Must high-priced doll be very well?

in the eyes of most people,expensive things must be the best,and so are physical dolls,is this really the case?  Is it like the price of sex doll and the quality and fidelity of a sex doll?

I do not admit that expensive sex dolls are necessarily good,but i want to admit it that at this point, high-priced sex dolls means more advantages, high-priced sex doll in some cases must require more costs, such as the use of higher-end raw materials, but also with different manufacturers. besides manufacturers,branding is also a big factor,of couese, the price it is also related to the sex doll itself. For example, the same 165cm sex doll, the price of a big chest doll is higher than that of the medium chest doll. Big breasts and big sex dolls need more raw materials, and the freight that they have to bear is more expensive, so this is also the reason for the different prices. Even products under the same brand. But you have to be careful,that some physical dolls are expensive because they don’t make dolls themselves,they buy dolls from other manufacturers at a lower price but sell them at a higher price.they can’t guarantee the quality of such doll but they sell them at high price.

when you buy a sex doll,you don’t have to go for the expensive physical doll,of course,we must to acknowledge some high-priced sex dolls making raw materials. In the manufacturing process, it is very perfect, so the sex dolls produced are more high quality, more realistic, giving you a lifelike feeling. but the more important to recognize the brand than to buy the expensive ones.

our sex doll are not expensive ,but our rule is to produce good qulity sex dolls,  which are of course not expensive, but we never ignore quality. There are no toxic products, phthalates, no suspicious and sticky materials, and we always have good value for money.  we will make sure that the money you pay is equal to the product you received. We only use approved and healthy skin materials. Each sex doll has 3 holes, a mouth, a vagina and a hole. All of these holes are feels like a real person, is not a simple hole, it is a true real person mold that can provide a super realistic feel.And we have our own manufacturer,the quality will meet your requirements.we also have expensive sex dolls,those more expensive physical dolls will make you feel more comfortable, Of course, the realism brought about depends on the starting budget. The bigger you bet, the more you will get super realistic dolls, but they will also be durable and durable .

There is no denying that whether you buy an expensive doll or cheap doll from us,we will guarantee the quality of your doll.

Why people demand for sex dolls are soaring high?

Sex dolls are also huge in demand when it comes to sex toys. These are also one of the best masturbation toys available in the market. Finding real life sex doll is really not a big thing. Owning a life-size sex doll is one thing, and taking care of it is another. It’s important that you keep your doll clean and undamaged. You can get your desired real sex doll with so much ease. Sex dolls have become a hot sex product among men with different private needs. Doing so would ensure that hygiene or the lack thereof doesn’t take a toll on your health.

The demand for lifelike sex dolls are soaring high and it speaks about how effectively they can satisfy the sexual pleasure for men. Also, you will then be able to enjoy the companionship of your favorite doll for a long time. You can even found married men buying these dolls so as to add more to their erotic experience. They do not provide any drama or fantasy, nor do they destroy the desire of her lover. You pay him a man and let a man masturbate with her while dreaming alive. It’s a huge sex toy. If you are willing to enjoy sex to the fullest then choosing from one of the best male sex toys would definitely going to be the best option for you amongst all.

sex doll

These dolls have made a huge impact and are well-known for providing a real life sexual experience and thrill. The first life size sex doll brothel opens in Barcelona. In Germany and Japan, there are others, and these real-life deals with fake women are expanding. Making love with lifelike sex dolls is something amazing that you would have never experienced before. You can easily overcome your day-to-day stress and tensions from your life by using these dolls for sexual pleasure.

Sex dolls wants to give you a full and vibrant sex life, because we know it can be frustrating to play alone without sex. The fact that love doll is no longer a controversial issue as a result of research shows that men spend more time playing friends and video games is an amazing reason why these magical sex aids are better than women’s. Sex dolls are made of silicone or TPE to make the skin of favorite dolls look and softer closer to real women. Every woman needs attention and is dedicated to changing your lifestyle. Sex dolls untouched by all aspects of your life and superior to women unsurpassed.

How to clean the TPE sex dolls’ face without ruining makeup

You need to carefully remove the doll head from the TPE sex doll‘s body and then use a soft, warm sponge and mild soap to gently pat the doll’s face. The best tool for cleaning dolls is probably a good sponge. It is economical, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, can be used multiple times and is safe to use. When done, gently pat her face with a dry, non-abrasive cloth, then let it air dry for an hour or two.

