Girl Or Doll: Who Can Give You Better Experience

A question want to ask you,if you have a chance to choosen girl friend,would you want a real girl but not gorgeous or you want to choosen a sex doll but glorious.maybe many people will think real girl will be a good chioce,but see this article,maybe you will change you thought!

Every individual past the teenage days strive to lead an active sex life, irrespective of profession, socio-economic conditions or even cultural backlashes. However, according to surveys which work specifically on this matter reported a very disturbing fact: the world is getting less interested in sex. In fact, our ancestors used to have more sex than we do now.

Overruling the fact that foreplay has gained importance more than ever before, the desire that drives the world is still dissatisfied with both the quality and quantity of sex. And to put things in place, nothings drive a man more than putting his dick inside a warm pussy and spray his cum all inside.

Benefits of having sexrealsex sex dolls:

No Daily Tantrums:

We all have faced the daily tantrums of our wives and/or girlfriends that they do not want to open up their legs. However stressful we might be, society doesn’t permit us to rip open those panties and drag her by their asses until they let us put our dicks inside. Mini sex dolls are rather agreeing on this matter, just open up that hole, and punch in your hot rod hassle-free.

No cycles to follow:

Humans have a biological cycle, according to which human interactions must be scheduled. However mini sex dolls politely let in our dicks any time of the month, without significant barriers.

A wonder body:

Human bodies are not at all perfect, nor are they responsive at all times. We can beat these with the sexrealsex sex dolls available in the market. Their bodies are perfectly designed, and offer almost the same experience when you fondle their breasts, pinch their thighs, hit their asses or rip open their panties to get a better view of their duck pond. Further, if you get turned on by their charm, put them up anywhere and in any position you want, put your cock out, and go wild till your last drop goes inside.

Anytime, anywhere:

Compare them with your human partner, who might refuse to drop their panties in any place you might want them to. Sex robot dolls can be set up anywhere and anytime, on the beach, a public bus stand, restrooms, and your office cubicle or even in your neighbors’ house if you are willing to. Once you set up your doll, it is only a matter of time before your hot rod goes inside the soft cunt and takes in every drop of your juice.

Get both Quality and Quantity:

In sex dolls, you have a partner who never refuses to any position you might want to try, or how many times you want to get laid. The only thing missing is the human touch and interactions, which get offset in the heat of the moment. Want to enjoy some steamy sex sessions at the beach? Or Want to fuck someone hard and take the edge off after a tough day’s work? Just set up your sex robot, and your dick will do wonders, even capabilities you didn’t know you had.

do you have any ideas,sex doll or real girl,have you ever ready for add pleasure in your life?

Why should you get a sex doll?

At present, the focus on the silicone sex doll industry is getting higher and higher in China and even the whole world. Why is this? I think that these dolls bring us not only physical pleasure, but also spiritual comfort.

Sex is not a necessity for life, but an indispensable reconciliation agent. In this society where the ratio of men and women is unbalanced, when our emotions cannot find the other half to vent, when the empty space is only one person, when the heart is full of upset, but the object is not confided, thelifelike sex dolls may become the ones they fill, an exclusive product of inner loneliness. Because of the disharmony of sexual life, no sexual partners, middle-aged men and other widows who were widowed in their early years, love dolls have an irreplaceable role.

They have more important life meanings, not just sexual objects. Once people enter middle age, their hearts will become extremely empty and lonely, and the dolls we sell can satisfy their companionship. Although realistic love dolls can’t completely replace women, they play an increasingly important role. So can a real doll replace a real woman? There is no definitive answer to this question.

Yes, if your marriage is not happy, or has a stronger desire for sex, then our high quality silicone sex dolls will be very helpful. Realistic love dolls can relieve the troubles you encounter, free you from the loneliness of life, and make your life more colorful. What are you waiting for?

Tips for choosing the best sex doll include –

Make sure you choose the right type for you (some inflatable dolls, some from real dolls)

Ask yourself about the sex doll you want. Are you looking for a real feeling and really feel the working parts? Are you chasing a sex orgasm? Do you want a sex doll to have anal with?

