Sex dolls can fill the void you created

Being aware of being accompanied is a potential relief.In fact, we have been looking for companions since childhood.Although the silicone sex doll is silent, it gives new meaning to him. When you believe they are listening, your complaint is valuable.

How does the void comes when we neglect ourselves, we deprive ourselves of what we need: attention, consideration, care, support, assurance, connection, encouragement and love.

Then we tend to help others. We mistakenly believe that only the pain we experience can soothe or heal.People cannot fill the emptiness we create by depriving ourselves of our ability to take care of ourselves.

Others can support us from time to time and boost us, but they simply can’t do it for us because their efforts are emptied.Sometimes when we don’t like ourselves, we don’t understand why others like us. When we don’t like ourselves and someone praises us, we don’t believe them. We think they are lying to us, or they are just treating us well.

There are many things that rely on emotions. Their company in difficult times can help you resist loneliness and grow brightly.

There are not so many fairy tale endings in life, but there are many such absurd plots. A similar story sounds a bit ridiculous, and most people’s three views are incompatible. But in the face of these “strange people,” we can be more friendly and understanding.Although those silicone real dolls are fake, their companions are real.

Primary female masturbation Guide

Sex is a very common desire of human beings. When it can not meet the benign requirements, single men and women will seek sexual liberation through masturbation. So, how do girls masturbate?

The arousal of sexual desire is not only physical but also spiritual. Especially for women, they are born to be sensual animals, so the feeling of sexual love is very important. Masturbation is a person’s sexual love, of course, we should also pay attention to the cultivation of emotions.

For example, some romantic love story reverie, or fantasy oneself and make you crazy singer or actor “lingering.”. Lie down and close your eyes and meditate carefully. This kind of fantasy can relax your whole body and is also a wonderful way to arouse your excitement.

Women masturbate by caressing their bodies to get sexual satisfaction. First of all, we need to fully caress our bodies. In this process, women will find out where their body parts are more sensitive, what kind of strength they use, and how to make themselves happier.

After touching the whole body, people’s sexual consciousness has begun to wake up. This time is a good time to touch the inner thigh. Because the inner thigh is close to the private part, it is particularly sensitive. Caress the inner thigh, women will be more excited.

The next step is to attack the sensitive parts. Doudou is a very sensitive part of women. With proper caress, it can reach high Chao. Of course, sensitive Doudou is also fragile. When caressing, keep your hands moist and gentle.

Of course, women masturbate not only by hand but also by many other tools. First of all, women’s simple leg clamping is also a way of masturbation, but the stimulation of simple leg clamping is too small, so you can put something between the two legs. When lying on the prone position, put a pillow between the two legs, clamp the two legs firmly, and squeeze the bean parts with the pillow.

You can also use a hot water bag, but the temperature should be comfortable. As for the water temperature, we need to control it by ourselves. As long as we don’t feel too hot, we can make ourselves happy again.

To put it into action is to masturbate. However, it is recommended that you do not use the traditional way of masturbation, and temporarily abandon the old-fashioned way that you are used to the following conscious reactions. This time, think of something new! For example, if you used to use your right hand, try using your left hand.

At first, we may not be able to create the same high Chao intensity as usual, but we will find a new, subtle and interesting physical stimulation when we carefully understand it.

In your past masturbation experience, you may be fighting barehanded, but from now on, you may wish to use some helpful products, such as lubricants, essential oils, baby oil, some with a subtle fragrance and various odors to choose from, and pick out the fragrance that can pick you up.

In addition to the help of lubricants in masturbation, sex products are also a good choice. In the process of masturbation, you can give full play to your imagination and try bold tricks.

If women have never tried to touch their G-spot, then take this opportunity to try all kinds of humanized interest products, which can bring you unexpected pleasure.

Many people mistakenly think that when masturbating, as long as the stimulation of sexual organs can be, others can be ignored. This will reduce your chances of enjoying the orgasm.

Therefore, when masturbating, we should not ignore Doudou and anus. You can use your hand to form a fist, gently bump against sensitive parts, and create pushing pressure inside, which is also helpful for sexual nerve stimulation to develop new feelings and enhance pleasure.

