Here, we will talk about those delightful sensations that tickle your senses when you fall in love with your sex doll.


Intimacy has a much deeper meaning than a shallow representation of sexual craving. It’s about physical bonding between two individuals. That’s the exact phenomenon that occurs when love sparks between an adult doll and its owner. The doll no longer remains an object for sex, rather it becomes a loving companion. The shallow intercourse suddenly turns into passionate lovemaking. Just like we said earlier, the sex doll owner attempts to form a more meaningful connection with their love doll(s). This explains the fine line of difference between deep intimacy and casual fornication. The latter is nothing more than an exercise to satiate the carnal desires of one’s own self. The former however do justice with the word “love.” The urge, the feeling, the need to become one with your doll is how this intimate connection is aptly defined. One gets to explore this wild and magical sensation, the day he accepts his true feelings for his love doll. A connection that surpasses the concepts of intimacy itself. 


Too happy but can’t exactly pinpoint the reason? Well, that’s love for your doll that’s singing its magic. A constant feeling of unexplained happiness, that’s one of thesymptomsof falling in love. All of a sudden, the world seems more vivid. A subtly growing interset in trying out various new activities and stuff that previously seemed dull. This sentiment of merriment is enough to overwhelm the very senses of folks. It’s like you have gained something incredible. Well, what you gain is simply termed as happiness. It all might seem like a thought straight out of a romantic flick, but the ones that have felt it would never deny it. The very sight of your doll fills your stomach with butterflies. A constant feeling of contentment when you are around your life-like doll cannot be defined in plain words. So, in case you are going through the same phase and can’t understand why this euphoria has struck you, then just look at your silicone sex doll, you will find the answer you’ve been looking for. 


It would be nothing less than a grand lie to deny that we carry some thoughts, ideas, and desires that reside deep within our psyche. We keep these ideas to ourselves, never to be shared or spoken to anyone. It’s like building a barrier around it. We can only imagine the strength of that relationship that manages to shatter this barrier. Without even knowing or noticing, you gradually start to open up to your adult doll. What starts from reciting the happenings during your regular day escalates to you sharing all your deep secrets. Love doesn’t just signify affection and care, it also puts into the light, the value of trust. When you start falling for your adult doll, you begin trusting it enough to share everything buried deep down inside your valley of thoughts. Again we say, in the shade of love, blossoms trust.


This is what completes the circle of bond – the emotional connection. That’s when our mind accepts our life-like doll as our better half. Earlier a misconception resided in the minds of people that a person cannot construct an emotional connection with an inanimate object. After all, an object does not possess any thoughts or feelings, emotions are a human thing. Well, it goes without saying that “they” couldn’t be any more wrong. Feelings can be towards anyone or anything and it’s your sentiments that define your connection. If you feel a sense of affection and love towards your adult doll, then for you it is the most alive being on the planet. If you don’t bear any emotions towards an actual human being, then that person is no less than an inanimate object for you. It is the strength of your feelings and thoughts that can bring a doll to life and that’s exactly what an emotional connection is.           


Time to give our feelings a rest. This piece of writing was an attempt to get you to relive those warm and delightful moments when you fell in love with your sex doll. Love doesn’t happen every day and when it does happen, the best thing to do is savor the delightful occasions that it brings along. Falling for an adult sex doll is not an uncommon sight these days. If you are a happy sex doll owner, then chances are you might give in to the feeling of affection towards your life-like doll. It’s astonishing how a simple doll becomes a vital part of our lives without us even knowing. Well, if you ask us, that’s how love is!  https://sexrealdoll.com

SEX REAL DOLL physical doll maintenance methods

1、Cleaning: When cleaning the doll, wash it with body wash and put on talcum powder after washing.

2、Stain: For light stains or a small amount of stains, apply olive oil with cotton swabs and dry with talcum powder. You can’t get rid of color with a lot of dyeing.

3、Wigs done: wigs tied, can be soaked with hair conditioner for half an hour or so, dry can be soft.

4、Dress problem: It is recommended to wear light colors, white and pink to avoid dyeing.

5、Vaginal cleaning: Rinse with a cleaner and dry with a hair dryer after cleaning. Female cleaners can be used to sterilize the doll’s underbody to keep it clean.