If you are happy to express your creativity by doing makeup for girls, we strongly recommend that you do not use oily cosmetics or makeup removers with high alcohol content, as this may stain and damage her beautiful face.

Detachable or handheld showers are best for washing or showering dolls because they are easy to handle. Start with cold water, use warm water gradually, and introduce mild detergents and antibacterials. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals, oily cosmetics, alcohol, or any other general cleansers as this may stain or damage the skin. However, there are still some tricks to implement and maintain when cleaning love dolls. You should definitely avoid severe rubbing or rough handling, as this can easily stain or damage your skin. Handle it lightly and don’t forget to use a mild soap or antibacterial lotion. Normal cleaning can be done with clean water and mild detergent. In addition, hair needs daily care.

You can’t have sex in these six situations

Sexual intercourse is an extremely physical “Sport”, in some special circumstances, sexual life will only bring harm and danger to people. Although sex is the best way for husband and wife to keep healthy, don’t take it as a taboo. Therefore, sexual intercourse requires certain conditions, and health is the most basic cost. If you feel unwell or have special conditions, it’s safer to restrain your sexual life. Let’s learn about it.

What are the conditions that are not suitable for sex

1. It’s not suitable to have sexual life after the initial recovery of serious illness:Generally speaking, sexual intercourse should be stopped during the illness. Due to the wide variety of diseases and the different severity of the disease, it is better to ask the doctor for advice frankly.

2. It is not suitable to have sex when you are overtired, drunk or in a bad mood:When a man is drunk, his sperm may be deformed. If he is pregnant, it will affect the fetus.

3. During menstruation, never have sex:When menstruation comes, the endometrium falls off, there is a wound in the uterus, and the opening of the uterus is slightly open. Sexual trade brings bacteria into the uterus, causing inflammation of the reproductive organs. If there is chronic pelvic inflammation, menstrual intercourse will cause acute attack. Menstrual intercourse can also aggravate uterine congestion, increase menstrual blood, prolong menstrual period or aggravate menstrual discomfort.

4. The first three months and the last three months of pregnancy should be banned:In the early stage of pregnancy, the placenta does not grow fast in the children’s organs, and sexual transactions stimulate the contraction of the uterus and lead to abortion. In late pregnancy, sexual intercourse causes premature birth, uterine bleeding, or puerperal fever. During the rest of pregnancy, sexual life should also be controlled, and the action should not be violent, and do not oppress women’s abdomen excessively.

5. Sexual intercourse should be avoided between the time of delivery and the time before uterine recovery (about 6-7 weeks):Otherwise, it will cause inflammation of reproductive organs, uterine bleeding or hinder the healing of perineum and vagina wounds and the recovery of postpartum health. If the postpartum vaginal blood secretion (lochia) lasts for a long time, the abstinence time should be prolonged accordingly.

6. Long sex life: When having sex, the sexual organs of both men and women are in close contact and activity in a highly congested state. If the time is too long, it is easy to cause various diseases. It is clinically proved that the sexual life lasts too long. Women are more likely to cause urinary tract infection, menstrual disorder, and men are prone to cause prostatitis.

Many people may have the experience that after a violent sexual life, the nervous body begins to relax and the quality of sleep is particularly high. Remember to have sex for about 1 hour, and drink cold drinks after the blood circulation of all parts of the body has basically returned to normal. Don’t hurt your body for a while.

Taiwan’s first sex-themed restaurant opens for genital food

The variety of themed restaurants on the streets of Taiwan, China can’t help but stop, from maid cafes to toilet-themed restaurants to medical institution-style snack shops, but these weirdly themed restaurants can’t satisfy local foodies. Taiwan’s first sex-themed restaurant, which opened in early 2014, provides more unique new options for foodies.

This sex-themed restaurant, named FunnySex, is located at No. 446, Zhongshan 2nd Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung. It specializes in food with a variety of genital shapes and breast shapes, including genital-shaped rice balls and chocolate puddings ordered by women, and breasts ordered by men. Container with seafood soup and so on. The restaurant will also provide sex dolls to male customers who eat alone at the restaurant as an escort during meals.

Mrs. Chen, the deputy manager of the restaurant, said, “In the beginning, customers didn’t know that we were opening a restaurant because our brand logo was a pair of red underwear. Many people thought we were selling adult products.” She also said that although FunnySex now has Business is good, but it takes a lot of effort to be able to do so.

