6 manifestations of men in their “menstrual period”: love to be angry and smoke

Men also have a menstrual period, which is more annoying than the soul of a poet, and more difficult to deal with than a mess after a meal. For them, every certain period of time, there will always be a few days of emotional fluctuations, and even physical discomfort. Medical experts call it a male “low ebb” phenomenon, and some doctors jokingly call it a male “physiological” phenomenon. period”. This is actually a change in biological rhythm, the result of changes in hormone levels. It’s just that some people have obvious rhythms, while others are not. Take a look at how men behave when their menstrual period comes.

   1. Fidgeting

   When a man’s menstrual period comes, he will show restlessness. You ask him what happened, and he says that he doesn’t want to talk, and it keeps you confused. Fidgeting is a manifestation of a man’s inner anxiety. He doesn’t know why he is upset, but he just can’t control himself.

   2. I don’t know what I’m going to do

   For a period of time, men didn’t know what they were going to do or what they needed. He always sits and reads books, but he always flips through the books; or when he watches TV, he tunes in the TV station, and he can’t find what he wants to watch. When going out to eat or go shopping, he also seems undecided, who is usually very assertive, so you can choose for yourself.

   A man during his menstrual period does not understand himself, and it is more difficult to understand others, so don’t let him make up his mind, let him stop for a while.

   3. Indifference

   He suddenly became cold, even indifferent, and didn’t take the initiative to speak when he saw you. When you try to get close to him, he feels uncomfortable and will give you a bad face, thinking that you have influenced him.

   He disappeared, who was usually active and attentive, and became indifferent as if he could not see you. Let him be quiet, don’t disturb him, the menstrual period will pass.

   4. Slurred speech

   You only need to be careful and you will find that for a period of time, the rhythm and intonation of a man’s speech become uneven, his voice is low, his speech is slurred, and may even be accompanied by stuttering. Don’t think that he has become stupid because of some shock. In fact, it is just the most common period of menstruation.

   When a man is in his menstrual period, his nerves will become tense inexplicably, and his words will change in a tense situation, but don’t think that he has done anything to sorry you.

   5. Get angry

  He usually takes good care of you, prevents you from being wrong at all, and does not let you shed a tear. However, he has changed. He gets angry from time to time or is worried about some inexplicable little things. The cheerful smile could no longer appear on his face, and he was frowning all day long.

   During the menstrual period, a man will have an endless fire in his heart. A little trivial matter can become the fuse, igniting the raging fire in his heart, and become angry.

  6. ​​Smoke

   Men always regard smoking and drinking as the best remedy for worry. When they feel unhappy, they either go out to drink and have fun with their friends, or they smoke suffocated cigarettes by themselves, and they are breathing heavily from time to time.

   He hopes to get out of the trough of his menstrual period as soon as possible and restore his optimistic self as soon as possible, but he hasn’t managed to cope with it yet, so he smokes sullen cigarettes and tries his best.

   If you don’t understand your husband’s psychological cycle, you are likely to suffer inexplicable emotional shocks at this time. You will find that without any obvious reason, the beloved man will suddenly alienate himself every once in a while.

   He seems to be very cold, even unwilling to talk to you, always hides aside, or reads books, or watches TV. When you try to get close to your husband, his reaction can be unacceptable. He would dodge and even loudly say: “Go away and let me be quiet for a while.” If you think that love is over, you are wrong. In fact, this is the periodic emotional disengagement caused by men under the effect of psychological “period”, and it is neither his fault nor yours.

   When the husband’s mental cycle comes, his wife should not try to bring him back. Women should use this time to do things that they wanted to do, give him freedom, and let him drift out of your attention. After those few days, he will come back by himself.

   You need to let your husband feel the rich meaning of life, and don’t let him focus entirely on his career gains and losses. If you want your husband to realize that there are many other fun and goals in life besides success and fame, the best way is for the wife to use her own drive to let her husband try as many leisure and entertainment methods as possible, whether it is traveling, fitness, collecting, or piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Can achieve this goal.

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Your smart girlfriend is online

Since the first sex culture festival was held in 2003, each exhibition has gathered hundreds of high-quality brands at home and abroad. As of the successful completion of the latest exhibition, the brand influence and product quality of each exhibitor’s products have been continuously improved.

