What taboos should couples not have in their sex lives?

1, call someone’s name. It is taboo to call someone’s name during sexual life.It can reduce each other’s libido, make each other easy to fight, and even divorce some of them.So be aware that you don’t have anyone else in mind. Other heterosexual names are not to be used except when you’re having sex.

2, women moan frequently, although women’s moans will make men more excited during sex, but they need to know that any movement needs a certain degree of stimulation.If a woman moans too often during sex, it can make a man feel faked.This way of pleasing the other person can easily backfire, causing men to see through the decline in libido, affecting the quality of their sex life.

3, Absent mindedness in the process, couples must commit to intimacy in order to enjoy each other in a high quality.However, some couples look at their phones or do other things during sex, which can lead to loss of credibility, hurt feelings and even arguments.Therefore, when making love, be sure to be fully engaged, put down work or mobile phone, let the other party completely happy.Sex toys and sex dolls can be used for fun.

4, the woman always urges, in the process of sexual life, the need to gradually cycle, and then slowly enjoy the body into the state of pleasure.However, some women, due to physical or emotional reasons, always urge men to have sex, hoping men to solve the problem as soon as possible, but do not know that this will make men libido decreased, or even lead to male problems, so that the male orgasm if interrupted, may affect the male sexual function.

Generally speaking, couples have sex is a beautiful thing, but when they have sex, they need to know some taboos to avoid.At the same time, after sex, we should also do some preventive measures.Don’t shower immediately and keep warm so your body doesn’t get cold, it won’t pay off.

3 simple ways to identify the quality of silicone dolls

Have the heart to buy the friend of silicone doll, or have ever eaten the deficit when inflated balloon and inferior silicone doll pit miserably friend, you must want to know how to effectively identify the quality of silicone doll?

Teach you 3 small methods, can effectively identify the small method of silicone doll quality, very practical yo, nonsense not to say, directly into the topic!



Appearance can be obtained and identified remotely through the network and other methods, which is the most basic method of identification, but the effect is not satisfactory — after all, you do not know whether the goods you received is the goods he showed you, so only the use of preliminary screening.

2.Personal testing and experience.

If there are conditions, it is recommended to experience the booth of the manufacturer in the sex culture festival, or you can directly go to the manufacturer’s factory to order, personally touch, pose in a variety of positions, personally experience the weight and feel of the doll and private place, I believe it is the best choice. Besides being able to effectively identify the doll’s quality, it can also avoid the risk of direct online payment.

3.Distinguish quality from function.

Although inferior silica gel doll touch, material is bad, have peculiar smell, easy to bad, but not every inferior doll will provide intelligent function and perfect structure, high-quality skeleton, etc., so, can distinguish the quality from the function, intelligence, skeleton posture.

It should be stressed that each before ordering silicone doll, basically can’t personally to test and experience, such as the sense of touch and the trunk bending, posture, such as testing, most can only through the network to the inspection, such as to see the appearance, height, appearance, it is difficult to through these see material and quality of the real (bad) maybe in a few days, so suggest, even in the safe of businesses, vendors, should also pay the deposit only, rather than full, as far as possible through the pay treasure to guarantee deal or channel such as taobao, in order to return, and human rights!

Six techniques to improve a man’s sex life

1. Masturbation improves erections. If you have erectile problems, you can improve your penis’s erections by masturbating before your sexual life begins. Research shows that after a man ejaculates, the hardness of penile erection increases significantly, and, sensitivity is relatively reduced.At the same time, you can get a brief foreplay pleasure.This method women can also try, to find their own sensitive belt, improve the quality of sex, etc., have a positive effect.

2. Time-lapse condoms. Almost all the condoms currently on the market that can prolong a man’s sex life contain ingredients to numb the sensitivity of the glans, which is definitely not a good method for those who suffer from premature ejaculation.What is more, the use of condoms method is simple, there is the efficacy of contraception, this kind of things kill two birds with one stone, why not?You can also use sex toys and sex dolls before sex.