You need to compare the price of a doll, consider the sex doll budget you can buy, and the types you might need. After deciding to purchase a series of realistic sexdolls, you need to choose a doll sales store, because the quality of the dolls provided by each doll store is different, even if their pictures are the same, but the manufacturing process and design can be determined. So you can customize sex doll what you like according to your needs.

Another thing to note is that sex dolls do require maintenance and you need to keep it clean after use! But don’t let it disappoint you in any way!

Sex With Sex Doll Real Feeling You May Not Know

Having sex with a sex doll feels great and can be emotionally intimate. It’s also very easy to make sure it won’t get repetitive. You can experiment with different positions, types of sex and special lubricants. You can even change the outfits, wigs, and sometimes even proportions of your sex dolls. By doing these things, you’ll be able to make sure that your experience won’t get repetitive and can even be better than your first time. Although there are some exceptions, most of our customers purchase these dolls for realistic, sexual companionship. They are designed for this purpose, and are sure to provide you with plenty of pleasure and excitement. The key is to stick to some best practices so that you have an amazing experience, and your sex doll is there for you for years to come.

Remember that for the best sexual experience, you may need to splash some cash. Top-quality lifelike sex dolls aren’t cheap. In fact, they’re quite expensive, with prices that often exceed 1,000 dollars. Mind that it’s a long time investment, and you can only benefit from it. Top sex dolls are so realistic that often you won’t even see the difference between sex with one of them or with a human being.

What Does Kissing And Touching A Sex Doll Feel Like?

Kissing can feel very real, the face is soft and her mouth will open, you can put your tongue in and feel hers. Yes, the doll will have a tongue and teeth, and a deep throat.

Modern TPE and silicone sex dolls are made to feel ‘just like the real thing. They’re soft to the touch and very realistic. Facial features and body parts are moulded from real woman and then often enhanced to suit your needs. Want bigger tits or a firmer ass? They’re made the way you like them.

A sex doll’s boobs are soft and round and very squeezable, soft perky nipples with great butts too!

Vaginal Sex

This is one of the most common ways for people to enjoy their silicone dolls. Every female sex doll we sell comes with a fully functional vagina. For many of our dolls you have your choice between a removable (similar to a pocket pussy or a flesh light) or fixed vagina. We include the depth of each doll vaginal opening on our website. Be sure to select a doll that can accommodate your size.

All of our dolls are composed of silicon or TPE. Both are extraordinarily realistic feeling. Our vaginas are made for pleasure, and designed so that it feels as if you are having sex with a real live human. The process works just like you would imagine. You position the doll the way you like, then you penetrate the doll and continue as you normally would. The friction and pressure combined, feels absolutely amazing.

We are often asked if it is okay for men to finish inside of their dolls. The answer is yes. This is a very common practice, and our dolls were designed for it. later, we’ll get into some details about taking care of your doll after that part is over.

Anal Sex

So many people fantasize about anal sex. Anal sex, yes the sex doll can give that too, and her ass should feel good, will open well, and feel tight also, you should have little trouble having anal sex with a sex doll. It is normal, healthy, and very pleasurable for many people. The bad news is that it can be difficult to find a willing partner, let alone one to actually enjoys being on the receiving end is this. Great news! Both our male and female dolls are functional in this way. Our product engineers I have work hard to design the dolls so that you get a realistic, super tight, intense experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Oral Sex

Depending on the type of tpe love doll you have and what you’re into, oral sex can be satisfying. Some dolls are designed to deep-throat and with a little bit of heat and lube, they can feel just like a human mouth.
Is a blow job from a sex doll The same as getting a blow job from a person? The answer is no they are not the same. A love doll won’t simulate the suction of a real person and they’re generally more into vaginal and anal sex. There are pros and cons for both. Still, a sex doll blow job is pretty damn fun. Think of it like this. When the manufacturer creates a sex doll, the mouth only has to do two things. It has to look nice and it has to provide pleasure. You’ll need Lube of course but you’ll never have to worry about your dolls gag reflex whether she gets a stiff neck, or how she’ll react when you finish.