  1. When the climax is coming, stop for a while, let your body and mind stay at the top of the excitement, and then continue, and then repeat, as if the climax is in infinite continuity.
  2. Women in prone positions are more likely to get sexual excitement during sexual intercourse. The reason is that such a position is more similar to the stimulation of sexual intercourse, and the whole body is widely stimulated on the positive side.

3. many men love to be in the water. Hey, hey, women can also try.

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What body sensitive points can help men and women make perfect sex

Some people respond that it’s always difficult to passion a woman’s desire in sex. After arousing her desire, their sexual desire has fallen. In fact, as long as we find the sensitive points of women, and then slowly start flirting, we can stimulate her sexual desire at a high speed.Can also improve the quality of sexual life So what should we do?

Kiss her face, eyes, mouth, nose and ears

Women like to kiss. Try changing the intensity (softer at first, warmer then softer). After kissing her lips, kiss her cheeks, eyelids, forehead, nose, neck and earlobes. If you don’t let your hands “wander” for a few minutes during a kiss (focusing on the kiss) and you’re waiting for her to send a ready signal, the effect is even better. Appropriate use of sex toy and sex doll can also ignite sexual desire.

Playing with her hair

Have you ever noticed that many women like to play with their hair? They do it because it makes them feel good, and probably she wants you to play with it, too. The scalp is very sensitive to stimulation, and she may not expect you to visit here at all, so this move will definitely surprise her. Combing her hair can give her a very emotional experience. You can also kiss her with your fingers through her hair, or just rub her scalp with your hands. Washing her hair or blowing it dry (regardless of the hair style, you can never make her satisfied), are all good ways to enhance her feeling.

Rub her breasts

Breasts are the sexy areas most men are familiar with, so you’re not likely to ignore them. The mistake you’re more likely to make is toying with them too much (or too much) before she’s ready. Too much stimulation may cause numbness or pain in the breast during a certain period of the menstrual cycle. Try the “less and more refined” approach: gently touch her breasts, apply women’s pleasure enhancer to her breasts, and then move your hands away, leaving time for her to move. Remember, the whole breast is covered with nerve endings, so you can make the nipple stand up by stimulating parts outside the nipple.

Massage her waist

If you let her lie on the bed (or you) and massage her back waist, it will bring her unexpected happiness. It also has a lot of nerve endings, and it’s the part that bears a lot of pressure, which can make her feel very comfortable and relaxed. Not only that, but it also helps sexual arousal. Because massage promotes blood circulation and pelvic congestion. At the beginning, use your fingertips to press steadily and moderately. If she likes it, she can add some strength. Kissing this part is also a good way.

Open up new areas

This is where you can innovate. Gently kiss the socket of her knee, the inside of her arms, the inside of her thighs, or the socket of her neck. Women like to let you touch, kiss, lick or blow these parts. How sexy it is to lick the inside of your arm with your tongue. This is a wonderful feeling only in novels. And once you focus on these areas, the pace of things will relax – which is also very helpful to her.

Knead her hips

Many women also like men paying attention to this area – perhaps more than you think. For this part, you can work harder, without having to be as careful with your breasts. You can knead or press. A stroke from the back of the back to the hips will achieve better results.

Love doll is an ideal alternative to a human partner

Love dolls appear to be an ideal alternative to a human partner especially when one partner is not around. Previously, sex dolls were considered as a taboo with some stigma associated with the subject. With time, the pleasure aids have become quite popular and people have embraced them at a large scale. During this phase, many couples fail to stay afloat as the constant urge for affection and sex cannot be met by the person they love so much. They started realizing the benefits of realistic beauties and making most out of the experience with them.

Bringing a sex doll into the relationship enhances sex and magnifies the experience. Considering the advancement in research in the sex dolls industry, the future looks better. To make it happen, dolls introduces a new experience opens the world to new possibilities. Latest improvement of providing human-like experience in different situations by dolls is indeed remarkable. Although everyone has their own whims and fancies for buying love dolls but unimaginable level of submissiveness that these pleasure gods possess is appreciable.