3. Speed of sex. It’s easy to get excited when you’re in the mood for sex.However, for those who have symptoms of premature ejaculation, this is not a good way.So, in order to prolong sex time, don’t be overly aggressive in the pursuit, the penis twitch too fast, will only enhance the stimulation of sensitive areas, resulting in early ejaculation.When feeling is about to ejaculate, pull out the penis or pause movement, with the woman to carry on a lower body static tongue kiss, can ease tension feeling effectively.Again and again, it has a clear effect on prolonging sex.

4. Labor-saving posture. Sex is a very physically draining thing, you know.So when having sexual life choose those to compare the position that saves effort as far as possible, can prolong coital time effectively, lateral horizontal, female upper position is very good choice.Female occupy active sex position, can increase the pleasure of both sides not only, still can relax male muscle effectively, have the purpose that prolongs time.Had better not choose male host to wait for body position, male muscle maintains nervous state at any time, the feeling degree to stimulation is extremely high, cause ejaculation easily prematurely.

5. The time of sex, now everyone’s work and life are very stressful, people are quite tired, so, in order to have a high-quality sex life, we must have the ability to choose the right time, so that we can avoid fatigue, enjoy a perfect sex life.For office workers, the most energetic time of the day is the morning, which is when people are most awake, is also the most energetic time, is the most beneficial time to exercise the ability to control fine.With the full release of strong sexual desire, it can also play a delayed role in the evening of the second world war.

6. Finger press. If the penis reacts strongly and tends to ejaculate prematurely during sex, women can avoid premature ejaculation by placing their fingers on the strapping area of the penis and pulling it up and down for a few seconds.Remember to use your belly instead of your nails to avoid cutting your genitals.Over and over again, the penis becomes less sensitive and the urge to ejaculate disappears, allowing sex to continue.That’s what a man needs to stay attractive in bed and attract his partner, in addition to having normal sexual capacity

Do physical dolls taste big?

Racyme is a brand created out of love for dolls. Considering from the perspective of users, Racyme also chooses materials that meet the environmental protection standards of the European Union at any cost, so as to ensure the health of users.

And we according to have bought the user feedback is: almost no taste, just get could smell a little out of the box, wash behind after powder, no smell, the user USES the rectified also is fine, the entity doll buy back after remember the maintenance is good, have no matter son is playing powder, powder can let the baby skin better with less dust. Taste is not big, very weak, and it is light fragrance, what this their home does is quite good, estimation material respect is better, pay attention to clean to hit powder to maintain normally good.


And some businesses are for the greater interests of the use of materials are not good or cut corners with recycled materials, of course, there will be a great taste and there are safety risks.

Racyme is an innovative brand aimed at high-end physical sex doll market.through the professional,focused,easy-to-use concept to create a benchmark one-stop servuce business model of the brand across the ages.there is a circle in the brand operator,a square in the circle and a combination of radius,which also highlights the vision of the brand:follow the shape like shadow,accompany silently,just like oxygen,accompany the doll users .

Sexual health care of adolescent boys

How to do well in sexual health care for adolescent boys? Adolescence is a special period of physical and mental development. Although there is no sexual life, it is very important for boys and girls. Boys should pay attention to sexual health care during adolescence, so as to eliminate some potential threats of male infertility. Let’s take a look at it in detail.

The skin of men’s scrotum and penis has many wrinkles and sweat glands, especially the underpants with chemical fiber are poorly ventilated. The secretion of sweat, residual urine, fecal residue and both sides after sexual intercourse can pollute the local area and cause infection.

Cleaning the vulva before going to bed every day is good for your health. If the foreskin is too long, it is easy to hide dirt and lead to genital inflammation. If it can be cut before marriage, it is more in line with sexual health.

Men are not suitable for wearing too tight jeans. Because they are not ventilated, they form pressure on testicles and high temperature, which can cause spermatogenesis disorder and infertility, so it is not suitable to wear jeans continuously for a long time. Jeans should be worn alternately with other clothes.