Do Not Forget Lubricants

To prevent injury on your skin and enjoy vagina, anal or oral penetration with your penis the best way you can, ensure the orifice is properly lubricated.
Most people make the choice to use a lubricant so that their sexual experiences are easy and pleasurable. If you do this, always choose a water-based lubricant. Oil-based or silicone-based lubricants can damage your dolls, and cause staining. Water-based lubricant is highly recommended for use because it is more hygienic, easy to clean, and it will not go everywhere unlike silicone lubricants.

Apply lubricant any place that you intend to penetrate. Just don’t go overboard. If you attempt to use too many things will get sticky and messy quickly. Here is a bit of a sex doll life Pro tip. If you think you need a bit more lubrication, try adding just a tiny amount of warm water instead. This can reactivate the lubricant And is often all you need to continue with your experience.

There are some people who prefer to take a dryer approach. For this purpose, they often use powder. This reduces friction but creates a very different sexual.

Benefits of Sex with a Sex Doll

Now let’s talk about the benefits of having sex with a sex doll. First of all, it’s much easier to experiment with her. Your real human partner may not be so open to some ideas like anal sex or various positions. With your sex doll, you won’t encounter any problems when it comes to that. You’ve always wanted to try anal sex, but your girlfriend said no? Sex doll won’t say no to you. In fact, she won’t say anything to whatever you decide to do with her.

If you’re in a relationship, it can benefit from having a sex doll too. Adding a sex doll to your erotic life can be a fresh and exciting experience. It can also be great practice before trying a threesome. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

What does it feel like to have sex with a sex doll? It feels marvellous, and you should definitely try it. You won’ t regret it.

Some Reasons That Explain Why Men Like To Spend Time With Real Life Like Dolls

Treating dolls as girlfriend might be a taboo in many people’s point of view, but this is not an uncommon feeling among men. In fact, so many men are there around the world that loves their real life baby dolls as their girlfriend. If you are wondering why men love to spend their time with these dolls, then there several reasons for that and I am sharing some of the reasons below with you.

Different kind of pleasure: When you buy these dolls, then you can have multiple pleasure and fun with them. If you will buy a real life sex doll, then you can have sexual pleasure without any problem. And if you want to cuddle up with a girl and sleep in your bed, you get freedom to do that as well. These are only few things that I said about pleasure, but you can have various pleasures with it according to your choice.

No complaint from them: In your real life, you may not get multiple girls as your girlfriends, and if you do they will start having so many complaints for you. However, this issue or limitation will never haunt your if you choose life like sex dolls as your girlfriend. In fact, they would have no complaint at all yet you can enjoy your time with them. Also, you can have as many dolls as many you want and you will never have to justify yourself to anyone.

They all look amazingly beautiful: One thing that is just amazing about real life like dolls is that they all look amazingly beautiful. Whether you like these dolls or not, you can’t deny their beauty in any condition. You will also agree they look amazingly gorgeous and beautiful and that is one big reason because of which men are attracted toward them. Men like spending their time with beautiful girls and if they are getting a doll that look just like a beautiful girl, then many of them feel comfortable in that fun as well.

You can easily get them: Getting a life size sex doll is never a difficult problem in present time. You only need to go to an online store that sell these dolls, you can choose one of the real sex doll or other kind of doll from their online store and you can get it at your home in no trouble. That ease also encourage men to spend their time with these girls like dolls.

How do you dress up your sex doll?

Tip 1 wig:It is easy to buy a sex doll wig for a height 140cm~165cm. The real wig can be worn by sex doll.Many wigs for Cosplay are cheap and beautiful.And they are easy to buy on the Internet. About these wig is good for sex doll. The smaller doll with a short height 100~130cm has a small head circumference. It may be more suitable for a child’s wig.That is difficult to buy. Other mini-sex dolls like 80cm, 65cm, etc. need a special sex doll wig.