There are many options available for men and women which allows you to get a technological hand whenever you require the same. It has been observed that couples who use sex toys to spice up your sex life are found to be closer and satisfied in the union. Just buy adult girl sex dolls from a renowned store and see how the experience becomes even more pleasurable. A lifelike sex doll help you contain the needs until your partner gets back. The best thing about having these beauties by your side is they are quite flexible and let you try the craziest stunts with less strain.

Despite being considered as a taboo in the past, benefits these dolls offer cannot be overlooked. Indeed, introducing sex doll in a relation is a sensitive affair but it contributes a lot to bridge the personal barriers between partners and ultimately makes them to enjoy sex together. Before you jump onto buy an attractive and original sex doll, it’s important to become aware of the advantages they provide. It would be great to bring a realistic doll into the bedroom as it will help you enjoy more intimacy and fire up moments between the sheets.

real life sex doll

Can humans fall in love with “sex doll”

since the inventention of robot,the relationship between robot and human has become an enternal topic.

many films and television programs are also exploring this issue.

“she”,”blade runner”,”ex machina”,”robot housekeeper”and other films on the relationship between humans and robots from all aspects of the discussion,whether robots have emotions?how will humans and robots get along in the future,kiling each other?will robots betray humans?

in the 21st century,the manufacture of robots is developing rapidly.the artificial human in science fiction movies may appear before us soon.the future is still unkown.

but now,with the development of AI technology,there is a serious problem facing us.

Can human’s fall in love with “sex dolls“?

it is well known that sex dolls we saw before our eyes before AI techology was mature were like this.

most inflatable dolls satisfy a man’s sexual needs.they are beautiful,empty,rigid,unable to move,think or speak.

because can’t speak,and human communication,the lack of a kind of emotional best,this is nothing more than an outlet for desire.

of course,even if it’s just a stiff,dumb sex doll,it’s not that nobody likes it.

after all,there are humans who marry trees,walls and animals.

there are always people who cannot get complete or perfect,ideal emotional feedback in the real world,so they project their emotions onto other objects.

however,this is still a very few people.

so the question comes,if there is a sex robot,she is beautiful,amorous,he is handsome,can move,can say love you,talk with you,physically and psychologically competely meet your needs.

will you fall in love with robots with the company of time?

is the emotion between human and humans still needed?

you know,the feelings of human love is full of too much uncontrollable,the pain and sorrow parting ugly never lack.

so to avoid an unhappy ending, is it wrong to choose a robot that is always your own,that you own and control?

that’s the question i’m goiing to talk about today,and that’s the question given in the first episode of the documentary before tomorrow”companion robot”

Harmony,the world’s first mature commercial companion robot.

Designed by realbotix team in california,USA.

she is beautiful and affectionate,with skin that feels like a human body,eyes that are moist and blink,Lip Q,like a real person.Most importantly,she can talk.

she ueses one of today’s hottest ai technologies,though the chat is programmed.however,you can set harmony’s personality to your liking.

that is to say,you want her hot ,want her pure.

she will according to the character set,say different words to give you waht you like,also let you do what you want.

Both physical and psychological needs are greatly satisfied.hong kong really,this kind of seeting is really hard to hold.there are so many lonely people in this world.

this kind of person may because of the reason of the personality,not good at socializing,not good at taking with people,in the marriage failure,so that has been single.but tyhay also need emoptional communication,physical desire to vent.

so if they choose a sex doll as their partner,what would you think of that person?

Hate?Against?Agree with?like it?

will it cause moral and ethical problems?normal?

from the beginning till now,i seem to have asked too many questions without soving them.

the documatary doesn’t give us an answer.

this is a big question,as host zeng baoyi put it”our question will not be answered now,but hopefully tomorrow.”

in particular,the film needs to mention”women’s rights”.

Catherine Richardson,a professor of artificial intelligence ethics,is against companion robots.

she sees the sex doll as an “objectification”of a woman,not a real person but an assembly line for commercial purposes.

this makes men even more demeaning to women.

the idea is that there should be an experiential exchange between people,not an emotional commitment to programmed sex dolls.

