Yu Aoi &Takahashi Issei Secret “love doll” has been revealed in a poster

romance doll

Romance doll” tells the love story of tetsuo, a man who makes realistic sex dolls, and his wife yuan.Tetsuo fell in love at first sight and got married, he concealed his real work ordinary life, but because of excessive enthusiasm for the production of real dolls and make the relationship between husband and wife crisis.

romance doll
romance doll

In this case, his wife to tetsuo confessed to the heart of the secret. Takahashi life as a graduate from the university of fine arts keen to make sex doll, in order to play a good role also specially to the real doll factory to learn.See professionals treat each piece as a craft.Love at first sight and get married.

romance doll

His wife also told him her secret.He loves his job, but slowly loses his sex life with his wife, he marries for love.”Husband and wife crisis” be triggered when the secret of her heart also is revealed.The film details the two’s exciting, somewhat dangerous adult love story.

romance doll
romance doll

Obviously because of love, love and marriage, only to find what has changed…In the stable daily life, changing love, work and family, romantic love doll takes the eternal problem between “love and marriage” as the theme, describes the status quo of modern couples with overwhelming empathy, truly reflects the changing feelings between men and women, beautiful and unreal, this is the love story of adults. Husband’s lie and wife’s secret, holding their own ideas, two people will find what kind of answer?

What do women hate to hear a man ask them the most

Men fight for their families and women fight for the world. Women are more gentle than men, but some women have their own independent space and women have privacy that they don’t want to be asked. What privacy do women hate most when men ask about themselves? Men want women to be gentle and virtuous, women want men to be more considerate; men want to occupy all of women, and women want to be all of a men. Therefore, men always want to thoroughly understand women’s hearts. When thinking about women’s minds, there are four privacy issues that must not be asked of them, hurting their feelings and self-esteem.

1. Who did you first have sex with?

Every woman will have the past life, stories that happened in the past, some sad, some painful, some happy, some sweet, but the most unforgettable stories that finally settled in her mind, most of them are hopeless and helpless. Young don’t understand, for love and put out the fire, thought that love a person is a lifetime, desperate, but in the end was defeated by reality, was injured. Never ask a woman who is the first man she loves and who she gave it to for the first time. This scar, no matter when it is uncovered, will be painful.

2,How many boyfriends have you lived with?

Not every woman can find her own Prince smoothly. Some women go through mountains and rivers, and they don’t necessarily find a man who makes them happy. Never ask her how many boyfriends she has had or how many people she has loved before. Who is willing to give a man the opportunity to hurt himself again and again, who is willing to talk about another hopeless love. Thick love history may make you doubt her sincerity, but please don’t doubt that a woman married you at the stake of her life’s happiness. I am willing to marry you because I believe in you and love you deeply.

3,What kind of intimacy do you like?

Most women don’t want to express themselves in words, not all women are open in terms of sex. More women are willing to express their inner feelings with their bodies, rather than express their privacy at a glance. So, when you want to know whether your woman is satisfied with her sex, you don’t need to ask more, use your eyes to observe more, and pay more attention to her attitude towards you afterwards, whether she feels sweet, happy, or happy.

4. Who has had a crazy night with?

No matter how much the woman in front of you loves you, if she has had a crazy night with a strange man, it will be a secret she will never tell in her life. Maybe she used to be too naive, too naive, desperate for love, or just impulsive, or being cheated by the love field veteran Facing life, such experience, for them, choosing to forget is the best medicine.

Love means unconditional acceptance of her past, so, womanhood, seafloor needle, do not try to see through a woman completely. Maybe it’s their past stories that make you appreciate the one you love and love. Women with stories often understand men’s hearts better. Because of experience, so know, because know, so just compassion.

Sex doll providing the best sexual experience

All over the world, the real life sex doll have become a hot product among men with different private needs. Most of the time, the working class sections always feel the pressure every day due to their hectic work life schedule. One of the best things to get rid of their daily work pressure and tension is to engage in some kind of sexual activities. Are you willing to feel a bed breaking orgasmic experience with a sex doll then there are several realistic life like models which will help you in fulfilling all your wildest fantasies.

The realistic adult dolls are a great boon for those who are seeking the ultimate sexual satisfaction in their life and these dolls are very much capable of providing the best sexual experience. Therefore, if you are willing to bring back all the excitement in your life again then without wasting time go for these sex doll immediately. The love dolls are one of the most effective adult toys that are available and there is a huge demand for them.

