There are many benefits to a healthy and harmonious sex life

1. Exercise and keep slim

Sexual life is like jogging.” “A warm kiss burns 12 calories, and a 10 minute caress burns 50 calories.” These foreign research conclusions confirm that in the process of sexual life, breathing is deepened, cells get more oxygen, the function of various organs of the body is strengthened, exercise the body to burn calories, and help you keep slim.

2. Reduce stress and make you more beautiful

Experts say the release of hormones during sex keeps us from feeling stressed. At the same time, the stimulation and physical exercise brought by sex make adrenaline production. Under the effect of hormones, the skin is more transparent and elastic, and people naturally look brighter.

3. Enhance immunity and reduce the occurrence of diseases

Sexual life can make the adrenal gland secrete evenly, keep the immune system in a good state, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and enhance the function of heart and lung. Therefore, healthy sexual life can reduce the occurrence of skin disease, heart disease and myocardial infarction. Try sex toy and sex doll if you don’t have a partner.

4、 Semen helps clear the vagina of pathogens

There is an antibacterial substance in semen, semen plasmin, which can kill Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, pneumococcus and other pathogenic bacteria existing in vagina. But this is only to a certain extent to help, do not mistakenly think that vaginal diseases can be treated through frequent sexual life.

5. Protecting the prostate

Men with mature sexual development can clear the accumulated prostatic fluid in the prostate through sexual life, so as to maintain the health of the prostate.

6. Relieve pain

The extreme excitement in sexual life and the endorphins released during orgasm can make you feel no pain, which can relieve headache, backache and other kinds of pain.

7. Extend life

There is evidence that those who are happy in marriage live longer than those who are single or divorced. A happy marriage is certainly related to a healthy and harmonious sexual life. Sexual life makes lovers more intimate, more pleasant in spirit and more healthy in physiology, all of which can help prolong their life span.

8. Feeling happiness

Sex can make people feel happier than money, according to an international study. Therefore, sexual life is an essential part of maintaining a harmonious and happy life for husband and wife, greatly increasing the happiness index.

Six ideal wives in men’s mind

1. Have a good view of the overall situation. It’s dangerous for a woman to be a wife without such basic values. In order to love is willing to give up everything, is willing to gamble to get love, crazy pursuit of romantic women lack of overall situation. A person can talk about a love vigorously is a thing that can not be met, if fairy tales become an attitude, a habit, a goal of life. This kind of state will make people become more and more selfish, forget their families, forget their friends. Finally, it’s all about hurting yourself, your family and people around you. Women with a holistic view know how to balance their feelings. Love is not the only thing in life.

2. Young and beautiful. In addition to appearance, another important criterion for Chinese men to choose a mate is age. Turn on the newspaper, turn on the TV, you will find that, without exception, the marriage seekers ask the female party to be younger than themselves. Men aged 20-30 generally require the other party to be 1-5 years younger than him, while men aged 30-40 require the other party to be 5-15 years younger. After the age of 40, a man can only find his wife in his daughter or granddaughter generation. Of course, foreign men also pay attention to the age of women, or there will be problems in communication. But they don’t particularly require women to be younger than themselves, and it doesn’t matter how old they are. Therefore, the age range they give in the notice is usually their own age plus or minus 5 years. It also satisfies a man’s sexual life needs.

3. Bring out the facts and reasons. I will never look for a woman who is too assertive, reasonable and mean. I will catch a man to death, criticize the word “private” for a flash, guard against your “bad” movements and drive people to suffocation. This kind of woman is really terrible. Or that kind of woman like cotton cloth clothes, close to the lungs, but also leave a gap, air tight. What do you think of a woman who is aggressive and always looks like “invincible in the East”? What about insight, brains and courage? This kind of woman scares men away before marriage and makes men upset after marriage. A really smart woman will leave her husband room.

4, Tolerance. Men attach more importance to their families and women than women think. They are always used to regard their families and women as safe havens and cozy nests. So they hope that their success and failure can be fully contained here, and they will open their arms to welcome them back no matter when. They also need to be able to tolerate their use of sex toy and sex doll when they need them.