The above introduces how to do well in sexual health care for adolescent boys, reminds them to pay more attention to their health, to develop good living habits, not to smoke, not to drink, not to use drugs. Masturbation is a normal physiological function of men. According to domestic and foreign reports, more than 90% of men have masturbated, which is not harmful to their health. However, frequent masturbation, resulting in physical weakness, mental impotence and insomnia, is the manifestation of excessive masturbation, which should be reduced and controlled

How do adolescent boys use condoms? See the following steps:

1. First of all, needless to say, of course, prepare a new condom. Then open the package carefully. Don’t tear the cover inside. Otherwise, the consequences will be serious. Of course, if you use sex toys or sex dolls, you don ‘t have to think about it

2. Hold the vesicle at the front of the penis sleeve and put it on the end of the penis. Special attention: the best time to wear a condom is after the erection of the penis, before the penis contacts the vagina or anus. Using condoms to turn up the foreskin of the penis can increase flexibility and reduce the risk of condom rupture during sexual intercourse.

3. When unfolding the condom to the base of the penis, continue to squeeze the vacuole on the tip of the condom.

4. After ejaculation, when the penis is still in an erectile state, squeeze the mouth of the condom and carefully pull the penis out of the vagina. When removing the condom, do not let the semen flow out, and do not let the vaginal secretion outside the condom touch the body. Each condom can only be used once. The used condom should be put into a plastic bag and thrown into the garbage can. It is impossible to touch semen and vaginal secretions at the same time when taking off the condom. Therefore, after sexual behavior, you can’t touch the female organs with your hands. You must wash your hands immediately under flowing water with soapy water.

Note the following when using:

1. According to the size of his penis erection, choose the appropriate size of the penis cover, generally there are three sizes: large, medium and small; otherwise, the condom is too large and easy to slip off, too small, the penis cover is too tight and uncomfortable, affecting sexual intercourse.

2. Do not put the condom in the pocket close to your body or near other heat sources. Long term exposure to heat sources will cause aging of the rubber. Do not use expired condoms, which are likely to break during sexual intercourse. Check the date of production and validity before use. Expired condoms have deteriorated and are easy to break, so they are not suitable for use. Condoms must be kept in a cool, dry and non-contact environment with acid, alkali and oil. If it becomes sticky and brittle after contact with the above conditions, it shall not be used even within the warranty period. Use only water-based lubricants for condoms. Vaseline, liquid paraffin, face oil and cooking oil can increase the brittleness of condom and accelerate its rupture in a short time.

3. Before use, the sleeve can be filled with gas, and the opening part can be pinched to check for air leakage. When using, it is necessary to exhaust the gas, especially the gas in the saccule, so as to avoid the failure of contraception due to the rupture of the top during ejaculation during sexual intercourse. After pulling out, check again if the sleeve is broken. If it is broken, remedial measures should be taken.

4. During sexual intercourse, if the condom slips into the vagina, stop sexual intercourse immediately, and gently extend the cleaned two fingers into the vagina, take it out, do not continue to use the condom, it is better to replace a condom for sexual intercourse. If it falls in the vagina after ejaculation, take remedial measures actively, immediately instruct the woman to squat down, let the semen flow out of the vagina, wash the semen out of the vagina, and inject contraceptive cream into the vagina at the same time; for the sake of prudence, it is best to take the contraceptive immediately after ejaculation, such as diethylstilbestrol 50mg, for five days.

According to the above steps, I believe every boy can use a condom.

Does a physical doll fold to store reality?

Entity dolls can fold deposit were analyzed, and the dolls are all entities with a skeleton, if wants to be able to fold does not exist in the store should have a sense of reality, can’t use metal deposit to fold the skeleton material, there is no business venture made of other material skeleton, high risk, or some manufacturers choose to later will have to use new material production, at present to do dolls can be folded away there’s only one way that is market that inflated, the surface is similar to a raincoat material lack of sense of reality, the material has larger difference, feel If the doll of whole entity also makes it to be able to fold is equivalent to doll hand and foot is lameness, it is lameness already the cost performance that decides to choose that kind of bust directly to return high, collect also convenient, this is my individual suggestion only nevertheless.