These life-like sex figures are considered to be one of the best real silicone dolls. It will give you the best experience during the sexual intercourse. The people here are really having a great experience with these real life dolls and they have become an integral part of the life of many individuals, who are interested to explore the sexual moves with their partners. Attach her with your hard penis and go harder as much as you can.

lifelike sex doll

If we go searching for the benefits of the lifelike female dolls, we cannot describe them in a single word. Some of the best features of this sex doll are realistic skin, smoothness and delicacy, bid buttocks, softness, elasticity and big vagina. When you will touch the big butts, you will be surprised with the comfort. There are countless benefits associated with the utilization of these sex dolls and to point out the benefits, we indeed have to have a real life experience with such dolls.

What is the difference between a real doll and a real person

Harmonious sex life is very important to the health of the human body. In real life, many people’s partners may not be able to live a sexual life because of one reason or another. For people with strong sexual desire, the special days of each month have made it difficult for them. Extremely. That is really a need to buy a sex doll if there is such a need, but what is the difference between a physical doll and a real person? This can only be generalized, and it is difficult to say clearly.

  1. If you want to understand the difference between a sex doll and a real person, you really need to try sex with a real person and sex with a real doll. Only two of them have been tried before you can understand the taste. If it looks like it, the dolls now are very delicate, it may be said that they are much more beautiful than real people, and their body proportions are so good that they have nothing to say so that those color embryos have the desire to pounce when they see it. At that time, holding the slender waist and touching the long beautiful legs, the desire of many men was immediately aroused. In fact, it is difficult to really meet the beauty of really like it, that is really not the case.

2 The difference between sex dolls and real people lies in the actions in sex. Many people think that if different sex positions can be used, then the quality of sexual life can be improved. If you are a real person, you ca n’t really try some difficult movements easily, otherwise, you may be hurt, and if you are a physical doll, you may easily change this problem. Whether it’s the 96-style, the old man’s push-chair style, or the abusive style, the physical doll can definitely be made, and it will do better so that we can get more enjoyment and more happiness.

Will sex robots end human civilization?

Extraordinary stimuli can be deceptive. In the modern world of mankind, the extraordinary stimulus is essentially a hijacker. They are technological products created by humans that hijack our evolved psychology in a way that leads to short-term emotional and or physiological benefits. However, because these products are evolutionarily unnatural at the end of the day, they often do not bring long-term evolutionary benefits, and these stimuli are above all what humans expect. Ever since sex robots made headlines and became adult products, the demand for robots has been increasing. Robotic sex dolls are also one of the fastest growing industries today.

What Hawking refers to that can threaten human survival is the artificial intelligence we are now vigorously developing. In the next 300 years, artificial intelligence will develop rapidly. Computers may even disguise themselves as humans. This will make it impossible for normal people to distinguish between a machine and a real person. He believes that if the relationship between humans and robots is not handled well in the future, robots are likely to replace human social status and become the rulers of the earth. Although advances in artificial intelligence will bring great convenience to humans, dangers will accompany them.

Will AI real dolls destroy human beings? Once artificial intelligence gets rid of its restraint, it will redesign itself in a state of constant acceleration. Due to the limitation of long biological evolution, human beings cannot compete with them and will be replaced. This will cause great damage to our economy. In the future, artificial intelligence can develop self-will, a will that conflicts with us. We should be optimistic about this.

How to enhance male sexual function

Exercise is good for all aspects of health, So how should men exercise to improve their sexual function?

1, Abdomen: Abdominal muscles may be the most important muscles for men to have sex. The most commonly used sit ups enhance abdominal muscles. Lie on your back, bend your knees, cross your arms in front of your chest or fasten them to the back of your neck for support. Slowly raise your head and shoulders so that they are 4 inches off the ground. Hold the pose for three times, then relax and repeat the pose for as many times as you want. Gradually increase the number of times according to the individual’s practice.

2. Hip and groin: The point of this exercise is flexibility, not strength. The first exercise. Sit on the floor, feet together, legs bent, knees apart, elbows between the knees to reach the ankle. Then hold the ankles and make the palms of the feet touch each other. Bend the body forward slightly. At the same time, hold the knees with your elbows respectively, and slowly press the knees to the floor. When you feel a stretch in your groin, stop and hold for a few seconds. Relax and repeat this 2 to 3 times. When doing this, make sure it’s very soft. The second kind of exercise. Sit cross legged, lean forward slightly, and extend your arms as far forward as possible. When you feel a stretch in your groin, bend gently one or two more times. Relax for a while and repeat the above two or three times.

