Over the past 15 years, the sex doll industry has evolved from producing cheap novelty items to creating a multi-million dollar industry featuring high-end, realistic love dolls. The manufacturers and consumers of this product are all over the world. Since 1996, the most famous sex doll company in the United States has sold more than 3,500 dolls worldwide, and sales in 2009 exceeded $ 2 million (“Abyss Creating Personal Communication”, October 4). 2010). Modern sex dolls made of silicone that resemble flesh sell for between $ 3,500 and $ 10,000. Although the main function of these dolls is superficially sexual in nature, the owners of the dolls describe varying degrees of emotional attachment to their sex dolls. From identifying their doll as a life partner, to describing their doll as just a novelty

There were customers who wanted to be able to customize real dolls that are exactly the same as those they love. Because customization requires special technical support, and the price is relatively expensive. What’s more, custom real sex dolls are not real people, they can’t be exactly the same as real people, so the end result is just like the love doll you want.Having a sex doll can help you find inner peace in meditation and make yourself happier when you fall asleep. Night is just a great protective cloak for falling in love with real sex dolls, especially during the week when people sleep because of work.

Unable to accept the departure of the lover, when it can truly realize the human technology, but when it can create the same love dolls as their wives, but even if they are similar, they can be satisfied. Time to get rid of a shorter sad life.

A detailed guide to the purchase of physical dolls, before the acquisition of knowledge reserves

First: allow yourself to be impulsive, but do your homework first

Doll again good, again is art, will be forced to give in to the current circumstances, although small small doll culture has in recent years, with each big media but gradually spread, to the real doll have cognitive crowd is becoming more and more widely, but it is still relatively obscure items, the first thing to consider good storage problem, and the family lived together, want to consider how good communication, or how to hide.


Ok, pat baby party to look over, if want to shoot, so dress up, clothing is essential, and because of communication or face problem, do not want to let everybody know, then how should do? Pow laoren, pow laoren! Here is a small list of common strategies, of course, or the main role of communication, you can do for reference. Feel tired, can rent a room to be done directly alone again!

(1): recently obsessed with art, can not afford to hire models, do not want to sketch on the street!

(2): recently obsessed with photography, DSLR is too expensive, in order not to break the bank, choose to use the doll to try their own is not this material! Then consider buying an SLR! Eyes must be firm! You are the future doll circle photography god!

(3) : we had a serious imbalance between the sex ratio, he already hang up, the man is now in the journey of companion: armor raw Ji lice, songbirds in distance, while the beginner’s mind can’t return, in order to make the single people from suffering, as soon as possible return to the beginner’s mind, more peace of mind for the construction of the socialist building, as the patriotic youth, I decided to dedicate myself doll, so I want to buy a first study come back!

Two: absolutely want to have enough knowledge about the doll you are about to buy

Doll order, give money, sit and wait for the baby is over? Of course not!

Tpe doll or silicone doll, there are some details to provide to the customer to choose, and then according to the customer’s requirements to order into production! Doesn’t that sound great!

The main options are shown below:

Baby skin: black/maple/white. Or some related description for, but it’s easy to understand. You can make whatever color you want.


The head:

Doll wigs; Eye color; Some manufacturers will provide makeup options, as well as some special head structure options. Like the tongue. Different wigs can have a dramatically different look.


Skeleton choice, most manufacturers will provide skeleton choice, you know there are many kinds of doll skeleton ah have! Chest fill, TPE is an example, cent is solid and hollow optional, hollow feel can be better of course but general if small bosom bosom model recommends solid ok, specific see oneself to choose.

Standing option: the normal version is lower and similar to the human body. However, you should not stand for a long time, which will result in lower damage. So the ordinary version clap clap party is not recommended! Because there will be a lot less available styling! The basic doll lies down or lies on its stomach in addition to sitting.

The standing version is going to be very specific. First of all, the standing version, in the case of the tpe, the lower version will have three load bearing nails, the exposed one.

Silicone doll words part of the manufacturers will have hard silicone sole structure, does not affect the appearance.