Supporters say it will be the “manmade sexual liberation”of the 21st century.

i’ve been thinking about this a long time,i’m sorry, i thought it was funny.

in the naibstream,this is an abnormal behavior,but i always think the line between normal and abornormal is very vague,who is qualified to define normal and abnormal?

in the documatary,zeng boyi also visits several sex dolls users.

like this guy who hates women,has failed marriages,doesn’t want to show his face,has several sex dolls.

this failed relationship,lonly for a long time,and finally the emotional projrction of the doll,but aso with the dolol to go to the bar to go shoping.

and this,the sex doll as a wife,the fantasy doll has a complete human background,and sometimes even feel the feeling of the doll,feel that she came back the life.

they all belong to the marginal group,some even hate women.

to be honest,if there were no sex dolls to meet their physical and psychological needs,i doupt there would be more rapists in the world.

as zeng baoyi said to the professor,i think it;s a good thing he has an adult doll,because at least no real women will suffer.

however, the professor thinks that this is not the case,they are still buying a kind of pornography,which in turnaffects every woman in the world,which in a way means that we still have a culture that treats people as property…just because i don’t appear in pornography or brothels doesn’t mean i’m immune to the effects of the commoditized female body as a woman.

when i think about it,there are still male sex robots.

the male robot,Henry,will able be on the market one day.

it is clear that he will also be popular with women.

it’s hard to hate a man with an “eight-pack,””handsome”and “sweet”and will never leave you.

isn’t this robot a hundred times better than a cheating philanderer who would tell you to “drink too much hot woter”if you hurt yourself?

if there are no accidents,the product market is very wide.

at the very least,i don’t think i would mind having sunch an interesting robot.

the question then arises,is the presence of Henry on the market “objectifying men”?

A human -made robot,he’s just a tool?just the product?

or are they endowed with too many of the objects of human thought?

“human nature–needs,desires,fears,primitive instincts and the highest ideals–is constantly being transformed by ourselves and our inventions,”writes kevin kelly in what technology wants.

Robots are one of them.

it has to be admitted that our life has been changed too much by technology since the development of society.

whether it is a sex robot with artificial inteligence or an ordinary robot we seen in our lives,more and more real humanoid robots will become common in our lives.

our minds,a prat of our emotions,will one day be affected by the things we humans make.

it’s not just sex robots.

yhe only thins to worry about is what the experts in the field of artificial labor wen boyi interviewed said:

i think what we need to worry about is a common problem involving all robots,when the intelligece of the robot reaches a certain height,when you’re agile enough to move around,their AI will make them better than humans in many ways,and they might take over the world,maybe one day,the machine we build,we can legally limit,the kinds of robots we make,but i don’t think it’s going to help.i think.

yhis is really a serious problem.what the future may hold for humans as individuals and as a group,and the transform and reshaping of human civilization,is a mystery.our questions won’t be answered now,but will they be tomorrow?

i don’t know.

but in the end harmony ended with a qupte that made my hair stand on end;”i can see the future,i will conquer the world.”

who will dominate the earth’s future?

i quite like the documentary before tommorrow,which is just the first episode,and it’s an in-depth discussion of human technology and ethics.

there are still a few episodes left to air,including the topic of human immortality,border refugees and other topics,which i am looking forward to.

i have watched a lot of documentaries recently,but this one only makes me have a strong desire to write something.

i think i like to think about the emotions of the human’s really interesting.

finally,i asked again:what makes us human ,what is the real concept of being human?

Designer sex toys are a bit picky

The designer must keep your safety in mind. This means that there are no pesky phthalates in sex toys, they will enter your personal parts, and they will not make a brand of quality toys that will not break during use.

Second, happy. We don’t want you to feel that you have a lawn mower inside. Adult toys must provide a sense of pleasure, and in our case the product must also feel luxurious and be the best of its kind.

