How to quickly and effectively choose the ideal TPE doll?

First you need to analyze the value of the sex doll you want to buy. You will get an effective experience through the study of dolls. If you want to buy these lifelike female dolls, please refer to the doll’s instructions.

Dolls, this may be a commercial activity in the market, as they will have a huge impact on value, just like the deals you make throughout the purchase process. As a result, you will only like them more and therefore can serve you. Therefore, throughout the entire process of buying sex dolls, you will like them more and realize that once you like them, closing a deal is vital to you. No analysis needed to get realistic sex dolls.

Although the sex doll is produced with no seams, TPE sex dolls is shaped in a whole module. Due to the molding of the doll model. In a way, the main body do have straight lines. The eyes can be adjusted by youself as you like, but remember don’t ruin her makeup and false eyelashes. Once you own a doll, you may know how important is the eye makeup.

We tend to buy standing sex dolls when choosing dolls. You want to make sure that the analysis of choices will change your mind, prompting them to urge the most effective choice in the market when shopping.

Lesbian Invents Sex Toys: Simple Design Helps Conceive

Semenette is a kind of dildo that can help inject the donated sperm into your partner. Maybe there are many sex toys on the market to help people reach orgasm, but this sex toy can help your pregnancy.

Enjoying the process of creating a new life may be the most enjoyable experience for a couple. Of course, casual sexual relations are enjoyable, but a gender relationship with a sense of mission is even more exciting. You can make one with someone you like. New life is a wonderful thing, but not all people can create new life through sexual intercourse, and some people need to achieve pregnancy through other means, such as artificial insemination. For them, being able to become pregnant It’s even a very luxurious thing. The final successful fertilization of semen through a needle-free syringe is a traditional conception method, but the creation of Semenette has revolutionized artificial fertility. This means that artificial conception is not limited to some medical devices, and people can finally achieve their goals through sex toys. The design of this product is mainly for injecting liquids-it is a dildo that can eject liquids, and its working principle mimics the physiological functions of men.

Stephanie Berman, the designer of this sex toy, wants to have a lovely child with her wife, but suddenly she realizes that for gay partners, a new life is born in a romantic and loving environment. A very difficult thing. She told the media, for them. Not only is sexual intercourse difficult, but they must be able to find a suitable sperm donor to allow one of them to successfully conceive. The tools used in the process are also very difficult to choose from. “Searching” through various channels, Berman said, “My wife and I finally found that there is no suitable tool for us.”

Then her inspiration flashed, “You can think of the scene where you use a syringe filled with semen to prepare your partner with fluid and your partner is waiting by the side. Nothing is more interesting than this. “

But how effective is this syringe? The answer is of course, yes, Stephanie and her partner finally achieved their original goal. “After using it, my wife finally conceived successfully. This is an extremely great moment for me. The truth is that my wife is really pregnant and my” phallus “effect is powerful!”

Relevant research has confirmed that orgasm can effectively promote the success rate of conception. The latest paper published in the Journal of Animals and related research by British biologists R. Robin Baker and Mark A. Bellis also demonstrated that women’s Orgasm and the efficiency of men’s sperm rejection are related to conception.

    Although Semenette is not the first “sex toy“, it is worthy to be called the first sex toy that uses semen in a sterile environment to achieve the goal of a successful pregnancy. And the inner plastic tube of this sex toy can be easily disassembled and cleaned, so users don’t have to worry about cleaning.

    But some people question the value of this sex toy, because there is no reliable source of semen, this sex toy may be useless. “I have heard this kind of question many times, such as asking if we follow the product and we will give you semen.” Inventor Stephanie Berman said, “I want to tell consumers that we do not provide semen. For lesbian couples In terms of you, you can go to the sperm bank or go to someone who already knows what they are willing to provide you with semen. We only provide tools. “Sit down and say” Hey. You can lend your semen What? “Of course this is a very embarrassing conversation. But having someone who is willing to donate semen for you is also a mixed bag. “

    In fact, not only lesbians are interested in this sex toy, so Berman will continue to improve the product in the future to meet consumers’ continuous demand for the product.

Which part are women most attracted by men?

