Get rid of loneliness, fun dolls make you regain happiness

Modern people often have a sense of loneliness, have social phobias, don’t want to know too many people, but they feel that they are very lonely. In the long run, they will cause psychological harm. Is there any way to get rid of loneliness and avoid socialization?

Sexual dolls can do this, and she can regain a sense of belonging through her so that she no longer feels lonely. She not only reduces the fear and trouble brought by social but also plays a companion role and satisfies people’s needs. She will not be like a human being, she will not deceive you, will not leave you, will not dislike you, will only help you when you need help, and stay with you all the time.

Lonely, it can’t be seen or touched, but it is really painful. In social friendship, there are many deceptions, and many interest issues are involved. Gradually people choose not to socialize and let themselves immerse themselves in loneliness. And the fun doll can make people get rid of this pain, it can serve as a listener and share the pain for you.

Sex dolls can not only listen to your troubles but also share the pain for you. It can also serve as a sexual companion to meet your physiological needs. It is an adult sex toy, which simulates human body design, has a human face and body structure, and its shape structure is largely similar to human beings. It can play a real role in companionship and let you break away from the lonely sea of ​​suffering.

According to statistics, more than 90% of sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through sexual intercourse. Therefore, sexually transmitted infections are mainly through sexual contact. Using sex dolls can get rid of this safety hazard, she can provide you with normal sexual life, but also reduce the spread of sexual diseases. For people with a lot of stress, she can also ease your stress.

Unusual sexual life can lead to the emergence of diseases, many people can not accurately determine whether the other side has sexually transmitted diseases, there will be security risks. The fun doll can guarantee safety problems, will not cause sexually transmitted diseases, and make your life happier. And now the proportion of men and women in the society is not balanced, the use of sex dolls can reduce some social crime rates.

The use of sex dolls can reduce people’s loneliness and provide a healthy sex life. Proper use can enhance the happiness of life. To meet the needs of people to a greater extent, it is more convenient for people’s lives.

Robot will be the basic configuration of every family

Believe that every man’s heart should have a perfect wife, but such a wife in the real world, basically can not find, they are far more rare than the giant panda precious. Especially for Chinese male friends, this kind of wife is a dream thing, we should know that China with the imbalance of male and female ratio, now the status of women is getting higher and higher, high bride price, high living expenses have become a heavy pressure on Chinese.

There are a lot of men who can’t afford a wife and are now bachelors, and this trend is likely to be even more pronounced in the future. Even if some male friends can get a wife, the chance of marrying a gentle, virtuous and beautiful wife may be lower than the chance of winning the first prize in the lottery. Some friends can not marry a beautiful wife, the appearance of the average is not willing to marry, finally can only choose to be single, so the single rate of Chinese men is increasingly high. The appearance of intelligent beauty robot will solve these problems of men in the future. Every man can choose the robot wife he needs, and even you can customize your own special intelligent beauty robot.

Third advantage, good performance, Japan is now announced codename “wife” of the beauty of the robot, its performance can be said to be the world’s top. Not only the skin adopts very high quality imitation skin, but also the internal temperature control system, which can make the skin feel temperature and touch, and the sweating system, which is completely imitating the real person. If you didn’t know she was a robot, you would feel the same as holding a real person. And female robot hair, are made of human hair, emitting a light fragrance. The robot, which also has relevant smart chips and programs inside, is a mobile computer that can make weather forecasts and surf the Internet. At the same time it is a smart home good help, can help you wash clothes, cooking, cleaning and so on.

Although the Japanese robot, codenamed “wife”, is very good, it is far from the intelligent robot of the future. The superiority of an intelligent robot is more reflected in the intelligence degree of the artificial intelligence it carries. Our current artificial intelligence is not really artificial intelligence, natural beauty intelligent robot also performance general, can only do some things mechanically. But with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the future of artificial intelligence will be very powerful, in addition to not has human feelings and consciousness, they will be no different from human. And the artificial intelligence program of this kind of program once manned beauty intelligent robot, that is really the perfect intelligent beauty robot.

At that time, the beautiful robot will become the standard of the first family, and many families will regard them not as a robot, but as a member of the family. Because at that time the intelligent robot can bring people great help, take the family as an example, the beauty intelligent robot can help you to cook, wash clothes and do housework well.

Intelligent robot program can download hundreds of kinds, thousands of kinds of food production methods, beauty intelligent robot can make all kinds of food for you, you don’t need to go out or learn, you can share all kinds of food in the world, this point of human beings, no matter how strong the chef can not do. But artificial intelligence can do it.

