Italian sex doll brothel was shut down

In the past few days, when the Italian sex dolls were copied, the people were known to have been shut down. According to Italian media reports, Lumidoll was shut down by the police and reported on suspicious health standards, saying that “the hygiene guarantee for establishing LumiDolls is 100%.”
After the company’s landlord canceled the lease, Barcelona’s second brothel was forced to move to a new location and then closed. Lumidolls also has a brothel in Moscow, Russia, which plans to open other sex dens around the world. Health authorities are conducting an investigation to determine if the company’s doll cleaning meets all standards. Lumidolls owner Sergi Prieto had previously told Daily Star: “As you know in Italy, prostitution is 100% legal. Customers can choose Lumidolls Torino for new sexual experience in a safe and secure place.”

Sexual doll brothels pay £67 per half hour, or £83 per hour to rent a room with a sex robot. The prostitute allowed the Randy to live a dirty fantasy without having to convince the real woman to indulge them. The agency’s website tells guests that they will be “indistinguishable” from dolls and real women.
For sex doll brothels, customers can show any sexual fantasies they dare not do with women, which enables them to achieve their most impossible illusions, which may not be possible with others, maybe they have some physical complexity, not allowed They feel comfortable with one person and make it easier with a doll.
For hygienic conditions, these dolls are made of a thermoplastic elastomer known for its softness, and the site is keen to point out that the dolls are “disposed of appropriately with special antibacterial soaps” before and after each service. Despite this, tourists are still urged to use condoms.
Therefore, instead of doing this, it is better to buy a sex doll that belongs to you. Love dolls are always risky to open, and you can buy dolls without risk. Of course, you only need to violate the legal conditions of your country.

Life with you and sex dolls

As people gradually begin to understand sex dolls, they will think that sex dolls are only suitable for sex, but this is not the case.
1. Take a photo
In the past, the reputation of sex dolls was not good, because if you bring them into public, many people will be disgusted and feel very awkward, so people will reject them. But now people get sex dolls for different reasons. For example, some customers who buy sex dolls will take photos of their dolls. The advantage of silicone dolls for the shooting is that they contain metal enamel inside, so the joints are very flexible and can do whatever you want!

2. A fun sex life
Of course, sex dolls are used for sex! More and more couples use them as sex toys, and more and more women support their other half to buy sex dolls. Sex dolls can be used to enhance your sex life, you want a trio, you don’t want to share your partner with a real person, then a doll is yours!
3. Hug
When your loved ones leave, you miss them very much, and love dolls can replace the people you think! Or, if you like to hug something while sleeping, TP E or Silicone dolls have a soft skin that mimics real human skin, and some sex dolls can even have heating! When winter comes, they will be a good warm bed tool.
As you can see, buying a sex doll may be for any reason! These dolls are popular and affordable! Why not try it?

It was promoted as the first personality doll brothel in North America

North America’s first personality doll brothel – customers can pay for sex with high-tech silicone models – expected to open in a low-key strip mall square at the northern end of Toronto early next month. The Aura Dolls website claims to be “the first well-known ‘brothel’ in North America, providing sexual services to the world’s most beautiful silicone ladies,” claiming competitors’ businesses.

These types of stores are becoming more and more popular in Japan. These dolls are designed to achieve male fantasies and even violent fantasies. They try to focus on the fact that since they provide this service to those who have these dark, violent fantasies, rather than strongly demanding positive action, they can do something for everyone. All things are safe. The company believes that they “help reduce sex-related crime rates, improve sexual life in marriage, and most importantly, allow men and women to explore sexual desire in a safe, non-judgmental way. The doll’s personal time can be The company’s website found that ranging from a sex doll to $80 to $80 to two four-hours of $960. For a grand opening, Aura Dolls offers a 25% discount on all listing prices and will soon offer a monthly package.

American company wants to create trans sex sex robots

Whether it’s tall, thin or thin, the sex robot can have different body and shape characteristics. A California-based company even began to consider creating a new transgender sex robot.

A few years ago, the sex doll manufacturer named Realbotix provoked controversy, fearing that the development of sex and technology would affect the intimacy between people. The company’s sex robots have artificial intelligence and custom personality and can mimic human conversations. However, it has also been pointed out that the idea of developing transgender sex robots is impossible. Realbotix’s “transgender robot” is actually a sex doll with a detachable reproductive organ, such as a detachable male genitalia mounted on a female sex doll.

How does a sex doll’s blowjob compare to a real woman?

You have to know that true woman naturally produce saliva, which acts as a lubricant for oral sex, and then sex dolls do not have natural saliva that requires the use of a lubricant. In addition, sex dolls lack the warmth of human beings, and people’s mouths are usually warm and hungry, which enhances the sexual experience.

Unlike women, sex dolls don’t get bored and don’t need time to inhale. This also means that this will be a continuous experience without stopping in the middle. Real women, it will be great, why? Because the real female tongue can swing well, not like the automatic counterpart.
Sexual dolls will never refuse blowjob because adult sex dolls are inanimate objects, lack of reasoning makes them have more followers, which means they can satisfy any decision and desire of you. On the other hand, real women will refuse.
Some women may have bad breath or worse, which may affect the experience or expose you to the risk of infection. Sex dolls are very clean and are usually cleaned before use, which protects them from bad breath and any possible diseases.
Therefore, sex dolls can guarantee 24 hours for you, and can also avoid various diseases. The real woman can’t guarantee it.

