How does physical doll nurse wig?

After we bought the real doll, the care of the wig was also a very important part. Of course, some of the brothers came up to the dry, do not care about the wig care. But personally, I still think it is better to take good care of the wig, after all, for their own see, hair is very plus things.

Of the likelihood wig that likes to take a picture quite is done, arrange the time that the phone expends is quite much, can often go to nurse of course. When we put the wig on the real doll, we remember to put some talcum powder on the head of the real doll, otherwise the wig will be ugly and troublesome after a long time. Set when pull a good position, too before it becomes non-mainstream,

The queen’s hairline would become very high, and it would be best to comb the wig before putting it on and then put it back on.

If your hair is knotted, wet it with a spray of water and comb it again. Don’t comb it all at once. Grab the top and comb the ends. If your hair is too knotted, just wash it, soak it in water with conditioner and rinse it off. You don’t need to rub it like you would if you washed your own hair. Still feel to put protect hair vegetable better, the hair is very smooth very soft

Dressing up a real doll is a bit of a test of patience, so don’t be impatient.

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TPE doll materials are resistant to high and low temperatures.

We all know the raw materials of TPE sex dolls. The high temperature limit of dolls is inseparable from the characteristics of raw materials.

Due to the many qualities of TPE, different material bases and different properties, there are also different high temperature ranges.

Often the manufacturer of TPE sex dolls we know will scientifically explain that a typical TPE can be used over a temperature range of -40 ° C to 120 ° C. Therefore, it is acceptable and normal to use in the general living area.

But some other manufacturers say that the quality of TPE in Europe is better. It is not difficult to see that different sex doll manufacturers will use attractive propaganda to get more customers, just like many factories.
But what cannot be changed is that all TPE dolls are made of the same substance TPE. You should know how to tell.

However, TPE is also inevitable due to environmental impact. TPE has a shorter life and durability under many thermal exposures. For example, in a heating system for a sex doll, the manufacturer himself said that the TPE would be affected by the use of this function. Therefore, in all cases, it is best to avoid toys that are too cold and too hot like humans.

Knowledge Science: Dyeing

Dyeing is because after the doll comes out of the oil, the oil dissolves the fuel on the clothes and penetrates into the doll material. Generally speaking, the severity of the dyeing of the doll = the amount of dyeing pigment * the contact time * the pressure of the contact.
The amount of dyeing pigment is generally related to the new and old clothing and the dyeing material of clothing. The older the clothes, the more times they are washed, and the less dyeable material left on them are natural, so the older clothes are relatively less likely to be dyed. The lighter the clothing, the less dyeable material can be dissolved, the less likely to be dyed. The more expensive clothes are, the less likely it is that dyeing materials from cheaper clothes will be dissolved by the baby’s oil and less likely to be dyed.

The contact time between the doll and the clothing is also proportional to the serious dyeing situation, so the clothes that are dyed dangerously should be taken off immediately after the photo is taken.
The pressure between the doll and the clothes in contact is also proportional to the dyeing. For example, the same piece of light, dark clothing is placed on the doll and placed under the doll’s butt to let the doll sit. At the same time, it must be that the dyed condition is serious there.

The dyeing of dolls belongs to the physical diffusion process of color particles. Pay attention to the key points mentioned above and try to avoid the occurrence of dyeing:

  1. Try to wear old clothes;
  2. Buy new clothes with good quality as much as possible, the Taobao 10 yuan package is the hardest-hit area for dyeing;
  3. If there are no old clothes and the economic situation does not allow you to buy too expensive clothes, then please wash the newly bought clothes with washing clothes or detergent for 5-8 times. You can consider replacing the doll.
  4. The clothes should not be weighed down by the weight of the doll itself. Pay attention to this when posing.
  5. Immediately change the clothes that are dyeing dangerous after taking photos to reduce the contact time.
  6. You can consider wearing baby socks to isolate the outer clothing. Or place a light-colored cloth or restaurant paper where the clothing is under pressure. For example, there are shrink bands on the bust of dark pajamas, where the pressure is much higher than other places, and it is also particularly easy to dye. At this time, you can pad a white handkerchief or restaurant paper.
    When sleeping with a baby, please pay attention to whether your bed sheets, quilt cover, pajamas are easy to dye, all light or very old is no problem.

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Physical doll cleaning

As the saying goes, “buy baby temporarily cool, wash baby two lines of tears”, each time to doll cleaning is really a big project, after all, she is also a certain weight, and will not cooperate with us. So how do you clean sex doll?