Racyme is an innovative brand aimed at high-end physical sex doll market.through the professional,focused,easy-to-use concept to create a benchmark one-stop servuce business model of the brand across the ages.there is a circle in the brand operator,a square in the circle and a combination of radius,which also highlights the vision of the brand:follow the shape like shadow,accompany silently,just like oxygen,accompany the doll users .

How to choose good male health products

With the continuous development of economic level, people have been satisfied in material aspects, so they pay more and more attention to their physical health and sexual life. In particular, male friends have paid great attention to health care, and male health products have become a hot market. There is no doubt that men choose men’s health care products to take care of their bodies, but how to choose men’s health care products well and how to choose high-quality men’s health care products?

To choose male health products, we should not only look at the anti-counterfeiting marks, but also carefully check the manufacturers and research institutions. A good quality male health product must be developed by an authoritative scientific research institution. Look at anti-counterfeiting. In order to prevent fake and inferior products from counterfeiting, high-quality male health care products generally have anti-counterfeiting marks. Fake and inferior products themselves imitate high-quality products, and there is no anti-counterfeiting mark at all. When buying sex toys and sex dolls, you should also choose products with anti-counterfeiting marks

The selection of male health products also needs to start from the surface. It is also necessary to check the outer and inner packaging of health products. The high-quality male health care products are generally well packed, with the approval number, manufacturer and consulting phone number marked on the package, and the words are clear and the color is bright. Most of the fake and inferior products are “three no” products without approval number, manufacturer and consulting phone number. In order to pursue profits, they are often fabricated in a shoddy way.

The choice of male health products depends not only on advertisements, but also on word-of-mouth, which is an important reference index. Only the high-quality products of big brands can have the strength to continuously put a large number of advertisements on the influential mass media for publicity and promotion. And those in a certain period of time on the media boom some advertising, get a sum of money from then on disappeared, mostly for the use of fake and inferior products. Look at word of mouth. High quality men’s health care products, because of its good effect, are often recognized by relevant institutions.

As men pay more and more attention to their own health, they are used to buying some health care products to refuel their health. However, the variety of health care products often makes their male friends at a loss. Common sense of daily health care reminds male friends that to choose male health care products, we need to choose good products. To choose good male health care products, we need to master the knowledge of judging the quality of products.

What is the difference between a physical doll and an ordinary adult

For the physiological needs of adult men, the market is also a lot of products can be solved, but in one of the most popular, must be a physical doll. Although compared with other products on the price a little expensive, but still can not hinder the many people put up most of the money to buy, even someone will take good is not easy to save tens of thousands of money to buy, that is why, if it is to buy ordinary items, natural easily affordable, why spend so much money, but also can buy a lot, but they still chose this, probably because compared with other products has obvious advantages and differences.

So reasonable entity dolls and other general adult sexual way have what different places, feel different, most of the other products is simpler, and don’t have real maneuvers tactile experience with people, so can let men get physical experience also vary widely, and if so for a long time experience will gradually lose interest, may be again want to replace other products, the new product performance not only need a certain amount of time to completely familiar with and adapt to, also is not necessarily true of all.


And entity dolls on experience feelings of all the products are the most close to reality, so can bring male sex life experience than conventional products, general product is single, is a simple product, and does not take into account the overall feeling, and entity doll carried out in accordance with the reality of 1:1 ratio, on the feeling like a real have a girlfriend, especially for many single men will be a very good experience.

Racyme is an innovative brand aimed at high-end physical sex doll market.through the professional,focused,easy-to-use concept to create a benchmark one-stop servuce business model of the brand across the ages.there is a circle in the brand operator,a square in the circle and a combination of radius,which also highlights the vision of the brand:follow the shape like shadow,accompany silently,just like oxygen,accompany the doll users .

Four common excuses for men to break up

When men want to break up, they always think of all kinds of excuses. Today, let’s take a look at the four excuses that men often use when they break up.

