Is a penis trainer useful?

What do you know about premature ejaculation? What about premature ejaculation? Only by objectively analyzing the principle of premature ejaculation can targeted training be conducted.

  1. Male ejaculation process

The body receives different sexual stimulation signals → transmits to the brain → the brain generates excitement signals to control the sex organs to respond (congestion and erection) → the excitement signals continue to superimpose → the maximum sexual tolerance strength (ejaculation threshold) is exceeded → ejaculation is completed

  1. Sexual stimulation signals

Sexual stimulation signals refer to all signals that can cause sexual excitement, mainly five senses.

Tactile stimulation: an intimate touch of a partner, the friction of genitals or body.

Visual stimulation: satisfying expression of partner, sexy posture, body, etc.

Auditory stimulation: teasing and moaning from the partner;

Olfactory stimulation: women’s unique body fragrance, or charming perfume smell;

Fantasy stimulation: There are a lot of “beautiful” pictures and so on.

Sexual tolerance

The intensity of sexual tolerance refers to the tolerance of the brain to sexual excitement in the face of sexual stimulation signals of the opposite sex. The difference in tolerance intensity of different individuals directly determines the length of ejaculation time.

Sexual excitement

The body receives sensory stimulation and transmits it to the brain, producing excitement. The excitement gradually rises, and finally reaches the ejaculation threshold to complete ejaculation.

Before the election, we are at a basic level of excitement. With continuous intimate contact and intense body thrusting, we will enter the pleasure zone. After a period of thrusting, we will gradually feel the ejaculation, and finally, continue to stimulate, and ejaculation will occur.

Desensitization training

The faster sexual excitement occurs, that is, the faster the shot, the more representative of premature ejaculation, and if you want to avoid reducing this situation, you must slow down the sexual excitement too fast, so you must desensitize.

Introducing an adult website: tpe sex doll

Some tips on how to dress with a physical doll

People to entity doll wear clothes, as far as possible in the case of ensure wash clothes won’t rub off to wear clothes, so as not to rub off dirty baby skin, please do not wear clothes and accessories, and with a sharp edge wear earrings to wait adorn article, can use a thin wire or needle, etc on the silica gel pores, but can’t use a knife and sharp objects in cutting, and after wearing earrings can’t pull, lest cause damage. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight. Although a physical doll can move its limbs and change its posture, it also has a certain range of movement. When dressing a doll, a few points should be noted:

  1. Anti-stick can be used talcum powder or talcum powder, the doll skin is sticky, after wiping talcum powder or talcum powder, it is easy to wear and prevent dust, or spraying a small amount of antistatic agent;
  2. Do not bend or twist your arms too much when wearing clothes to avoid skin breakage or gelatosis;
  3. Please pay attention to skin scratches. Do not wear clothes or accessories with sharp edges to avoid skin scratches. If there are sharp buttons or accessories on clothes or accessories, avoid wearing them or handle them with care;
  4. If it is necessary to Pierce the doll’s ears, when wearing accessories such as earrings, you can use thin wire or needle to Pierce the doll first, but should not exceed 0.5mm in diameter. Avoid cutting with knife or other tools.
  5. Avoid dyeing dolls and avoid wearing clothes made of dyed artificial leather or other oily materials. Wearing dark-dyed leather clothes for a long time may cause the color to penetrate into the doll’s interior and cause skin discoloration. Although the doll has a de-colouring cream, the colouring inside is still difficult to remove. Please do not use dark-colored clothes or accessories for a long time.

Racyme is an innovative brand aimed at high-end physical sex doll market.through the professional,focused,easy-to-use concept to create a benchmark one-stop servuce business model of the brand across the ages.there is a circle in the brand operator,a square in the circle and a combination of radius,which also highlights the vision of the brand:follow the shape like shadow,accompany silently,just like oxygen,accompany the doll users .

Doll Knowledge Science: Dyeing

The amount of dyeing pigment is generally related to the new and old clothing and the dyeing material of the clothing. The older the clothes, the more times they are washed, and the less dyeable material left over there is naturally, so the older clothes are relatively less likely to be dyed. The lighter the clothing, the less the dyeing material can be dissolved, the less likely to be dyed. The more expensive clothes are, the less likely it is that dyeing materials from cheaper clothes will be dissolved by the baby’s oil and less likely to be dyed.

The contact time between the doll and the clothing is also directly proportional to the severity of the dyeing, so the clothes that are dangerous to dye will be taken off immediately after the photo is taken.