Can put the doll in the bathroom first stool, or in the bathtub, because the neck joints are at risk of water, once the water is likely to lead to internal metal parts rust, affect the use, so as to ensure the baby’s neck outlet not water, suggest to take a bath before you take the head down, the neck outlet can be set on the plastic bags, first wash the body alone. When cleaning your body, use a mild cleanser such as shower gel. When cleaning the lower body washer, it can be used in conjunction with the lower body washer delivered at the time of purchase. If the face has a stain, you can use a cotton swab with water or cleaning products, slowly scrub, remember not to wash the face, although the silicone doll makeup is not easy to fall off. After cleaning, dry the doll with a dry towel and apply talcum powder all over the doll to keep the surface dry.


Racyme is an innovative brand aimed at high-end physical sex doll market.through the professional,focused,easy-to-use concept to create a benchmark one-stop servuce business model of the brand across the ages.there is a circle in the brand operator,a square in the circle and a combination of radius,which also highlights the vision of the brand:follow the shape like shadow,accompany silently,just like oxygen,accompany the doll users .

South Korea Football League placed physical dolls to create an atmosphere

According to news from Korean media such as SBS Television, during the campaign of K-League FC FC against Gwangju FC, fans of the prosthesis placed in the stands caused an uproar. Because these fans are like this, there are voices questioning Seoul FC’s cooperation with adult products companies, the club apologized to the outside world and denied the statement.

Affected by the epidemic, the K-League uses an empty field at this stage. Seoul FC created an atmosphere by pulling up banners in the stands and placing prosthetic audiences. Fans found that the logos of suspected inflatable doll manufacturing companies and BJ anchors appeared on these puppets, which seemed to corroborate some fan conjectures about the club’s cooperation with adult products companies.
A person from the Seoul Club explained to reporters after the game: “Due to the insufficient supply of companies that provide prosthetic dolls, some of the dolls were samples recovered from the brokerage company that managed BJ in the past, and the logos were not specifically confirmed when the club used them. “Business people advocate that they are companies that operate high-level mannequin manufacturing.

This explanation failed to quell public opinion disputes. In the early morning of the 18th, Seoul FC issued an apology letter. The club said: “Although these prosthetic dolls are similar in material to the inflatable dolls, the club confirmed from the beginning that they are not adult products. Relations. A production company operates clothing production, and the club has repeatedly confirmed that the company is not an adult products company. After the mannequins supplied by company A to company B were returned, the name of B involved in adult products appeared, and they also The specific BJ’s cheering language under management is a mistake of the club without careful review in this regard, and it cannot be justified. “Seoul FC also said that it will strengthen management in the future and promise to prevent such misunderstandings from happening again.

Although a letter of apology has been sent, those dolls obviously love dolls.

This epidemic has changed many people’s living habits

For example, the methods used to express feelings such as hugs and kisses no longer apply.

But during the period of self-isolation and distance keeping, people are more likely to feel depressed or depressed, and they also need to vent and comfort. In this regard, everyone’s coping styles are different. Some people play games, some learn cooking, and some choose sex toys … Last month, when the epidemic in many countries began to become more severe, the Sales also soared.

Sexual behavior can appropriately relieve people’s stress, improve mood, and promote sleep. During the epidemic, this is also a safer sex, in addition to not having to worry about contracting STDs and unexpected pregnancy, it can also avoid being infected with the new coronavirus due to close contact with others. Of course, adult sex toys should be washed before and after use, and users should wash their hands.

Full-size sex dolls can provide you with more sexual pleasure than you expect. The price of sex dolls is very affordable, you can buy them at will. Real sex dolls are made of high-quality raw materials and have a longer service life. Clean your doll from time to time to avoid damaging it quickly. The better you use it, the longer the life of the sex doll.

Physical dolls are not inflatable dolls

Adult products is mentioned a lot of people think of inflatable dolls, or clearly see entity dolls, also serious shout: “wow inflatable doll,” the seller was even have friends and she was a little white lie, some unscrupulous businessmen take online dolls as entity doll sold to her friend, in fact, inflatable dolls and entity is totally two different products. The main purpose of this article is to let the novice doll friends who are about to enter the pit can distinguish between the bad inflatable dolls and the real dolls, so as not to be cheated.

Inflatable doll is actually inflatable balloon, is a kind of low-level adult products, some unprincipled seller will also call their doll is a semi-entity, is actually part of the inflatable, part of the entity, after getting found, most are inflatable, only a small part of the limbs are solid, but also ugly. The really nice dolls are solid dolls, full solid, with metal bones built in. This kind of doll workmanship fine, good quality, of course, the price is relatively high.

physical sex doll

On the network many cheater businessmen with the value of tens of thousands of dollars of high simulation entity doll photos to pretend to be, also claimed to be Japan’s original import, high simulation inflatable doll, to deceive consumers, its behavior is very shameful, it makes people angry. Baby friends to polish their eyes, beware of being deceived!