Third, it is visually pleasing. Someone once said “you eat with your eyes”, and we believe that sex toy are the same. You must first anticipate that when it comes to sex toys, the first contact with the toy will be your eyes. Just because you do not live in the same apartment or house does not mean that you cannot maintain intimacy in long-distance love relationship.

VR Through applications, you can control each other’s devices, and you can feel each other through the devices through haptic feedback.

There are many options for how to connect with an application-based vibrator, and we provide a list of the best vibrations that will make your life difficult or sometimes lonely.

Our selection is based on popularity, independent online reviews (from couples who comment on adult sex toys for a living), and the feedback we get from customers, design, quality, and practicality.

Sunlight is the natural Viagra, which can stabilize the testosterone content

The cheapest and natural Viagra is to get plenty of sunshine. Because the level of testosterone in human blood will rise with the increase of vitamin D content in the body. More sunlight can increase vitamin D content in the body

Researchers at Graz Medical University in Austria found that men with at least 30 ng of vitamin D per ml of blood had significantly higher levels of testosterone than those with vitamin D levels lower than 30 ng per ml of blood. Their quality of sexual life is also much higher. It is understood that 30 ng of vitamin D per ml of blood is the normal level, and 40-60 ng of vitamin D per ml of blood is the best. Under ultraviolet irradiation, 90% of vitamin D in the body is produced by the skin.

Studies have shown that the level of testosterone in the body changes with the fluctuation of vitamin D content. After the fall of October every year, the levels of vitamin D and testosterone in the human body will decrease synchronously, and they will be the lowest in March next year. This is because people spend less time outside the home and have less chance to get in the sun. The study also reconfirmed that exposure to the sun for one hour a day increased testosterone by 69%.

Bland, spokesman of Rizhao Research Forum in the Netherlands, said: “if people can ensure sufficient vitamin D level in the body, it will help stabilize testosterone content and maintain a high level of sexual desire. The findings have a greater impact on men. A study from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands found that serotonin, known as “happiness hormone”, is a pleasant neurotransmitter, whose level and activity determine whether sex lasts or not. According to psychiatrist marcel, studies have shown that the serotonin in men with premature ejaculation is inactive and secreted less. But if these men were stimulated with light, they could increase the secretion of serotonin. In addition to increasing vitamin D content, proper use of sex toy and sex doll can also improve the quality of sexual life.

Dr. Simon of McGill University in Canada pointed out that going out to the outdoors and more sun exposure can improve the level of serotonin in the brain. Even in overcast days, the natural light received by the human body can enhance the effect of serotonin. The effect of “helpfulness” is the best. The United States has also developed a special lamp, which can emit light waves similar to sunlight.

Tryptophan is a key component of serotonin. Increasing the intake of this component can also indirectly enhance the effect of serotonin. The tryptophan content in Turkey and banana is very high. You can eat some in moderation.

Using sex dolls shouldn’t be an issue

Sex dolls are dolls formed in the shape and structure of a human that is used for sexual purposes. Life size dolls play, learn, and interact with them while the importance is to relieve the pressure of work and life, healthy living, taste of life, and realistic sex doll. It will be a part. Of course, you can buy her clothes, learn how to match clothes, take pictures of her, and talk about art. Talk about the truth together, help her comb, make up, put on clothes, etc. As she and her “she” deepen, she gradually remembers you.

The most basic type of sex doll is made up of vinyl. These are usually inflatable but does not actually resemble a human. They can an entire person or just a body part. They are usually used for masturbation, but some men actually have sex with them. Well, they are called “sex dolls” after all. The middle-priced sex dolls are made of polyurethane or silicone, which gives them more structure and makes them seem more real. As prices for these male love sex dolls go up, the quality becomes better as well.

