You can enjoy orgasm with real love dolls

Whatever humans do, they find other ways to do them better via technology. The approach has led to the creation of a variety of masturbators. Are you aware of the difference between TPE and Silicone love dolls? You may be trying to figure out which material is better and which sex doll type suits you well. One of the tough decisions while ordering a love doll is to consider the material with which they are made-up of. If you are planning to buy a love doll, you may have wondered if you could get the satisfaction from another love toy as they are less expensive.

Humans always have a natural desire to loveual fulfillment. However, if they don’t get the same out of a partner, they try other methods. TPE love doll is a realistic mini sex doll manufactured with TPE material. It has the advantage of plastic and rubber-like materials. Even when they have a willing and available partner, many people still get engaged in masturbation and loveual fantasy. The term stands for thermoplastic rubbers because it contains materials possessing thermoplastic properties and elastomeric qualities.

If you are not satisfied with your collection of love toys, you can enjoy orgasm with eye-catching real love dolls. They don’t need an introduction as they are already popular among the masses. The cost of silicone love dolls are quite high depending upon the size you want to buy but the price of TPE is comparatively cheaper. Many of you would want the real experience and this is why love dolls were invented. And they are being developed day by day. Having the soft, elastic, comfortable and lifelike qualities of TPE skin, the option is better than silicone material.

adult dolls

Your TPE doll will work naturally as it has the touch of a human being especially while customized with an interior heating system along with its juicy butt and lovey boobs will will wobble while rocking your doll back and forth. Realistic dolls are a great alternative for someone who wants an experience which feels to be more realistic. Whether it’s about expensive love dolls for men or any other variety, they have become the preference of many. If you want to go with affordable and eye-caching life size love dolls, you can have a TPE love doll with you which have nothing less than a human-like skin.

Erotic bells make sex ring

Bell panties

As the name suggests, it is sewing underwear with small bells, which will make a sound like the female body swings, and it is used more in foreplay. Bell thongs help sex better.

Bell Belt

The bell belt is similar to the “Ling Ling Shao” mentioned in the Song Dynasty, but it is tied to the waist rather than the thigh. Married couples may wish to try out the popular boudoir in the Song Dynasty.

Bells stopper

The bell mouth plug is a sex toy often used in SM sex. On a small ball is a small copper bell. The slave is often used in sex games between the master and the slave, and the slave will make a crisp ringing sound as long as he shakes his head.

Nipple Bell

SM In SM sex games, the happiness of the abused come from the physical “pain” and the spiritual “humiliation”. Bell milk clip series products can effectively combine the “pain” and “humiliation” effectively, so that the abused can maintain a high degree of excitement and passion from beginning to end.

This sex toy is a clip with a bell that grips a woman’s nipple. Put the elastic band into the nipple and push the positioning beads to tighten the nipple. The elasticity can adjust the positioning beads. When you pull the elastic band around the nipple, the pain of the nipple will increase, and the bell on the clip will follow.

Some people prefer to use love dolls. The current dolls can emit real moans during sex, plus the stimulation of the bell in the ear, the love doll is worth your enjoyment.

Men who want to have healthy sex should eat less of the five foods

Top: fat

Consequence: red meat (bacon, sausage, lunch meat) makes you unable to be strong. Saturated fat and cholesterol narrow blood vessels, including those that carry blood to the erotic site. During sexual life, the blood supply of the little brother is insufficient and it is difficult to orgasm! Measures: have a good appetite and a strong lift. Have some oysters! Oysters have always been known as “famous products of love”, and science has proved this traditional saying. 2-3 oysters can meet the needs of human body for zinc all day, and zinc is just an important mineral source to maintain the normal function of male reproductive system. Zinc will make men “sexual” exuberant!

Second place: high fat milk

Consequences: prostate cancer: men who consume more than 600 mg of calcium per day through dairy products are 32% more likely to develop prostate cancer than men who consume less than 150 mg of calcium per day! Daily intake of calcium through dairy products will inhibit the level of vitamin D in the blood. Vitamin D is not only an important nutrient, but also a hormone that can prevent the hyperplasia of prostate cancer cells, so as to prevent prostate cancer. Measures: pay more attention to healthy diet, such as eating less meat, regular exercise and eating more low-fat food, soybean food, vegetables and fruits. Use sex dolls and sex toys to make sex more fun.