And, after the family that has a child had beautiful woman intelligence robot, will won’t worry for taking a child again, beautiful woman intelligence robot can be like babysitter same take a child for you, and the one bit is no less than professional take a child babysitter. And the intelligent robot of beauty of the future may also become the real wives of many single men.

In the future, it may become a fashion to marry an intelligent robot. Some male friends marry a real wife, and may also marry a robot wife. Some male friends will only choose the robot wife, and do not find the wife in reality, the reason is that the beauty of intelligent robot can meet the male chauvinism of these people. Therefore, in the future, the beautiful intelligent robot will probably become a fashion and become a common consumer product just like the current mobile phone. When we walk down the street, we will see a lot of “beautiful women” with super high appearance level. At that time, you may not be able to tell whether she is a robot or a real person.

Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now :

Sex dolls are an ideal way to achieve what we need

People are very interested in the fact that they can get sexual relations with sex dolls as long as they want and whatever they want, and they can get more than sex workers who have many restrictions and requirements. good service. And if you are buying it for the first time then it is important that you decide carefully. Real life sex doll are ideal for choice because you can enjoy masturbation through real sexual fantasies. One interesting thing about dolls is that they never ask for anything or look forward to your gift.

The world as we see is still hesitant to the concept of sex dolls. To many in our society, these dolls stand on the road of taboo, but the idealists that they are, believe every phenomenon start off as taboo. The risk of having a sexually transmitted disease is a reality, accompanied by multiple sexual partners. This is especially true when we add sex workers to the mix. Sex dolls are a safer route because you can be sure that you are not at risk of these terrible diseases.

sex doll

In order to fight pornography, many social platforms and shopping platforms prohibit pornography, but sex dolls are not necessarily porn! Sex dolls are like the condoms we often find. They are adult products. Some of the requirements are normal and cannot be explained by pornography. Silicone sex dolls, or love dolls, are an ideal way to achieve what we need — release, an active sex life, something to touch and feel connected to.

Although there’s still a lot of social stigma surrounding sex dolls, more and more people use them. Sex dolls are also stored very well. Simply clean them and put them in a box after use. Usually, no qualitative changes will occur. The life expectancy of a doll is very high, depending on whether you will keep it. So cleaning your love doll is actually a very quick and easy procedure, and you can take help from some very simple and easy to use tools to do it even quicker.

Digital Love under the Robot Frenzy

In today’s computer world, people miss the interaction between people. According to a 2017 survey, more than half of the people in the United States expect to be able to live with sex robots in the next 50 years. What will sex robots develop into by then?

Like Joe of the artificial intelligence starring Jude Law, he is a very good robot, as a robot programmed to display a variety of attractive behaviors, proficient in attractive techniques, accompanied by a variety of transformations and body movements. It is a mixture of many things, a combination of organic and real doll, as well as romance and futurism.

We are about to usher in a robotic frenzy. Humans have already felt under control in the ever-evolving robotics, but in fact they are increasingly relying on these “mechanics.” We expect robots to do anything for us. They are far more than expected as robotic assistants. They are expected to keep people entertained and to avoid human beings being alone.Sex robots are not just silicone sex doll with a microchip. They will use self-learning algorithms to engage their partner’s emotions.

Gradually, when this dependence and expectation reach the limit, there will be expectations of emotions, and entertainment and even love can be considered. You can say that he is a sex robot and his program is designed to provide fun and fulfill their ideas and expectations.

Artificial intelligence is actually a warning created and produced by human beings. These durable machines are hard to imagine how they will affect future generations. Fortunately, in this story, the protagonist of the robot has become humanized in the story. He learned to care about things other than himself.

No one can talk about catharsis, then take her home!

Stress is an inevitable thing. As long as you live, there will always be a variety of pressures that can’t catch you. Living alone in an unaccompanied city, suffering can’t talk to parents, there is no stress-free object, no trash can without complaints, how can you vent your repression? A fun sex doll is a good object!

  1. No regrets trash can

A man is a creature that cannot easily reveal his voice to others, but does not mean that a man does not need to confide! But in this complicated society, who is able to listen to your complaints without any complaints and single-mindedness? The dignity of a man cannot allow himself to dissect himself to others.

The fun sex doll can understand all your troubles. Although they can’t give you the comfort of words, they can bring you all the time. They will listen to you without regrets. They will not sneer at their own incompetence, and they will not ridicule their own incompetence. They will be leaked out, they are your safe object.