    Although the restaurant is full of inflatable dolls and genital foods, it is also educational. The restaurant specifically marks the average size of men’s genitalia in various countries. Congo’s 18 cm is the longest. Iceland’s 16.51 cm is the second largest. Others include the United States (12.95 cm), the United Kingdom (13.97 cm) and China. (10.92 cm), in the hope that sex can be fun and interesting, and the genitals can be presented to customers in an entertaining manner.

    It is reported that the restaurant also set up a merchandise exhibition area, selling a variety of tin-shaped toothpicks, chopsticks, hand sanitizer and other products, customers even have an illusion of genital phobia after visiting.

What do you think about transgender dolls

As early as 2017, the actual first transgender sex doll was launched. 2% -6% of boys and 5% -12% of girls in the world do not agree with their natural biological gender, showing different gender characteristics from their biological gender. Their gender identity is different from social expectations.

The real doll is based on the story of trans girl Jazz Jennings. The purpose of the toy maker is to hope for a hero who can promote social reform, and she happens to be a brave, smart, warm and creative person.

More and more people are beginning to fight for trans-gender rights, and even silicone love dolls for adult products have appeared as a gender-convertible image. However, this is not an easy thing for parents who buy dolls. Some parents said that about transgender dolls, can children understand the dolls? I find it difficult to explain to a young child, they can’t understand it, it is suitable for some older children. I’m not against transgender, but I won’t give it to my kids, they don’t have enough life experience to understand this, it’s a little too early.

It was also said that the doll looks male or female it does not matter, it is important that they actually looked like.

Daily maintenance supplies for physical dolls

  1. Shower gels are generally used by babies. Johnson and Johnson are beautiful, neutral and delicious.
  2. The cleaner can be reused, one for each part, and can be used alternately if you don’t mind.
  3. Talcum powder, you can smell the smell, like that to come, the taste of the talcum powder on the sex doll will be more than anything else.
  4. Towels, choose the ones that don’t lint, and the one with a strong water absorption is very useful.
  5. Make-up cotton, also called makeup remover, will put pictures in a while, one by one, mainly used with olive oil, can wash the dirty things that can not be washed off locally, can also be used to remove slight staining.
  6. Olive oil is simple, it doesn’t need to be very expensive, it is very wasteful for general maintenance, it may be lazy, dirty things are washed by this, and makeup is also used.
  7. Cosmetics, this mainly depends on the taste, personally like the refreshing type, the taste is too heavy to stand, you can smell it when you buy it.
  8. Small watering can, small, mainly used for wig care, wig is not smooth, put a mixture of conditioner and water in it, usually only tie hair, you can use water directly.
  9. Lubricants, condoms, these are commonly used, depending on personal preference, but a female condom is recommended, and the condom is thrown away without cleaning after use.
  10. Fu Yanjie, buy one at will, as long as it doesn’t expire. Don’t use alcohol, don’t use alcohol, don’t use alcohol, say important things three times. Don’t use it easily, the body is enough with body wash, genital and anal mouth.
  11. False nails and nail removal towels. Students who like them can ask the manufacturer or buy them by themselves. Basically they can be used. Disassembly and installation are technical tasks. Depending on how it fits, there are fake nails that have been painted directly, and others that need to be transparent.
  12. Nail polish. When using nail gel, use a little less, find a toothpick and dip it. Don’t pour it straight up. It is recommended to find the shop to directly repair the video. The first is to take care of it, the second one is fine, and the glue is done as soon as you get it. Third, try not to send it back because shipping is expensive. Unless you can’t do it yourself.

Sex dolls are really very common nowadays

The use of sex doll is really very common nowadays. As the name suggests, silicone dolls are made using silicone, which many of you might know, has its fair share of advantages. The first myth about these dolls is that men will treat women like objects. However, it is not like that. In fact, men treat these objects just like women. Coming back to sex dolls, the silicone that’s used for making your favorite companions is of high quality. They bath them, do their makeup, style their hair and buy some necessary things for them such as clothes, shoes and many other accessories.

Mostly men are the sex doll owners. But, the reality is that women are an underrepresented segment of the real life sex doll community. The least you can expect is an exceptional resistance to heat, deformation and more importantly, pressure. So, if you are planning to buy new silicone sex dolls. It is also consider that sex dolls are rape culture, but sex doll owners usually have relationship fantasies not rape fantasies. Sex doll owners shower them with care and adoration.

