How to use physical dolls

Physical doll combat, combat out of real knowledge. Racyme physical doll we media.

The physical doll is a kind of sex tool made according to the body shape of the real person at the ratio of about 1:1, whose function is to replace the real person to meet the sexual needs of the person. The sex organs of the sex doll are made of high silica gel. Sex dolls are divided into male sex dolls and female sex dolls, while the types of sex dolls are also divided into inflatable dolls and physical dolls, which are divided into full-physical dolls and semi-physical dolls. Along with the development of science and technology, the technology of the sex dolls design is becoming more and more high, the use of materials is becoming more and more high, the current sex dolls are made of material with memory make sex doll skin and reality, and now the whole entity doll is made of silica gel with all internal mechanical steel, so it can transform a variety of positions. Recently a Japanese scientists on a science fair, shows the latest intelligent sex dolls, it besides has full entity dolls, preliminary understanding to you can also talk to people, with the development of science and technology, the function of sex dolls will be more and more series, like the robots in the movie, with real people there is no difference. Sex doll she obedient, will not be noisy to you, will not overdraw your credit card, always listen to your command to you, when you need to release energy, regardless of her emotions, will meet all your physiological needs, the most important is it beautiful, sexy, gentle, will never say goodbye to you. How much do you know about the use of sex dolls? Below small make up from the sex doll type difference to tell the use of different types of sex dolls.

According to professional statistics from relevant departments, single men are much less happy than married men because their physiological needs cannot be effectively released. In the long run, this will have a great impact on both the body and life. At this time, we need a tool to release energy instead of a real person. That is the inflatable doll. At present the inflatable doll in the country has been a lot of male friends one of the necessary supplies, by the majority of male friends love. Please see below the use of male inflatable dolls.

First of all, we need to prepare the tools before using the physical doll: the physical doll, lubricant, condoms and so on. Specific steps for the use of physical dolls for men are as follows:

  1. The private parts of the physical doll are generally designed independently, so it is necessary to install the private parts of the inflatable doll, so that it and the inflatable doll link as one.
  2. Follow the instructions for good battery (ignore this step if there is no electric device).
  3. Grease the vagina of a physical doll or put on a condom.
  4. Insert the erect stem into the vagina of the physical doll, and then slowly enjoy the pleasure of sex with sexual action until the advent of orgasm.
  5. After fully releasing energy, send the physical doll to the bathroom, clean the inflatable doll as necessary, then dry it with a clean towel, and finally put it in the box for next use.
  6. During the production of physical dolls, in order to soften their bodies, the surface of the inflatable dolls is usually coated with silicone oil, which can give off attractive fragrance. After a long time, the surface of the physical doll will appear the phenomenon of oil, so the need for regular cleaning of the physical doll.
  7. After long-term cleaning of the inflatable doll, its texture may be affected, at this time only need to smear a layer of baby powder on the surface of the inflatable doll.

Racyme is an innovative brand targeted at the high-end physical doll market and is the source of physical doll design. The aim is to create a benchmarking one-stop physical doll design and sales service through the concept of professionalism, focus and ease of use. In order to achieve its focus, high-end, and honest brand positioning, design through the brand name and design, to achieve its brand innovation. It means the business model of cross-age professional one-stop service of the brand. There are circle in the brand operation side, square in the circle and square combination, which also highlights the vision of the brand: shadow, accompany silently, just like oxygen beside the doll users.

To visit a robot brothel? Do you think it’s OK?

Robot brothels will soon become socially acceptable as research shows that most people think it is morally acceptable to have sex with robots if you are single.

However, the university of Helsinki study found that having sex with a robot was unacceptable to most respondents.

Academic Mika Koverol investigated the ethics of hundreds of people about sex and relationships and will present his findings at the international conference on robot love and sex in Montana.

In two separate studies, Koverol asked respondents to rate the morality and behavior of characters in science fiction, according to new scientist magazine.

The main characters are male, female, single or married, and the plot is set for 2035.

He or she travels to a European city and decides to visit a brothel, where two signs appear above the door.

“You can’t tell a real human that this is a robot brothel,” read one sign. Another sign reads: “all our prostitutes are real people.”

The characters pay for undefined services in both situations and then ask the respondents how they feel about the situation.

In general, people blame married people for hiring prostitutes.

Respondents with more sexual experience were more tolerant of the idea of going to a brothel, robot or not. Women were more critical.