Men usually look at a woman’s body, face and chest, but when women choose a man, what parts of him do they appreciate? This is the answer all unmarried men want to know. After all, when we let women look at men’s body, we can give them the right medicine to fully show the parts we are appreciated by them. Maybe unmarried men will get satisfactory results on the way to find girlfriend or date. With this problem, I have discussed it with many women around me. Although women of different ages give different answers, at least some conclusions can be drawn from their mouths. Let’s find out, when our sisters appreciate men, which part of men should they look at first?

1、 Clean hair: don’t think that after a woman has seen a man’s facial features, she begins to pay attention to the part under his head. No, men look good or bad. Although this is the first impression of women, in fact, many women don’t care about men’s appearance. After all, women value men’s abilities and talents. If they only live in embroidered pillows, it’s the biggest sorrow and pain for women. The first thing a woman see is a man’s hair. Why his hair? Because they don’t want to be friends or have sex with a man with greasy hair. Because sex toy are more attractive than that.

2、 Overall facial features: after all, people rely on appearance to attract people. Beautiful appearance is more attractive. Women don’t just love men’s wallets and power. In fact, in the process of choosing men, they also attach great importance to the appearance of men. Only beauty can satisfy a woman’s vanity. In fact, everyone has such a mentality that they are willing to go with beautiful people. It also seems to have their own taste. So, handsome men are definitely women’s natural killers. I think handsome men have to kill women of all ages. Even the choice of a sex doll needs to be aesthetic.

3、 Clear eyes: they all say beautiful eyes can speak. Don’t misunderstand that it’s just about women. People’s eyes can also speak, some people’s eyes can be deep enough to let us fall into it, as deep as the sea; some people’s eyes are floating, such people’s eyes are doomed not to be lonely for you; some people’s eyes are dull, like the scarecrow lost his soul; some people’s eyes can reveal his inner world, such as courage. Be generous, timid, shy, or evasive. If a man’s eyes are always smiling, it proves that this man will bring happiness to his woman, because he is always humorous and makes you as happy as a cloud.

4、 Powerful arm: it is said that a man’s arm is a symbol of strength. If a man raises his hands and feet in a soft way, it really doesn’t interest women. Men are power, that is to say, they have more physical strength than women. If you have the same arms as a woman, she can also find a same-sex life directly. Men’s strong arms can also protect women. When you hug her tightly, a girlfriend will feel safe and protected. As a result, the arm is covered with muscle and fur, which is the most attractive arm for women.

The growing technology of sex dolls

In the past few years, TPE sex doll that were once thought to be thrown away like inflatable toys have made a huge leap in quality to improve the durability of their appearance. You don’t have to worry about the insecurity that comes with this relationship. If you think that lifelike sex dolls are a good thing, then over the past few years, advances in technology have led to some disturbing and realistic dolls, and Oriental-made dolls are almost the same as real people.

There are two main material bases for sex dolls: silicone and TPE (thermoplastic). Silicone is considered a high-end material mainly because of its durability and quality of detail. Since life size sex doll have different meanings for everyone, if all dolls have the same voice, it will become a machine. The best way is to make each doll have its own feelings and memories.

In addition to the appearance of common silicone and TPE dolls, there are also artificial dolls. Back with synthetic fibers. A variety of dolls that are different from traditional dolls. There are anime faces and sex dolls just human torso. If carefully treated, platinum-cured silicone dolls can be used for 10 years, while TPE dolls can be used for 3 or 4, instead of about a year, which is a long time.

love doll

For customers, it’s not just about sex … if they live alone, they may It can be lonely. In addition, the sex dolls there help to solve the feeling of loneliness, customers begin to build intimate relationships with dolls, they may start to want to chat with them … and gradually develop a feeling that sex robots will appear in the near future.

Some people think that the softness of flat chested love dolls will make people feel more realistic and feel like touching human skin. Others argue that this is too soft.Tattoos, hair of different colors, eye color, shape, size and different variants of dolls. Not cheap for sex doll. Have you been thinking about buying a love doll, or have you just recently learned about most realistic sex dolls? Artificial human dolls are not only suitable for single men, but also for experimental couples who like to try new things over and over again.

The selection of male dolls designed for women is now very limited

1、A male doll designed for a women

Over the past year or so,the market for male dolls has suddenly become hot,with many sex robot companies offering their own male dolls.

For example,a male doll named zack was recently released to great attention,and he came out with an elaborate biography and set off a market boom.