The pressure between the love doll and the clothes in contact is also proportional to the dyeing. For example, the same piece of light-dark clothing is put on the doll and placed under the doll’s butt to let the doll sit. At the same time, the dyeing condition must be serious where the butt is pressed.
The dyeing of dolls belongs to the physical diffusion process of color particles. Pay attention to the key points mentioned above and try to avoid the occurrence of dyeing:

  1. Try to wear old clothes;
  2. Buy new clothes with good quality as much as possible. The Taobao 10 yuan package is the hardest-hit area for dyeing;
  3. If there are no old clothes and the economic situation does not allow you to buy too expensive clothes, then please wash the newly bought clothes with washing clothes or detergent for 5~8 times, if the water-soaked out has no obvious color You can consider replacing the doll.
  4. The clothes should not be weighed down by the weight of the doll itself. Pay attention to this when posing.
  5. Immediately change the clothes that are dyeing dangerous after taking photos to reduce the contact time.
  6. You can consider wearing baby socks to isolate the outer clothing. Or place a light-colored cloth or restaurant paper on the place where the clothing is under pressure. For example, there are shrink bands on the bust of dark pajamas, where the pressure is much higher than other places, and it is particularly easy to dye. At this time, you can put a white handkerchief or restaurant paper on the inside.

When sleeping with a baby on, please pay attention to whether your bed sheets, quilt cover, pajamas are easy to dye, all light or very old is no problem.

Nokia has been unlocked sex toy features

The quality of Nokia mobile phones has always been well-known, and the functions are readily available. In addition to calling, texting, and playing greedy snakes, Nokia mobile phones have a function that no other brand has, that is, acting as a hammer to knock walnuts.

But a report by CNET shows that some old Nokia phones have unlocked new features in the hands of Indian women, although this new feature is full of indescribable colors.
Agents of Ishq, an Indian female masturbation survey project group focused on sex, love, and passion, surveyed a hundred women. On the question of “how to get the most satisfaction”, the “vibration function of Nokia mobile phones” has become a frequent guest in the answer. . Obviously, the vibration function of the old Nokia phone is outstanding.

Of course, not only Nokia mobile phones, in fact, all mobile phone vibrations can have similar’effects’. The Homemade Sex Toys website says that one of the benefits of using mobile phones as sex toys is that people can take them with them and use them at any time, and they don’t have to worry about what friends will think strange.
I used to think that using mobile phones as ‘sex toys’ was a joke, but then I discovered that I was too young. Evil, no wonder that Apple and Samsung’s new phones are beginning to have waterproof function.

For the development of mobile phone fun features, humans who can play have never stopped. Among them, the Japanese are the most representative.

In 2015, the iPhone 6s with pressure sensing was launched. Many technical houses are trying to use this phone to test fruit weight. And a startup company in Japan launched a 3D Touch mobile app-ChiChi, which is used to test women’s cups.

The way to use it is this: just open the app, clamp the phone in the middle of the chest, and the app can immediately give the relevant data of the chest cup of the chest through the squeezing force. Even this company is still recruiting women with E-cups or more to participate in software internal testing, which is used to proofread and enrich the company’s internal database. The size of the cup measured by this method should not be small. After all, if the size is not enough, the mobile phone can not be clamped, right?

life size sex doll

Doll dress up mode

How can you make your one-of-a-kind doll your exclusive companion?

As we all know, the doll has been manufactured, which is actually a blank doll. We often need a variety of costumes and spiritual approval to give them an independent personality. In addition to the head carving and the body is fixed, she is playing with the fun of hair, eyeballs, face makeup, clothing, accessories, shoes can be matched with their own preferences. Let’s talk about it a little bit.

  1. Identity setting, such as daughter, neighbor, student, etc
  2. Career setting: such as teacher, policeman, nurse, white-collar, etc
  3. Personality setting: enthusiastic, reserved, lovely, etc
  4. Relationship setting: Such as sister, sister, girlfriend, wife, etc

1. The wig

Wigs are available in a variety of styles, and prices and ways of obtaining them are very popular (some are available) : long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, game or anime characters in a variety of shapes and colors, and some can be made by diy. If wig is qualitative, at present the market is the most common 3 kinds: common silk, high temperature silk, true hair, price quality can have distinction.