6、Makeup: Please try not to wash your eyebrows.

7、Use: Please use within the acceptable range of doll movements.

8、Storage: Don’t let the doll curl up and keep it flat.

9、Protection: Do not touch sharp objects. Do not drop them heavily.



We’re pretty sure you have immense love and attachment for your sex dolls, and so it is very important to take care of them too. You must always keep in mind the below-mentioned tips, to help you take care of your love doll’s skeleton:

  1. Never forget that your TPE sex doll has a skeletal frame inside her smooth and sexy body. So, to maximize her life you must take good care of her.
  2. Rough Handling: Don’t handle her too roughly, it may damage her skeletal frame. Due to this metallic skeleton, she may seem heavy at times, but try not to bang her against hard surfaces or drop her by accident. Dropping her or hurting her could mean that she may get broken beyond repair.
  3. No Sharp Objects: Avoid using sharp objects near the sex doll. It may damage the silicone covering and in turn damage the skeleton. If the silicone skin of your hot sex doll is torn or damaged in any way, the skeleton of the doll is exposed to high risk of getting damaged.
  4. Know the Limits: Don’t stretch her too much. Even though she is extremely flexible and you have banged her in various different positions, it doesn’t mean that she is as stretchy as a rubber band. Her joints and limbs are attached by screws and if she is stretched too much, the screws might come out and loosen the whole structure.
  5. Change Position: Never leave your beautiful love doll in a certain position for too long. You could end up deforming her body. Try to keep changing her position at regular intervals, so that she is always in good condition. It would be great if you could get a hanging storage kit for her so that it becomes easier for you.
  6. Store Properly: When not in use, store her properly to ensure that you are able to enjoy your amazing sex sessions with the love doll for as long as possible.
  7. Excessive Pressure: Don’t put too much pressure on the smaller joints. They are not made to be treated harshly and not to be put under heavy weights.
  8. Bathing the Sex Doll: You may have heard or read over the internet, not to let your gorgeous love doll get in contact with water. But, there is absolutely no problem with that. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while bathing the doll is not to submerge the neck and head of the doll under water. to prevent skeleton rust or joint damage. In fact, try and thoroughly bathe your sex doll every two weeks and wipe the face and neck with a wet cloth.


When choosing a real doll, several things should be considered

The needs of life and emotion have made the realistic sex doll market better and better. In recent years, it has become a classic choice among many adult products. Judging from the processing of real dolls on the market today, it meets the needs of many users. So how do you generally choose? Learn some basic selection knowledge.

Material: If you want to get a comfortable enjoyment from the real doll, of course the material requirements are relatively high. In recent years, the processing and design technology of dolls has been continuously advanced and developed, and the discovery of various new materials has also made up for the lack of feeling in the past. Speaking of materials, naturally, silica gel is the best. Silica gel gives people a more delicate feeling, more similar to the touch of a real person, and can stimulate emotional needs.

Design: The design of the real doll determines whether it can meet the needs of users, whether it is the design of the facial features or the design of the limbs, it is about the golden ratio. As users demand for real dolls, there are more and more styles in design, such as loli type, royal sister type and next-door sister type, etc. You can choose according to your own preferences when choosing. Who is fine and flexible.

Function: The function of the tpe sex doll is also where users need it, and this can be taken into consideration when choosing. Over the years, the functional design of real dolls has changed quite a lot, such as sound and body temperature are all newly added designs in recent years. Of course, there are some other functions, you can consider yourself when choosing to see if it meets your needs and choose high-quality dolls.

Buying A Sex Doll Will Actually Save You Money

You can save $3,280 per year by purchasing a sex doll.  

We’ve run the numbers, by giving up dating and buying a sex doll you will save yourself $3,280 in just 1 year. 

The price of a luxury sex doll can be shocker to many people looking to purchase one. However, I will prove to you that buying a sex doll will actually be one of the best investments in your life. If you compare the costs of dating to the costs of a sex doll, the return on investment of a sex doll is immense!