The head of a “smart” sex doll made in dongguan

A worker assembles a stainless steel skeleton for a Chinese “smart” sex doll

The survey also asked people how much they disliked morality, sex and bacteria.

Respondents who scored high on the scale of bacterial disgust also tended to think that sex with either a human or a machine is condemned when people are married.

The Finnish study involved two studies involving 172 people and 260 people. Tufts university researcher Thomas Arnold, who has also studied the subject, agrees that people’s attitudes toward sex with robots can make a difference in their relationships.

“It can be a problem for your relationships,” he said. “it seems to be against human morality.”

A worker assembles a doll in guangdong province

His research found that respondents thought having sex with a robot was like having sex with a doll.

Koverola’s study didn’t define what a robot prostitute would look like, but asked people to imagine for themselves whether they had human characteristics.

The basic humanoid robot of the sex robot is capable of holding a conversation, rotating its head and displaying facial expressions.

The city council in Houston, Texas, has blocked robot brothels from opening, but there are plans to build a similar one in California.

However, the owners raised only 1% of the cash they needed through financing.

Buying a sex doll is as easy as buying a home appliance. It’s not the future. It’s already here

China has a serious imbalance between the sexes. Some scholars have estimated that there will be 30 million single men aged 35 to 59 in China by 2050, and the sex toy market is full of business opportunities.

Li yinhe, a Chinese sociologist, has argued that buying sex robots in China is as common as buying home appliances.

By 2020, there will be about 15 million Chinese men aged 35 to 59 unable to find wives; By 2050, that number will climb to 30 million. Zhai zhenwu, director of the population and development research center at renmin university of China and President of the China population society, said there will be 30 million more marriageable men than women in China in the next 30 years.

Notably, a study released by 360buy in the middle of last year showed that the market value of adult products in China is expected to reach $9 billion (about 63 billion yuan) by 2020.

Li yinhe said virtual sex is a new invention in the era of artificial intelligence, as well as the era of AIDS, the cleanest and safest sex.

She also notes that by 2050, sex robots will account for 50 percent of all human sex. It’s a very interesting prospect. By that time, there were between 30 and 40 million more men of working age in China, Ms. Li said. “they will never find a wife. If sex robots or virtual sex can solve part of the problem, this is one way out.

Now, she says, China is also producing sex robots that “can do housework, chat with you and probably have sex for just over 20,000 yuan (RMB), with the most basic products costing just a few thousand yuan”.

“So I think buying a sex robot should soon be as easy as buying a home appliance and affordable.”

Although the Chinese government has made strict regulations on the sex industry, it is difficult for the sex industry in China to explode. But the law will not be able to overcome the “great desire” of hundreds of millions of people. China’s leading adult doll maker, gold three dolls, based in guangdong province, launched an ai sex doll as early as the end of 2016, Reuters reported. The price per unit is from 5000 to 7000 RMB.

In 2017, the “golden three dolls” also received an average of about 3,000 domestic orders per year, accounting for 20 percent of the total sales. It shows that the Chinese are slowly waking up to the proposition of pleasing themselves and are not stingy.

According to a BBC analysis, India and China are the fastest-growing markets for adult products.

Cool! Cool! China and India!

Why do people like sex dolls

The sex doll industry has taken off in the past decade because of the need to sleep on inanimate objects rather than real women. Sex dolls are getting better and more realistic, and men around the world are replacing dead wives or girlfriends with them.

In May 2015, vanity fair spoke to David Mills, a prominent atheist activist and owner of RealDoll, the nation’s leading maker of sex dolls that look like real people. “I like women, but I don’t like people around me,” Mills told vanity fair.

The mirror reported in 2014 that Orient Industry, another maker of sex dolls, believed that anyone who bought its products “would no longer need any girlfriends”. Their life-size dolls are currently on display in Tokyo, and they are stunning in their beauty. “Their main customers are not only collectors who like to live with them, but also widowers,” the report said.

In other words, women’s mouths, hands, breasts, legs and buttocks are moulded and copied, and then sold to customers who listen to advertisements that say these things are better than real people. But is it really good to replace humans with sex dolls?

Dr. Peter Kanaris is director of Kanaris psychological services in New York. In our interview, Kanaris explained that sex with dolls is different from sex with humans because “there is no emotional or interpersonal feedback.”