Ordinary silk: cheap, basically fixed shape, quality is also slightly poor, not easy to take care of, easy to scrap

High temperature silk: moderate price, characterized by high temperature resistance silk, you can do all kinds of modeling, most cosplay wigs are this kind, silk smooth, very easy to care

Real hair: Expensive, but the source is the salon, which has most of the advantages of real hair


The eyeballs vary by style and are less detachable, but the Diary of an Angel eyeballs are detachable (science videos are coming).

The quality of eyeball has high have low, quality stand or fall depends on material and coating. The next step is to choose the color of the iris. These are all replaceable, because when designing a real doll, there is a device in the eye that attaches the eyeball to the device and the eyeball can move in the device, which is used to adjust the doll’s eyes. However, the removal device can only be removed from the facial socket, which requires special tools. It is not easy to damage the doll’s eyes due to poor operation. It is better not to try it by yourself.

If there is a need for eye replacement, you can contact the manufacturer, or find a professional to complete. Eyes are the window of the soul, a pair of special eyeballs will undoubtedly make your doll special and dazzling.


The head of the physical doll is also divided into silica gel and TPE material. The face makeup is produced when the doll leaves the factory, and it is elaborately carved by professional masters.

  1. However, the face makeup of Tpe dolls is relatively simple due to the material problems. Generally, there are only eye makeup and lip makeup. Used for a long time, often clean will fade or even fade, but angel diary also has make-up business, we completely consult customer service: JD13164733618
  2. Silica gel face makeup can be fine, almost the whole face will be makeup, some makeup artists will even meticulous to the capillary and skin markings, can be called abnormal level of fine. Moreover, due to the characteristics of the material, the special pigment is used. Once the makeup is applied, the makeup will not be removed in the later cleaning period. However, attention should be paid to reduce wear.

At the same time, a lot of people in pursuit of personality will also give doll makeup, most is done with the reality of cosmetics, to note here is that the dyeing problem, the general reality of cosmetics is against human skin adhesion is strong, but the baby will be more bad, can maintain time not too long, but it also has a professional with a special paint for dolls, you can also own consulting.


4. clothing

Clothing selection is the most intuitive embodiment of the doll personality link, compared with other anthropomorphic products, the benefits of the physical doll is the proportion of real people, so the market can be used for the doll real clothes. And as a personal companion, the doll can be generously dressed up in the costumes you’ve fantasized about. Speaking of which, we have to say that there are several types of dolls’ costumes:

  1. Everyday clothes: This kind of clothes is the most common, that is, the clothes and trousers we wear in our daily life. We can buy some clothes and trousers in a variety of styles.
  2. Professional clothing: the uniforms we talk about, JK student uniforms, OL uniforms, teachers, nurses, police, soldiers, etc., can be used to set the career of the doll, which can also have a different feeling when playing.
  3. 2-dimensional clothing: Cosplay clothing, Lolita clothing, deadpool clothing, etc. Friends who choose this piece of clothing are generally anime lovers, and they are mainly customized.
  4. Sexy clothes: Bunnies, bikinis and underwear belong to this kind of clothes, which are sexy, hot and soft. They can increase the emotional appeal in visual and tactile sense.

5. shoes

The doll’s shoes should be referenced to the manufacturer’s size. Because the foot shape of the doll is different, it still needs to be bought for trial and error. In terms of matching, it depends on the style of the dress. I don’t want to be confused about this problem, because everyone has their own aesthetics. Just here to pay attention to the shoes also do not stand for a long time, the damage to the doll is very large, want to understand in detail can view how to receive the advanced article doll.

6: accessories

Deserve to act the role of making the finishing point, on the head of all kinds of hats, headdress, hairpin. The rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, clothing accessories brooches, corsets, school badges, ties, stockings on legs and feet, tattoo stickers, also include some props, hands, back, etc., these also need to match according to their own doll Settings.

When choose and buy, also not be the more expensive the better, should designate a direction however, total impossible let a policeman take kill pig knife, by the way the head still match a flower is not? Natural, also not be more had been better, the person is detail animal, starlight a bit deserves to act the role of, ability foil the brightness of the moon.

Analysis of Japanese society’s attitude towards erotica from the perspective of historical culture

Japan passed the Spring Sale Prevention Act by Congress in 1956, declaring that sex transactions are illegal and need to be banned. But the magic is that the Japanese metropolis must have a red light district and a playground for adults. Such as striptease, bars with girls to accompany drinks, cowboy shops, massage shops, tea shops, personal viewing yellow video specialty shops, and even special shops for voyeur erotic performances. What is more exaggerated is that the so-called bath center (Soap Land) in Japan actually provides physical transactions, and all of them need to be registered with the Japanese police.