Third place: refined flour

Consequence: let men not mention the reason: white bread and candy taste good, but if from the perspective of nutrition, it is not the case. In the process of processing whole wheat into refined bread, zinc will lose three quarters, which is very important for the cultivation of sexual desire and reproductive health. The highest amount of zinc in the body is also in the prostate. A high zinc diet helps prevent prostate hyperplasia.

Fourth place: soybeans

Consequence: the reason of affecting male sexual characteristics and reducing sperm quantity: soybean is a kind of food with estrogen characteristics. Excessive intake will improve the level of estrogen in the body, thus affecting male sexual characteristics. The researchers believe that the chemicals in soybeans can “mimic” the function of estradiol, the female hormone, leading to a reduction in sperm count. Measures: pay attention to the consumption amount, and pay attention to “excessive”. As long as it is not a large amount of daily intake, it will not be excessive.

Fifth place: fried food Consequence: decrease male hormone secretion cause: hydrogenation in vegetable oil can transform oil into solid state, and the fat contained in it is trans fat. As for the degree of damage, trans fat is better than saturated fat. French fries and other fried foods, biscuits and cookies contain trans fat. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said trans fatty acids can increase the body’s “bad cholesterol” and increase the risk of heart disease. At the same time, trans fatty acids can also reduce the secretion of male hormones, have a negative impact on sperm, and interrupt sperm response in the body.

You need to know about the physical dolls

Things you can’t help but know about physical dolls. As a result of silica gel entity doll is the last two years just walked into our life, and there are a lot of people are the first time to hear, so the understanding of the entity doll there is a big shortage, small make up for everyone to popularize the material material and maintenance of the knowledge of the physical doll, hope to help the majority of baby friends.

One, about skin material

Physical doll material is made from a new polymer material TPE refined, the English name is: Cyberskin. This material is non-toxic and tasteless, the hardness is below the A0 degrees, the tensile strength is more than 6 times. It is as smooth and delicate as human skin, soft and elastic. It conforms to the relevant safety standards stipulated by the state and has no toxicity to human body and environment.

Two, about the skeleton material

Physical doll body for the stainless steel metal skeleton and the installation of various metal joints, can be played out in a range of a variety of postures, to meet the personal interests of your baby friends. During the production of the solid doll, the internal bone joints were fixed, and screws were fixed in the soles of the feet and lower legs. After treatment, there were slight modification marks, which was an inevitable normal phenomenon.

Three, points for attention

1, please do not use sharp tools to scratch the surface of the doll, can not be too hard kneading to avoid damage to the surface of the doll skin, affect the use time and beautiful.

2,Avoid wearing clothes that are easy to fade or have poor coloring technology, so as to avoid contaminating the real doll, and it will be difficult to wash the dyed real doll. Recommend baby friends to doll to buy clothes, wash well first, and then to doll wear. (PS: jeans are easy to fade, baby friends must pay attention!)

3, please do not put the physical doll with ink substances, such as newspapers and magazines. Do not place with dark clothing or leather fabrics that contain oil-soluble pigments to avoid contaminating the skin of the actual doll.

4,Do not put it in direct sunlight for a long time, which will easily cause skin aging and yellowing and affect the use time.

5, when the body doll posture factory for the straight body posture. Do not let the physical doll for a long time to put difficult bending posture, so as not to make a certain skin for a long time due to the deformation and damage.

6,If there are indentation or strangulation marks on the surface of the doll after a long time of extrusion, a clean, traceless white cloth can be used to wet it with water, and then a hot air blowing on the surface of the cloth, and the indentation will disappear after a period of time.

7, after a long time of display, the surface area of the doll has dust and dirt, use general detergent can be cleaned, such as washing powder. If meet stubborn besmear usable washing powder dips in a few clear water to scrub directly, get rid of more easily. But should avoid to use fingernail to scratch the skin of solid doll vigorously. After washing the solid doll and other surface moisture dry, will feel powder (can be replaced by ordinary prickly heat powder) evenly daub in the surface layer. After washing the solid doll surface smooth as before, feel delicate. Please do regular cleaning and maintenance as the case may be.