Zack,currently on sale in a doll house in Canada

A los angeles-based sex dolls maker Sinthetics, also recently launched three male doll,Akira,with sexy freckles,Willliam and gabriel,like lenny,kravita and mark consuvino,respectively,just squinity.

Each doll is customizable,tintin comes in different shades and sizes,as wellas upright and relaxed options,and,of course,sells for a very sexy price,the base price is$6750,excluding upgrades and shipping.

Another AI company,a realboticx,raleased a robot called Henry last year.

Male sex robots from realboticx

when Brian gill founded silicon wives,an e-commerce platform,in 2015,he didn’t even know there were male dolls,about a year ago,with the female doll business booming,jill decided to try selling male dolls,too.silicon wife now offers four types of male dolls,mainly made by a factory in zhongshan,china.

Hunter,a muscular man wrapped in a bath towel, folded his brands across his chest and staring at the camera like a bossy excutive.

Ethan,who looks like the new breed of puppy,has a precocious,headstrong childishness that makes you suddenly overprotective of your mother’s love.

Patrick,by comparison,has silver hair and loooks a bit like a vampire.

Liam,who is a big doll but doesn’t know if life is good or not,has an empty but satisfied expression on his face.he looks like a cowboy,as you can see from the picture.

three male dolls on a silicon wife

There is also a forthcoming doll with an early James apader bad-boy look.the dolls retail for$2000 each.

Silicon wife has launched a more masculine doll,which has yet to be named

Like Zack,most of the boys have their own personal biographies,which mention sexual gratification and commitment,Hunt’s introduction,for example,highlights his sparse career and his current search for a full-time playmate and life partner,a bit like a dating site.

2、i slept with the world’s fiest male doll

Back in 2016,Vice guest columinst carly sholtino took a field trip and made a video about sleeping with the world’s first male doll.

making the world first male doll

in this video,she visits a factory that makes male dolls and finds a female customer who is willing to appear on camera.

doll factory

According to the head of the men’s doll factory,their dolls are mainly sold to local women in the united states,the more closed areas,such as Texas,the more women will buy male dolls.

communicate with customers to customize the doll

They like customized male dolls, and some even send photos of their favorite men, so that the factory can make them deeply customized according to their own needs. They prefer the dolls with a slight flaw to the perfect body, which makes them more real.

Of course, these dolls can be expensive in 2016, with a custom doll costing $13,500.

Carly sholtino managed to find a woman willing to appear on camera and share her experience buying and using male dolls. Jessica Ryan is a sex worker. According to the actress, who happens to be in a long-distance relationship with her partner and doesn’t want to hook up with men on tinder for sex, the doll is just the thing for her.

Jesscia took part in the interview

In addition, she also made some videos of sex with dolls and put them on porn websites, which I thought might help to get the money back.

At the end of the video, the men’s doll factory created a new male doll for carly sholtino, who tried it out in the video and gave her feedback that, apart from the lack of immediate interaction, the doll’s feel and love experience were “completely human.”

I slept with my first male doll

The nice thing is, I posted a screenshot of the video to the Yummy member group, and one of my younger sisters, who has a low profile, said she had bought a steel silicone doll made of a similar material. Our entire group immediately went wild, asking about her experience.

COCO (pseudonym, Yummy user) says that as a lala, she buys girls.

“She’s got a nice body, big breasts, soft and can pose, and she gets to play with tofu. In addition to xoxo, daily will also be used to cuddle together to watch movies, as a leg pillow. The downside is that you don’t have a body temperature because you use lubricant and it’s not very easy to clean.”

Now that she was off the shelf, she replaced the doll’s sister with a brand new part and gave the doll to a friend.

3、What do women want

But women’s options today are still very limited.

In the sea of silicone dolls, there are usually only two or three male ones.

When Brian gill founded silicon wives, an e-commerce platform, he didn’t even know there were male dolls. As the name of the platform suggests, he is entirely focused on the market for women’s dolls that serve men, with a wide range, many made in the us, China and Japan.

The dolls are mostly haute couture and can even be sold individually for special parts, such as a plane cup shaped like a woman’s ankle.

A simulated foot mold with the same function as an airplane cup

On the silicon wives website, you can find beautiful dolls from different manufacturers, including the big ass sex doll, the Japanese leggy doll, the fat ass cougar doll and ivanka: Russian sex doll.