3, Skating: It helps to exercise the coordination ability of the body. In terms of the body, it can make the leg muscles of men stronger and more elastic. At the same time, skating is a large amount of sports, it will also improve men’s lung capacity, which is conducive to helping men in the fight for more lasting sex.

4. Golf: This sport is closely combined with walking. In an 18 hole stadium, you can walk 6-8km; swing helps to stretch your body; in addition, a beautiful stadium will make you feel more comfortable and help you ignite more passionate love.

5. Riding horses: It can exercise the agility and coordination of men’s body, and it can also exercise the whole body muscles of men, especially the leg muscles, so that men are more brave and powerful in sexual life.

6. Waist and arm exercise: When men have sex, their waist, back, arms and arms play a very important role and become the main focus. Therefore, they can do more targeted sports to help these parts on weekdays, such as push ups, dumbbells, single and parallel bars, twisting and stretching, etc. With the help of these sports, people can’t be sexy.

Pay attention to these points in life!

1. Nutritional balance, sexual ability and nutritional quality are closely related

2. To eliminate psychological factors, psychological factors are the key, and we should have a full understanding of sexual knowledge.

3. Good mentality, relaxed mentality is the most important. There is a lot of life pressure that needs to be adjusted in time

4. Treat diseases correctly and exercise regularly

Sex dolls are the perfect choice for a stressful day at work

We understand that the vast majority of men in the world are women with big breasts. This type of woman has mildly strong sexual fantasies.In the course of the sexual process they have more tricks, especially when men create their own wife. When they reach the climax several times, they are filled with pride.A perfect figure, a complete chest and always attractive hips, which is a stimulating sexual experience. You do not have to experience a nightly adventure, you do not have to chase after a girl who does not deserve to be hugged, because the best sex doll have a safe way to facilitate the awakening of all the places you want.

Is your sexual desire stronger? After a long day at work, you just want to make love. Ok, your problem is solved, because the real life sex doll waiting in your bedroom does not want to show any weakness. Silicone dolls, everything is considered as well as a key body, and various choices are open. For example, you can choose the style and color of the hairstyle, implant, or work in the vagina, the protruding breast, or less, without knowing if they have pubic hair.

TPE sex dolls are one of the most affordable sex products for maximum relaxation. Made from durable TPE material, it provides long-term service before considering the purchase of a new product. They are beautifully designed to make them more attractive and impressive. You can use TPE sex dolls and water-based lubricants for maximum enjoyment. The soft TPE material imitates human skin and provides a supple feel that gives constant warmth to real people.

lifelike sex doll

If you are sufficiently concerned about the desire to make the most of your sexual life, join us, because we have found a practical solution, namely a love doll, to solve the problem of dysfunction or lack of sexuality. These sexy silicone dolls are the perfect choice for a stressful day at work. People will enjoy this experience as they explore the various components of the life and vitality of silicone dolls.

Pregnant wife buys sex dolls for her husband

Penpals confided:

Since I was pregnant, my husband and wife have been living less and less, and when having sex during pregnancy, I always worry that I ’m not good for my baby, and my husband dare not work hard. This can aggravate her husband, her husband is very good, and did not go outside or anything. But when I went to sleep several times, my spermatozoon was lost. My husband told me that he always dreamed like that, and I laughed when I heard it.

But I heard that men are always bad for their health, so they secretly buy personalized dolls for their husbands. It feels strange to them, but it doesn’t matter if they think about it. Men should also meet normal physiological needs. Better than mess outside. When I said to my husband, I was amazed. I even said that I was mentally unhealthy or even abnormal. What should I do?

The following is my analysis response:

This topic is more private. It can be seen that you are a more attentive person. Considering that your husband and wife ’s life affect your baby after pregnancy and you do n’t want to aggravate your husband, buying a sex doll for your husband is definitely a good starting point, but if you are okay to communicate with your husband in advance. With your husband ’s understanding and consent, it will be a surprise to have a personality doll in front of your husband. This will also make your husband wonder about what it is like in private.

It seems that your husband is also a traditional man on the surface. There are many people who have heard about sex dolls, but there are not many people who actually use them. In fact, many people do n’t talk about it, and they may be very curious in private. Maybe your husband will also Study it carefully, of course, you can also study it with your husband to let him eliminate embarrassment and doubt. Of course, you have to be careful. In case your husband is obsessed with this, you may be alienated from you in the future. When the husband and wife are long, the freshness of each other will slowly disappear, while men like to try to stimulate.