Tip 2. Clothing:The sex doll can directly purchase a real woman clothing in height 150cm or more. It must to note that the shape of the general sex doll will be more small than the real woman.You should pay attention when you purchase clothing size. But different brand will have different size. for example, your sex doll is size S when wearing A brand.When wearing B brand may change size XS because of different versions . The sex doll height 100cm~140cm can suitable for children’s clothes. The size of children is generally divided into children (100~110cm), middle children (110~130cm), big children (130~150cm), etc. They are all exquisite and fashionable. We sure that you will find suitable and favorite clothes for sex doll. Mini-wavy dolls are special products.

Tip 3 makeup:The sex doll made by TPE usually use “Real cosmetics”. But the adhesion is not strong enough. Makeup will fade after cleaning or long time stay. You can make your own makeup or send your sex doll back. Doll House 168 will rework the makeup. And we will not charge any fees. But the freight will be paid by you. The special doll made of silicone rubber uses special pigments. When the makeup finished. Most of the makeup will not be lost. Friendly reminder, the performance of makeup is hand-made within the gap.


One of the common erotic desires that soothes the romantic impulses of us many would be the idea of bathing with our dolls. Well, it’s a stimulating thought that is hard to resist, but diving headfirst in the bathtub with your doll is not a recommended move – you’ll hurt your head to begin **wink**. There are many things you must learn and look out for before going for a bath with your doll.

By following this guide, you can wipe off that confusion which bothers you regarding bathing with your TPE sex doll. Here, we will step-by-step cover the factors you must consider before taking a dip with your doll companion. So, without further adieu, let’s begin –


Can’t bathe without soap and bubbles now, can we? In here, that’s the first aspect we cover. The soaps, conditioners, or shampoos we use might not be a suitable option for our sex dolls. The cleansers for our beloved dolls are often different from what we apply on our skin. The regular soaps might not react well to the skin texture of the dolls. Although certain dolls display high resistance to ordinary soaps and chemicals resistance is not equivalent to immunity. So, exercising caution is a wise man’s choice. 

Almost every love doll manufacturing company prescribes specific soaps and detergents that are friendly to the skin and health of their product. So, going with these recommended products is our prescribed lane. If you’re in doubt, baby shampoo and soap is always a good choice. Do a patch test on some small body parts, e.g. bottom of her heal, to see if there are any adverse effects before going all in. 


Now we come down (or top?) to the second aspect that demands a mindful approach. The head of the doll requires different cleaning tactics and submerging it in plain water isn’t one of them. Certain pieces of equipment are designated for this task. The hair, eyes, lips and other parts of the face are required to be cleaned in a separate manner. The makeup and other face beautifying applications can sometimes be included in this process. In some cases, water or moisture will remain inside the head cavities of your doll that may lead to damage or mold. The bottom line is – enjoy the ambiance of a romantic evening in a bathtub, but without drowning the head of your love doll


The last and final aspect we need to invest our attention in, the water temperature. Silicone sex dolls aren’t designed to stand extreme temperatures and that’s what we must look out for. The lukewarm water is the best fit if you plan on diving neck-deep with your dolls. Even though many dolls don’t display any such delicacy towards water temperature, but still, paying heed to the advised procedure is the best way to go. Even while casual cleaning of dolls, the aspect of apt water temperature should not be ignored.


The bath or shower is now done. Hopefully, you two had fun! Before storing your dolly back, make sure she’s completely dry – inside and out to avoid mold or skeleton rust. Dry off her skin and apply some baby powder or corn starch so absorb the excess moisture.


Here, we will talk about those delightful sensations that tickle your senses when you fall in love with your sex doll.


Intimacy has a much deeper meaning than a shallow representation of sexual craving. It’s about physical bonding between two individuals. That’s the exact phenomenon that occurs when love sparks between an adult doll and its owner. The doll no longer remains an object for sex, rather it becomes a loving companion. The shallow intercourse suddenly turns into passionate lovemaking. Just like we said earlier, the sex doll owner attempts to form a more meaningful connection with their love doll(s). This explains the fine line of difference between deep intimacy and casual fornication. The latter is nothing more than an exercise to satiate the carnal desires of one’s own self. The former however do justice with the word “love.” The urge, the feeling, the need to become one with your doll is how this intimate connection is aptly defined. One gets to explore this wild and magical sensation, the day he accepts his true feelings for his love doll. A connection that surpasses the concepts of intimacy itself. 