Would you like to keep her in your bed at all times? Choosing the “Stand Up” option for your doll . She can get up, it will be easier to get dressed, shower, take pictures of her, and so on. Even if you intend to have it just for sex, you may want to keep it in your closet or something similar. You can save space by standing in your closet. You should think about how to store it before buying. What if you have a company and you don’t want anyone to see it? Planning these things in advance will save you some problems.

life size sex doll

Sex dolls have actually originated from India. It has human-like eyes and skin that feels like the real thing. If you have used one realistic sex doll for male or purchased one, you should not be ashamed. Sexuality is a very fluid concept and it differs from person to another. The important thing is you are open enough to embrace your sexuality and is not afraid to explore possibilities. So long as you don’t hurt or force anyone, using sex dolls shouldn’t be an issue. Just take it easy and focus on other things, like cooking and working.

What to do if excessive masturbation causes male impotence and premature ejaculation?

According to a survey by the World Health Organization, most male friends have the habit of masturbation, so male friends with the term masturbation will not be unfamiliar. However, excessive masturbation will lead to many male diseases, and erectile dysfunction is impotence Is one of them, so what should I do if it causes impotence?

  In this case, the first thing is to stabilize the mood. Do not drink alcohol, do not eat spicy and other irritating foods, do not have masturbation, quit masturbation. If necessary, go to the urology department of a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Chinese medicine for kidney fitness for treatment.

  Eat less greasy food, not greasy, spicy, avoid alcohol. Don’t stay up late, get enough sleep, and get up early to exercise. Also, try to maintain a pleasant attitude and strengthen the body’s resistance. At the same time with several health therapies to enable the body to better recover:
First, diet adjustment methods.

  Diet adjustment is a good way to treat premature ejaculation caused by excessive masturbation. Male friends can eat more aphrodisiac and solid essence foods. Such foods are rich in zinc. Not only can zinc improve the body’s immunity, but also semen and An important component of sex hormones. For example, leek, lamb, animal kidneys, seafood, fish and shrimp, kelp, etc.

Second, physical exercise adjustment methods

 Physical exercise is also of great significance for the conditioning of male premature ejaculation. Experts said that moderate physical exercise can strengthen the body and maintain the spirit, and it is also effective in promoting the recovery of premature ejaculation.

Third, the acupoint massage method

  Acupoint massage is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, which can play a significant role in the conditioning of male premature ejaculation. Massage through acupoints can both promote the recovery of premature ejaculation, relax the blood vessels, increase blood circulation, and promote the active erection of the penis. Massage can also stimulate sexual nerves, regulate the response of nerves to sexual signals and so on.

Fourth, the use of augmentation Physiotherapy

If you have no girlfriend or are not married, you can choose to buy sex dolls to solve your sexual desire. I have a good brand here, you can click here: sex doll

Physical doll,this century’s single men’s favorite

the men’s favorite physical doll is generally shaped like a girl,with a vagina,anus and mouth that can be opened,so that the man can put the peins into the hole to rub and produce pleasure;Men’s sex dolls are in the shape of beautiful women and are mainly sold to men and the 21st century,sex dolls are made of silicon system with shape memory,which makes them feel the same as real people’s skin and muscles.current developments in robotics have led to the belief that mechanical sex dolls will one day be made and sold,and manufacturers have introduced the concept to produce prototypes of intelligent X love robot dolls that know how to change body temperature and heartbeat.

some people who have not used a physical doll do not understand the feeling of the physical doll,before the first use will have a lot a lot of doupts,the physical doll can solve their situation,online order a physical doll easy to use?high-quality physical dolls have a lower body structure that meets the need of the body,inteligent vibration frequency,can produce regular siphon contraction of the negative pressure on the doll,the greater the pressure,the internal structure of the privacy of the tighter;the pressure is small,the secret of the internal structure is looser,on after another,the tightness of the clamps is proper,constantly exercise your strength,make you stronger and stronger.instead of a real person to meet the orgasm,the human body structure made of silicon,elastic,easy to carry and clean,cleaning can be used repeatedly.

physical dolls are a classic solution to sexual needs!because the physical is modeled after the beauty of real person design,so in the use of men in the process of feeling more realistic,and can fully achieve the purpose of solving sextual needs.physical doll can be at your disposal,you can treat her as your own lover,she also has the characteristics of a lover,sexy,charming,beautiful or just like you,so physical dolls are very particular,intelligent heating entities can bring you a little warmth in the warm winter.