Another thing to note is that women are not allowed to live in husband and wife during pregnancy. Some special time periods should be noted. Here I will briefly tell you: during the first three months of pregnancy, the uterus is more sensitive. The endometrial bond is not very strong. At this time, sexual life can easily promote uterine contraction. Therefore, sexual intercourse within the first three months of pregnancy can lead to the most serious consequence of miscarriage, which should terminate the pregnancy and should be prohibited.

From April to August during pregnancy, the fetus is in a relatively stable condition in the womb. During this period, you can have a moderate sexual life, but you should pay attention to the time of each sexual intercourse and appropriate position. Sexual life must be strictly prohibited during the last two months of pregnancy. Sexual life during this period is likely to endanger the fetus in the palace, as well as the pregnant woman. Of course, during pregnancy, you can also take other measures to satisfy your husband. You should always remind your husband that everything is based on the safety of the baby.

Why sex robots should be legally bound?

As AI and robotics advance, more realistic sex doll robots are produced, and gender-based violence is likely to increase.Ever since sex robots made headlines and became adult products, the demand for robots has been increasing. Sex robots are also one of the fastest growing industries today.

Studies have shown that men who suffer from violent pornography are more likely to commit violence against women in their lives. Actual sexual relationships are more enjoyable than pornographic content, and offensive behaviors can endanger society.

There are also problems with the way sex doll robots are programmed. They encourage women to have a pornographic culture without punishing violence and aggression. Intelligent robots have many functions and permissions, but in order to protect them from damage, laws must be in place to protect the robots. At the same time, such protection measures are also to avoid actions that harm humans.

We want robots to have practical moral value. On the one hand, we will not be treated differently because robots and solid sex dolls are fair. On the other hand, this is also a very good moral code. Morality is not just for practical purposes. Robots are created by humans, and they should be given the right to survive.Why should sex machines also have rights? In these rules we can understand the responsibilities and obligations of robots. For social harmony.

What are the performances of a playful woman

What are the performances of a playful woman. There are men and women who have two-timing. The two-timing is not a man’s patent. With the opening of the society, more and more people can’t stand loneliness and temptation. So some women show the heart of flowers incisively and vividly. So, as a woman with a heart of flowers, what are the performances? Let’s see if you are a woman with a heart of flowers. If you spend time, you should think about whether you also have such a tendency:

1. Don’t refuse to spend the night at your house:If you don’t know what you want to do, you can go to your house for the night with you. It’s possible for all things to happen, but she has no scruples. In any case want to be popular, the status of women is reflected in how many men pursue her. Women who hold this view are not satisfied with giving everything to their husbands after marriage, and then tempting the men around them.

2. Think marriage is the grave of love:Women with such thoughts have a restless heart. Because they think marriage is a dry and boring pronoun, she can’t be free after marriage. Women who have repeatedly cheated are usually unwilling to have a stable and stable daily life. No matter how tender and considerate the husband is, how high the income is, such women still find their daily life too boring. They are easy to play with a game mentality. When a person is alone or at leisure, loneliness will break out. She will try to find someone to accompany her and listen to her complaints. No matter who is pursuing her or her ex boyfriend, as long as she can solve the loneliness.

3. Infatuated with love TV series: Playful women are very fond of watching love films, fantasizing that they are the princesses in the drama, enjoying the feeling of being pursued by handsome men. In their eyes, love is as vigorous and exciting as TV drama, regardless of the actual situation. A playful woman will take advantage of going out to meet the right man. In order to get men, they must appear in front of each other in the most beautiful image. Therefore, whether they go downstairs to throw garbage or go shopping in convenience stores, they will never cut corners on facial engineering.

4. Sudden sexual excitement: She will never consider the situation or atmosphere in front of her. She will have sex with you all of a sudden, like a wild cat in autumn. She is fierce, hungry and enthusiastic. Every time she finished, she pretended to be embarrassed and said, “again.” But as soon as the voice was heard, she would ask for another one.

If you have the above four performances, it will be enough to show that you are a woman with a heart. Although it is not the same age now, as a woman, you still need to be loyal to love. Physiologically, the less sexual partners, the more conducive to health. For example, one of the inducements of cervical cancer is that there are too many sexual partners.