But what should be clear is not the standing version of the doll can stand at will, only the big doll only the bottom of the foot so a small bearing point, or need to manually adjust the doll’s body, put the center of gravity, she can basically achieve standing, most of the case or need to rely on the wall, there are better support points. Don’t buy a stand-up style with the idea that you can do a shy pose. It just keeps the doll standing for a long time without damaging the soles of your feet.

There is also a special option for knuckles, including fingers and toes. (only a few factories have two finger bones.) most of them have finger bones, and some offer the option of implanting foot bones. But notice that the knuckles here are mostly wire. It’s not a real bone.

Third: never believe in any intelligent gimmicks

Based on the current doll manufacturing technology, there is still a long way to go in terms of intelligence. The materials themselves have more room for research and development, not to mention the combination of technology products. Intelligence, is generally used as a propaganda point for the current doll factory. Can really make fuwa friends, domestic has not seen, sky-high price robot please skip by yourself.

The high technology does not know too much, because in a short time can not benefit the general public… Yes, I’m a poor man.

Take the largest share of tpe dolls,

Let’s not talk about the intelligence of the zombie version of the mechanical action, the chicken ribs out of the sky.


Heating: commonly known as intelligent heating, it works by heating a hot wire that is wound around the doll’s skeleton and heated by plugging it in.

Pronunciation: common intelligent pronunciation, pressure-sensitive pronunciation. Most of the products are third-party packages with simple built-in mp3 content, which can be used to play the built-in audio through the induction chip.

Then there is the intelligent dialogue. Except for a few factories that have the ability to develop intelligent dialogue function, most products can be generally understood as bluetooth speakers, and the function is realized based on your conversation with the phone’s voice assistant.

Pronunciation, heating, all of these are just functional implementations at the moment.

The ultimate sex pleasure brought by the threaded condom

Why do men always get physiological sex pleasure first? And women’s feelings are always weak? This is because the thin sleeves cannot stimulate the inside of the female vagina during sex, but only make the men feel intimate crowded Pressure. However, a threaded sleeve introduced by a company can meet the needs of women’s sexual experience and help women reach the climax of sex more quickly. This is due to the unique design of the threaded sleeve so that you can “love” more thoroughly. The spiral sleeve is an assistant that can bring the super experience of sex. Since then, she is no longer afraid of you, she has no sexual pleasure under you, and she has entered a climax together.
There are many kinds of sets on the market, what kind of sets should I choose to be more pleasant?

  1. Increasing the thickness of the private part by the threaded sleeve can bring more sexual stimulation, but it is difficult to give it more “longer meat”, and it can only increase its circumference by means of foreign objects. Of course, it is not for men to put a towel around their private parts, as long as wearing a condom will be effective. However, the surface of an ordinary condom is very smooth, although it adds a little roughness, it does not have much auxiliary effect on sex. Therefore, if you want to wear it, wear a sexy condom.
  2. The threaded sleeve pregnancy sleeve is a good assistant for sex, especially the new convex threaded condom, its surface is covered by a layer of dense bumps, and there is a circle of surrounding threads. What are they useful for? It starts with the woman’s private parts. There are many sensitive points distributed on the inner wall of the vagina. These sensitive points are very active during the first contact with sex. However, as the number of sexual intercourse increases, the “piston movement” rubs back and forth and teases, and the sensitive points have adapted to this stimulation, which in turn reduces the pleasure in sex sports.
  3. These small particles on the surface of the spiral sleeve can bring a new feeling to the inner wall of the vagina. The thread form is wavy, which is very layered in the lovemaking movement. Then wake up the sensitive point about to sleep, and the pleasure of sex will return. It is worth mentioning that this kind of convex threaded condom may seem a bit scary. How can the delicate vagina withstand its “attack”? Do n’t worry, the bumps and threads on the surface of the condom are specially treated. It will cause damage and tingling to the skin; if the love fluid is secreted too little, or there is dryness in the friction, it is necessary to use a lubricating fluid so that the astringent pain in sex can be effectively avoided.