Why is it not illegal to provide such a service in a bath center? There is a rather interesting argument. Because the bathing girls and male guests in the bathing center fully relax and have physical contact during the bathing process, love may be generated under this atmosphere, and the relationship becomes a matter of course under free will.

The Japanese sometimes use some generous things to do things that should be covered up, which is always ridiculous.

Kabukicho in Tokyo, Japan is a large red-light district in Japan. In this place, various erotic advertisements tell you that this is the place to buy spring.

In addition to the red light district, the newspaper and magazine areas in the convenience stores and bookstores are also fair and well-stocked with pornographic books or pornographic films and erotic place guides for people to choose (there are plastic model books to prevent minors from watching directly) for purchase.

Now let you feel that as long as you are an adult male, these sexual services are readily available and can be easily discussed in public. Many people believe that because of this booming erotic industry, Japan’s sexual assault and sexual crimes have been reduced to some extent, and it has also greatly eased people’s emotional pressure.

The primitive religion in Japan is Shintoism, which worships nature as its spirit. It is quite primitive nature worship, ancestor worship, and reproductive worship. As with many primitive tribes on the African and Pacific islands, the worship of the penis and vulva is an important component. In ancient times, frequent intercourse between men and women can bring the population to the tribe, so this behavior is encouraged by itself. Such a thing is a common phenomenon in which humans have not yet evolved civilization in the early days, and indulgence itself is encouraged.

Until the construction of human society began, there was the concept of family and marriage. At the same time, almost all human religions would oppose extramarital sex. What’s more, they encouraged believers to control their desires, and the restraint on sex continued to strengthen. The control of chastity is common at home and abroad. It can even be said that as long as religion is prosperous, virgins are valued. What’s more, the emphasis on chastity has become more restrictive of women’s autonomy. The development of the chastity concept severely limits women’s autonomy and freedom.

However, Japan has no such evolution, and slowly builds its own country by the faith of Shintoism and the way of a matriarchal society.

For a long time in Japanese history, it was popular to visit marriage until the early Meiji period in Japan (early nineteenth century). Marriage is a common marital status in a matrilineal society, which means that after marriage, men and women still live in their own homes, and only live in the girls’ homes at night.

In the form of visiting marriage, men and women do not have a strong possessiveness of each other’s bodies. The man only needs the woman to own him that night. In the matriarchal society, people do not impose moral criticism on the matter of sex. Therefore, the relationship between the freedom of men and women is very common in ancient Japan.

Due to the custom of visiting marriage, men and women will not live too far, and it is difficult to avoid marriage between close relatives. Without sexual and moral control, once a man enters his wife’s home, he can freely have relationships with women or sisters other than his wife. Even adult sons can come to their mothers’ homes. There are many incest incidents in Japan, and this will not be criticized.

Around the sixth century AD, Buddhism was introduced to Japan. After the Dahua reform since 645 AD, Confucianism has gradually influenced Japan, and gradually has the concept of ethics and chastity, but that only affects the high-level ruling class. For civilians, there is nothing Too much impact. For the part of temperance and even abstinence, the Japanese are indifferent. In Japan, Buddhism even gives monks the right to marry their wives and have children.

Since ancient times, Japan has been a very serious class country, and the privileged class above the samurai has the right to have money and power. People must have something in order to start paying attention to the value of ownership. And if the concept of chastity is formed because men have stronger sexual possessiveness than women, of course, the possessiveness of the class with more privileges will be higher.

After the introduction of Confucianism to Japan and the combination of Bushido, it began to have a moral concept called chastity. In the Edo period, due to the introduction of Song Ming Confucianism and Yang Mingxue, the Tokugawa Shogunate began to hope to restrain women in Japan with women’s ethics. There was a punishment decree for acts such as adultery.

In 1742, the Edo Shogunate published the “100 Articles of the Imperial Order” and sentenced the adulterous samurai wife and lovers to death. However, if the wife of a businessman is cheating, it can be settled with money and judged according to the different classes of peasants, peasants, and industry.

The irony is that the concept of chastity that a woman’s life can only be loyal to a man is actually driven by high-level men who have many wives. In economic terms, chastity is the rationality of a privileged class of men monopolizing resources for all women and men of lower strata.

In China, the concept of virginity is combined with the concept of virginity. Many men care whether they are female first love and first night.

This is not important in Japan. A virgin is something that needs to be abandoned.