The typical dating experience for cost-minded gentlemen, written by a Silicon Valley Bachelor:

When girls go out on a bad date, you’ll always hear something along the lines of, “at least I got dinner and drinks out of it.” When guys go out on a bad date, you’ll hear, “I F*CKIN SPENT $200 AND I DIDN’T GET SH*T OUT OF IT!!!!” Because, us guys, believe in something called “ROI” – which in the business world is called “Return On Investment”. We may not like a girl we go out on date with, but the more we invest (cost associated in the date), the more we figure we should get something out of it. Unless you’re dating Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin, we want to play a game called ‘just the entire penis’… or at least some topical clothes rubbing. We need SOMETHING we can tell our friends about after spending gobs of money on that trendy little SF eatery that only sells appetizers that you have trouble pronouncing like – quinoa or arugula or bok choy. Whatever happened to the good ol’ Iceberg Lettuce!??! Crunchy and refreshing!!!!

I have a friend, who used to live in Europe – he is a dirty man-whore – well, this friend, he used to think of it this way, “if I spend more on a girl during a date, I start to wonder whether I should’ve just saved myself the time and pain of listening to her endless babbling and just gotten a hooker.”

We say forget wasting money on women, dates and hookers – buy a sex doll instead!

Want to know a shocking statistic?

The Average Person Will Spend $20,000+ Over 5 Years Of Dating

The surprising high cost of dating:

  • Men & women in the USA will date for an average of five and a half years before getting married.
  • In that time, singles will spend an average of $43.50 per date, when totalled up over five years equates to around $20,200 of spending before settling down.
  • Broken down by gender, men spent a lot more than women per date. Women spent an average of about $34.29 per date, while men spent an average of about $65.69 
  • Research by ConvergEx found that singles spend as much as $23,660 on dating in their lifetime.
  • At a conservative estimate of one date per week and a cost of $130 per date — $100 for a meal and drinks at a nice restaurant, plus $30 for two movie tickets and popcorn — the dating phase prior to marriage runs up a $23,660 tab.
  • The average dating site customer spends $239 a year for online memberships.

Dating is pretty expensive isn’t it?so why you don’t buy a sex doll in sex real doll?

The exciting World of Sex Doll Makeup

For many of our customers, a sex doll isn’t just an inanimate object. She (or he!) is a companion, and a character in the customer’s fantasies. It’s quite common for sex doll aficionados to give their dolls personalities, and dress them up. What many people don’t realize is that they can also use cosmetics, jewelry, temporary tattoos, and other items to their dolls to bring out those personalities even more.

Understanding Doll Makeup Basics

When your Sex real sex dolls arrives, you’ll notice that they have amazing skin. As long as you care for your doll properly, it should never need foundation. However, if you do touch your dolls face quite a bit, the some of that ‘make up’ can wear off over time. If that’s the case, a bit of makeup and a highlighter can bring that glow back!

Next, you can do quite a bit to enhance, even change the appearance of your doll with lip color, eye shadow, and blush. Feel free to experiment! There are so many makeup tutorials on YouTube that you can learn to give your doll a variety of looks. With a bit of practice, you can use your talents to create a fantasy look for nearly every occasion.

Where to Buy Sex Doll Make Up

Here’s some great news. You don’t need to purchase speciality make up for your doll. The same make up you would purchase at your local pharmacy, department store, or dollar store will work just fine. However, we do recommend that you only use powder based makeup. Liquids and oil based pigments could possibly stain your doll.

Some doll owners have also had some troubles with cosmetics that contain glitter or ‘sparkles’. If you take photos of your doll, sometimes those reflect in the light and add a harsh glare. It can also be difficult to remove this makeup completely.

How to Remove Doll Makeup

As it turns out, the best solution for removing makeup from your sex doll is cold cream. It’s true! The product that has been around for decades will take makeup off gently and effectively. It’s also very inexpensive.

Jewelry And Other Accessories

You may already be dressing your doll to make them look amazing, but have you considered what you can do with jewelry, temporary tattoos, decals, and other body art? Think about it! With the right ankle bracelet, a hot tattoo, and necklace, you could turn your All-American doll into a sexy vixen for the night.

There’s no need to shower your doll with expensive items either. She’ll appreciate some colorful costume jewelry from your local Stop And Shop just as much as she would a fine diamond. You’ll save money, and you’ll be able to buy enough to complete several looks.