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Sex dolls are the perfect companion in your bed

Sex dolls will not get pregnant.If you do n’t want to have children for any reason, sex dolls are the best, because they will never bring more monsters, and you won’t be bored.

If you have problems with premature ejaculation, sex dolls will not look at you.For many reasons, it is not surprising that many men currently suffer from premature ejaculation. No one can blame men. However, men are psychologically hurt because they worry that girls will despise them. Sex dolls will never despise you, they appreciate you more than anyone.

Realistic sex dolls are the perfect companion in your bed, giving you all the expected benefits of a wife’s love or obsession. Do you want more control over your ejaculation when you fuck your female dog style? Insert the pocket cat of your choice between the mattress and the spring mattress and lie on the floor. Adjust the height with a pillow if necessary. Sex life, like a doll, makes people stand out from the crowd. She always likes new things to experience sexual pleasure. Today’s era is knowing how to improve through technological advancement. The world will be grateful to you and want to follow every sign of you.

This will put you in the same position as your daughter. In this way, you can fight without stress and learn to better position yourself to relieve muscle tension and prevent premature ejaculation. This is also a good way to practice deep breathing and deepen your thinking, as it is essential for longer sex life.

Sex dolls do not transmit sexually transmitted diseases.It has never been easier for women to find another man, especially the multiplication of dating apps. You will never find out that they may have sexually transmitted diseases. It’s a shame, but until you find it one day, you will never know it. Sex dolls will not do this for you. They are clean and safe.

Sex doll will tell you more.You can feel pressure in your life and hope someone listens to you. If not impossible, it is very difficult to find someone who will listen to you and can easily leave. Love dolls are different. They will sit patiently, listen to you, and always be your best company. They will never leave you alone.Sex dolls are so beautiful and more attractive than any girl you can find.

The difference between a solid doll and a split doll

One-piece entity doll is more realistic, cannot remove, to uncover her nakedness is not separation, completely simulation, advantage is more real and more beautiful, when using the visual effect is good, shortcomings is the need to wash up after each use, wash when some relative problems, and some friend patience enough, time is long will be very trouble.

Split the body doll, the lower body can be separated out, is equivalent to a separate name, after use to take out to clean, very convenient, also do not worry about the bad, bad can also be replaced, but will affect the visual effect, it does not seem so real.

Before buying a physical doll, the split or the choice of a one-piece is still very important, mainly depending on personal interests and habits.


Racyme is an innovative brand aimed at high-end physical sex doll market.through the professional,focused,easy-to-use concept to create a benchmark one-stop servuce business model of the brand across the ages.there is a circle in the brand operator,a square in the circle and a combination of radius,which also highlights the vision of the brand:follow the shape like shadow,accompany silently,just like oxygen,accompany the doll users .

Physical doll coloring process

Physical doll color removal process:

  1. First, the dyed surface of the solid doll shall be cleaned and dried.
  2. Dip a cotton swab in and apply an appropriate amount of removing paste on the surface of the dyed skin of the doll.
  3. Apply the de-colouring paste every 12 hours. Wipe the remaining de-colouring paste clean with a paper towel before applying, and re-apply the de-colouring paste until the dyed part is basically faded.
  4. After the dye is removed, please clean the color area, dry the water and apply hand powder.

Warm tips:

There is no side effect on the skin material of the real doll. Please feel free to use it. Bleach contains chemicals. Please keep this product out of reach of children.

This product is only used to remove the color, can not be used in other places and cause personal and other damage.

The removing paste is suitable for the removal of silicone and TPE。

Racyme is an innovative brand aimed at high-end physical sex doll market.through the professional,focused,easy-to-use concept to create a benchmark one-stop servuce business model of the brand across the ages.there is a circle in the brand operator,a square in the circle and a combination of radius,which also highlights the vision of the brand:follow the shape like shadow,accompany silently,just like oxygen,accompany the doll users .