Thanks to the technological progress of the times and the increasing opening of ideas and concepts, adult toys are gradually changing from the initial “talking about sex” to today’s “talking about sex freely”. The most concerned about each exhibition is the “physical doll” exhibition. In the field, since the first generation of inflatable dolls came out, the level of doll manufacturing can be described by leaps and bounds, and the level of stimulation has reached a human-like level.

In the past 2019 sex culture exhibition, there have been many eye-catching “shes” with snow-like skin, long black hair with a shawl, big eyes, and smallmouth, and even winks at you. Talking to turn around, this is the “smart girlfriend” developed by a domestic company, and the first appearance of the domestic “smart girlfriend” can be traced back to 2016. Novel products are always attracting attention, but because of technical limitations and expensive, The selling price not only discourages some exhibitors but also countless baby friends.

In fact, foreign manufacturers started to research and develop smart physical dolls as early as 2007, and in 2017, the well-known big manufacturer Abyss produced and developed a smart physical doll called “Harmony” with the help of AI technology and machines. Programming support has been able to make some human responses.
Smart sensor

The AI-designed physical doll has an intelligent human sensor, which can easily respond to your touch. By touching her preset body sensors located in various parts, she gives voice feedback in different tones according to the degree of excitement affected by the intensity of the touch, and her response is the same as that of ordinary women.

Simulated body temperature

Artificial intelligence technology enables the doll to be automatically heated to 37°C to adapt to the temperature of real women. The merchant will provide users with a battery heating function. When you need to use the battery, insert the battery into the connection port on the side of the doll’s body. The wiring inside the doll’s body will start to heat from the inside out. When it reaches the body temperature, it will open and block The function guarantee will not damage the internal device structure of the doll.

Polymer Materials

Smart dolls use more advanced polymer thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone materials. Whether it is the surface skin or the built-in private parts, it has the characteristics of softness, better elasticity, less oil output, and no peculiar smell. Equipped with Anti-electric shock, fire, and explosion protection measures.

At present, smart physical dolls on the market are still not universal. The main reason for the restriction is the cost of technology and production. The “harmonious” selling price ranges from 1 to 5W US dollars. The smart dolls developed by the domestic high-end brand SEXREALDOLL The price of a mini sex doll is more than tens of thousands.

Solving female family problems with network remote sex toys

As the concept of smart devices has become more and more popular, entrepreneurs from the celestial dynasty have stepped forward to devote themselves to the entrepreneurial wave of wearable smart devices. However, in addition to traditional sports bracelets, smart scales, and smart homes, are there other novel products? The answer is yes. Today, the author will take you to see which smart devices targeting the female market segment have their own gameplay:

   Dawid, the founder of X-power, their team’s current main product is voice-activated waterproof female orgasm temperature detection, network remote vibrator, listening to the name is not bad, what kind of entrepreneurial experience they have, the following is Dawid’s sharing:

   Let me talk about a series of family problems currently faced by women:

   1. Visual fatigue.

Wife is always the good of other people’s family! Why can women spend money on beauty and weight loss, of course, for beauty, what is the purpose of beauty? To make their men love themselves more! But even for dressing No matter how beautiful it is, people will have visual fatigue!

   2. Modern female fertility problems.

   Many women can’t have children, and it’s not due to their health. They go to the hospital for check-ups and sometimes take medicine and injections, but they still can’t solve the problem. Therefore, treat sex correctly, understand your own ovulation period, and accurately predict your pregnancy time, and then use sexual aids to open the uterine mouth, so that the probability of successful conception will be greatly improved.

   3. Women’s health issues.

   Of course, many women have a very high chance of getting pregnant, but there are also problems, improper contraception, hardship and harm. If you can accurately predict your safety period, it will greatly reduce the unnecessary suffering of many women.

   4. Modern sexual life satisfaction issues.

   A survey on well-known websites found that 40% of Chinese netizens have low sexual satisfaction. The use of adult products is a socially embarrassing thing, but after using adult products, the quality of sex life will be greatly improved, and the relationship life of couples will be more harmonious.

   5. Redeem the previous love.

   If the couple’s sex life is not satisfactory, most of them will cause the male to go out of the wall and find her love. This is a great blow to women, and if the husband and wife work separately in different places, the pace of relationship breakdown will increase.

To this end, we have developed our own brand of adult products X-POWER, which does not simulate male penis, but uses “lily” and “lady lipstick” uniquely designed female vibrating massager. The massager function is controlled by mobile phones. , Remote network control, body temperature recognition, voice control, multi-frequency switching, and other functions.