  1. No complaints about the punching bag

Although it is a way to relieve stress, it is not the only way to be safe for everyone. For many friends, the pressures in life are not simple, and some verbal explanations can be solved. They need to be vented by the body and relieved through physical venting.

Sexual dolls have no feelings, are not afraid of being vented by others, no matter how they are treated, they will be quiet, without complaints, letting you vent your desires, not avoiding, not worrying about hurting yourself, and at the same time, It will be out of control for you, leaving something unpleasant. They are a punching bag with no regrets around you.

The fun doll is the companion who is with you. It is the perfect person to relieve stress and relax. With their companionship, the restless life can also gain a moment of peace.

Japanese female intelligent robot have three obvious advantages, it is the future of men’s Gospel

After entering the path of scientific and technological development 300 years ago, mankind ushered in the era of rapid development. Now more than 300 years have passed, and great achievements have been made in science and technology. A variety of scientific and technological products keep appearing, which make people’s life quality higher and higher. At the same time, human beings also stepped out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

After entering the 21st century, human science and technology ushered in a peak period of development, now people’s life is moving forward from physical to virtual, digital currency, block chain, Internet, 5G and other development is increasingly fast. The development of artificial intelligence can be said to be a very hot topic in recent years, speaking of artificial intelligence, we have to say its carrying object robot.

The important carrier of artificial intelligence in the future is robot, and in many robot categories, female robot will become an important kind of intelligent robot. Although the current artificial intelligence is still in the initial stage, is not very intelligent, but intelligent robot research and development has begun. As a result, intelligent female robots have begun to appear in people’s eyes.

Speaking of the development of female intelligent robots, we have to say that Japanese robots are advanced. Throughout the history of world robot development, Japanese robot technology has always been in the world’s leading position. With the arrival of the tide of artificial intelligence, Japanese robots naturally follow the trend of The Times and begin to develop female intelligent robots. Now in Japan, there has been a female robot, code-named “wife”, which has four advantages. The first advantage, it has a good appearance and quality “skin”, the love of beauty, everyone has it. Believe every male friend is like beauty, but beauty resource is very little. These beauty resources are basically a good social status and money people robbed, and the majority of ordinary men can only choose those ordinary resources.

However, the emergence of intelligent beauty robot will change this trend, no matter you are the average male, or already into the elderly male. It is possible to have a beautiful intelligent robot. And these beautiful robots have a common feature, that is, first of all, there is a very perfect simulation of the skin, from the appearance, you can hardly tell this is a set of fake skin.

At the same time, intelligent female robots have good appearance level, can say, you want an ugly female robot, can only be customized. Believe that few men will go to choose ugly female intelligent robot, we will basically choose the level of appearance of beauty intelligent robot. Beautiful thing can bring cheerful mood to the person, can let people live more sunshine, maintain a good mood, indirectly increase human life span.

The second advantage is to be obedient, to work hard and not to complain or get angry about anything, just like a wife. I believe many friends know that Japan and South Korea are very similar, where the status of men is higher than women, is full of male chauvinism society. But the real person is not necessarily willing to listen to the man at the mercy of, so there will be a lot of family contradictions.

At this time, the appearance of intelligent robot beauty to male chauvinism brought Gospel, they will not give you temper, not play temper. Serve men without complaining, help you with laundry, cooking and housework. Think about it, who would not like to have such a beautiful, gentle and virtuous wife who can do anything but complain?

Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now :

Why are female robots first invented?

It is well known that Japan is a country with mature robotics technology. Usually the robots they invent have a beautiful appearance. This beauty robot not only has a sense of thinking, but also has some basic skills in human life. It is possible to have a normal conversation with human beings. Even the appearance of this beautiful robot is very similar to that of a human being. It is difficult to tell that this is a robot. Many people have expressed doubts about this. Why has Japan been inventing beauty robots instead of inventing some male robots? Does the same thinking apply to female sex dolls?

This is related to the local social atmosphere in Japan. In Japan, the status of women is generally low. Many women are married at home after marriage, and the invention of female robots can better reflect the trivial things of helping with cooking and housework. Moreover, female robots are always more acceptable to the public than male robots. After all, our society has evolved from a male-dominated society. Not only that, women’s image has always been gentle, considerate and careful since ancient times, so the role of robots First of all, the role of women is played out, which is also the main role of the robot.

In addition, the Japanese sex culture industry is developed, and the invention of female robots may be based on similar lifelike sex doll products, hoping to bring more distant sexual robots into people’s lives.

On the contrary, if a male robot is invented and becomes a service robot, it will hurt the man’s self-esteem and affect the different division of labor between men and women. In order to avoid living under the pressure of women’s rights, most of the inventions are female robots.