Female common sense nursing tips

Seven common sense of female private care

  1. Minimize the use of sanitary pads. If there are any secretions, the bottom of the pant may be wet and wet. You may wish to change your panties frequently.
  2. The genitals are the same as the underarms, which are prone to sweating. It is best to take a shower every day, especially to rinse immediately after sweating; choose sweat-absorbent cotton underwear to avoid hot and airless clothing such as jeans to keep the genitals Dryness is the most important.
  3. Although the popular thong is sexy, it is not easy to absorb sweat, and it is easy to cause friction and break the skin, which is easy to cause bacteria to invade. It is best to wear less.
  4. After using the toilet, the toilet paper should be wiped from front to back, not from back to front, so as to avoid the toilet paper touching the anus first, which may bring too much bacteria to the vaginal opening.
  5. Sexual behavior will also increase the chance of infection. The vulva should be cleaned before sex, and the semen should be discharged by Kegel exercise (abdominal force, pelvic contraction) after sex, because the semen is alkaline, which will change the vaginal acid and alkali. Value, people who want to conceive can also use this method, because the sperm runs fast, unaffected, or use a condom to avoid semen injection.
  6. In addition to mold, some pathogens are prone to exist in men. If a woman has an infection, you must pay attention to whether the sexual partner has similar problems (such as urethritis), and should be treated together. Otherwise, after the woman is cured, it may be infected by sexual contact. Repeated repeatedly.
  7. It is not clear whether the lactic acid bacteria in Yogurt can help vaginal health care, but drinking Yogurt more is a triable method, but it should not be used for lavage.

What are women’s private parts most afraid of?

  1. Fear of tights

Women love beauty. In order to create a beautiful figure, many women like to wear tight underwear or sculpting underwear, but wrapping Tai Chi mud will affect the health of private parts. If the wrap is too tight, the blood circulation in the private parts is blocked and the air circulation is not smooth, and secretions such as sweat glands are not easily volatilized, thereby causing vaginitis.

Coping method: Do not wear tight underwear. The clothes should be loose and breathable. It is best to choose pure cotton material to ensure the air and blood flow of the private parts.

  1. Fear of abortion

Abortion not only hurts the uterus, but also the vagina. Because the muscles of the vagina and pelvis have begun to relax during pregnancy. During the artificial abortion, the vagina is dilated and its elasticity is weakened. The tissues that are not cleanly discharged after the operation remain in the vaginal folds and the posterior fornix and enlarge the inner wall of the vagina.

Coping methods: Do contraception well and avoid abortion. The best method of contraception is to use a condom.

  1. Fear of excessive cleaning

Many women think that the cleaner the vagina is, the better. In fact, this idea is wrong. Because the vagina itself has a self-cleaning effect, if it is washed with lotion, it may break the acid-base balance of the vagina, resulting in dysbacteriosis, which will allow bacteria to invade more easily.

Coping method: Do not rinse the vagina with lotion without a doctor’s advice, and water is not recommended. Clean the vulva with warm water every day and change the underwear.

  1. Bacterial virus infestation

Women’s physiological structure is relatively special, with the vagina proximate the urethra and the lower anus. Many bacteria and viruses are easy to invade, which can easily lead to the verification of vulva and gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis. And the female genitalia directly communicates with the outside world, so the bacteria can also directly invade the uterine and fallopian tubes, causing inflammation in the body.

Coping method: wash the vulva with clean warm water every day, and change the underwear every day. The vulva and underwear should be washed in a special basin. The washed underwear should be hung in the sun to sterilize.

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How does physical doll nurse wig?

After we bought the real doll, the care of the wig was also a very important part. Of course, some of the brothers came up to the dry, do not care about the wig care. But personally, I still think it is better to take good care of the wig, after all, for their own see, hair is very plus things.

Of the likelihood wig that likes to take a picture quite is done, arrange the time that the phone expends is quite much, can often go to nurse of course. When we put the wig on the real doll, we remember to put some talcum powder on the head of the real doll, otherwise the wig will be ugly and troublesome after a long time. Set when pull a good position, too before it becomes non-mainstream,

The queen’s hairline would become very high, and it would be best to comb the wig before putting it on and then put it back on.