8, such as the entity doll skin appears a small area of damage, can use glue bonding, will be damaged face clean, and then in the two cut off face evenly coated with a layer of glue, and then the two cut off face bonding together, finally on the surface of a thin layer of glue, such as half an hour after the glue dry.

Well, today is the universal here, hope to all the friends who are about to touch and have physical dolls to help.

The deep value of sex dolls

With the development of new pneumonia, there is a shortage of condoms around the world. In addition to condoms, the shortage of sex dolls is also imminent, especially the closure of Chinese factories and the increase in their use. People who buy sex dolls are usually people who cannot or do not want to do many things.

There used to be customers who wanted to be able to customize real dolls that are exactly the same as those they love. Because customization requires special technical support and is relatively expensive. What’s more, custom realistic sex dolls are not real people, they can’t be exactly the same as real people, so the end result is just like the love doll you want.

I can’t accept the lover ’s departure, when I can really realize my skills, but when I can create the same love dolls as their wives, but they can be satisfied even if they are similar. Time to get rid of the shorter sad life.

Another very important advantage of doll love is that it can reduce a person’s loneliness at night. You know, people are most likely to feel lonely at night, especially when the entire glasses, noise, work, and organization of daily life ends. Then, a lonely person often starts thinking, becoming sad, depressed, and unable to find peace. He wasted the empty bed next to him and missed a sweet word or hug while he was asleep.

Therefore, having a silicone sex doll can help you find inner peace in meditation and make you fall asleep happier. Night is just a great protective cape for falling in love with real sex doll, especially during the week when people sleep because of work.

There’s a magic way to say goodbye to ejaculation weakness

The erection is not hard enough and can be supported by drugs. But ejaculation is weak, there is no “special medicine” treatment. The so-called weak ejaculation means that the semen is not ejected but “overflowed or slipped out”. Some people with ejaculation weakness will be accompanied by the decrease and disappearance of pleasure, which will also reduce their interest in sexual life and lead to male frigidity.

Due to the weakness of pubococcipital muscle, lack of sexual excitement, physical fatigue, decrease of sexual hormone, too frequent sexual life, old age and frailty, the symptoms of ejaculation weakness appear in men. But it needs to be emphasized that the new feeling of middle age will also decline. Although the sexual pleasure is not as strong as when you are young, you don’t need to strive for powerful ejaculation, as long as the sexual life is harmonious. For young men, ejaculation weakness has a greater impact and can be recovered through self exercise. Sex dolls and sex toys can be used to enhance this ability.

There is a way to say goodbye to the weakness of ejaculation

1. Towel exercise method:

Put towel on erect penis, if can bear, show muscle strength is OK. If not, try a small towel instead. Through the change of the position of the towel when the man actively contracts the muscle and raises the penis, the exercise effect can be checked.

2. Exercise method of contraction of pubococcal muscle:

When the penis is kept in the vagina, the pubococcal muscle can be contracted to lift the penis to your lower abdomen. It can not only increase the muscle capacity, but also help stimulate the female G-spot. If the female side does not feel the contraction of the penis, the male should be reminded to adhere to the exercise of the pubococcal muscle.

In addition, exercise to maintain a certain regularity, can be arranged twice a day about 10 minutes of fixed exercise. Contraction of the pubococcal muscle can make the micturition stop, which is exactly the way you know the pubococcal muscle. When exercising, you can first contract for 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds. In this way, you can repeat 10 times as a group. When the muscle strength increases, you can extend the time of contraction and relaxation to 10 seconds or more.

3. Interrupt urination exercise method:

The lower part of the urethra and ejaculation channel are shared by men. During urination, some muscle activities and ejaculation have common places, such as the contraction and relaxation of the external sphincter of the urethra, the contraction of the striated muscle of the perineum and the anal sphincter, etc. By interrupting urination, the above muscles can be trained, their muscle tension can be increased, and the situation of ejaculation weakness can be further improved.

The specific method is: every time when the micturition reaches half, stop micturition, wait for a moment, then urinate again, and practice again and again. After a period of practice, the ejaculation intensity of some patients can be improved.