Why invest in a high-quality sex doll?

When you invest in a high-quality sex doll, you will get something that will provide you with friendship, physical and sexual release, the opportunity to experiment and find your deepest illusions. Life like a sex doll can make your day and night full of fun and fun. They look exactly the same as your real woman and are reasonably priced. The days when people are crazy about sex are gone forever, but they have not shown their wishes to the world.

You can also get a sophisticated real life sex doll that you can trust to be safe, durable and realistic. Your sexual gratification is a key part of your overall health. Are you not worthy of the best? No matter how long you perform in bed or pop up, you can rest assured that the doll will not say anything ridiculous for your performance. So, without worrying about poor performance, you will find the fun of sexual intercourse, who knows, you may start to recover from your health.

As a result, people today are hesitant about earlier people. As a result, many adult toy manufacturers are introducing the best product line to their users. to be frank. Your sex doll will be an investment. These dolls do not contain phthalates. They last longer. The most important thing is that they feel better. Do you know what is true and environmentally friendly? Consumer satisfaction. The happier your TPE sex doll is, the longer it will take you to stay, and the longer it will stay in the landfill.

love doll

You don’t have to practice “safe sex” with your sex dolls, but using condoms will help you clean up faster and easier. Over time, bacteria may accumulate inside the doll, especially if you ejaculate in an opening in the doll and you don’t wear a condom. You will want to keep your sex dolls properly cleaned. Always use mild soap. Never any irritating or corrosive, but mild antibacterial soap is a good choice.

Sex dolls are suited for adult sex education

Most of us rely on trial and error to make our partner or ourselves happy. Some people have reached adulthood and members who have not seen the opposite sex are naked or have little real understanding of how different sexual acts work or how to use condoms. Now there is a great solution! Sex doll is very well suited for adult sex education.These love toys are considered taboo, and it is a bit embarrassing to talk about this topic in public. As more and more people begin to accept these dolls and global sales has increased, it really shows the degree of social acceptance of these toys.

lifelike sex doll

Both the silicone and the TPE material are hypoallergenic, so no irritation or skin diseases occur. Sex dolls silicone and TPE are also more realistic and realistic, and the look is more beautiful than the traditional inflatable dolls. Sex therapists have always used it as an effective method of guidance. Couples can also experiment with silicone dolls before they make real people.

Many artists use adult doll as an alternative to creativity in their projects. You can ask how they did it. Well, some people feel very vulnerable, especially when traveling alone. Having a real doll as a partner creates the illusion that this is not the case. This realistic toy is fully fully supported by a metal scaffold and does no gross damage to you when avoiding sexual activity.

Love dolls can be used as an adaptive environment for adaptation to the world, especially for those who have experienced terrible relationships. She’s the domain of lonely men and fetishes, interpersonal relationships and the imaginary embrace of the wrist, and it seems to her that her friends geeks did not bother looking at the wall all night not stopped. Keep in mind, however, that these real dolls come in all shapes and sizes. It is recommended that you do not lift heavy toys on your back as this may cause back problems.

Where Do Our Sex Dolls Go After We Die?

What do people who think that lifelike sex dolls have their own lives, and how do they deal with their sex doll when they die? Especially the simulation dolls, they believe that they all have their own souls. Humans will die one day but dolls don’t, which is part of why they plan carefully for their experiences and behaviors.

This is not a simple thing as deposing one of your toys. Because love doll is meaning to some of sex doll lovers.But they haven’t been able to solve what the dolls should do after leaving them. In most cases, there aren’t many ways to choose how to handle them. No one will consider matters related to funeral for the doll.

A common treatment is to take no treatment. Designate the real doll as your beneficiary personal property or family asset as a beneficiary or as part of the remaining property.Then it may be resold afterwards, after all, the price of these sex dolls is considerable. Although selling them is not an easy task. Usually second-hand transactions take place in the doll forum, and all the experiences and details about the doll must be listed in detail. This is not something that ordinary people can familiarize with.

There is also a way to donate. If you don’t want your love doll to have a bad experience, you can try to send them to the toy museum, although the general museum will not accept it. But some sex museums may bring you some good luck.

In addition, some companies also accept the recycling and resale of old dolls. But this needs to be sought globally, which can lead to high international transportation costs.

The last unfortunate treatment is to send it to a recycling facility, so you can imagine that the end result is compressed and land-filled in the dump. Maybe you will ask, metal and silica gel are all recoverable substances. Is it possible to recycle it? But things made from a variety of materials are difficult or impossible to recycle.