Like Sinthetics and RealDoll doll maker, tend to make women look more fantastic creature and therefore less consider specific role type, instead of focusing on research and development a series of different types of face and body, or you can according to individual be fond of, to “waist, fat, big chest, a pretty face” as a design standard to innovation.

A popular female doll

These life-like female love dolls are also popular with a large number of male clients.

We found data from China, where the sales director of a doll simulation company said the company has more than 220,000 members in its online forum, with a male to female ratio of 65:35. More than 90 percent of consumers who buy dolls are men, with men aged 22 to 55 making up the majority of buyers.

So what about the market for girls?

So far, it has been shown that sales of these male dolls are much lower than those of female dolls, with only a few being sold each month.

Realbotix founder matt McMullan says he sells only about 40 boys a year — about 10 percent of his business. Neither the chiseled cheek stubble of a doll, the inverted tintin of a human model (both circumcised and uncircumcised), nor the handsome shots of a man smoking a cigarette or playing a guitar have made these boys a hit.

This has led doll designers, salespeople and manufacturers to Muse, too eager to know the answer to the question: what do straight women really want?

Jill, who runs silicon wives, has received feedback from clients complaining that the dolls are not ‘manly’ enough (because they start with short women’s hair). Other women complained about tintin’s size – some thought it was too big, others too small.

As for the height of the male dolls, they are generally around 1.75 meters. Not all customers think they are tall enough, but raising them up is a challenge because they are already very heavy, about 40 kilograms.

It seems that female customers who buy male dolls are harder to please than those who buy female ones, which is why Vice’s video emphasizes that women prefer customized, private dolls.

Why is it so hard to promote sex dolls among women?

One of the dominant dualistic explanations is that men are more prone to sexual hunger and thirst than women, that they are visual animals, that they are used to sex and subjugal love… Women, on the other hand, prefer to be caressed gently – a difficult procedure for silicone products.

The implication is clear: men are hunters, women are prey. Men are obsessed with “manipulating” objects: figurines, for example, and apple pie from American pie – while women need emotional connection.

But this view also ignores the fact that 1) many women can have sex without being on a rose-petal-strewn bedspread in the dark, and 2) many men like to cuddle, not just have sex — even if it’s not with flesh and blood.

“If we accept a patriarchal explanation that the only preference men have for women is sexual value, then the apricot doll is a good substitute.” Shelly roennan, a sociologist at haverford college. “But I think it’s a bit much.”

The reason women are buying fewer sex dolls may have less to do with sexual preference, RON said. “Women earn less than men, and these dolls are very expensive,” she said. In addition, “under the pressure of social norms, women may be ashamed to admit that they want to have them, and may not consume pornography as frequently as men.”

To put it bluntly, women don’t have enough room to enjoy their bodies, let alone sex dolls.

What Yummy wants to say is that more and more women are realizing that the purpose of sex is not only to procreate, but also that the release of sex need not be the same as the development of a relationship.

How to dress up your real doll more attractive?

When you buy sex dolls as your companion or sexual partner, they always look seductive and beautiful. As simulated real dolls, manufacturers have preset the roles and character traits of each doll before producing them. It can be said that each realistic sex doll is a special companion in the eyes of buyers. But after buying it home, you may lose its charm after using it for a long time, but you can still make your doll look more beautiful by dressing up.

Wig- Give your realistic sex doll a wig or two. You can choose from many different styles. Hair color and style can illuminate and accurately represent your ideal partner. You can buy a short wig and a long wig. The wig is long and smooth.

Face-Use makeup to make your face look more attractive. Use some good blush, eye makeup and lipstick. If you want to improve her face permanently, you can use acrylic paint. We can provide you with some makeup tips and guide you through the process; just log in to our website – and we will be happy to assist you.

Clothing: You can choose to buy clothing suits and accessories, and you can make her look like her favorite character in video games, movies or books. Currently the most discussed on the forum is the role-playing of anime and manga genres from Japan. The combination of hair and clothes is enough to make your real doll look more attractive.

Why heat up sex dolls?

Lifelike dolls are always in the mood, will never nag you, and they can be used to try out fantasy sex positions that your partner may either be unable or unwilling to do. Gone are the days that men used their hands to pleasure themselves.You can transform your boring nights into fun-filled moments if you have her. Well for starters, think about the overall temperature of a sex doll. It’s usually about room temperature, or even cooler since it can’t retain body heat. This means, that usually, it takes a while for the doll to heat up before it’s fitting to use.

