Can Sex Dolls,Sex Robot Cause Population Decline?

First of all, we should be clear that even the best sex dolls and even high-tech simulation robots can’t compare with real humans. The most interesting relationship between people is the brain that we can’t copy, every real individual. Make this world even more exciting. Because the future is expected because of the unknown.

Furthermore, the factors affecting fertility are multifaceted, and many aspects are not something we can control. If it really affects fertility, it is not necessarily a bad thing, just as many Dink families and partners who actively or passively choose infertility should not be condemned.
On the other hand, such fears can be said to be unnecessary. The highly developed and continuous advancement of biotechnology is bound to open up a more long-term and reliable path for the transmission of the original genetics of our human genes.

Men and women have been buying and using sex toys for thousands of years. Sometimes to use with partners. Often to use by themselves. It is just another form of masturbation.Masturbation is safe, natural and healthy. No risks of sexually transmitted diseases, no unwanted pregnancies, no complicated mating rituals or relationships for those who are not in a steady sexual relationship.Humans masturbate. This hasn’t stopped humans from continuing to mate with each other and make more humans.

A sex robot is just another, slightly more elaborate, and expensive form of masturbation. Have no fear, they will not replace live humans. Humans will go on making new little humans with each other.
From some views, the most important thing between people is frankness and understanding. Although realistic sex doll can’t replace real people, it is a way to try. He satisfied his physical needs, the need for security, and his desire for love. These are what we all need, but the way each person chooses is different. You chose real doll, some people chose computer games, some chose love dolls, and some chose sex partners. Sex doll is just a high quality masturbation toy that can achieve emotional release and wonderful fantasy.

New Trend of Lifelike sex dolls – Family companions more than toys

Love dolls are considered family members.It is no longer a special matter to treat a sex doll as a family member. More and more people choose to incorporate sex dolls into their daily lives.

Whether you are single or not, you can always have a relationship with a lifelike sex doll. Couples can use a real sex doll to add fun to life. There are many reasons for buying sex dolls, but these dolls are equally important to them, not just for fun, but also because they are real human to them. Maybe you need a sex doll but you don’t want to let others know, but there are many people who are willing to share with people the life record of their love dolls.

A Chinese man lives in a small town in southwestern China with his son and 11 realistic sex dolls. Because of the failure of love relationships in real life, they turned to sex dolls. Prepare rooms for his dolls, customize clothes, arrange travel plans, etc., and share their happy lives on social platforms.

These real dolls are not cheap at all, but they have a broad market prospect in China, which we can learn from the fast-growing artificial intelligence dolls.

Because of different social phenomena, love doll has become the sustenance of many people. In order to accompany, to replace the lover, to have fun for sex, to have a better visual experience in order to obtain clothing, to practice medical practice or to find the courage of life. Both let the life-size dolls gradually enter people’s lives, and let the sex dolls get rid of the label of “inflatable sex dolls”. Undoubtedly, making your life happier is the mission of the sex doll’s birth. If the sex dolls can talk and walk,would you be willing to spend a lifetime with it?

Why people are obsessed with Sex Expo?

With the lively discussion of the recent South African Love Sex Expo, the Adult Entertainment Expo has once again had a fever. The four-day expo offers sexy shopping and spectacular entertainment experiences, which will begin in Times Square, Maine, Maine on October 10, 2019 and will continue until October 13, 2019. day.

Sex Expo is a high end activity, to promote sexual health via offering mature sexual enquirers, sexual educations and excellent sex toys.

2019 New York Sex Expo

You can enter an open environment where you can learn the latest facts about intimacy with style and talent! Compared with the colorful New York City, is there any better place to explore the diversity of senses? Consisting of today’s intimate and romantic leaders, Sex Expo will provide an accelerated course to learn about modern relationships through attending seminars and engaging presentations.

The Sex Expo will showcase the best insights and intimate products, and will be guided by leading experts. Sex Expo’s exhibition area will enable you to immerse yourself in the exploration of today’s bestsellers through product demonstrations and special events, as well as like-minded singles and couples. Only participants aged 18 or older with a valid ID can participate in the event.

2019 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas

It was held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino from January 23rd to 26th. AVN Novelty Expo (ANE) is called “CES for Sex Toys” by Wired Magazine. The AVN Novelty Expo (ANE) will take over the expanded exhibition center of Hard Rock Hotel in 2019 and will be limited to trade participants. ANE’s continued growth and success provide companies with the opportunity to expand relationships, learn about new trends and meet all key people and companies involved in sex toys, realistic sex dolls and novelty industries.