5. Good at talking. Psychologically, men are very afraid of loneliness and loneliness. Single men who go out for a drink every night or go to a friend’s house don’t like drinking or being very close to their friends. Their real reason is that they are afraid of being alone. So married men have good reason to believe that they should not feel lonely and lonely again. So when men lose their women’s whereabouts, or when they return late or even not, they are scared like naked nuns in a busy market.

6. Silence and never brings trouble. Domestic ugliness should not be publicized. The right and wrong of the family is a thing that can’t be said clearly. If we add in the gossip of the outside world, the self-esteem of men will collapse completely. At that time, even if the man is willing to reconcile, it is difficult to ride the tiger. If a woman really wants to solve the problem, her only choice is to close the door and discuss slowly. Because the principle of men’s domestic affairs is: no outside interference in internal affairs.

How to let women enjoy orgasm and passion

Women suffer from not having an orgasm during sexual life, and men suffer from not having an orgasm. In fact, it’s not difficult for a woman to have an orgasm. It’s much easier to use skills in a timely manner. And oral love is a good way. So what kind of oral love can a man make a woman orgasm?

Find sensitive areas for women

The contact between male lips and female genitals is called licking Yin. In ancient China, it was vividly compared to blowing Sheng. From the aspect of physiology and anatomy, this behavior has its reasonable side, because the female sexual sensitive area includes clitoris and labia, and clitoris can be used as the stimulation area of arousing excitement and the stimulation area of final orgasm. The use of sex doll and sex toy in conjunction with each other can also bring both men and women to orgasm.

Let vulva completely wet before oral sex

The clitoris is soft and tender. Rough fingers can easily cause pain without the secretion of lubricating liquid. Of course, human body lubricant can be used for lubrication. In addition, the mouth has saliva that can play a role in lubrication. The soft and flexible tongue will make the clitoris feel extremely comfortable and happy. The stimulation can reach a certain degree, which can promote women to have clitoral orgasm, which is very beneficial to women’s sex, and can make women more engaged in the next step of sexual intercourse. The application of Durex strawberry flavor human body lubricant before oral sex can make the private area more moist and smooth, and also full of sweet taste.

Oral sex should be carried out gently

Oral sex must be licked. When licking, you should slowly and gently suck her vagina, then gently reach her labia, suck the liquid she secretes, and finally the clitoris — this is the most important part. When you start oral sex, pay attention to the speed at the beginning. Women enjoy the time that their favorite man takes to appreciate her and her body. If she starts in a hurry and goes straight to the subject, she certainly doesn’t like it, sometimes even hates it. We can treat her whole vagina as an ice cream with three kinds of flavor materials you like, so you can enjoy the delicious food slowly.

If you don’t like ice cream, I hope you will like the metaphor and know how to enjoy the “ice cream”. Lick her vagina with your tongue, from the entrance to the clitoris. (remember to relax and enjoy your delicious “ice cream”. Don’t be nervous. )First of all, you should only lick her side of the outer labia. Free to suck her outer labia, from outside to inside, from inside to outside. Draw his labia into your mouth and massage her labia with your tongue. Believe not long, the other side of the labia will be very jealous, you see the time to start sucking the other side.

Licking vulva step by step

Do you believe that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body? Then, when you give her oral sex, you try to exert your tongue’s ability to see what unexpected surprises can be brought to her. Because it’s easier to control your tongue than your penis. Believe that she will be crazy because of your tongue! Because of saliva, your tongue is naturally lubricated, and the tongue can rotate, bend and swing freely, which the penis can never do. So why not use your tongue to explore her mysterious area? Let the tongue freely in and out of her vagina, from time to time, and search for more mysterious areas. Remember to keep returning to stimulating the clitoris, because most women orgasm by stimulating the clitoris – especially during oral sex. However, don’t use too much power to stimulate the clitoris, because it may irritate her. Pay close attention to her physical and emotional changes, and start to increase the pressure and speed gently.

Speed up oral sex according to girl’s reaction

When you have made her a lioness with the above skills, the following oral sex skills are enough to drive her crazy. However, always pay attention to her body’s reaction. Finally, we should focus on attacking her clitoris, holding it fast, releasing it quickly, fast in and fast out. This stage can speed up the rhythm. Remember to match the rhythm of her body. Next, suck her clitoris into her mouth and slowly suck it, while your tongue is close to it. You can gently, you can also vigorously suck, everything depends on what she likes. At the same time, she will secrete some liquid. You can suck her liquid at the same time and make some sounds. Many times, sound is also a good aphrodisiac. Believe that the climax is not far away.

