potential signs, of course. There is no doubt that it is a good choice to have sex dolls as partners. You should realize clearly that you can’t go on like this.

Signal 5: girls will become strong women. Single for a long time, will become more and more independent, become a strong woman. All the details of life should be blocked by yourself. Even sexual partners are just sex toys. As time goes by, you start to be like a man, which is enough to make any opposite sex turn away from you.

Signal 6: live in the delusion that all members of the opposite sex love you. Unfortunately, fantasize that all the opposite sex favor themselves. Every ordinary interaction with the opposite sex is given a special meaning by you.

Signal 7: people thought you were gay. You never linger around the opposite sex, or show interest in them, only get along well with the same sex, so people think you have different sexual orientation.