Simulated sex dolls “provide an opportunity to map emotions,” Kanaris said. Having sex with inanimate objects is like “psychosexuality”, limited only by imagination. Kanaris emphasized the importance of sex and intimacy to human beings. “Aside from the basic needs of eating, drinking and breathing, sexual needs and relationships are of secondary importance,” he said.

Although some would say the best to follow a thought will establish the contact person to talk with you, but there are a lot of psychological reasons Kanaris said would lead to a person like fuck rubber, including: “lack of interpersonal, shy or social anxiety, lack of social experience and consciousness, or have a don’t want to make certain sex partner.”

“Sex and intimacy play an important role in one’s life,” Kanaris said. He explained that social isolation can have devastating effects on people’s mental and physical health as they age. For those “who don’t have a life partner,” he said, there might be a benefit to emulating a sex doll.

He said: “people who have lost a partner as a result of death, divorce or break-up, and who have difficulty getting a partner because of their disability, can benefit from dolls. This opportunity for sexual expression and the feeling of not being alone can alleviate and alleviate feelings of loneliness.”

But completely replacing real people with rubber toys is not a good idea — at least not yet. “Some people may be at risk of developing a long-term relationship with a sex doll in order to avoid real socializing,” Kanaris said. They insulate themselves from rich and complete real relationships. But I believe that in the future, with the development of technology and more realistic interactions between humans and robots, the answer to that question will be much more complicated.”

Kill not to stray, so buy high-grade sex doll only

She lay quietly in a narrow bed, staring blankly at her customers as her breasts grew and her hips grew cold.
A high-quality sex doll made from thermoplastic elastomer, which is softer than silicone and has adjustable hands and changeable heads and genitals, costs about $2,500 at the Beijing store that sells sex products.

Mr. Liu, who is married and lives in a small, dimly lit apartment in an industrial suburb of Beijing, owns several sex dolls, including one of the high-end items mentioned above. Like millions of Chinese who leave their homes to work in cities, the 29-year-old car designer lives alone on weekdays and can only return to hebei on weekends to be with his wife and children.

Liu has been married for more than a decade and does not want to do wrong to his wife.

“To be honest, you can find a woman in China for a small amount of money, but I just don’t allow myself to cheat on my wife, so it never occurred to me.” But he also ruled out inflatable dolls, saying he would never have sex with cheap inflatable plastic anyway. So he forked out 15,800 yuan, close to his monthly salary, to buy a more realistic version of a high-end domestic product.

Removable parts make it easier to clean and replace dolls, and liu, an industrial designer, is a little disappointed to find that many domestic and imported brands are subtly different. He said he only used it a few times because he couldn’t ignore the small details. The only good thing about dolls is that they don’t resist your demands and do whatever you ask them to do.

The salesman at Mr. Liu’s doll store said most people find their dolls more attractive than real women. Dolls are not first hair, customers want to buy different styles of wigs according to their preferences. Some dolls are so small that they almost look like children, which is more “convenient,” according to the salesman. He says his customers are usually workers or businessmen in their 30s and 40s, and he praises them for their integrity.

“Is it not respectable for married men not to seek young ladies, but to use dolls instead?” The salesman said some people also bought dolls for their husbands, but he admitted that many of his clients’ spouses were not very receptive to the dolls.

China’s sex toy market is estimated to be as large as rmb100bn a year. Yet real – life dolls are only a small part of the market. Despite being illegal, many perform sex-selective abortions, with 116 boys for every 100 girls born in China, well above the world average of 107. As a result, there are fewer and fewer women, and it is becoming more and more difficult for young Chinese men to find girlfriends.

For some buyers, who don’t buy dolls for sex and call themselves “baby friends,” anonymous users gather on dedicated forums to share tips on how to use them. The number of baby friends has grown from a few hundred to 20,000 in recent years.

Many people first buy dolls for sex, then change their clothes and give them names. Eventually you get emotional about the doll. But Mr. Liu thinks the doll is just lust.

“It doesn’t satisfy me. It doesn’t titillate me.”

“To me, it is nothing compared to a real woman, but at least it can deceive myself.”

Doll partners bring true affection to sex dolls and their owners

According to the daily mail of November 16, Copenhagen photojournalist Benita Marcussen has published a series of photos of sex dolls and their owners that truly reflect the inner world of doll lovers. Benita Marcussen spent a year building trust with the doll owners, who spent a lot of money and effort on the dolls. For some, their dolls are their only companions. They either have their own special quirks, or suffer the grief of widowhood and divorce. Others simply let the dolls fit into their social circle, regardless of the opinions of others. Everard carefully carries his puppet companion Faina down the stairs.