  Mobile phone control:

   The mobile phone control function realizes two-person interaction, not only for women to enjoy alone, but for couples to have fun at the same time. The male’s wireless control makes the female senses more exciting, and at the same time, it can judge whether the female is in orgasm through body temperature recognition!

  Network remote control:

  Remote control satisfies the possessive desires of both men and women, and helps women avoid men’s “stealing” outside. The network can meet the needs of both parties’ sexual life, which not only consolidates love and sex but also makes the family more harmonious.

   Body temperature recognition: Detect women’s body temperature changes under two conditions, one is to enter the orgasm period, and the other is to enter the ovulation period. The body temperature during ovulation will be slightly higher than usual. When the body temperature rises, corresponding judgments can be made. In addition, some people use mercury thermometers for testing, but mercury is very harmful to the human body. The United Nations has called for no more mercury thermometers.
Moreover, it is inconvenient for ordinary thermometers to test the body temperature of women’s vagina and uterus. Our product can recognize the temperature difference of 0.01℃, which is more accurate and safer to recognize the temperature of the human body.

voice control:

  The mobile phone software can recognize female erotic voices in the current environment, and use this to control the speed of the massager, making the erotic function more intelligent.

  Multi-frequency switching:

   This massage stick can also be switched directly at different frequencies. Different vibration frequencies and different G-spot feelings give women more pleasure.

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Saliva as a lubricant?

I believe you must have seen “small movies”. As a background of conservative concepts, most people’s channels for “Apricot Enlightenment” come from some “green” content, including “small movies.”

But it is precisely for this reason that many people think that perfect “sex” should be like the plot in a “little movie”, but it is not the case. Here are 9 common “little movie” mistakes Point to help you clarify the difference between reality and film.

Wrong point 1: You can “enter the state” instantly

In “Small Movie”, after the introduction of the title, it quickly enters the topic. It seems that you can directly enter the situation without any foreplay. However, the fact is that the actors of “Small Movie” have been professionally trained and use lubricating fluid. After editing, the foreplay time of the club is greatly shortened, so it is invisible in the film.

In the real world, “sex” and foreplay are very important. It takes an average of 10 to 12 minutes for an average person to arouse “sexual desire” and reach a state that can be entered, rather than just a few tens of seconds.

Mistake 2: Great efforts can work miracles

This is also a common notion that men are misled by “small movies”. Although some people do like this kind of stronger power, in reality, most girls will not easily reach the “cake tide”.

On the contrary, there may be pain and discomfort due to tension or less lubrication, so if your partner does not like this drastic method, please stop sticking to your own opinions and discuss your favorite frequency or strength with each other in order to enjoy the joy of fish and water.

Mistake 3: Pistons alone can “climax”

In pornographic movies, orgasm seems to be available everywhere. Every time you can get an orgasm as long as you love love, don’t be too involved. Don’t forget that they are all actors. Love is really an important part of love, but love Can you orgasm?

This is not necessarily true. The survey shows that 75% of girls cannot rely on “love” alone to get cake tide, so when girls do not reach it, it probably means that foreplay or other stimulation is not enough.

Mistake 4: Girls also like “colors”

I believe that many men are not unfamiliar with the “color” plot in the “small movie”, but in fact, many girls are disgusted with it. Many people I know complain to me. One is: to make the picture more realistic, and the other is: to avoid making the audience think that it is fake, and it is not done for fun.

Of course, if you like it very much, the other party will feel that it is innocuous and fine, but it is still important to respect the other party’s wishes.

Error point 5: “Nabuki” I can also

“Nabuki” is a scene often seen in “small movies”. It can often be seen that it is almost to the end. The girl’s body shakes, and then “Nabuki” appears. But in fact, this is something you can’t find.

According to statistics, only 6% of girls have a “nest blowing” physique, not to mention that girls cannot reach the “cake tide” in every love scene, so the probability is even lower.

Mistake 6: It’s not good until dawn

In “small movies”, they often spend half an hour at every turn, even without taking a break, which makes people think that this is awesome. When bragging with friends, they often say how long they can reach. But in reality, many men only Can last 3 minutes.