It’s All About Your Fantasies

Sex doll makeup, accessories, and fashion are popular for a good reason. They give you the tools you need to make sure your doll looks exactly the way you want. Why not take some time to make your doll look amazing.


Experts teach you to choose realistic sex doll?

Do you think that the current realistic sex doll is still stuck in the old style, and it is a tool to solve personal physiological needs? Do you still think that the physical doll is just a plastic toy? Do you think it is almost impossible for a physical doll to reach the level of a human being?
In fact, the current physical dolls have developed to a new stage. The physical dolls based on high-tech materials are equipped with polymer materials, which can not only achieve the similarity with real people, but also generate heat and sound.
The current physical dolls have a very high technology content. We can no longer use the past standards when choosing physical dolls. It is not as simple as it is easy to use. Let’s take a look at some of the things that professionals should value when choosing physical dolls.

1. The safety of physical dolls. Material safety is the issue we are most concerned about now, because traditional physical dolls use silica gel is not an ideal choice, this material is hard, and some manufacturers with irregular production use waste rubber processing. There are physical dolls made of new materials that feel almost the same as real people.
2. The overall experience brought by the entity doll. The physical doll is not simply a tool for solving physiological needs. Its appearance, appearance, and voice characteristics will bring us a different experience. When choosing, it should be considered from many aspects, depending on the overall feeling brought by the physical doll.
3. The function of the entity doll. Some physical dolls can only solve simple physical needs, some physical dolls can speak with people, and some physical dolls can perform some actions. Entity tpe sex dolls are becoming more and more abundant in function, which greatly meets our needs for dolls.

Sex Dolls serve as a savior in long distance relationship

Sex dolls can play a vital role in filling in the loneliness that may occur in long distance relationships.

As you all know, sex is an important activity to keep your relationship go strong and smooth forever but what if you don’t have the compatible partner for the same. However, if you are into a long distance relationship and want someone compatible to satisfy sexual urges without cheating on your partner, life-like dolls can play a major role in such kind of circumstances.

Well, hiring a call girl for one-night stand can affect your image badly and you have to pay something extra in the form of expensive gift items. Ahead of all this, you have a wonderful option to satisfy your sexual needs with the help of sex dolls. The best part is that you can find these life-like beauties in a wide range of variety and features. Presence of these real-like beauties will bring excitement and spark in every moment you spend with them.

Be it the quality of materials used in making realistic love dolls to their breath-taking appearances, they are surely a treat to enjoy and watch. To add more excitement in the same, you can tell the doll-maker about the face you like the most and you can get the same. Whatever it may be but you will definitely love the experience of getting intimate with real dolls. Remember, the price depends upon the quality of products you want.

Being offered in a wide range of variety, you would definitely get the one that suits your expectations. There are fathers who always wanted a daughter but couldn’t due to the God’s wish or a married or divorced person for whom sex is the utmost priority and love to do different sexual positions regularly then these dolls can serve as a boon for you. Among all, looks and touch of silicone sex dolls is so real that it’s tough to make out the difference. Sex dolls are available with different orifices including mouth, anal and vagina.

Thankfully, a credible store like REAL SEX sex doll helps you get the high-quality life-like love doll at quite competitive prices. In fact, the different varieties of sex dolls have made it convenient to find out the doll that complements your budget and choice fully. So, what are you looking for? Just place order for one now and feel the fun!!!
Sex Dolls – A Life Savior to Many Lives


Talk about the use of physical dolls [Real Experience]

  • Hand feeling of the doll

If you’re buying a cheap doll you won’t have the graininess of an artificial skin, but you can add graininess and a silky feel by flapping powder or talc all over her body.

  • The softness and hardness of the flesh

Do not blindly on the Internet disorderly order, buy, you had better look for professional customer service to help you choose.

Especially the dolls of Jin SAN and Jun Ying and Xin Zhong Yi, some of them are hard like stones, and some are so soft that they have no texture.

You can ask the customer service staff to help you choose a soft and hard doll that fits your description. The main reason for buying these brands is that they are cheap.