Too happy but can’t exactly pinpoint the reason? Well, that’s love for your doll that’s singing its magic. A constant feeling of unexplained happiness, that’s one of thesymptomsof falling in love. All of a sudden, the world seems more vivid. A subtly growing interset in trying out various new activities and stuff that previously seemed dull. This sentiment of merriment is enough to overwhelm the very senses of folks. It’s like you have gained something incredible. Well, what you gain is simply termed as happiness. It all might seem like a thought straight out of a romantic flick, but the ones that have felt it would never deny it. The very sight of your doll fills your stomach with butterflies. A constant feeling of contentment when you are around your life-like doll cannot be defined in plain words. So, in case you are going through the same phase and can’t understand why this euphoria has struck you, then just look at your silicone sex doll, you will find the answer you’ve been looking for. 


It would be nothing less than a grand lie to deny that we carry some thoughts, ideas, and desires that reside deep within our psyche. We keep these ideas to ourselves, never to be shared or spoken to anyone. It’s like building a barrier around it. We can only imagine the strength of that relationship that manages to shatter this barrier. Without even knowing or noticing, you gradually start to open up to your adult doll. What starts from reciting the happenings during your regular day escalates to you sharing all your deep secrets. Love doesn’t just signify affection and care, it also puts into the light, the value of trust. When you start falling for your adult doll, you begin trusting it enough to share everything buried deep down inside your valley of thoughts. Again we say, in the shade of love, blossoms trust.


This is what completes the circle of bond – the emotional connection. That’s when our mind accepts our life-like doll as our better half. Earlier a misconception resided in the minds of people that a person cannot construct an emotional connection with an inanimate object. After all, an object does not possess any thoughts or feelings, emotions are a human thing. Well, it goes without saying that “they” couldn’t be any more wrong. Feelings can be towards anyone or anything and it’s your sentiments that define your connection. If you feel a sense of affection and love towards your adult doll, then for you it is the most alive being on the planet. If you don’t bear any emotions towards an actual human being, then that person is no less than an inanimate object for you. It is the strength of your feelings and thoughts that can bring a doll to life and that’s exactly what an emotional connection is.           


Time to give our feelings a rest. This piece of writing was an attempt to get you to relive those warm and delightful moments when you fell in love with your sex doll. Love doesn’t happen every day and when it does happen, the best thing to do is savor the delightful occasions that it brings along. Falling for an adult sex doll is not an uncommon sight these days. If you are a happy sex doll owner, then chances are you might give in to the feeling of affection towards your life-like doll. It’s astonishing how a simple doll becomes a vital part of our lives without us even knowing. Well, if you ask us, that’s how love is!

SEX REAL DOLL physical doll maintenance methods

1、Cleaning: When cleaning the doll, wash it with body wash and put on talcum powder after washing.

2、Stain: For light stains or a small amount of stains, apply olive oil with cotton swabs and dry with talcum powder. You can’t get rid of color with a lot of dyeing.

3、Wigs done: wigs tied, can be soaked with hair conditioner for half an hour or so, dry can be soft.

4、Dress problem: It is recommended to wear light colors, white and pink to avoid dyeing.

5、Vaginal cleaning: Rinse with a cleaner and dry with a hair dryer after cleaning. Female cleaners can be used to sterilize the doll’s underbody to keep it clean.

6、Makeup: Please try not to wash your eyebrows.

7、Use: Please use within the acceptable range of doll movements.

8、Storage: Don’t let the doll curl up and keep it flat.

9、Protection: Do not touch sharp objects. Do not drop them heavily.