Many people feel inferior because of this, but in fact, it is unnecessary. “Small movies” are edited. Few people can achieve this. As long as it is not “second color”, it has no effect. Others can be used: foreplay, after play Or delay props, etc., to add points to love.

Mistake 7: A love uses a variety of “knowledge”

“Little movies” often have some “knowledge” presented for the sake of vision. Although they look exciting, in fact, if you and your partner are not gymnasts, you should watch these movements. Difficult, more dangerous, or painful.

Mastering a variety of “knowledge” is a good thing, it can change and bring interest, but it is not appropriate to change too much in love, frequent change of “positions”, this will cause rapid physical exertion and accidents.

Wrong point 8: saliva as a lubricating fluid

It is also common to use saliva as lubricating fluid, but saliva is actually a very bad lubricating fluid because it will dry quickly, so in “small movies”, the lubricating fluid is used in advance before shooting, and it is difficult to find when watching it.
It is the same in our daily life. It is better to avoid using saliva and choose general water-based lubricants.

Mistake 9: “Little Bird” feels inferior

The actors in the “little movie” all have a “big bird”. Compared with their own, they always feel inferior. But those “big bird” male stars are screened and their “body hair” is trimmed. It’s even more “obvious” on the screen.

At the same time, the satisfaction of sexual life is not entirely determined by size, but more skills and communication are more important.

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Pregnant women’s sexy underwear makes you shine

With the continuous improvement of living standards, pregnant women not only demand health during pregnancy but also pay more and more attention to beauty during pregnancy. At present, there is a group of sexy pregnant mothers performing their pregnancy charm at New York Lingerie Fashion Week.
According to the website of the British “Daily Mail”, traditional maternity underwear is usually far from sexy due to the old-fashioned shape and boring design. However, the 2014 Spring/Summer New York Lingerie Fashion Week has completely changed people. Views on maternity clothes.

Uyo Okebie Eichelberger, the founder, and president of Lingerie said that expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers used to have difficulty experiencing sexy lingerie firsthand, so the company aims to create the unique confidence and beauty of pregnant women.

When you see a pregnant model with a big belly stepping on 5 cm pink high heels, wearing a variety of bright color bikinis, and a cotton lining with a variety of bow knots standing on the runway, showing her beauty confidently and sexy, you must Unexpectedly, maternity underwear can also be so sexy and sultry.

Whether it is sexy or beautiful, our fashion designers just want more pregnant mothers to enjoy their own confidence during pregnancy.

Here I will introduce you to the sex doll. The TPE material makes the hand feel closer to real human skin and contains a metal skeleton, which makes joint movement very flexible.

12 ways to increase “sex” interest

Good sex life can improve their feelings, so many men and women are very interested in ways to improve the lives of couples. Because many people misunderstand sex in life, they think it is a mechanical “exercise”. Experts point out that this is absolutely wrong. of. What are the ways to improve married life?

  1. New postures, such as standing up, or when he sits and you ride on him. However, there is no need to make new styles every day, sometimes it is surprisingly good.
  2. get out of the bedroom and discover other places for sex at home, such as doing it at the dinner table or on the piano.
  3. Don’t lie down like a dead pig, be slutty, be hot on the bed.
  4. With the help of gadgets, scratch his body with a sweater, use both hands and lower body, bite his ears, rub his inner thighs up and down with his legs, cover his eyes with a silk scarf or tie his hands, etc. to add new feeling Gadgets.
  5. Sex games, write down your sexual fantasies on a small piece of paper, fold it and put it in the box, close your eyes and draw out one, put your sexual fantasies into action with him on the spot, and the rest of the notes can be left to be clear Continue late.
  6. Put your face close to his body and rub every inch of his skin, especially the sensitive areas that were rarely touched before, such as behind the knees.
  7. give him a thrilling, breathless kiss.
  8. Encourage him to speak secret sexual fantasies. You know that talking does not mean you have to do it. Many men only need to talk about their sexual desires to stimulate sexual impulses.
  9. let him know how much you like his body. “Strong chest, strong legs, lovely buttocks”, touching those parts while talking.
  10. Don’t make the gesture of caressing statically. However, most men prefer more vigorous strokes.
  11. Play “Sex Hotline” and talk to him about sex on the phone.
  12. Use ultra-thin condoms. This is a simple way. Ultra-thin condoms are made for fun. There are two different choices of ultra-thin and fun, which will bring you a double sex experience. When gentle, wear an ultra-thin condom, such as The lacquer is like glue, and it is lubricated and unimpeded to enjoy the ultimate lingering when thrusting; when domineering, wearing a bump cover, the gun is like a dragon, and the climax between in and out makes her scream constantly. Really follow your heart, follow your heart!