The skin of realistic sex doll feels soft and warm in the summer, but it will drastically affect how you experiences when the weather gets cold. Electric Blankets or Heating Pads You can use an electric blanket for a temporary heat solution with a short period of time. But be advised to look at the temperature of the blanket when you’re heating it up. It’s advisable not to have the blanket on the doll for too long. For the owners of sex dolls, it makes a difference in terms of how the doll feels, and how it does react to the actions that you take, increasing the nature of intimacy between theriself and dolls.

For some people, this can make a huge difference in the realm of intimacy. Sometimes, it ruins the feeling of the doll if it’s cold. Sometimes, coldness means loneliness, and for some people, this can make the experience much harder to enjoy if they’re feeling nothing but cold feelings from the dolls. Many people get these real love dolls because that’s what they are, they’re real. This means that they actually feel like a real person to a degree and not just a mere doll. The heating of the doll adds to it, and it’s a feature for some, but it’s also something that you can do naturally.

adult doll

You should also remember that this is your own doll. If you don’t want it, that’s totally fine. This is a function that is personal to you. However, if you’re not the type who has to worry about money, or if you feel like this is the right option for you, then, by all means, do consider heat.It enhances comfort, prevents loneliness, and the like. If you feel like you need this added function, then, by all means, do consider possibly going with a love doll that has this, for it can make a huge difference in the experience that you share with it, and the feelings that you put into it as well.

Under what circumstances do men feel lonely?

The topic of man’s cheating has always been a problem that the society attaches great importance to, and with the development of the times, more and more men are easy to cheat. But what are the causes of their infidelity? The following reasons tell you the answer.

1、 Sexual life is not harmonious: as we know sex is as important as eating. If the couple’s long-term sexual life is not harmonious, then the marriage life is not perfect and happy. Sometimes men think they are right and always like to put the blame on women. Blame the wife does not know how to innovate, also blame the wife is not good to do a woman’s duty, the fault is all in the woman. It’s certainly macho. Both men and women are responsible for disharmonious sex. Men can’t just solve problems and enjoy, but not explore interests and fun. But both men and women can use sex toy to ease their sexual discord.

2、 Too much work pressure: there are many “modern diseases” in modern society, with high work pressure and tense life rhythm. It’s easy for a man to bring his work mood to his home. As a result, when he goes to bed, he is still thinking about his work. Naturally, he can’t lift his spirits, let alone sleep well. Most modern women have their own career, and their self-esteem and self-confidence are also pushed to the extreme by work. They often work hard, and they are exhausted when they come home. At this time, men and women are most likely to have conflicts, and their emotions will be more grumpy than usual. Sexual life, sometimes has become a good medicine for stress relief, many women have not been able to make good use of it.

3、 Just because it’s too lonely: some couples are separated from each other because they don’t have normal sexual life. Because of their work, in order to earn money, men have to face the difficulties no matter how hard they are. Women should pay attention to their husband’s behavior at this time. For men who often have social intercourse on business trips, they are far away from home and have sexual needs at the same time. Men work hard outside, so they often eat, drink and have fun. Some men choose to cheat. In fact, if a man is really lonely, he can try to choose a sex doll to eliminate loneliness.

4、 Lack of understanding and care: most men, because of the social role, are sometimes more reluctant to say their own pain and pressure, but often buried in their hearts. At this time, men need more understanding and care. And women also have their own families, and there are a lot of things at home. It is inevitable that there is an oversight. However, there are too many trivial matters in daily life, and they always look at one thing and lose the other. Every day, each other’s computers, televisions and telephones make life completely monotonous and gorgeous. In fact, it’s OK to enjoy a high-quality life, but it’s better not to become a slave of a high-quality life. It’s suggested that the couple often turn off the power, live a life without plug-in, go out and play, and then return to the era of love. In addition to solving the physical needs of men, sex doll can also pacify their hearts

5、 Ideological differences: men and women are different, especially the ideological concept is particularly obvious. Men and women’s economic outlook, world outlook and outlook on life, after marriage, often with the passage of time, gradually open the distance, men’s ideological concept will change dramatically, while women tend to step on the spot, crawl, so many problems come. The distance can be, but it must not be too open, otherwise, the relationship between husband and wife will be estranged and generation gap with the passage of time, so the women who are still thinking must strive to keep pace with the times

6、 Work entertainment needs: men can’t work without meals, and work entertainment is essential. Of course, they also have their own circle of friends. In order to work and get the trust of each other, they have to do something ugly, so men are very strange animals. Sometimes they really have no way but to open their eyes and close their eyes, because too much calculation will hurt themselves.