Because prostitute and striptease girl can’t be a full sex partner, or be ashamed to talk about what they want. The purpose of such fairs is to educate people to exchange entertainment. And there will be the display of porn stars and the emergence of some extreme things.

Know more about TPE sex doll in details

TPE sex doll was made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and is very soft! It has been tested to be safe to humans. It is combined with soft and elasticity,and shaped of real human to make it feels realistic.

Inside the soft sex doll is a flexible stainless skeleton.With the most flexible action range it resemble like 70% of real human, which can make poses to photos and appreciation.

Although the sex doll is produced with no seams, TPE real dolls is shaped in a whole module. Due to the molding of the doll model.In a way,the main body do have straight lines.

The eyes can be adjusted by yourself as you like, but remember don’t ruin her makeup and false eyelashes. Once you own a doll, you may know how important is the eye makeup.

It is naturally, that surface of the TPE doll skin can be oily. Especially when it is exposed in the dusty air, it can get sticky sometimes.So the talcum powder is necessary for every TPE sex doll, remember to powder them from time to time. Recommended reading: How to solve the problem that TPE doll permeate oil out of the skin surface.

Due to the TPE features,new dolls may smells like some TPE raw materials, but it is slightly, no worry about it. If you are concerned about the smell that is difficult to dissipate, you can let the manufacturer give you a sex doll that has been stocked for a certain period of time. Because the general TPE dolls are usually processed by thermoplastic molding during the processing. Generally, a part of the odor can be emitted over time.Recommended reading: Is the smell of TPE sex doll toxic and harmful to the human body?

How about taking TPE dolls as Garage kits?

What are the advantages of using life-size TPE doll as garage kit? Because the size of the doll is large enough, the doll’s supplies, including clothes, furniture, etc., can choose real-life products. This is actually a way to save money for otaku doll lovers. You have to understand the miniature doll peripheral derivatives. Not cheaper than a doll. If you have a doll that is a small BJD or DD doll,you have already know how much it cost.

BJD dolls
miniature doll peripheral derivatives
BJD doll& miniature peripheral derivatives

The shapes of life-size TPE love dolls are divided into many types, which are simulated by real humans and also of the anime. Buy a real-sized physical doll to do different role-playing as a garage kit can do, just buy a different body and head to combine. Compared with the expensive $20,000 limited anime figure garage kit, the price is the biggest advantage of the real doll. If you buy a silicone doll that can buy a combination of simulated body TPE dolls with different body proportions, to achieve more role restoration, this will definitely become the choice of more users, of course, we think users are not just treating them as adult products.

As everyone knows, it is very expensive. If you have a limited budget, you can try a TPE love doll. Why is the anime garage kit so expensive?

anime garage kit

Art collection
Any art with a fan base and art collection value will rise, also the production process will cost a lot.
It takes a lot of process to do it.

Less Is More
Generally, the official sales department adopts a limited sales principle, in order to ensure the quality of the products and the long-term collection value of it.

No matter what anime or character image, the comic design masters spend their time designing, and they also need to pay a lot of copyright fees when using these images to make their own products. Many factors have contributed to their high prices.

Above all, the life-size TPE sex doll will be your affordable choice.

Things to consider before disposing your unwanted sex doll

After purchasing sex dolls, we may have many reasons to discard them or use other better methods to dispose of them. This may be because of family or the surrounding environment, you need a new sex doll, or just because you don’t need them.

For whatever reason, we hope you are to consider the following points carefully before dealing with them.

Just like the privacy package you buy for sex dolls, don’t reveal your personal privacy information when giving up your sex dolls. You can use a paper box or packaging to hide them. It’s a terrible thing to have life-sized dolls in public areas. Although it’s tempting to deal with sex dolls in some extreme ways, it’s often tempting. Law, because you will probably get the attention of the police. Do not melt, heat or burn TPE sex dolls at home. Because these toys produce highly toxic fumes.

If you confirm that the treatment can be safe, consider whether the treatment will scare the child and others. For example, if you want to discard it in the garbage dump, you can divide it into many parts and put it in an opaque bag. Of course, if you don’t want to do this yourself, you can hand it to the sex doll factory or recycle bin. Or you can attach a note: don’t be afraid, this is just a sex toy- love doll.

If you want to sell, of course, your sex doll needs to be in an ideal state. The important point is that cleaning is very necessary.

Top reason why you should buy a small love doll

100cm sex doll
  • Weight, size – light

The weight of the doll can be challenging. The medium and adult size dolls weigh about 40kg, while the mini sex dolls weigh about 12kg.