After the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese quickly entered the modern business society. The idea of ​​attaching importance to the spirit of the contract began. Under the notion of contract, it is necessary to strictly implement things after signing the contract. Marriage is like a contract. Both parties can freely discuss business before the two parties sign the contract, so after marriage, the couple needs to be loyal to each other, and before marriage, that is not too important.

The Japanese man thinks that after marriage, he only owns the future of his wife, not the past.

The idea of ​​many Chinese women is that if they can’t find true love in this life, they can maintain a pure body for a lifetime, which is a very noble thing, and even having sex has been a stain on women. In fact, a large part of this concept is also due to the importance of men themselves, to marry can only be tied to the virgin.

In Japan, because of free sexual concepts and attitudes, sex is only an act to please both parties, and it is not impossible to talk or be moral. Therefore, a virgin actually represents jerky immaturity and cannot be happy on the flesh. Japanese high school girls even laughed at their classmates and friends who were virgins, saying that they were not welcome by the opposite sex. On the other hand, those men and women with great skills and powerful appeal are generally popular in Japanese society. So we can also see descriptions of mocking virgins in many Japanese comics.

In the early Japanese adult action film actress Iijima Ai, in addition to real live performances, also joined drama performances and even talk shows, and even became a best-selling author. Next, Mr. Aoi, who is well-known to the majority of men, was not worried and tried many new performance opportunities. It is difficult to imagine if it is not in a society like Japan.

Due to the openness of sexuality, even though the marriage contract is in many Japanese families, it is only for the purpose of economic life and the formation of future generations. Marriage derailment is certainly wrong, but it doesn’t feel too guilty about her husband and family. In the 1990s, a very serious social problem in Japanese society was an injustice (that is, cheating on an affair), so Junichi Watanabe’s novel Paradise Lost is very popular in Japan, and it also reflects some extent that the importance of lust itself is higher than marriage. Contract.

The Japanese drama “Lovers!” in the 1990s is about the story of two couples derailing each other and then re-matching, which is also widely welcomed and recognized in Japan.

In Japan, the sanctity of marriage is no higher than love.

In 1682, the famous Japanese novel “Lecherous Generation Man” published by the author Ichihara Nishizu was very enjoyable in the color description, full of sensory stimulation, and highly praised in the Japanese literary world. The novel tells the story that the protagonist Sasuke went to Huaxiang Liuxiang across the country at the age of nineteen, and the prostitute brothel made a good practice. This is simply an erotic novel and night guide for the Edo period in Japan.

This novel was all the rage in the Edo period, and Ichihara Nishizu is known as a master of modern Japanese literature. It is also worth mentioning that the illustrations of the novel were produced by the painter Rinkawa Shishu. Lingchuan’s wonderful paintings have been flirted with men, women, and even erotic paintings, and became the ancestor of the so-called ukiyo-e.

In the mid-Edo period, ukiyo-e was generally referred to as a place of wind and moon, so a print dedicated to depicting the joy of citizens was called ukiyo-e. Ukiyo-e is a unique way of expressing artistic paintings in Japan, but it was popular at the beginning because of erotic paintings.

As can be seen from the novel, in the seventeenth century in the Edo period of Japan, various entertainment venues of Fengyue have been very developed. There are already developed nationwide tour guides (brothels, red-light districts). Men’s lustful demeanor is a commendable trait, and there are a lot of special service areas that provide entertainment.

Since Japan’s attitude towards sex has been quite open since ancient times and has not been subject to moral criticism, even today, buying spring in Japan is a matter of no moral pressure. For many married men, because of the pressure to get off work, it is not difficult to be embarrassed to spend money embracing a young body after work, and it can even be boasted.

It is also because sexual harassment is very common in Japan because of the lack of moral pressure on sex and the high intensity of pressure in modern society. To alleviate such sexual assaults, it is to provide a large number of erotic services. The development of Japanese adult films is the product of such a historical and cultural framework.

In 2015 in Japan, there are incomplete statistics of about 9,000 AV actresses, there will be 100 AV works every day, and 6,000 actresses will debut every year.

Therefore, we will see many beautiful women with beautiful bodies go to the sea to shoot adult movies. Similarly, there will be a large consumer population, and a large number of overseas exports will be used as sexual enlightenment materials for many young men.

You can find almost any erotic service in Japan. But in such a country with such convenient access to sexual resources, as times have evolved, Japan today has the largest asexual population.