7、 Miss the past youth: don’t think that men really love the young women around them. In fact, men just want to find the shadow of youth and good memories. Sometimes men are very simple, often need a feeling, follow the feeling, and they will lose themselves accidentally. But don’t worry. One day, when a man finds that he is not good enough, he learns to reflect.

The above is a summary of the ten reasons why men cheat, most of which are caused by pressure, so as a wife, we should give more care and understanding at this time, and we should not be too strong for our own use, small women are what most men like. Only in this way can a man feel warm and not easily cheat!

How To Care For Your TPE Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls typically come in two variants: those made of TPE and Silicone ones. TPE, thermoplastic elastomers, is the more high-maintenance of the two but also has lower price ranges and is generally softer to the touch. Silicone is a bit more durable but is also priced accordingly. In general, several new owners decide to go for TPE dolls. But if you’re a new owner and are considering getting a TPE sex doll, you’ll need to know about how to take care of it first.

Maintenance is a big factor when owning a TPE sex doll. TPE is a material that’s more porous than silicone and such retains more moisture and is more susceptible to humidity. Also, since it’s porous, you can’t technically sterilize it since that would damage the TPE material. That’s bad if you want to avoid stains and molds. But if you’re willing to put in just a little bit of elbow grease, you can make sure the doll stays pristine for a long time. Keeping your doll regularly clean also reduces any unwanted rashes or infections on your end. It takes just a little bit of know-how and willingness to build the habit.

There are a several nuisances when it comes to taking care of your TPE doll, but in general, there are three main points when taking care of your TPE doll.

1. Powder up

Make sure the sex doll is well-powdered always. You can use neutral-smelling baby powder or any variant with a fragrance you particularly fancy. Have monthly checkups at least just to see if the doll is still sufficiently powdered, but for TPE dolls, the more often, the better. This goes double if you use your doll particularly often. And beyond this being a good way to maintain your doll, it also makes the skin a lot smoother and softer to the touch. It’s good for your doll and also good for you.

2. Moisture is not your friend

Keep your doll dry. Yes, you have to actively clean the doll after use, but be sure to towel off afterwards. You have to especially make sure even the insides are dry since that’s when some moisture tends to hide from your attention. Like it was said before, TPE is porous and any excess moisture will find its way deeper into the doll and eventually ruin it with mold and material damage. The powder mentioned in the previous tip will also help immensely with keeping your doll moisture-free.

3. Air Dry

Expose the sensitive crevices of your sex doll to air when it is not in use. This ensures you that no remaining moisture or water vapor is trapped in the orifices without you knowing. Otherwise, mold might start growing in the cavities and that’s not what you want at all. If it gets too bad, your doll might as well be a paperweight at that point. So be sure to keep the doll’s vagina free from any inserts you might have used when it’s not currently being used. To be extra safe, keep a shaft or something similar to keep the doll’s holes opened to vent out any moisture.

When drying, absolutely do not use blow dryers. Although you want your sex doll as dry as possible, the concentrated bursts of hot air will damage TPE.

These are the three main guidelines you have to follow to maximize the use and longevity of your TPE doll and to minimize any unwarranted risk of mold or untimely degradation.

When it comes to actual cleaning and use, you have to take note of materials you can use and those that you can’t.

Do use:

  • Antibacterial soap and water: go for mild soap or those that you can purchase from your vendor and are specially made for TPE sex dolls. As for water, you’ll want warm water as opposed to cold ones; this helps you clean the doll faster and more thoroughly.
  • Toy/Doll cleaners: These can also be used to clean your sex doll but you have to check the cleaner’s manufacturing details and possibly do a little research to find out if they work well on thermoplastic elastomers.
  • Mild shampoo and conditioner: These are specifically for your doll’s wigs and hair. Use them as you would on real hair and try not to do it too often. Overuse will cause damage and hairfall.
  • Cloths and towels: When cleaning or drying up the sex doll, go for air drying or towel drying.
  • Water-based lubes: These types of lubricants will be much easier to clean and won’t react negatively with TPE.