If your hair is knotted, wet it with a spray of water and comb it again. Don’t comb it all at once. Grab the top and comb the ends. If your hair is too knotted, just wash it, soak it in water with conditioner and rinse it off. You don’t need to rub it like you would if you washed your own hair. Still feel to put protect hair vegetable better, the hair is very smooth very soft

Dressing up a real doll is a bit of a test of patience, so don’t be impatient.

Racyme is an innovative brand aimed at high-end physical sex doll market.through the professional,focused,easy-to-use concept to create a benchmark one-stop servuce business model of the brand across the ages.there is a circle in the brand operator,a square in the circle and a combination of radius,which also highlights the vision of the brand:follow the shape like shadow,accompany silently,just like oxygen,accompany the doll users .

TPE doll materials are resistant to high and low temperatures.

We all know the raw materials of TPE sex dolls. The high temperature limit of dolls is inseparable from the characteristics of raw materials.

Due to the many qualities of TPE, different material bases and different properties, there are also different high temperature ranges.

Often the manufacturer of TPE sex dolls we know will scientifically explain that a typical TPE can be used over a temperature range of -40 ° C to 120 ° C. Therefore, it is acceptable and normal to use in the general living area.

But some other manufacturers say that the quality of TPE in Europe is better. It is not difficult to see that different sex doll manufacturers will use attractive propaganda to get more customers, just like many factories.
But what cannot be changed is that all TPE dolls are made of the same substance TPE. You should know how to tell.

However, TPE is also inevitable due to environmental impact. TPE has a shorter life and durability under many thermal exposures. For example, in a heating system for a sex doll, the manufacturer himself said that the TPE would be affected by the use of this function. Therefore, in all cases, it is best to avoid toys that are too cold and too hot like humans.

Knowledge Science: Dyeing

Dyeing is because after the doll comes out of the oil, the oil dissolves the fuel on the clothes and penetrates into the doll material. Generally speaking, the severity of the dyeing of the doll = the amount of dyeing pigment * the contact time * the pressure of the contact.
The amount of dyeing pigment is generally related to the new and old clothing and the dyeing material of clothing. The older the clothes, the more times they are washed, and the less dyeable material left on them are natural, so the older clothes are relatively less likely to be dyed. The lighter the clothing, the less dyeable material can be dissolved, the less likely to be dyed. The more expensive clothes are, the less likely it is that dyeing materials from cheaper clothes will be dissolved by the baby’s oil and less likely to be dyed.

The contact time between the doll and the clothing is also proportional to the serious dyeing situation, so the clothes that are dyed dangerously should be taken off immediately after the photo is taken.
The pressure between the doll and the clothes in contact is also proportional to the dyeing. For example, the same piece of light, dark clothing is placed on the doll and placed under the doll’s butt to let the doll sit. At the same time, it must be that the dyed condition is serious there.

The dyeing of dolls belongs to the physical diffusion process of color particles. Pay attention to the key points mentioned above and try to avoid the occurrence of dyeing:

  1. Try to wear old clothes;
  2. Buy new clothes with good quality as much as possible, the Taobao 10 yuan package is the hardest-hit area for dyeing;
  3. If there are no old clothes and the economic situation does not allow you to buy too expensive clothes, then please wash the newly bought clothes with washing clothes or detergent for 5-8 times. You can consider replacing the doll.
  4. The clothes should not be weighed down by the weight of the doll itself. Pay attention to this when posing.
  5. Immediately change the clothes that are dyeing dangerous after taking photos to reduce the contact time.
  6. You can consider wearing baby socks to isolate the outer clothing. Or place a light-colored cloth or restaurant paper where the clothing is under pressure. For example, there are shrink bands on the bust of dark pajamas, where the pressure is much higher than other places, and it is also particularly easy to dye. At this time, you can pad a white handkerchief or restaurant paper.
    When sleeping with a baby, please pay attention to whether your bed sheets, quilt cover, pajamas are easy to dye, all light or very old is no problem.

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