In fact, before any kind of sex, you must clean up your health and eliminate the absence of patients. In good health and condition. Oral sex is the same, in order to ensure that the husband and wife’s oral and reproductive systems are healthy and normal.

The bad habit of destroying happiness

The collapse of happiness is not caused by one or two small things, but by the accumulation of many factors, the gradual erosion of marriage. So, what are the factors that destroy marriage after marriage? I have summed up a few points for you, hoping to enlighten you and avoid the unfortunate consequences of marriage.

Don’t care about your husband

In the period of passionate love, men tend to take more care of women. After marriage, men are busy with their careers. Under the increasing social pressure, men hardly care about their health. Many white-collar workers often stay up late to work overtime in order to buy houses and make money. If women still don’t care about men at this time, your emotions are gradually alienated. When men feel like looking for them in this home Can marriage go on without warmth?

Not having sex for years

Each of you will use a sex toy or a sex doll to meet your sexual needs, when you get along with each other day and night, you don’t have the passion of that year, and you can’t bring up sexual interest in sexual life. For a long time, making love is a routine task, and even some couples don’t make love at all. As the number of sexual activities continues to decrease, both the body and brain will begin to adapt to the “zero intimacy” of marriage, and finally may be “asexual”. Although it can not be said that sexual life determines the level of sexual happiness in marriage, to a certain extent, the quality of sexual life is indeed crucial. Some netizens complained that they had bought a dynamic condom, but it had not been used up yet, so we can imagine the frequency of sexual life.

Too busy at work and too little communication with each other

It’s true that white-collar workers are under a lot of pressure. They are busy every day. They still work overtime after work in the evening. There are few opportunities to communicate with their partners, let alone chat and talk with each other. You can’t get the little news from your lover all day long. At the beginning, you will make him anxious and lose. After a long time, he will be calm and his feelings will turn red. No matter how busy the day is, couples should use all kinds of methods to contact.

Used to be alone

After marriage, women take the responsibility of caring for their husbands and children. In order to save money at home, they buy discount items. In the eyes of men, it seems that all these are women’s responsibilities. As long as they make money, they will get rid of more responsibilities, such as repairing furniture, cleaning and so on. For a long time, which woman can support this life? I wish you good health.

What you need to know after taking the emergency contraception

First: take the emergency contraceptive within 72 hours

The time limit of emergency contraception is very strong. In the 72 hours after contraceptive failure and unprotected rooming, the earlier the medication, the better the effect of preventing unwanted pregnancy. You should take one tablet within 12 hours after sexual life, and take it again after 12 hours, so as to have effect.

Second, emergency contraceptives can only be used once

Emergency contraceptives are only used after the last unprotected sexual intercourse, and do not work for the next unprotected sexual intercourse. Therefore, if you have sex again, you still need to take routine contraceptive measures. If you have sex once and take an emergency contraceptive, if you don’t take contraceptive measures next time you have sex, it will cause unwanted pregnancy. You can also use sex doll and sex toy if you don’t want to use contraception for sex.

Third: side effects of emergency contraceptives

If vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking the emergency contraceptive, you should take it again. It is better to take medicine after meals or before going to bed, which can reduce nausea and other reactions.

Fourth: take the emergency contraceptive to use conventional contraception

After taking the emergency contraceptive, before the next menstruation, reliable routine contraceptive methods should be used to avoid unprotected rooming again.

Fifthly: Post Examination of taking emergency contraceptive

After taking the emergency contraceptive, if the menstruation expires, you should go to the hospital in time to check if the emergency contraception fails, or you can use the early pregnancy test paper for self inspection. Because the emergency contraceptive is not 100% effective, it can be said that no conventional contraceptive can achieve the absolute safety effect, so we must carry out self-examination.