In other words, don’t you know her better?
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Excessive masturbation leads to male impotence, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization, most male friends have the habit of masturbation, so they are not unfamiliar with the term masturbation. However, excessive masturbation can lead to many male diseases, such as erectile dysfunction or impotence. It is one of them, so what should I do if it leads to impotence?

This situation is first of all to stabilize the mood, do not drink alcohol, do not eat spicy food and other irritating foods, do not have masturbation, the key to quitting masturbation, if necessary, go to the urology department of a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment, and formulate reasonable treatment measures based on the examination results. Chinese medicine for kidney fitness.
In terms of diet, eat less greasy food, and eat greasy, spicy food and avoid alcohol. Don’t stay up late, get enough sleep, get up early, and exercise. Also, try to keep a happy attitude and enhance the body’s resistance. At the same time, with several health therapies, the body can better recover:

  1. Dietary adjustment methods
    Diet adjustment is a good way to treat premature ejaculation caused by excessive masturbation. Male friends can eat more aphrodisiac and solid essence foods. Such foods are rich in zinc. Zinc can not only improve the body’s immunity, but also semen and semen. An important component of sex hormones. For example, leek, mutton, animal kidney, seafood, fish and shrimp, kelp, etc.
  2. Physical exercise adjustment methods
    Physical exercise is also of great significance to the conditioning of male premature ejaculation. Experts said that moderate physical exercise can strengthen the body, nourish the spirit, and promote the recovery of premature ejaculation.
  3. Acupoint massage method
    Acupoint massage is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, and it can play a significant role in regulating male premature ejaculation. Massage through acupoints can promote the recovery of premature ejaculation, relax blood vessels, increase blood circulation, and promote the active erection of the penis. Massage can also stimulate sexual nerves and regulate the response of rational nerves to sexual signals.

How do you say you are almost something? Then let me tell you, you just didn’t bring the sex doll home!

This girl opened the coolest female adult products store on the entire network

Generally speaking, it is quite rare for sex shops to look fashionable and advanced.
The sex shop in my impression looks like this: a few ugly plastic mannequins stand in a corner of the underground shop. They wear exaggerated wigs, black and red lace bras with ruffles, standard props are BDSM supplies, low-quality leather jackets, and doors decorated with neon lights, which look like old movies from the last century The girls who walked out were either betrayed in hue or considered too alternative.

The good news is that when women try to save this aesthetically worrying phenomenon, things start to be different.
A global industry trend forecasting company called JWT predicted in the 2017 report: “Pelvic muscle exercise”, “Vulva maintenance” and “G-spot stimulation”. The popularity of these words in the past year is a signal and indicates This year will be a year when “V Road Comfort” is popular.
“Although it has always been taboo to talk about women’s V-channel and genitals publicly. The rise of the fourth wave of feminism has inspired women as never before. Whether or not it is related to other topics, such as health, sex, masturbation, and even Its happiness.” Lucie Greene, JWT’s global creative director, said in the report.

Par Femme is part of this wave. Par femme comes from French, and it translates into two meanings-created by women and created for women. This is an online sex shop headquartered in Australia and officially opened in the second half of 2016. Founder Ruby Heery and her partner Monica Nakata wanted to present a delightful fashion that subverts tradition.
Broadsheet commented that Par femme is an “online/physical store founded by a duo of fashion magazines”, and it is true. The two were born in Oyster, a local magazine in Australia-Monica is the co-founder and former publisher of the magazine, and Rudy is a former fashion editor and stylist.
After graduating from Sydney’s Pimpel Girls’ College, Monica Nakata and Jonathan Morris founded this magazine, which is known for its avant-garde style and advertises popular culture, in 1994 to showcase the latest photographers and young hipsters from all over the world. works. Ruby majored in art theory and art history at the University of New South Wales School of Art. You can also find her beauty video on In Her Bathroom on Youtube.
Par Femme sprouted from Ruby’s interests and proposals. She has always been interested in the concept of “female” and wants to explore how to capture visual images that can show women’s sexiness and desire without time constraints.
In the beginning, Ruby created a homepage on Instagram to show women’s bodies. This became an opportunity for two people to meet. “One day I happened to see Monica while I was working. When I showed my work to her When I saw the light shining in her eyes, we fell in love at that moment.” Later, Ruby proposed not only to take pictures but also to open a cool sex shop with Monica to transform the status quo of sex shops that are not sexy.