5 Foods That Decline Men’s Sexual Function

As the saying goes: disease comes in from the mouth, and disaster comes out of the mouth. As living conditions get better, more and more food is eaten, but know that eating too many things can cause a series of health problems. Today we will take a look at 5 types of foods that can reduce the sexual function of male friends. Pay attention when you eat them in the future!

  1. Fat can cause men’s erections to be weak
    Fat contains too much-saturated fat and cholesterol. Saturated fat will increase the thickness of the blood vessel wall, narrow the internal space of the blood vessel, and reduce the blood capacity. If the blood supply is insufficient, it will directly affect the function of each body. For men, the inadequate blood supply will be a major problem. If there is insufficient congestion in key parts, they will not be “hard”. In the past, kidney function will be reduced. Insufficient erections will also lead to infertility in men.
  2. High-fat milk can cause prostate cancer
    A scientific experiment has shown that men who consume less than 150 mg of calcium per day from milk have a 32% lower risk of developing the prostate disease than men who consume more than 600 mg of calcium per day. Dairy products are high in calcium, and the body consumes a portion of vitamin D while absorbing calcium. The important role of vitamin D is a hormone that can inhibit cancer, especially for prostate cancer tumor cells. Therefore, vitamin D deficiency brings many hidden dangers to men’s health. For men, the effect of vitamin D is greater than that of calcium.
  3. Refined flour can cause infertility in men
    Many people like to use bread as their main nutrition for breakfast. Three-quarters of the zinc is lost during the processing of whole wheat into refined bread. Zinc is very important for developing sexual desire and promoting reproductive health. Zinc deficiency in adult men can severely lead to infertility. You know that the male body contains a lot of zinc in the prostate, so the importance of zinc to men can be imagined.
  4. Beans can cause men to lose sperm
    There was such a piece of news that a man had eaten bean sprouts every day for 3 years, and his chest became as full as a woman. This is not a strange phenomenon. Sprouts are rich in estrogen. Eating too much estrogen in the male body can inhibit the growth of male hormones in the body. Long-term androgen deficiency will lead to decreased sexual function of the body, the main manifestation is reduced sperm count or sperm quality.
  5. Fried foods can reduce hormone secretion
    Fried foods contain trans fats. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that trans fatty acids can increase the amount of “bad cholesterol” in the body, which can cause heart disease. More importantly, trans fatty acids also reduce male hormone secretion, affect sperm quality, and even reduce sperm count.
    The above are the 5 kinds of foods that can reduce the sexual function of men. If you like the food above, or if you have eaten a lot of food for a long time, then you should pay attention to it.

With a good body, your partner will be happy during sex. Of course, no partner can try to buy a love doll so that you can solve a person’s emptiness.

Explanation of the gap between the promotional pictures of the real doll and the real pictures

An explanation of the gap between the propaganda pictures and the real pictures

Many friends who are concerned about our products said that they have seen the pictures displayed on the official website and the real photos taken by the players. They said that they are not of the same level or even far from each other. Here I would like to give an explanation to those friends who don’t know much about taking photos of the real dolls.

Our product display pictures are generally well dressed and combed, and then arrange the background for photography. The effect of the photos is better in terms of lighting and temperament of the doll.

However, users tend to take photos at will and are not willing to take the time to prepare for the shooting. In addition, tpe products are not photoworthy, so many photos can not be compared with the official website.


Generally speaking, there are three main points in shooting a real doll:

First: the matching of the wig. The cooperate of hairstyle and face form is very important, hairstyle and face form match appropriate, can show the person’s character, temperament, and make the person has glamour more, doll is same also so. A little understanding of the friends know that the doll was originally bald, and the wig wearing the good or bad effect on the doll as a whole beautiful!

Second: the influence of light, light is an important means to complete the photography technology, and then achieve the picture art modeling, there is no light there is no image of things! Under normal lighting, a lack of light can distort the skin tone of a photo taken by a real doll, which can be ugly. Only reasonable light, can take a beautiful picture of the real doll.