Sixth: emergency contraceptives should not be taken many times

As an emergency contraceptive, emergency contraceptive is not a conventional contraceptive. It has good effect occasionally in the emergency of contraceptive failure. However, if it is often used as a conventional contraceptive, it may increase the probability of monthly menstrual disorder if it is taken continuously and repeatedly in the same menstrual cycle.

Seventh: emergency contraceptives should not be mixed with other drugs

The effect of emergency contraceptives will be affected by taking emergency contraceptives after multiple rooming, unprotected sexual intercourse after taking medicine, or taking anti-inflammatory drugs, antiviral drugs, anti tuberculosis drugs, anticonvulsant drugs, etc. Frequent use of emergency contraceptives can lead to an increase in the overall failure rate.

Men who want to have healthy sex should eat less of the five foods

Top: fat

Consequence: red meat (bacon, sausage, lunch meat) makes you unable to be strong. Saturated fat and cholesterol narrow blood vessels, including those that carry blood to the erotic site. During sexual life, the blood supply of the little brother is insufficient and it is difficult to orgasm! Measures: have a good appetite and a strong lift. Have some oysters! Oysters have always been known as “famous products of love”, and science has proved this traditional saying. 2-3 oysters can meet the needs of human body for zinc all day, and zinc is just an important mineral source to maintain the normal function of male reproductive system. Zinc will make men “sexual” exuberant!

Second place: high fat milk

Consequences: prostate cancer: men who consume more than 600 mg of calcium per day through dairy products are 32% more likely to develop prostate cancer than men who consume less than 150 mg of calcium per day! Daily intake of calcium through dairy products will inhibit the level of vitamin D in the blood. Vitamin D is not only an important nutrient, but also a hormone that can prevent the hyperplasia of prostate cancer cells, so as to prevent prostate cancer. Measures: pay more attention to healthy diet, such as eating less meat, regular exercise and eating more low-fat food, soybean food, vegetables and fruits. Use sex dolls and sex toys to make sex more fun.

Third place: refined flour

Consequence: let men not mention the reason: white bread and candy taste good, but if from the perspective of nutrition, it is not the case. In the process of processing whole wheat into refined bread, zinc will lose three quarters, which is very important for the cultivation of sexual desire and reproductive health. The highest amount of zinc in the body is also in the prostate. A high zinc diet helps prevent prostate hyperplasia.

Fourth place: soybeans

Consequence: the reason of affecting male sexual characteristics and reducing sperm quantity: soybean is a kind of food with estrogen characteristics. Excessive intake will improve the level of estrogen in the body, thus affecting male sexual characteristics. The researchers believe that the chemicals in soybeans can “mimic” the function of estradiol, the female hormone, leading to a reduction in sperm count. Measures: pay attention to the consumption amount, and pay attention to “excessive”. As long as it is not a large amount of daily intake, it will not be excessive.

Fifth place: fried food Consequence: decrease male hormone secretion cause: hydrogenation in vegetable oil can transform oil into solid state, and the fat contained in it is trans fat. As for the degree of damage, trans fat is better than saturated fat. French fries and other fried foods, biscuits and cookies contain trans fat. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said trans fatty acids can increase the body’s “bad cholesterol” and increase the risk of heart disease. At the same time, trans fatty acids can also reduce the secretion of male hormones, have a negative impact on sperm, and interrupt sperm response in the body.

There’s a magic way to say goodbye to ejaculation weakness

The erection is not hard enough and can be supported by drugs. But ejaculation is weak, there is no “special medicine” treatment. The so-called weak ejaculation means that the semen is not ejected but “overflowed or slipped out”. Some people with ejaculation weakness will be accompanied by the decrease and disappearance of pleasure, which will also reduce their interest in sexual life and lead to male frigidity.

Due to the weakness of pubococcipital muscle, lack of sexual excitement, physical fatigue, decrease of sexual hormone, too frequent sexual life, old age and frailty, the symptoms of ejaculation weakness appear in men. But it needs to be emphasized that the new feeling of middle age will also decline. Although the sexual pleasure is not as strong as when you are young, you don’t need to strive for powerful ejaculation, as long as the sexual life is harmonious. For young men, ejaculation weakness has a greater impact and can be recovered through self exercise. Sex dolls and sex toys can be used to enhance this ability.