We’re pretty sure you have immense love and attachment for your sex dolls, and so it is very important to take care of them too. You must always keep in mind the below-mentioned tips, to help you take care of your love doll’s skeleton:

  1. Never forget that your TPE sex doll has a skeletal frame inside her smooth and sexy body. So, to maximize her life you must take good care of her.
  2. Rough Handling: Don’t handle her too roughly, it may damage her skeletal frame. Due to this metallic skeleton, she may seem heavy at times, but try not to bang her against hard surfaces or drop her by accident. Dropping her or hurting her could mean that she may get broken beyond repair.
  3. No Sharp Objects: Avoid using sharp objects near the sex doll. It may damage the silicone covering and in turn damage the skeleton. If the silicone skin of your hot sex doll is torn or damaged in any way, the skeleton of the doll is exposed to high risk of getting damaged.
  4. Know the Limits: Don’t stretch her too much. Even though she is extremely flexible and you have banged her in various different positions, it doesn’t mean that she is as stretchy as a rubber band. Her joints and limbs are attached by screws and if she is stretched too much, the screws might come out and loosen the whole structure.
  5. Change Position: Never leave your beautiful love doll in a certain position for too long. You could end up deforming her body. Try to keep changing her position at regular intervals, so that she is always in good condition. It would be great if you could get a hanging storage kit for her so that it becomes easier for you.
  6. Store Properly: When not in use, store her properly to ensure that you are able to enjoy your amazing sex sessions with the love doll for as long as possible.
  7. Excessive Pressure: Don’t put too much pressure on the smaller joints. They are not made to be treated harshly and not to be put under heavy weights.
  8. Bathing the Sex Doll: You may have heard or read over the internet, not to let your gorgeous love doll get in contact with water. But, there is absolutely no problem with that. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while bathing the doll is not to submerge the neck and head of the doll under water. to prevent skeleton rust or joint damage. In fact, try and thoroughly bathe your sex doll every two weeks and wipe the face and neck with a wet cloth.

Buying A Sex Doll Will Actually Save You Money

You can save $3,280 per year by purchasing a sex doll.  

We’ve run the numbers, by giving up dating and buying a sex doll you will save yourself $3,280 in just 1 year. 

The price of a luxury sex doll can be shocker to many people looking to purchase one. However, I will prove to you that buying a sex doll will actually be one of the best investments in your life. If you compare the costs of dating to the costs of a sex doll, the return on investment of a sex doll is immense!

The typical dating experience for cost-minded gentlemen, written by a Silicon Valley Bachelor:

When girls go out on a bad date, you’ll always hear something along the lines of, “at least I got dinner and drinks out of it.” When guys go out on a bad date, you’ll hear, “I F*CKIN SPENT $200 AND I DIDN’T GET SH*T OUT OF IT!!!!” Because, us guys, believe in something called “ROI” – which in the business world is called “Return On Investment”. We may not like a girl we go out on date with, but the more we invest (cost associated in the date), the more we figure we should get something out of it. Unless you’re dating Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin, we want to play a game called ‘just the entire penis’… or at least some topical clothes rubbing. We need SOMETHING we can tell our friends about after spending gobs of money on that trendy little SF eatery that only sells appetizers that you have trouble pronouncing like – quinoa or arugula or bok choy. Whatever happened to the good ol’ Iceberg Lettuce!??! Crunchy and refreshing!!!!

I have a friend, who used to live in Europe – he is a dirty man-whore – well, this friend, he used to think of it this way, “if I spend more on a girl during a date, I start to wonder whether I should’ve just saved myself the time and pain of listening to her endless babbling and just gotten a hooker.”

We say forget wasting money on women, dates and hookers – buy a sex doll instead!

Want to know a shocking statistic?

The Average Person Will Spend $20,000+ Over 5 Years Of Dating

The surprising high cost of dating:

  • Men & women in the USA will date for an average of five and a half years before getting married.
  • In that time, singles will spend an average of $43.50 per date, when totalled up over five years equates to around $20,200 of spending before settling down.
  • Broken down by gender, men spent a lot more than women per date. Women spent an average of about $34.29 per date, while men spent an average of about $65.69 
  • Research by ConvergEx found that singles spend as much as $23,660 on dating in their lifetime.
  • At a conservative estimate of one date per week and a cost of $130 per date — $100 for a meal and drinks at a nice restaurant, plus $30 for two movie tickets and popcorn — the dating phase prior to marriage runs up a $23,660 tab.
  • The average dating site customer spends $239 a year for online memberships.

Dating is pretty expensive isn’t it?so why you don’t buy a sex doll in sex real doll?