In a 2015 survey by the British media BBC in Japan, 43% of young people aged 18-34 said they had never had sex.

tpe sex doll

The manufacturer of the physical doll will tell you the characteristics of the physical doll

A physical doll is a sex tool that highly imitates a real person. It has the following characteristics:

1. it is well known that the inflatable doll inside is inflatable, not realistic effect. But real dolls are different. Instead of being inflatable, they are solid, mostly made of non-toxic, odorless silicone. Today’s physical dolls have very high imitation of the skin, its material non-toxic tasteless, very layered, has a high durability, hand almost like a real person. The dolls are also dustproof and easy to clean. The skin color of the physical doll is glossy and delicate, just like that of the real person, and the hand feel is closer to the real skin.


2.The joints of the doll are made of polymer resin and have mechanical brackets inside, which can change the positions you want to have sex with, so that you can have a more comfortable experience during sex. You can play with a physical doll any way you want. You can treat it as a sexy, charming, beautiful and considerate little lover.

3.At present, the physical doll has the design of automatic heating, which can heat the vagina and chest to 37℃, which is similar to the body temperature of real people, making it more close to the feeling of real people.

4.In order to get closer to the real person, a vibration sensor is set in the lower belly of the real doll, which can feel your body language 100%. Equipped with a pronunciation chip, it will send out the corresponding passionate voice according to your movement frequency and amplitude.


5.the physical doll is generally made of silica gel at present, so it has the unique characteristics of silica gel material, with water resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, not easy to corrosion, non-toxic and tasteless, chemical stability, temperature at -65°C-200°C can keep soft elastic performance, easy to operate and so on.

Racyme is an innovative brand aimed at high-end physical sex doll market.through the professional,focused,easy-to-use concept to create a benchmark one-stop servuce business model of the brand across the ages.there is a circle in the brand operator,a square in the circle and a combination of radius,which also highlights the vision of the brand:follow the shape like shadow,accompany silently,just like oxygen,accompany the doll users .

How to choose sexy lingerie

Sexy erotic lingerie can make women glamorous and add a lot of fun to sex. Just like buying other clothes, buying sexy lingerie is also very particular, and you can achieve the best results if you wear it properly. Although the above underwear can increase the sexiness of women, health experts remind that if you choose and wear them improperly, you will have many adverse effects on your health.

  First, how to choose hot sexy underwear

 Don’t just pursue black

   Black underwear is really sexy, but before buying, you should first consider the hair color and hairstyle. If the hair is black, consider buying fuchsia underwear; if the hair is dyed reddish or yellowish, consider light pink underwear. You can buy bright-colored underwear for short hair, and darker for long hair.

  Underwear and body should be coordinated

   If the bust is relatively small, it is best to choose a 1/4 cup, which will make your breasts stand up and expose the nipples. If your breasts are relatively large, you can choose a piece of underwear without lining and that can close up the cleavage so that the breasts will not sag.

Attention to detail

   Exquisite talent can represent taste, do not buy some cheap rough underwear, it will make you extremely uncomfortable. Be optimistic about the details and don’t break them just after putting them on.

  Try the garter

  If you don’t know what it is, go to the Internet and search for it. This is new erotic lingerie that makes your waist look thinner and your hips more curved.

   Second, “Five Factors” in Choosing Healthy and Sexy Underwear

  Choose by age

Young women mainly focus on whether underwear is helpful for “beauty”, but it should not affect normal development; pregnant women should wear a wide-band elastic bra; pregnant women one month after childbirth should wear a vest bra; after the child is a full moon, it should be changed to Broadband back bras should pay attention to whether the underwear has a correction function for post-natal body shape changes; middle-aged and elderly women should pay attention to whether the underwear “reshapes”, and should also consider whether it is really helpful to health.

  Choose by chest shape

Disc-shaped breasts are not high, but the bottom is not small. Most Asian women belong to this category. It is best to choose 1/2 cups or bras with inserts. Conical breasts are high and the bottom is not small, but the overall is straight. 3 /4 cup bra; hemispherical breast bulge is larger and full, the full cup should be selected; spindle breast bulge is high, the bottom is not large, 3/4 cup or full cup should be selected; outward expansion double peak to both sides Expanded, not concentrated, it is better to choose a center bra, such as a 5/8 three-dimensional cup.

  Select by season

  Sweating in summer, you should wear underwear made of pure cotton, bleached fabric, or silk fabric; bras in polyester fabric in spring and autumn; thicker bras or sponges in winter should be worn. If the breast is not full, or the size of the left and right breasts is obviously asymmetric, a convex bra lined with a sponge can be used.