There is a way to say goodbye to the weakness of ejaculation

1. Towel exercise method:

Put towel on erect penis, if can bear, show muscle strength is OK. If not, try a small towel instead. Through the change of the position of the towel when the man actively contracts the muscle and raises the penis, the exercise effect can be checked.

2. Exercise method of contraction of pubococcal muscle:

When the penis is kept in the vagina, the pubococcal muscle can be contracted to lift the penis to your lower abdomen. It can not only increase the muscle capacity, but also help stimulate the female G-spot. If the female side does not feel the contraction of the penis, the male should be reminded to adhere to the exercise of the pubococcal muscle.

In addition, exercise to maintain a certain regularity, can be arranged twice a day about 10 minutes of fixed exercise. Contraction of the pubococcal muscle can make the micturition stop, which is exactly the way you know the pubococcal muscle. When exercising, you can first contract for 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds. In this way, you can repeat 10 times as a group. When the muscle strength increases, you can extend the time of contraction and relaxation to 10 seconds or more.

3. Interrupt urination exercise method:

The lower part of the urethra and ejaculation channel are shared by men. During urination, some muscle activities and ejaculation have common places, such as the contraction and relaxation of the external sphincter of the urethra, the contraction of the striated muscle of the perineum and the anal sphincter, etc. By interrupting urination, the above muscles can be trained, their muscle tension can be increased, and the situation of ejaculation weakness can be further improved.

The specific method is: every time when the micturition reaches half, stop micturition, wait for a moment, then urinate again, and practice again and again. After a period of practice, the ejaculation intensity of some patients can be improved.

Rules to improve women’s sexual pleasure

Medical research has proved that orgasm has many health care effects, such as relieving pressure, reducing pain, eliminating depression, promoting blood flow, improving brain power, and benefiting longevity. However, in real sexual life, only one third of women often have orgasms. One in 10 women never know what orgasm is. In a recent article published by the daily mail, experts have summed up the reasons why women’s orgasm is hindered and how to improve women’s pleasure.

The law of improving women’s sexual pleasure

In foreign countries, doctors solve such problems, first of all, let patients gradually accept their own behavior. Here are a few tips to help women achieve orgasm:

1. Ladies first

It is a basic principle to pay attention to women’s feelings in sexual behavior and let women take the lead in achieving orgasm. This can not only ensure that women get more orgasmic experience, but also help men with erectile dysfunction get effective sexual stimulation and achieve full sexual arousal. Foreign clinical research shows that women who first reach orgasm are far healthier than women who reach orgasm later. Use sex doll and sex toy to enhance the sex experience.

2. Make full use of non genital stimulation

Many couples blame premature ejaculation on women’s lack of orgasm, which is largely a misunderstanding. Because simply prolonging sexual intercourse does not make women reach orgasm automatically. However, after partners use caress, as well as hand and mouth stimulation and other means, the two sensitive areas of female clitoris and G-spot are fully stimulated, but they are more likely to have orgasm.

For women, moderate masturbation is also a good rehearsal of sexual intercourse, which is an important part or supplement of married sexual life. Of course, when masturbating, clitoral stimulation should be appropriate and gentle. Don’t always guess his sexual needs, don’t worry about not meeting him, fully express your ideas, both sides get satisfaction together, and it’s also what men want to unify sex and love.

At the same time, say what you want. Many women have their own sexual needs and preferences, for example, a certain posture is more likely to climax, a certain caress is more likely to be excited, but they often do not want to say it, but wait for each other to develop. In fact, nothing can stop you from enjoying sex, finding the right opportunity to say what you think, and daring to try, your sex life will burst out with more passion. Only in this way can the partners get the pleasure of sex together.

Nine things seal a woman’s orgasm

1. Contraceptives. Dr Cynthia Graham, a sexologist at the University of Southampton in the UK, believes the pill is a key factor in reducing women’s libido. A new study involving 1101 sexually active women from Indiana University found that compared with condoms, hormonal contraceptives such as birth control pills and contraceptive stickers are more likely to cause women’s sexual arousal, orgasm reduction, lack of vaginal lubrication during sexual life, decreased pleasure and sexual frequency.