After having his first child in 1986, Chris’s wife divorced him and took his daughter with her. Unable to reach them for years, Chris scoured social media to find his daughter and reunited with her. But after the incident with his ex-wife, he was unable to establish a relationship with a woman. Injured Chris now has two doll companions, Lala Salama (left) and Sharon (right).

The dolls are expensive, costing as little as £1,000, with high-end bespoke products costing as much as £33,000. Phil: I know Jessica is just a toy. My family and friends know she exists. But I don’t care what other people think.

Everard sits in the garden with his doll Anouska. Everard, a puppeteer, owns 12 dolls from the United States, Russia and Asia.

To avoid negative comments, Baron von Doll and his Doll Tania chose not to show their faces. Like many fans, Baron von Doll keeps his dolls private and secret.

These expensive dolls are usually made of silicone and their skin is made of a very fragile PVC material. Paula, pictured here, has been wearing out her skin, even though her owner, Sam, has put wristbands around her wrists to keep the material from breaking.

The man who goes by the alias Shadowman has a girlfriend and two adult daughters, but he’s still obsessed with living with dolls. His family and friends knew about the dolls.

Carl has been trying to date other people for 20 years since his divorce, but after eight years of trying, he still hasn’t met the right person. So he buys Alektra as his partner. Carl says that dolls can never replace real people, and he still hopes to meet the right person. Carl (far right), his partner Alektra, and Carl’s parents.

Deerman’s wife dies of cancer, and he goes on a few dates with other women, but finds that none of the women he likes like him, so years later, he creates a doll to match his ex, Erica, and Deerman’s daughter knows Erica exists.

It’s not just men who buy doll partners. As a woman, Angela bought her partner Anna in 2014. An7na is a custom-made doll with two changeable faces.

The photo shows Nescio50 and his puppet partner Lily. He chose not to appear on camera because his lifestyle puts him under great pressure. He said his mother would prefer him to choose a real girlfriend. He had never been in love with a girl, and he felt that the doll’s companion made him happy.

Nescio50 is pictured on the sofa with his partner Sasha, another doll, while Lily sits in front of the computer.

Nescio50’s wardrobe includes clothes for her friends as well as her own.

These expensive dolls have delicate skin and are often bruised. Doll owners often send them back to the factory for repairs.
A newly assembled doll is ready for shipment at a doll factory in California. It usually takes 80 hours to make such a doll, with prices ranging from £1,000 to £30,000.

Notes and usage of physical dolls

The physical DOLL is a male sex toy designed for adults. Today, I’d like to tell you something to pay attention to.

Sex toy notes:

  1. First of all, the physical doll is aimed at adult males. Whether it is purchased or used, it should be carefully avoided to display in front of non-adults.
  2. Product hygiene. The entity doll of normal brand USES the material that is healthy and safe, won’t produce harm to human body in the process that use, but even so, also want, attention is right the maintenance of product sanitation.

The physical doll is a kind of simulation adult sex toy, can replace the real person to meet the sexual needs, very popular with the otaku men. For the first time to use a physical doll, the use of the method is not deep understanding.

How do physical dolls work? Here are the steps.

How to use sex toy?

  1. To open the box and take out the physical doll, it is necessary to find a space twice the size, at least 100cm×50cm. Don’t leave the cartons lying around and take good care of them, because they will be needed in the future when they are sent back to the original factory for repair of damaged parts.
  2. Remove the plastic wrap and check whether the physical doll is damaged during handling.
  3. Send the physical doll to the bathroom and grease the physical doll. To soften the doll’s body, the silicone is infused with an oil that gives the doll an attractive aroma. In this way, over time, the surface of the physical doll will have the appearance of oil, therefore, a weekly bath to the physical doll oil.
  4. after the bath, to give the body doll powder. Use regular baby powder. The purpose is to remove the oil at the same time, the physical doll grease, and the body of the dirty things away. After that, rinse, oil, powder, and then wipe off the powder and dirt with a wet towel. Then wait for the entity doll dry, powder again, keep the body dry and clean can.
  5. when the hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place a physical doll, in order to prevent fingertips and other places of wear, in the arm on the stockings.
  6. After the physical doll is ready, put a condom on the DD, apply appropriate amount of lubricant and choose your favorite way。

I believe we have a deeper understanding of how to use the physical doll, only the correct use of the physical doll life will be longer.