If you want to use them more often, their weight must be a factor you must consider. Because there are too many people who buy sex dolls and leave them idle because they can’t carry them. Because weight will cause you to be unable to try the posture you want. Often the most intriguing doll users are most impressed after receiving the doll package, “this is much heavier than expected.”

  • Storage – easy to store and clean

The height of a life-size sex doll needs enough space to accommodate and hide. If you don’t have a special cabinet and space to store, it is best to buy a doll less than 100cm. For the privacy and daily maintenance of the doll, the storage method of the doll is also worth learning. There are many ways to store dolls. No matter which one you choose, small dolls are more dominant. In addition, the dolls are smaller and easier to clean, and you can easily adjust their position, reducing the cumbersome steps for cleaning.

100cm sex doll
  • Low price

Tall sex dolls require a lot of raw materials. On the contrary, the little dolls use less material and reduce the cost of doll production. Especially for users who want to test sex dolls, small-cost dolls are suitable for use, and they are considered to be the most economical choice.

The First Virtual Intimacy System – Your Virtual Girlfriend

Almost all forms of sexual technology can be used for treatment, and at the beginning of the invention of sex dolls, it can be used to solve some sexual addiction problems at that time. Modern technology is no exception, although they are not intended for this purpose, but a series of sexual technologies that have been invented for treatment have made it the biggest selling point.

Obviously from history we have come to the conclusion that traditional intimacy is not suitable for all people. If the relationship breaks down, some people’s relationship will not be improved. Although the solid sex doll is difficult to replace the real human, but under some circumstances , they don’t have to bear the failure and frustration from real life. This is like a combination of virtual real dolls and real emotions. It has the advantages of doing the same thing, but it also abandons the shortcomings of the real doll’s size, weight…

The system offers realistic virtual partner gaming and versatile hardware to deliver an exciting interactive immersive experience. Compatible with most PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR headsets, Virtual Mate comes in a variety of modes including Quick Mode, Story Mode and VR Mode, allowing you to play your own way. This system can help solve intimate problems and make them easy to get along with their partners in an intimate environment. On the other hand, he can also help people learn how to get along with real people.

2019 Sexual Technology Trends

The idea of ​​synthetic sex robots has never stopped. Their fascination with the sex robot culture is reflected in the growing demand for sex dolls, and manufacturers and sellers of various sex toys are flocking. Despite this, it is clear that the stigma of sex dolls has not been eliminated. When it comes to sex dolls, it’s easy to just think of it as homosexuality.

If you think that the development of sex robots and realistic sex dolls is just a trend, then you can understand the following.

WM doll

The highlight of the 2019 Las Vegas Adult Expo is no longer a variety of beautiful synthetic beauty. The sexual dolls and robotics exhibited at the event this year show a richer imagination. From self-heating talking dolls to sex robots specializing in oral sex, VR also brings closer the connection between adult products and customers, and provides an incredible fantasy experience.

In addition to the appearance of common silicone and TPE sex dolls, there are synthetic dolls. 1AM came back with its synthetic fibers. The exhibition hall displayed a variety of dolls that differed from conventional dolls. There were anime faces and sex dolls that were just human torso.

Technology can help humans explore and change sexual behavior. Conversely, the form in which sexual interests and technology are intertwined is becoming more and more accepted. In addition to physical sex dolls, sex technology also allows users to remotely access certain sex toys. Make sex more personal. In addition to flexibility, this will greatly reduce costs. Do you think it will become the trend of future technology?

Halloween Doll Makeup- You’ll need..

It’s very easy to create Halloween love doll makeup and clothing, and it won’t cost more than buying new clothes for dolls. It can be done with some makeup, old clothes and props, of course, these can be flexibly chosen according to the props you have.

  • False eyelashes

You can buy exaggerated large eyelashes as upper eyelashes in the Halloween store, then buy a light eyelash as the lower eyelashes.

  • Eyelash glue

Although most mascara contains glue, the mascara in mascara won’t stay all day. You need to buy extra mascara to make your exaggerated big eyelashes not fall from your real doll all day. Of course, it is best to buy black, if you can’t get black mascara, it doesn’t matter.

  • Liquid liner, White eye liner

Black and white eyeliner can help you get the lines you want.

  • Clothing (any piece of clothing)

I hope that you are inspired now, you can prepared to dress up this Halloween and celebrate this weird but super fun holiday!

Maybe you can also prepare curlers and hair straighteners for your realistic sex doll. Some hair styling products, or more makeup products such as lipstick, blush, eye shadow and other makeup brushes are good choices. It can help improve the clothing, but even without them, the appearance will be great.