2. Not paying attention when having sex. A study at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands found that important areas of the brain go “off” during orgasm. This shows that to reach the climax, it’s best not to be ambivalent. In the process of sex, all kinds of interference factors should be minimized or avoided. Use sex dolls and sex toys to increase interest if you can’t concentrate during sex.

3. Antidepressants. Dr. Barry comesaluk, Professor of neuroscience and psychology at Rutgers University and an expert in orgasm research, said that antidepressants and antipsychotics have a very strong inhibitory effect on orgasm. These drugs can improve the brain serotonin level, reduce the level of dopamine, the brain euphoria hormone, and then seriously affect sexual arousal and orgasm.

4. Genetic genes. Researchers at St. Thomas Hospital in the UK conducted a study on the sexual life of 4000 twin women. Half of them are identical twins with similar genes, and the rest are heterozygous twins with different genes. The results showed that the “climax difference” related to genetic factors was as high as 34% ~ 45%.

5. Poor blood flow. Dr. Graham Jackson, a cardiologist and President of the London Association for sexual consultation, said scientific research has confirmed that erectile problems in men are closely related to poor blood flow caused by poor vascular health. Some experts believe that poor blood circulation may also be a female “orgasm killer.”. Like the penis, the clitoris needs enough blood flow, which is essential for arousal and orgasm.

6. Sexual ignorance. Dr. gram said the most common cause of women’s difficulty with orgasm was “sexual ignorance.”. There is a large amount of evidence that both husband and wife should learn about orgasm and sexual skills, which is particularly important for women.

7. Getting older. For women, androgens are also orgasmic hormones, according to Dr. moping, author of the mystery of female hormones. With the increase of age, the androgen level in female body will gradually decrease, and the frequency of orgasm and the intensity of sexual desire will also decrease. Therefore, middle-aged women should be supplemented with androgen when necessary.

8. Get fat. Dr Nick parnay, a gynaecologist in London, UK, said that obesity can change hormone levels in the body and affect sexual pleasure. Weight gain will lead to the excessive increase of sex hormone binding globulin, which will lead to the decrease of androgen level, thus affecting sexual desire and orgasm. In addition, obesity may also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which will lead to the reduction of blood flow in the heart during the stimulation of genitals and brain, and damage the neural signal transmission channels closely related to sexual arousal and orgasm.

9. Fake orgasm. A survey found that as many as 70% of women said they had pretended to orgasm. However, Dr. Knowles, a sexual consultant, said that as long as the woman pretends to orgasm, even once, the man may think that a certain way of sex is the best way to satisfy his wife, which has been tried repeatedly. Women will never reach a real orgasm.

How to prevent extramarital relationships

Don’t contact the opposite sex too often

If you have long-term contact with your opposite sex friends, you will inevitably get a spark of “love”. Therefore, when contacting with friends of the opposite sex, do not choose places that are prone to ambiguity, or in public places, treat each other as “brothers” and “friends” in their hearts. The content of conversation is also limited to the care and greetings of friends, talking about work and learning, avoiding emotional topics, and avoiding long-term eye contact as much as possible.

Enrich marriage life

Many married people have extramarital love, either because there is no freshness in marriage, or because there is no emptiness and loneliness, or their sexual life is not harmonious. If you meet a more suitable heterosexual at this time, it is easy to step into the threshold of extramarital love.

So, try to keep yourself busy, such as reading more books, listening to more music, or exercising more often, and keep a happy mood at all times, so it’s easy to get rid of loneliness. For married couples, creating more interests for their lives will make them more affectionate and far away from the edge of divorce. Use sex doll and sex toy to have fun during sex.

Put energy into marriage

After marriage, some men pay little attention to marriage because of the pressure of life and work. No matter how busy or tired you are, don’t ignore your feelings for your family, because home is the place where you can cultivate and live. For example, how long have you not called your parents? How long has it been since I was warm with my lover? How long has it been since I cared about my children’s study? Only by constantly reflecting on your relationship with your family can you be attached to your marriage.

In fact, in order to maintain the emotional stability of the marriage between the two sexes, it is necessary for both husband and wife to learn how to often add some different colors to their marriage life. The above three methods are the good methods that Xiaobian told you today. I hope they can help you and wish you a happy family.