This store offers a new sexy mix-and-match experience: it not only sells lingerie, erotic books, jewelry, and tactile sex toys but also publishes some interviews and articles about the positive energy of the body, such as “The History of Female Orgasm “, “YSL’s Barbie Baby Perfume” and “Take “Clio Love Balls” to the Wedding” etc.
In an interview with Vogue, Ruby said, “We wanted to build our own production line a long time ago.” Whether it’s fashion or eroticism, these are all ways women express themselves, and they are of profound significance to people’s spiritual level. We all desire beauty, we are pursuing happiness and want to live our own way. Then, both fashion and eroticism call for a new kind of change. “
Here, you can find many orphans: Aimee-Cherie’s favorite items, Holly Ryan’s Art Deco jewelry, Double Disco double hoop earrings, and Perlesque’s fashionable and exquisite violet sex toys. Monica and Rudy also launched their own designs and series of jewelry under the name of Par Femme.

The definition of Par Femme can be multi-dimensional, but the essence is to serve women. “Empowerment and self-expression are our core concepts, so we put a lot of effort into our products. We hope that all women can discover the sexy in their own bones, explore their desires and interests… These are in our store You can find the answer here,” Ruby said. “It is especially valuable for us to share such a value that promotes female self-confidence with like-minded women.”
Is there anything wrong with black lace corsets that like high street styles? Someone asked them.
“Most sex shops are a little too exaggerated and even daunting. On the contrary, we want to overcome these stereotypes. Comfortable white cotton products can be as sexy as black lace.”

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Selling a smart inflatable doll for $53,800

The British “Daily Mail” reported that recently, photographer Robert Benson led people through his lens to visit Abyss Creations in San Diego, USA, which is famous for its specialized production tools.

At present, the price of inflatable dolls produced by the company is as high as US$6,500, and the privately-made models cost US$12,000.
In the 1980s, the first inflatable doll factory was built in Japan. At that time, plastic was the main production material. Later, the production material was replaced with high-end silicone, the purpose is to feel more real, the inflatable doll itself will become more flexible and flexible.

Due to the flexibility of production materials, customers can also change the face of inflatable dolls according to their own preferences. The production of this factory can be said to have reached a high degree of customization. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is applied to inflatable dolls. In the process of use, inflatable dolls can respond autonomously to stimulate users’ sexual interest. The production cycle of each inflatable doll is about 80 hours, and some details need to be completed by hand.

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How sexy is your voice?

Young people often use “the ears are pregnant” to describe the voice as sexy. But now, there is a condom brand that wants to test for you, can your voice make others’ ears pregnant?
Recently, the condom brand SKYN has launched a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that can judge your voice from four aspects: sexiness, mystery, emotional intensity, and maturity. You only need to find the SKYN Voice Analyzer on Facebook Messenger and send a voice after the prompt. This robot can not only distinguish between male and female voices, but also understand multiple languages, including English, Italian, French, and Portuguese And Polish.

Dialogue interface

Although it is not clear what basis it uses to evaluate your voice, the robot will send you back a conclusion similar to a psychological test that is applicable to everyone (for example, I am charming, warm, and mysterious when I laugh), And a data chart that seems very scientific and bluffing.
And this chatbot is the marketing activity of the brand new boutique series “Unknown Pleasure” (Unknown Pleasure). This series includes various products such as warmth, coolness, bumps, textures, and even cocktails.

In addition to small ideas such as chatbots, JiFu also publishes a survey on the sexual status of the “millennial generation” every year. And when you open their website, you can also find some data from the 2017 “Millennial Generation” Sexual Status Survey.

48% of people live at least once a week, 66% have slept with someone they know on the dating app, and 30% have sent sexy photos to others without consent.
The most interesting city in the United States is New York. And if you want to have a good night, Houston may be a better choice for sex products that have topicality and dissemination, open up a little yellow voice, and use small ideas to tease fans. This is basically what every brand is doing. However, it seems to be a more differentiated marketing method to do gender science and use data and content to enhance the value of the brand.

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