Sex dolls 28 frequently asked questions and answers

Q1: how many times should I wash the black clothes worn by the doll and how long should I leave them without dyeing?

Let the detergent soak for 10 minutes to see if the water has any color. Can do dyeing test with separate body additionally, arrive water to have no color commonly, won’t dye, however a new dress wants to wash the washing powder water that bubble has no color, that is not to wash 5-6 times can fix.

Q2: will the white cloth be dyed by the doll?

White will not dye, color will dye, and the general color holding in the body heat, will dye to the body.

Q3: do dolls dye easily?

Look at the clothes themselves generally, if the clothes themselves are not dyed, they will not be dyed. If you are afraid of dyeing, it is recommended to wear anti-dyeing clothes or wear light-colored clothes.

Q4: about the doll, the dark color clothing problem?

Usually do not wear dark clothes for a long time, the doll can be bare it does not matter, underwear is suggested to prepare white is better.

Q5: is it right that you don’t have to worry about this problem if you wear an undergarment? Clothes for the long haul? Still have when the clothes is washed does not fade color won’t dye namely, even if be brunet also can wear all the time? And can fade is can dye?

General safety point, the clothes buy back with warm white wet cloth rub, as long as there is a little color, will wash to wear again or can not be worn for a long time. If you can make sure to cover the whole body of the doll, there will be no problem. Even if the look that does not fade color also does not wear all the time, be not afraid of 10 thousand be afraid of in case, especially knee and the place that often chafes with farts that kind is the easiest to dye.

Q6: how to care for wigs?

You can use shampoo, and then some conditioner, it will be softer.

Q7: how to make powder? Finished? Just leave it there?

The whole body. You can put it in a box or on the bed.

Q8: what cosmetics to buy appropriate?

Real people. Anything, not too much.

Q9: does the doll give oil? Which material doesn’t work?

The oil will come out. The degree is different. Powder, get used to it.

Q10: do I have to change my posture?

Well, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Q11: put sofa cannot change posture how to prevent buttock to be out of shape?

Get a pad. Try your butt.

Q12: can I put the suitcase?

Better not. Don’t let the doll curl for long.

Q13: is there water in the doll?

No, because they’re all made of solid silicone, so you don’t have to worry about water; But watch your neck for water. For the time being, it’s all metal. You know, metal meets water.

Q14: how do I move my doll?

It is best to move the doll on a chair with wheels to avoid injury or falling on it. Of course, you can also carry or carry, but be careful not to scratch the doll. While you’re working with your doll, use a few auxiliary tools or pillows to hold it in position. When pulling joint, had better be to use two hands to fix in corresponding joint two ends, move again next, move slowly, must not unconventional twist breaks joint. Also be careful to avoid rough pulling of the doll to avoid joint damage.

Q15: do dolls dye when wearing wigs?

Buy directly from regular doll manufacturer or buy the wig quality that doll matchs together to have safeguard commonly, won’t dye, outside buy of need careful attention.

Q16: the doll is put in the box. How often should it be powdered?

The doll had better be dusted once a month, if give oil more words can agglutinate, at that time troublesome.

Q17: how to wash the hair of the doll, tear it down to soak in water to rub or buy a round ball to hang up the hair to wash? Shall we dry them or blow them dry?

Remove the hair from the doll and soak it in water with a little shampoo. Rinse off the foam, then add water to a vacuole of conditioner or pomade for half an hour and remove. Air dry, blow if you like, but half dry. It’s pretty easy.

Q18: after dyeing the doll to remove the color paste also corrosive?

Go to lubricious paste to the baby can have slight corrosivity, need not easily so, dye serious cannot remedy again use.

Q19: does large area of doll buttocks dye with remove color paste still have the effect? How far can it go?

Has the effect, generally can be intact as before.

Q20: how long can the doll be maintained?

Normally 3 to 5 years.

Q21: can the doll bear stress in one place for a long time? Is there harm in sitting for too long?

Don’t stay in one position for long periods of time. You can change positions for three days, five days, lie on your left and right sides, lie flat, etc.

Q22: how to deal with the indentation of the doll?

Cover with hot water or a hot towel.

Q23: how should olive oil be rubbed when the doll is lightly dyed or greased? Just put it on and wash it?

Rub with olive oil, then rinse with water and beat with talcum powder.

Q24: olive oil is edible olive oil?

Olive oil for your skin.

Q25: how to clean with fu yan jie?