Do you have a real sex doll that will make you a pervert?

no, not like this.

Why are you buying sex dolls? Why are you buying sex dolls?
curious? lonely? What are you? Still thinking of someone?
Of course, most people choose dolls because they don’t know how to deal with women and have no sex. Is the purchase doll very abnormal? I think this is a very normal phenomenon, and it may be very abnormal in some people’s eyes. It is that they don’t understand the doll and don’t understand the perception you produce. And now the sex dolls you buy will be shipped secretly, and you will never let others know what you bought. This personal privacy will be handled properly.

When we always make a small part of the mistakes made by everyone to do this, we come to the conclusion that you are wrong. Whether you are right or not, there will always be a lot of public opinions that you are wrong. Therefore, you will escape from reality, avoid socializing, and purchase sex dolls to satisfy your timidity and satisfy your sexual desire. Because the doll never complains about you, never betrays you, they will be your best listeners.
Remember, people who buy adult sex dolls are not perverted. Everyone should have a way of living for everyone. We should respect their choices.

Doctor’s wife died, million yuan to buy sex dolls to send thoughts

His love

The wife was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, and he found a few suitable candidates for him before he died. He refused one by one.

He said, “I can still buy a sex doll as you.”

The wife was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer and the cancer cells have spread rapidly. At that moment, when he was a doctor for a lifetime, he was very self-blaming. “Showing others a lifetime of illness, but I can’t do anything about her illness.” He wiped the tears in his eyes with his hand, and one hand didn’t know where to put it. Only one foot shivered slightly.

Before the wife left, I hope he can find another wife to spend his old age, and even think of a few suitable candidates for him. However, he refused one by one. “I am okay, able to take care of myself, I can also buy a fake doll as you.” He replied half-jokingly. The wife’s words said: “A lot of people say that after they leave, they have to drink the ecstasy soup on the way to the underworld, forget about the past, and I will definitely not drink when I am, I will remember you, I will come to you to be a husband and wife in the next life. He told his wife: “I will not drink in the future.”

The wife’s casket has been placed at home and surrounded by various small gifts. “I don’t want her to drift outside, I want to see her every day”

His home, when he entered the door, saw his wife’s spiritual position. On the other side of the sofa, there is a fake doll in a red coat. The red coat is the one that my wife liked before his death. On the wall of the house, there are some decorations such as colored strips of paper, which was the arrangement of his last birthday to his wife last year. This is also the first time that a foreigner has participated in a more beautiful birthday. He said that the couple originally liked some elegant decorations, which were specially prepared for the wife’s life. “There was no further removal. I want to keep the festive atmosphere at that time and never gave her a birthday. The second and last time.”

“I don’t want her to drift outside. I want her to live with me at home. I want to see her every day.” He said, so they are still husband and wife, and they will walk together for the rest of the day, “Photos and ashes. It is her soul, and the fake doll is her body.”

“You watched a lot of health things on TV. You didn’t pay attention to it before.”… Today, he talks to the sex dolls he buys every day, recalling the days he and his wife have, and their recent changes, “Look It’s like seeing a sex doll.”

During the day, he will put it on the sofa in the living room. In the evening, the sex doll will be placed on the bed where the wife used to sleep, sleeping in peace.


Three divorce found that sex dolls are true love

Three divorces have found love with the sex doll, have a deep emotional connection with him, and tell the “ecstasy” they experienced when they had sex.
Murray from Queensland, Australia purchased a 6-foot doll and named it Noni. He bought sex dolls for the first time in 2008, but now he has settled with sex dolls. And he feels that this doll can help him solve loneliness and establish physical relationships with sex dolls.

He said: “If I go home from shopping, she is here, in the house. Thank God, the house is not empty.”
He added: “She doesn’t even have silence, you talk to them, you are talking about your problems, your life, your climax, your trough, your happiness, your sorrow, she will only help you.”
In fact, you also need sex dolls, right?

Women have the coolest career in the world – sex toy testers

What is the “best job” in the world? A British woman said that she had made such an attempt. Can you accept it?

According to the British The Mirror report, the 30-year-old beauty Karleen Howden, a sex toy tester, tests two new products per week on average, and “experience first”, and then the results of the test, including sex toys The pros and cons of the report are written into a report and provided to the company for reference. In addition to trying his own accidents, Karleen Howden will also use sex toys for her mother, five sisters or friends, and will also go online to find netizens to test and ask them to share their experiences. Karleen Howden said that testing sex toys is not so fun or easy to imagine, and sometimes there are some obstacles. She will also share her own experience because some of the fun toys are very special and must be used with care. Although she has a boyfriend, she said that the job will not affect their feelings, and sometimes even the two will test together.
This British woman claimed to be the “best job” in the world. She turned out to be a sex toy tester and would try it out with her boyfriend.