1. I can’t give you more happiness. I hope you can find a better man than me! It doesn’t have to be all in words. He will show you his actions and emotions. He will let you have a process of psychological acceptance. With all due respect, in the end, he is just waiting for the woman to open her mouth. He constantly thinks that you need to think about it. He loves you but is not able to give you enough happiness. On the basis of this, he will gradually break up. No matter how beautiful they say, the ultimate goal is to break up with you. The fundamental reason is that they don’t love you and have no sexual life. So why do they make the simple word “break up” so complicated? They have at least two kinds of psychology. On the one hand, they are afraid of women’s entanglement, so they play the sad card in the name of love in front of women. On the other hand, they give women a step, as an online passage says: if possible, it’s better to leave the word “break up” to the girl you once loved.

2. My family doesn’t agree that I am with you. I don’t want to delay your youth like this! On the issue of breaking up, a lot of men are willing to face it. Even killing him is not willing to admit that he is willing to break up because he no longer loves you. So he will naturally pull out his parents, and launch icing and tangled persuasion to the woman under the pretext of their authority opposition and filial piety. The more cunning a man is, the more he can play the part of the play. He can “reveal” such information to you months in advance, and show a tangle, so that women can ask him why. However, with all due respect, quite a number of men have done the calculation n times in their hearts. In fact, he has long lost interest in you, only with sex toys and sex dolls as partners

3. Please give me two years. In these two years, I will fight hard alone. When I get back to marry you, some men will make a promise to women when they break up. They will leave a heroic speech to make women moved. At the same time, they have to accept his promise of “going far for love”. But the final solution to break up is time and distance On this issue, in fact, a man has long thought about it. He knows better than anyone that time and distance will change everything. He doesn’t have to break up with women on his own initiative. Time and distance will let women make their own choices. Anyway, as long as two people are not together, I am an independent and free body. You don’t know what I do to stay with which woman.

4. I’m for you. There are many things I can’t tell you. Let’s break up! Compared with the above three kinds, the last kind of man is more able to play. He doesn’t talk to you about anything. He just plays with you deeply. And the deep man is often the most real pain in a woman’s heart. He will put all the past and promises in front of you in one sentence: “dear, I’m for you, there are many things I can’t tell you now, but you will understand later, let’s break up!”

What a deep and manly saying! Women are intoxicated by it. But the sky is always blue. I’m afraid that when women understand it, this man will hold other women in his arms for a long time. When they don’t understand it, they have to understand it. It’s also unclear. In the end, when they broke up with you, they didn’t love you. Women were just fooled by men Just a moment.

Do you know the problems that need to be paid attention to when using all-silicone dolls?

All silicone doll as a male masturbation tool, since the development of the development, has been the majority of oat male attention and favor, but still remind you, of course, the silicone doll is more convenient, single page can not be used for a long time too much, now I will talk about the reasons,There are also concerns about using physical dolls


Notes on using solid silicone dolls

1, the use of silicone dolls should keep it clean and clean, so far there has been no health hazards related to the silicone dolls, each doll after the manufacture will undergo strict acetone disinfection. Keep the doll clean and hygienic is actually very simple, along with the product comes with a set of instructions and cleaning tools, with neutral soap and detergent according to the instructions can be washed.

2,The effect of “all-silica gel doll” although it seems to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases from the surface, if many people use an all-silica gel doll, all-silica gel doll for women and disinfection is not strict, the same infectious diseases. Therefore, in the use of “sex doll” should be their own exclusive use.

3, in the use of “all silicone dolls” to be prudent, should also advocate the use of condoms, can not let their excessive dependence on the whole silicone dolls, and lead to a life of discord between husband and wife.

Racyme company with excellent product quality, excellent cost performance, perfect after-sales service, we in the silicone model manufacturing industry. We strive to ensure that the quality of your trust, price to your satisfaction, service to make you worry, cooperation to make you happy. Welcome the majority of users to view the consultation!