Silicone sex dolls are non-porous in nature, and needless to say, these are quite stable as well. So, it’s very rare for your dolls to get stained. The fact is that sex doll community is vulnerable not society in general. And should you find the need to clean them, the best part is that you can do so with utter ease.Objects are sex toys or sex dolls and they are different. People should consider all the above mentioned facts behind different kinds of about sex dolls and make use of these dolls if they really wish to enjoy sex to the fullest. Contrary to popular belief, liquid doesn’t penetrate the skin of silicone dolls, making them rather easy to clean.

adult doll

Nowadays there could easily be found many people looking curious to know if they can get a full body sex doll made by silicone. Beautiful eyes face and hourglass figure is something about real sex dolls that usually attracts people towards them.Now, the thing about silicone dolls is that they can withstand all of these external factors. You need not to be worried about anything related to making purchase of these dolls if you are actually looking forward to the same matter.This quality provides them with exceptional resistance, which is a rare sight, especially if you use dolls made of other materials such as TPE.

Is it true that running enhances sexual ability?

In many ways of sports improving sexual ability, many people will think of running, because running not only makes their muscles tighter, regulates their body and mind and improves their immunity, but also makes men’s sexual muscles achieve good exercise. In order to make this more clear, let’s understand why running enhances sexual ability. How can running enhance sexual ability

1. Promote sexual desire: Our body’s normal sexual desire is not only directly controlled by the brain, but also has a great relationship with endocrine. Experts pointed out that the androgens secreted by Leydig cells of testis play an important role in sexual desire, and these two kinds of androgens are often affected by many factors, resulting in decreased secretion and abnormal secretion, which will lead to unsatisfactory sexual life and sexual dysfunction in men. For example, some diseases or trauma can damage testicular function, resulting in low gonadal function.If this happens before puberty, it may also affect the development of sexual signs and organs. If it occurs in adults, it can cause sexual desire to decline or even completely lose sexual desire.

2. Sexual hormone secretion: Men often take part in some exercises such as running in their daily life, which can effectively enhance their sexual ability and prolong their sexual life. This is a benefit that many men have ignored before. This is because running can effectively promote the secretion of androgens, so as to improve sexual ability. In addition to running can promote androgen secretion, there are also push ups, squats, weightlifting and other ways to promote androgen secretion, so as to solve various sexual dysfunction problems. Many other studies have found that running can increase muscle strength and make sex more ideal. Through a number of studies at home and abroad, it has been found that almost any aerobic exercise is beneficial to things in bed. Running, walking and other sports can also make people have a strong sexual desire. In addition to running can improve sexual function, there are also mountain climbing, walking race and so on can also enhance sexual function.

3. Strengthen muscles: It has been found that men who exercise, run or play basketball twice a week have a higher sexual pleasure than men who don’t do any exercise. This is because in the process of exercise can quickly and effectively enhance the abdominal and buttock muscle elasticity, so at this time when making love, it is easier to make the woman reach orgasm than before. Long term and appropriate exercise can keep the balance between the strength and speed of male muscles, so the self-control ability is also greatly strengthened. In this case, the sexual pleasure time can be significantly prolonged when having sex. It can be seen that running is very beneficial to enhance the pleasure of sexual life of husband and wife. Besides running, there are also climbing and swimming, and the effect of helping sex is more obvious. Therefore, men with unsatisfactory sexual life should self-examine and how long they haven’t exercised recently.

Running precautions: In order to make running play a better role in enhancing sexual function, men should pay special attention when running, that is, try not to be too fast, so not only can not play a role in enhancing sexual ability, but will lead to impotence. At the same time, we should keep running for a while, so as to improve sexual function.

What you need to know about sex doll quality issues

  • Obtained a different doll from the one ordered.
  • You get a damaged doll
  • The quality of the doll you get is too cheap, because the joints are too tight or the doll is too heavy to use it.

Usually this happens easily after buying a cheap sex doll. If the price of the doll you bought is cheap, then you will end up with a very cheap copy, which is completely different from the beautiful pictures on the website of. You will most likely receive a defective real doll, and if it is too good to hold, then it won’t hold.

False review sites Don’t believe it, review sites that recommend you to buy cheap sex dolls are simple and straightforward, just fake review sites. They have never bought a sex doll in their lifetime. How do they view unpurchased items? No matter what they claim, they don’t know at all.

So how much is the price to avoid falling into the scam of cheap sex dolls? If you want to invest in sex dolls, please be prepared to pay at least 1700 USD, depending on your dear size of choice. Smaller sex dolls start at about $ 899.