  Select by material

  Underwear is best made of natural fiber products. Cotton products are suitable, with good hygroscopicity and warmth retention, and the price is also moderate. Synthetic fiber products such as nylon underwear are poor in hygroscopicity, which is not conducive to the absorption and distribution of human sweat and can also cause skin damage and allergic reactions. According to a Japanese urologist, the increase in women suffering from cystitis in Japan is mainly due to wearing chemical fiber underwear. Wool underwear accounts for 17% of skin damage. Therefore, although the price of wool is high and the heat retention is good, it is not an ideal material for underwear. In underwear made of natural fibers, cotton products only account for 2% of skin damage. The silk is known as “the second skin of human beings” is the best, and the damage to the skin is almost zero.

  Select by color

   underwear has colors, and some dyes can cause cancer. Dyes can be absorbed by human skin through sweat. There are many dyes on dark underwear. If the fastness of the dyes is not good, the skin will absorb more and the harm will be greater. Dermatologists believe that some skin diseases are likely to be caused by impurities such as dye shedding or intermediates. Therefore, the best choice for underwear is natural or light-colored. Try not to buy dark red, fuchsia, navy blue, brown, dark green, and black. If you have a particular preference for these colors, be sure to change them frequently. White underwear is not very safe, this product is often added with a fluorescent whitening agent. According to recent studies, some fluorescent whitening agents are also a carcinogen and can discharge polluted water sources with washing.

Here is an adult products website: love doll

The temperament expert teaches you to make sex toys by yourself

Rubber glove massager

   The friend in charge of washing dishes at home must have used rubber gloves. The advantage of this kind of gloves is that the rubber texture is very good, it can be blown up, or it can be filled with water. Some gloves have floating points on the surface. Then inflate or irrigate according to personal preference! When the gloves are full, be sure to tighten the bottom, wrap it with plastic wrap, and use a few strong rubber bands to bind it, so as to ensure that there is no air leakage or water leakage. If there is a better way.

After simple processing, the rubber gloves swelled up like angry pufferfish, and there are five small tentacles of different sizes! Use it to tease women’s sensitive areas, and even use small tentacles to tease the vaginal opening, the effect is very ideal. You have to try your own specific feelings.

  Small milk clip

   clips are very common, but clips that can be processed into sex toys require innate conditions. Plastic or wood, the clip supported by the iron ring in the middle is ideal. First of all, let the clip’s strength become loose. If it is too tight, it will easily hurt the delicate chest; secondly, remove some soft substances from the cotton swab or dish sponge, which must be thick, and then put the two small “mouths” of the clip “Er”, in this way, there will be no pain when clamping the chest, only pleasure. Remember, iron and too strong clips must not be used! If the woman shouts pain, you must also remove it.

  Lollipop with mini fan

   The following sex toy is a bit different, even a bit “perverted”, but the effect is very outstanding. First, find a lollipop, and then wrap the sugar balls with plastic wrap non-stop to make it bigger and bigger; according to the size of ordinary lollipops, it can be doubled, and the small point does not matter. Secondly, the mini fan is familiar to everyone, but it is a summer baby! Take it out, remove the fan head, and bind the lollipop to the small motor. The method is more casual, as long as it can be fixed and can be turned on Just turn it around. When you’re done, you’re done and the homemade rotating massager is OK!

  It needs to be reminded that the lollipops wrapped in plastic wrap are better than small ones, and the mini electric fans must also find qualified products, and do not get wet when teasing.

life size sex doll

Do not know how to maintain the doll after getting hold of it? Daily maintenance knowledge of physical dolls.

Cleaning part:

Don’t trust others’ immature handling methods. Alcohol, gasoline and even 84 disinfectants can seriously erode the doll’s body. For light stains, use a remover directly. Otherwise, use water and body wash normally. What if you can’t get rid of the dirty stuff? Pour olive oil or other oil on the cotton pad. Vomit is a large area of dyeing, and some of the more serious stains, the priority to use color removal paste, other is not recommended.


Wig care:

If you buy a doll, you need to know a little bit about wigs. The same goes for hair. If it’s too much trouble, you can tie it up and wash your wig every two months. Don’t ask me why. You can’t stand a month without washing, okay? Especially in the summer to wash more diligent. The same as washing the head, the difference is not to rub in circles, a slight knead can be. Want to make wigs more manageable? Then use hair conditioner, wash after water and hair conditioner mix, bubble. Half an hour’s time, take out the natural air drying, the same hundred try the lark. If you’re really lazy, wear a pigtail. It’s actually not that complicated to deal with.