Third: the influence of dressing up, as the saying goes, people rely on clothes, and the physical doll also needs clothes! The bodily form that adds entity doll itself and normal woman are different, need more attention on dress up, the dress must fit to want appropriate again. Without the right costume, the original beauty of the doll cannot be shown!

Because the product is limited by tpe material itself, our physical dolls need enough care in photography, in order to take beautiful photos. Here please the majority of children friends can understand.


Racyme is an innovative brand aimed at high-end physical sex doll market.through the professional,focused,easy-to-use concept to create a benchmark one-stop servuce business model of the brand across the ages.there is a circle in the brand operator,a square in the circle and a combination of radius,which also highlights the vision of the brand:follow the shape like shadow,accompany silently,just like oxygen,accompany the doll users

Premium love dolls look like real humans

Premium love dolls look like real humans. Other than having soft and elastic skin, they have internal skeleton which allows different adjustment to varied positions for loveable argument. Of course, both of them are manufactured products. If you compare these products to rubber or plastic products, they are more environment-friendly. Such dolls are free from phthalates. Such dolls last longer and most of all, they feel better. However, if you have purchased sex doll for the first time, you may be excited about having love with love doll.

The concerned love pose is quite popular and have been practiced by couples a few years ago. For practicing this position, you can make your mini sex doll stand in front of you in an appealing way. After that, you can penetrate her from behind. Simply hold your doll from behind and stand close to a table, chair or bed. What is even more environmentally friendly is the customer satisfaction. Nobody fixes things anymore and it emerges as a real problem. If things are broken, we think of throwing them away. In most of the cases, people try to find replacement rather than repairing them.

You have to accept the fact that quality love dolls are more environment-friendly than the cheaper ones. Love dolls are offered at a great value to the customers and they are not cheap. Go with dolls which are durable, made up of the best material and often customized to your specifications. When you are standing with your attractive silicone love doll, bend your love doll over the surface of bed or table while making sure that the face of doll touches the bed’s surface and she bends at the waist. Honestly, the bent over position is lovey which let you penetrate doll through vaginal or ass hole.

adult dolls

Just make your love doll wear a nice pair of lovey heels and position her in a flat but lovey manner through simply pushing her butt out. There are skilled employees who can restore love doll to perfect working order. Remember, removable parts like love doll vaginas can be replaced when they are worn. It means throwing away only a part of your love doll rather than replacing the whole thing. Whether it’s about repairing of realistic love dolls or any other variety, parts are easily available. You can get your love doll repaired most of the times.

Sex dolls are becoming common

People used to talk about sex and feel ashamed, but sex is now a public topic. Among them, the development of real sex dolls is one of the most important factors, because they can control costs and motivation. It is expected that once innovation progresses to a level that cannot be defined by different people, the stigma may disappear completely. These baby-faced sex doll accessories are mainly used for masturbation. However, they can bring many different benefits to users. Perhaps the best-known benefit is the enhanced system.

Obsolete are images of typical inflatable dolls made of plastic, whose physical appearance is far from real women. At present, adult silicone sex dolls have a high degree of authenticity, and for many, they are real artworks. The development of realistic sex dolls is a long and thorough process. From size to form, everything must fit perfectly by making each doll a feature of a unique item.

Nearly all real sex dolls seen around you have the same body parts as real men and women. Therefore, they are the perfect toy for those who want to explore the body of others. Most of them have a beautiful or handsome appearance, giving these sex dolls a real human feel on the bed. They are made of high quality tpe material. It gave them true-to-life skin, hair and eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes, and nails.

On some nights, you just want to lie next to someone and maybe hug them tightly. But you are not as lucky as someone in real life. People have been busy lately and don’t have time to maintain this relationship. You can take home one of the hottest female real dolls and make it your toy.

The beauty of these sex dolls is that they offer different customizable options. A great way to adapt to consumer tastes. Everyone has their own opinions on beautiful and exciting things. These silicone sex dolls are made of high quality silicone or TPE. There are two options to give it a skin-like feel and allow men to perform joint movements in a very real way. Thanks also to the metal structures they present as skeletons. The first choice for buying sex dolls is to determine which model is the most interesting. Options range from Asians and Caucasians to more versatile designs with their own physical characteristics.