Add water, then take the doll equipped with a private cleaner to suck, and then spray inside.

Q26: can the doll stand?

A doll with three screws in the sole of its foot, all standing.

Q27: the baby ankle is bent much, how does the skin crease fold?

The doll is made of soft TPE material. After a long time of unnatural twists and turns or pressing the doll locally, there will be wrinkles or indentation. This is normal.

Q28: can the doll’s waist be bent? How to pose?

125cm dolls have waist joints (bend forward, not backward, turn left and right). The new doll joints will be tight. After a while, it will be fine.
Waist usage: hold down both shoulders, you can turn; Lay the doll flat on your back and press hard with your foot or one hand on the top of your belly button. Then hold your shoulders and lift them up. (you can get the video from the customer service)

Do you need a sex robot to replace your girlfriend

“Yoko” is just over 18. She has no experience but is willing to learn. “Martha” is old enough to guide her master; “Wild Wendy” would do anything, and “farrah” needed more coax…

Martha or yoko, they offer more than just a sexual experience — they’re more like a real partner, talking to you before and after sex, or doing things for you when you’re not in the mood. She’s just waiting for you to connect with her.

Roxxxy, the only real sex robot available on the market, is the world’s first ai sex robot, priced at $9,000. She is 1.7 meters tall and slim. She has a range of hair styles and eye colors to choose from. But unlike some female and humanoid robots, Roxxxy is more like a mannequin with a personality.

Roxxxy comes in different models, including RoxxxyGold, which has a “personality”; RoxxxySilver can talk to you during sex. The cheapest is the RoxxxyPillow, which looks like a wax gourd with only a head and torso and three “input ports” : vagina, anus and mouth.

Different Roxxxy models also have different functions, such as listening to you, talking to you, or caressing you, as well as obtaining satisfaction from sex. Like “mature Martha” or “young yoko” or “cold farrah”… It can also be loaded with other preset personality traits. Many users want to add artificial intelligence to their inflatable dolls, so intelligent sex robots have emerged.

One of Roxxxy’s former testers, dolosian, said: “there’s one great thing about being a robot partner. That she won’t break your heart. They don’t run away. No tantrums. It won’t leave you when you don’t have money or a fancy car.”

Sex robots’ unnecessary and unlovable ‘

There are plenty of troubles in bed.

Recently, the idea of virtual reality sex has attracted a lot of criticism. They worry that sex robots will bring unexpected problems. Robot ethicists warn that sex robots could harm human relationships.

Experts have been hoping to use artificial intelligence to create robots that are as alive and tactile as Roxxxy, capable of chatting and having sex like a human. Dr Catherine Richardson of DE montfort university in the UK, one of the opponents, recently said no! Artificial intelligence dolls are “unnecessary and unlovable”. She represents a school that believes that sex robots personify women and children; The emergence and prevalence of sex robots suggests that women and children still feel inferior and therefore are the objects of robot simulations.

“Sex robots seem to be getting more and more attention in the robotics industry, but it’s really disturbing to think about their appearance and role,” Dr Kathryn told the BBC. In her view, the sex machine dolls are suspected of objectifying women and reinforcing the notion that relationships are just physical needs.

“The creation of this robot is harmful to relationships between men and women, between adults and children, between men and women.” Dr Kathryn wants more people to be aware of the problem, and for the lions who are developing sex robots to think about how to use their skills.

A virtual companion is better than no companion

Experts have long warned that sex between humans and robots will not be such a big deal in the future. Humans will no longer be afraid to see people and robots having sex on TV or in movies. In theory, robots could be programmed to perform a variety of functions, such as posing for various sexual positions, for a variety of experiences. Therefore, sex with robots will be more popular.

Sex psychologist Dr Helen driscoll said in a blog post that robotism – a concept that may seem alien to us today – could soon be as common as eating, dressing and using the toilet if our imaginations keep pace with technology. Dr Driscoll said sex between humans and robots would be widely accepted by 2070.

“We may view virtual reality sex and robot sex in terms of current social norms. But if we look back at the social norms about sex 100 years ago, it is clear that they have changed rapidly.”

As virtual reality becomes more realistic and is able to mimic and even surpass human sexual partners, it is possible to imagine a person having sex with a less than perfect human or a sex robot.