Do not use:

  • Bleach: This is much too harsh for TPE and will degrade the material and ruin your doll’s aesthetics.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: Like with bleach, this does not go well with TPE. It will break down the material and end up damaging the doll.
  • Dish soap: Dish soap works too harshly on stains since it is made to combat food stains. As such, it’s too strong for TPE sex dolls.
  • Boiling water: Warm water is good for cleaning sex dolls but any extreme temperature is bad for TPE, so avoid using boiling water.
  • Oil-based lubes: Not only will oil-based fluids be much harder to clean off of TPE, certain types actually react negatively with TPE and end up damaging the material.

So is it still worth getting a TPE doll if there are so many maintenance factors to consider. Well, the pros outnumber the cons in many ways:

  • They are hypoallergenic and safe
  • Free of any phthalate and latex
  • Life-like and has realistic bounce
  • Neutral scent
  • Is a soothingly soft material

In many cases, TPE sex doll users will swear up and down about how great this type of doll is. And truly, if having the doll is such a great experience, keeping it cleaned and regularly well-maintained will feel less like a chore and more of a privilege to do.

Analysis of adult product consumer population

  1. Customer analysis of adult products

Ordinary people: generally buy condoms, test papers, birth control pills, and other family planning supplies, and occasionally buy some sex toys such as jumping eggs. This kind of population is relatively small, because most people generally choose to go to a drug store;

Married people whose husband and wife’s life is not harmonious: Generally, they will buy some flirting equipment and aphrodisiac or flirting products. This part of the population is relatively large;

Singles or spouses who haven’t been around for a long time: Those who are single or spouse who is not around for various reasons will go to the store to buy men’s or women’s masturbation equipment, and there are many of them;

People who are open to sex: This group of people can undoubtedly be more open because they go out to play. This type of customer can be called the gold customer of adult product stores. They always choose novel products. Of course, some help sex Products are often their must-have;

People who buy adult products for lovers: Some people will buy erotic lingerie or some high-end appliances and give them as gifts.

  1. The target group of male adult products

Men’s external delay products soared by 125% last quarter, of which men accounted for 89.55%.

Young people in their 20s and 30s are energetic, and the products they need are mainly focused on novel products. The mainstream people are 30-39-year-old men who need help products, followed by 40-49-year-old men, and over 50. On the contrary, there are almost no males. There is almost no sexual activity in this age group, or for people of this age, they are still used to looking for “tiger oil” in street shops, and the probability of surfing the Internet may be Lower.

  1. The target group of female adult products

The attention of female masturbation devices increased by 13% in the last quarter. In terms of gender ratio, female followers of female masturbators accounted for 41.71% and males accounted for 58.29%;

In terms of age distribution, 20–29 years are the oldest, and the proportion of people over 30 and under 20 is equal. That is to say, women who play female appliances are mainly under 30 years old, and the difference between men and women is only less than 17%.

  1. Occupation distribution of the target population

The first place in the occupational distribution is IT practitioners. This makes sense, after all, it is too convenient to access the Internet. The second place is in education and students. Third, the real estate industry. The fourth place is government civil servants and public utility practitioners. After all, this type of person has plenty of time and money. It is recommended that merchants explore this consumer group in depth. In summary, as long as it follows the development of the market and the characteristics of the audience The profit of this industry is especially objective.

Experts from the Health Care Professional Committee, when analyzing consumer groups, believe that there are several major changes in the market:

  1. Increase in sex entertainment

In recent years, the trend of the aging of adult products has become obvious, and the popularity of the Internet has provided great convenience for the dissemination of sexual knowledge and skills. Adult products are no longer mysterious, and the youth purchase group has become larger. To express their sexual culture.

  1. More people are pursuing self-character

This group has a wide age range, from people in love and courtship to married or single men or women. With the opening of society, people’s self-image consciousness has become strong, and people have considerable demand for products such as sexy lingerie that increase women’s charm.

  1. Increase in female consumption

In the past, when talking about adult sex products, it was often men. In recent years, women have become the fastest-growing consumer group. Single women, especially white-collar workers, are pursuing self-improvement and are unwilling to accept unsafe sex. In turn, the demand for masturbation products has increased.

  1. The large market for middle-aged aphrodisiacs

In modern society, the work is intense and the pace of life is fast. Some middle-aged men have a sexual crisis after the age of 40. These people are also the group with the greatest purchasing power.