Clothing dyeing:

Afraid of dyeing how to do? I would advise you not to buy dark clothes, but if you do, buy at least something more expensive. Would you mind not coming again with the 9.9 free shipping? More than 10,000 children wear 9.9 free shipping goods, which really hurts. Well, if 9.9 is your choice, then at least wash your new clothes before wearing them. Washing your doll once more will reduce your chances of dyeing it. Then powder the doll before wearing it. Not foundation!! Talcum powder is the normal maintenance props that the entity doll USES most. When the oil is much and the handle is not good, play more powder and you will have unexpected surprises. In case of dyeing do not be afraid, slight dyeing with oil makeup fluid adsorption, do not ask what, the chemistry teacher has said. Actually not serious, doll put, oneself slowly also can volatilize. If it’s serious, just buy the color cream and wait 24 hours.


Lower body cleaning:

You can use both your mouth and anus. If you are a Virgo, you can have something cheap, but it’s very convenient. Very easy to use tools, fiddle with a few to get started. In the same way as a water fountain pen, water, water, water, water… There will be a throw throw residual, very simple let the doll sit, the water will come out slowly, or can take a hair dryer cold wind blow. Time grew, can be used occasionally below fu Yan jie what, not be for doll, be for yourself, have disinfection effect. Clean fetish can multi-purpose, want to remember to use herb neuterly, won’t recognize of words, listen to me, fu Yan jie 10 pieces go. The mouth is the same as the vagina, but you have to twist it off and wash it, of course, you can wash it directly in the shower. Mouth, it is ok to kiss, but have halitosis comrade, remember to kiss wash. Don’t ask me why I know so much, lessons of blood and tears.


Makeup Problems:

Makeup remover with olive oil ah makeup remover can, universal olive oil, 9.9 free mail have all good, very practical, have a doll can be prepared, can be removed. But the baby owner that does not have technology, do not wash eyebrow easily, because really very few people can continue to draw eyebrow good, send a manufacturer to draw again again very toss about of say. At the beginning, I recommend to draw lip gloss. In the middle, I can draw eyes, eyelashes and so on. Include eye bead to be able to buy a bit additional kind, can replace, integral effect changed all of a sudden. Wig did not say, taobao quite many, but to buy a bit better quality, the first choice of light color. Do not envy others how how the doll, are done out, do not do again good doll is also spring aunt said. It was hard at first, but it was fun getting used to. Won’t change really, there are all sorts of makeup look course inside the forum on the net, look for slowly. But don’t take it all in, because a physical doll is hollow and softer than a BJD, so don’t go for colored lead.Ordinary cosmetics are good.


The Happy part:

Regardless of whether this is true or not, it is just a suggestion for those who have alternative preferences. Yuma solid doll alloy skeleton is not omnipotent at present, that is to say, ask clear range of activity, if broken send back maintenance is very troublesome, I believe baby owners are not willing to back and forth. You can pinch and scratch, but please remember to cut your nails. It’s not a problem to leave a mark. If it’s a cut, it’s not a good idea. And if you need a super experience, push through your clothes. Basically can not pull off the meat, TPE tear resistance is very strong, and leave a general nail imprint will bounce back. If you are a silicone doll, Then I suggest you do not try hard, because the silica gel is usually not elastic or elastic, the scar is basically irreversible, nail prints will not look very distressed.


Storage problems:

Is this a Gospel? Ha ha. Small basic is easy to say, just pick a random place. The average suitcase can fit anywhere from 65cm to 105cm, making it hard to find anything bigger. Above 125, our Tmall flagship store sells a sofa storage box, which is relatively safe. From the outside, it looks like a sofa, and then covers it with an absolute Tibetan doll. Before just ordinary boxes, this year has changed, we still consider more for the baby friends. But remember to put the time must take the blanket wrapped, otherwise the rough and tumble is very painful. The 2nd, it is again good Tibetan baby artifact, want to undertake every now and then hit pink, control oil copy is dyed very important. Light color is not easy to dye, but if the doll produced a lot of oil will automatically adsorption color. Third, if you have it in your closet, that’s fine, but remember not to curl up all the time and move it around, or the alloy bones will break. Fourth, there are manufacturers can do hook, back hole, directly like hanging clothes can, of course, to psychological quality.