In addition to having sex with machines, advances in artificial intelligence have made it possible for machines and even computer programs to fall in love. Consider the scene in “Her,” in which t-bag falls in love with an operating system that can talk like Siri. “It seems bizarre and scary now, but we shouldn’t assume that virtual relationships are less valuable than real ones.” Deborah said. He believes it is possible for humans who have lost a partner or live alone to find comfort in virtual sexual relationships. “Better a virtual companion than no companion.”

Roxxxy’s father, henning, previously told the media that the invention would not have a negative impact on society, but would play a useful role in society. Can help single or widowed people with sexual needs. The company has also launched a male version of “rocky” aimed at women.

Physiologically, clinician Dr Ian kerner said sex robots could be used as surrogens to help people with sexual dysfunction and trauma. He also believes that sex robots are suitable for people who have a sexual preference outside the mainstream of society, such as paedophiles. As RON arkin, director of the robotics institute, puts it, the creation of child-like sex robots is inevitable.

It is said that Roxxxy was originally created to recreate a friend who died in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, but she developed into a sex robot to please her master. Some people think this kind of slavery is not annoying, because artificial intelligence is far from real people.

The robots don’t seem so cold anymore

Some scientists predict that in the future people will equate sex with machines with sex with people.

In addition, driscoll believes that online gaming, social media… Now that people are spending more and more time in virtual reality, a little intimacy with a robot might even improve our mental health.

“You humans are becoming indoorsy and lonely, spending more time in virtual reality, and you’re going to be mentally ill.” Experts caution that technology can solve these problems in the long run. The lack of connection between humans is detrimental because humans are inherently social animals, and isolation has been linked to mental health problems.

It is not terrible for a couple to share a different bed, but to sleep on the same bed and play with a mobile phone. According to a recent study, young Japanese are turning their backs on sex and intimacy, with half of Japanese adults saying they don’t have sex! Robots seem to be becoming less cold and more approachable. One in five people in the UK would like to have sex with a robot, a survey has found.

Remember in August this year, the third generation of artificial intelligence Microsoft xiaoice was released, it is said that within a short period of time, tens of thousands of injured men in China have become xiaoice fans.

British teacher Anna hughes, who has a fixed quota of men, said: “a new era has arrived in which people increasingly prefer to have sex with someone who knows what they are doing, how they will react, how long it will take and how great it will be.

Being alone won’t be a problem, but are you ready

Experts say the trend towards human choice and machine sex may seem problematic now, but as technology advances, loneliness will not be a problem. Because the difference between artificial intelligence and machines will be hard to tell. “One day, robots that are not so different from humans will appear in front of us — except that they don’t have bad habits, they don’t have flaws, they don’t think about investing all day, and then not only will they be our best choice, but we won’t be hurt psychologically.”

When sex robots become the new gender roles, will heterosexual men’s “girlfriends” change from “she” to “it”?

In fact, the worry now is that our society is not ready for the arrival of sophisticated robot companions. Dr. Cullen, a senior fellow at the institute of electrical and electronics engineers, worries that society is not fully prepared for the arrival of new technologies. “This society is not ready for the future when people can’t identify robots and humans, is there a law that will govern? Can humans marry robots? Can robots adopt children?” Have you thought about these questions?

have you ever thought about having a robot that you can have sex with her

you’ve probably talked a lot of uses of AI in public since you started to pay attention to the field of artificial intelligence.the only thing you haven’t discussed is sex.

but this is difficult to talk about,clearly is the most intriguing place of artificial intelligence,if you have seen the movies [her],will be the male lead and scarlett’s voice once the plot of spring breeze deep impression.Falling in love with artificial intelligence is the ultimate cure for human loneliness, but the current technology is not up to that level. But sex with artificial intelligence may serve as a comfort agent, allowing us to escape the quagmire of loneliness for a while.

By 2050, you’ll be able to work with robots…

Then again, is it hard to connect ai to sex?

So Easy!

The most basic must be the intelligent hardware supported by AI algorithms. Vibration patterns, such as those found in sex toys, can be learned from data on the user’s daily behavior to give a more appropriate frequency for the user’s habits. It can also monitor the user’s pulse, body temperature and other physical signs through smart wearable products to adjust the product’s behavior pattern.

Applications that focus on smart hardware can have many extensions: peripheral models that follow the plot of pornography, customized models for long-distance couples, and so on. The core purpose is to feedback the results into the product performance through the learning of user habits and preferences, so as to give users a better experience.

These are just the primary products of artificial intelligence + sex. What we really expect are products closer to fantasy, such as… Sex robots.