  • Don’t trust the graphics on the official website

Most of them are makeup products, if you don’t have the ability to make up, it’s best to ask them to show you the real video first. Otherwise, you will easily receive a doll of the same size that is different from your picture. Then you will be a tragedy, you have to take out the head mold to find someone to make up, not afraid of a shame, ha ha, you can also contact customer service they give you money to paint makeup, later when you use, take off your head. Stick your head back in and pose.

  • The middle seam of the doll

I tell you here, the doll in the seam must not repair themselves, or you will basically destroy the doll, because you have no experience, silicone bounce, and then do not pay attention to ha ha.

  • Pay attention to the stools the doll sits on

Such as bed edge, wooden bench, etc., you should give her a cushion cushion if there is a corner, otherwise you will cry, because it will be cut, do not think that is not a knife, as long as the corner pressure furniture is 90 degrees, the basic damaged skin can not escape.

Even if you put the bed, if you are a mahjong table, congratulations to the doll is pressed by you, 100% of the silicone contact mahjong mat surface, dozens of small damage,

With dolls, must be careful, especially the bed can only be padded with quilts, do not have bamboo mat, mahjong mat, straw mat, etc。

  • Nipples and labia fade

Fade on the right, do not fade you dare to use? Are you still going to put all that spray paint and lipstick in your mouth?

If the color does not fade, you dare not lick. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. When you get the doll, wipe the nipples and lipstick off your labia with a wet handkerchief or tissue.

Don’t put it in your mouth. After all, most people don’t make up their dolls. If they do, you won’t feel comfortable. So don’t touch the lipstick on your lips.

So, are you clear, and I want to tell you that SEXREAL is a great way to buy a doll!

Should You Buy a Sex Toy or a Sex Doll?


Humans have a natural drive to seek sexual fulfillment. When they don’t find that with a partner, they seek out other methods. In fact, even when they do have a willing and available partner, most people still engage in masturbation and sexual fantasy.

Like anything else, whatever humans do, they try to find ways to do them better through technology. That has led to the creation of a variety of masturbators. These can be divided into two categories, sex toys and sex dolls.

If you are shopping for a sex doll, you may have wondered if you could get the same satisfaction from another sex toy, perhaps one that is less expensive. To get the answer to that question, keep reading.

Let’s Talk About Sex Toys

Sex toys are a fairly broad category of objects used for sexual fulfillment. These are pocket pussies, dildos, butt plugs, blow job machines, vibrating eggs, and more. Men and women use these items to enhance their solo and partnered experiences. Now, let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Sex toys for every budget
  • Variety of Types
  • Most toys are fairly discreet
  • A toy for every type of sex you can imagine
  • Appropriate for every gender


  • Not very realistic
  • Limited options
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Ends up in a landfill sooner than later

Ultimately, you can enjoy a great orgasm with a sex doll. The downside is that they are fairly basic devices, and don’t do much to stir up exciting sexual experiences.

Now Sex Dolls

Sex dolls don’t really require a description. You’ve likely seen plenty of them on our site. What’s more important is to understand why they were invented. When it comes to sexual satisfaction, people want great experiences. Think about it. Would you rather play a video game with fake, blocky looking characters, or one that has high quality animation and real characters.

Of course, you want the real experience. That’s why sex dolls were invented, and why they continue to be improved even today. That leads us to the pros and cons of sex dolls.


  • Strong intimacy
  • Companionship is possible
  • Unlimited positions and flexibility
  • Very realistic
  • Can be repaired
  • Lasts for many years


  • Can be pricey
  • Not always discreet

Sex dolls are ideal for someone who wants an experience that is as close to the real thing as possible.

What’s The Winner?

There’s no slamming sex toys. They certainly have their place. Best of all, they are inexpensive enough that you can buy several to try them out, and keep them around for some quick fun.

But, let’s be honest. If you really want to simulate amazing sex with a beautiful woman or hot guy, you need something better. You can’t wrap your arms or legs around a vibrator, or stroke the cheek of your pocket pussy. For these things, you need a realistic sex doll made from silicone or TPE.

Any Alternatives?

What if there was a way for you to balance the amazing look and feel of a sex doll with something more budget friendly? Good news! There is. If you aren’t ready to own a full-size sex doll, consider owning accessories such as breasts, torsos, vaginas, and other realistic body parts. These are perfect for masturbation while giving you a realistic feeling experience.