Here is a popular science for everyone, how to distinguish the real fake entity doll.

1, need to inflate: inflatable doll can only be used after full of air, need to be equipped with a pump, you can also use the mouth to blow.

2.weight: because the entity doll is a solid product, the normal body weight is between 30 kg and 40 kg, relatively heavy, inflatable doll is different, only need 5 kg or so.

3.Material: the skin of the inflatable doll is made of PVC material, so it will be relatively thin. However, the thickness of each inflatable doll is different, and the price is also different.

physical sex doll

4. volume: the volume of the inflatable doll is not big, the physical doll can not be compressed storage, if you buy a doll online, received a small package, it must not sign for.

5.Vital organs: only the lower body organs of inflatable dolls are made of soft silicone material, including single channel, double channel, large single channel and large double channel.

The doll produced by racyme is guaranteed to be authentic. We guarantee that the doll you receive is exactly the same as the one on the picture. What are you still hesitations about?

Sex toys were confiscated and worn by nieces as watches

Amy-Jade Barlow, an 18-year-old woman in the United Kingdom, and her 20-year-old boyfriend, Ben Lauder, have forgotten to store sex toys after they loved each other a few days ago. , Put it on your hand, and Amy Jiede uploaded the photos to the Internet afterward, making netizens laugh.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, Lauder and his girlfriend recently finished the next day and received a message from each other, “Are you kidding me … Did you close the penis ring?” Then he remembered himself Put it on the bedside, and then his girlfriend sent another photo to him, only to find his girlfriend’s maid Macy (Macy), using sex toys as a new watch, even wearing it on his hand.

Amy Jiede mentioned that she discovered that Messi put the sex toy on her hand and immediately took it away, but Messi burst into tears and kept searching through the drawer. After learning of the incident, the two friends felt quite funny, and some friends said, “This is the best thing that happened in 2017!”.

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Frequently asked questions about dolls and do’s and don ‘ts

1: can the baby produce oil?

TPE dolls have varying degrees of oil production, not to say oil is a lie. The solution is to hit the powder regularly.

2: how do dolls make powder?

Powder all over your body. Put it on your bed or blanket, not on the carton.

3: what cosmetics do you use to make up your face?

Real people can use makeup.

4: can a doll’s bottom be deformed?

Our doll has a slightly deformed profile under gravity, but it’s not flat.


5: how to put the doll will not tear and tear?

Normal placement will not cause tearing, 90 ° stretching for no more than 3 months, 180 ° stretching for no more than 1 week, and 360 ° stretching for no more than 1 day.

6: how to wash the doll?

Wash with dishwashing liquid or washing powder. Wash, dry and powder.

7: how can a doll not be dyed?

White clothes will not be dyed, colored clothes had better be washed, and wear time is not too long. Take a picture, take it off.

8: how to maintain the doll?

It is best to move the doll on a chair with wheels or on your back or shoulders, but be careful not to scratch the doll. When you pull the joint, fix your hands on both ends of the corresponding joint at a slow speed so as not to damage the joint.

Knowing tips for sex life harmony

  • Listen, don’t resist and interfere. Even if you do n’t like your sex partner ’s words, do n’t quickly negate or even criticize them. You have to listen for a few minutes, and then think about it. After a while, you might think he is right. You learn to listen and listen patiently before you know how to tell.
  • When two people talk, you should learn to look at each other’s eyes. In this way, you will experience the fun of communicating with each other. Your sexual partner will also understand and care about your story. In general, older women may boldly state their sexual requirements when they feel safe.
  • Pay attention to your partners and friendship. Remember, you are sexual partners, and you have to make a sexual partner’s appearance-caring, caring and loving. You need his love, and you should know that he also needs your love. So good communication is very important.
  • 4. When people think of men and sex toys, men who buy masturbation tools and then masturbate while watching AV in the basement appear in their minds. But the truth about men and sex toys is that millions of men use them, whether they are in a relationship or when they are single. The best way for a man to become a better lover is to understand his own sexual response. Regardless of whether you use sex toys, masturbation is a key way to learn how to control your body. The use of sex toys or sex dolls does not mean that this man is a “loser”. He is actually very smart, and may well perform better in bed. Because he is interested in sex and pays more attention to skills.