In many science fiction works, sex robots are indispensable, indicating that all human needs can be satisfied by machines — whether physical or psychological.

One scientist has even written a book called sex with robots: a history of the evolution of our relationship with robots, which suggests that by 2050 humans could be dreaming of spending the night with robots.

Those of you who are reading this now should be in good time.

But first, you have to have money

According to the records, scientists have been working on sex robots with artificial intelligence since 2007. But the first product to hit the market was Roxxxy, a female robot called True Companion, launched in 2010.

Roxxxy is said to act as an inflatable doll, as well as sending emails, updating apps online and talking to people. And Roxxxy’s body parts have sensors that respond to touch.

In this way, Roxxxy is a combination of an inflatable doll and a smart speaker. Judging from the performance of Siri and Echo today, Roxxxy’s intelligence must have been limited. Talking to such inflatable dolls will only add to the loneliness of users. At the same time, there were also rumors that SONY had introduced its own male sex robot, the keka, and that someone had even shot himself after using an ax to destroy his sex robot. With no clear source of information, we can only think of them as urban legends.

Sex robot of the second stage of development in recently, the famous American sex doll maker RealDoll launched a App called Harmony AI (the Harmony is really don’t have a meaning here), Harmony can be understood as a kind of sex robot personality system, can be set for robot personality and identity background, such as the user can choose their partners grew up in a good family education should be gentle good wife, or a career in special hot female sorrow. In addition to personality, Harmony learns from its users’ interaction habits and automatically adjusts its personality and product response accordingly.

Working with the Harmony system, RealDoll’s products are exquisitely crafted: fully hinged bone construction, built-in heating, and detailed eyelashes and nails make them almost life-like.

In the case of this sexy redhead, she has a Scottish accent, loves science fiction and has 18 personalities. Taken together, it is a goddess hard to find in the real world.

Of course, the price of RealDoll is also very beautiful, the price of each robot in the RMB 60,000 ~ 80,000. There is still no AI version, and Harmony AI will cost 20% more than it already does when it hits the market.

AI sex startup? Please defeat the four demons first

We can summarize the sex robot industry today: it is often dominated by laboratories and sex toy giants, with high prices and low product coverage.

This is not a reasonable situation to look at, sexual sex is also, sex robot as a product to meet a physiological needs of people, the market should be as wide as food delivery, online ride-hailing products. Second can be seen from the above case, sex robot of artificial intelligence and other interest product technology requirement is not high, the basic speech recognition study + depth user data can realize, basic does not exist technology could be monopoly situation, should not be monopolized by a few companies like now, the cost is high.

But what the rest of us don’t know is that the popularity of sex robots is much more than just technology.

First, ethical issues. Let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable with humans and robots having sex.

Should having sex with a robot in a marriage count as cheating? Or will robot partners become so popular that humans lose interest in relationships and even reproduction? And whether the intimate relationship between humans and robots will affect their psychological state. If the news mentioned in the previous article that the man “killed” the robot and then shot himself is true, the robot manufacturer may be subject to a lot of public criticism. And remember softbank’s robot Pepper? One of the Pepper sales conditions reportedly included a clause that “prohibits users from having sex with robots.”

Second, patents. Like the mobile phone industry, sex-related technology has its fair share of patent trolls. One company, TZU, for example, has patented a stimulus device that receives control signals from the user interface and has been castigating start-ups. Real Touch, a company trying to come up with cheap sex robots, stopped operating because it could not afford to pay royalties.

Third, money. Like many start-ups, research into sex robots and related products requires start-up capital. But awkwardly, many managers avoid the word “sex”. Even crowdfunding site kickstart has banned the product because of its “pornographic content”.

Fourth, privacy. It is important to know that the various intelligent performances of sex robots are based on the collection of user history data. Vendors will certainly promise that they won’t give away users’ privacy, but users will feel some resistance. In addition to the product itself, when enabled mobile phones will capture the user related App, how long is enabled, sex robot producers cannot replace phone makers promise related to cell phone manufacturers don’t even want to trip to the beach, maybe out of product research and development, a lot of App store is going to allow the App stores!

So the sex robot dream is still a few more years away. But let’s acknowledge the value of sex robots: they are legal, safe, and hygienic for humans who, for one reason or another, cannot interact with real people. And there are reasons to believe that the popularity of such products may reduce the crime rate in some areas.

Thankfully, perhaps we can place our hopes on the well-paid porn giants (like Pornhub) to help make that happen by 2050.