Why do you want to get a sex doll?

In life, you may have heard a lot about sex dolls, and even there are many men and love dolls around you, which may happen to you. Suddenly, sex dolls are very popular in the modern era. They have become many middle-aged men, lonely old people or spiritually-hosted life partners, or they can be their sexual objects. To a large extent, these realistic dolls have become an indispensable part of their lives to replace the dead wife.

In short: “He didn’t find a ‘real’ woman” or said: “He has always been a lonely man.” Well, even today, there are certainly many men who want women to be with them, but This is very difficult. know each other. Not just those who are generally considered unattractive, not social or difficult. There are still a lot of handsome men who should have no problem, find a real doll besides the companion, still like to build a love doll. Many times even couples, whether they are tolerant, if they are husbands or boyfriends, they will happily use lifelike love dolls, even participate in sex life, and even need happiness. We even received a letter from a customer who was passionate about the new “partner” and took pictures of her and sent it to us.

Can a realistic sex doll replace a real woman? There is no definitive answer to this question, but the purchase of dolls has become a consumption habit for many middle-aged and elderly people. For those with perfect lovers, sex dolls may not make much sense to their lives, so they don’t understand the sex dolls well. However, due to the disharmony of sexual life, there is no sexual partner, middle-aged men and other people who were widowed in the early years, sex dolls have an irreplaceable role. They have more important life meanings, not just sexual objects. Once people enter middle age, their hearts will become extremely empty and lonely, and the dolls we sell can satisfy their companionship. Although realistic love dolls can’t completely replace women, they play an increasingly important role.

The First Virtual Intimacy System – Your Virtual Girlfriend

Almost all forms of sexual technology can be used for treatment, and at the beginning of the invention of sex dolls, it can be used to solve some sexual addiction problems at that time. Modern technology is no exception, although they are not intended for this purpose, but a series of sexual technologies that have been invented for treatment have made it the biggest selling point.

Obviously from history we have come to the conclusion that traditional intimacy is not suitable for all people. If the relationship breaks down, some people’s relationship will not be improved. Although the solid sex doll is difficult to replace the real human, but under some circumstances , they don’t have to bear the failure and frustration from real life. This is like a combination of virtual real dolls and real emotions. It has the advantages of doing the same thing, but it also abandons the shortcomings of the real doll’s size, weight…

The system offers realistic virtual partner gaming and versatile hardware to deliver an exciting interactive immersive experience. Compatible with most PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR headsets, Virtual Mate comes in a variety of modes including Quick Mode, Story Mode and VR Mode, allowing you to play your own way. This system can help solve intimate problems and make them easy to get along with their partners in an intimate environment. On the other hand, he can also help people learn how to get along with real people.

Hitler created the first sex dolls: Debauched faces pick sexual spots II–Movie stars as sex doll prototype

Because Chinchuk was not very effective on his work, a year after the Boghild, soldiers in the field still haven’t get sex dolls. The task is indeed not as simple as first thought. At the same time as the Bergerd project, the German chemical giant i.g.farbenag was working on a number of synthetic plastic models with soft skin and elasticity for the Nazi.

It is difficult to be similar to the human skin in terms of plastic technology.
The surface material of an early sex doll

Mr. Chinchett, an early director of the Boghilde project who wanted to use real female models as subjects, invited a group of famous female athletes to his studio, including Wilhelminavon Bremen and Annette Walter, who had competed in track and field in the Olympics. But in making sex dolls, chinchuk found that using these athletes as models was completely unworkable.”Most of the time they had short legs, were extremely ugly looking and had arms similar to those of a wrestler,” he wrote to maregosko. “In short, the sex doll was stomach-churning. And I couldn’t put the pieces together to make a full mannequin.”

After discussion, they came up with a new plan, which was to find film and television stars as the object of imitation, and agreed to do a charming and playful face, like the famous film star of the time, Kathevon Nagy. When Marigusko went looking for Nagy, the beauty, she politely refused to use her face on the sex doll.

Kathevon Nagy politely refused to use her face on the sex doll
They wanted to use the movie star as the model for the sex doll, but the movie star refused

When Hitler’s army attacked the Soviet union in July 1941, Maregosko pulled out of the “Boghild” project and Oren Hanussen, a penniless but ambitious Dane, joined the team. Two years into World War ii, the nazis are trying to capture the politically significant Stalingrad. Hanuson asked everyone to speed up the project. As the initiator, they don’t have any reference materials, and it is difficult to be similar to the human body in terms of plastic technology. Chaghamel wrote to Hannussen about the difficulty of the project: “the purpose of the sex doll is to save our soldiers from suffering.They must fight with the men of the enemy country, and risk getting disease by ‘fighting’ the foreign women in bed with a poker face. But no man wants to have sex with a doll as much as a real woman, unless our technology meets the following quality criteria: first, the synthetic body must have a real feminine touch; Second, the body and limbs of the sex doll must be as flexible as that of a real person. Third, the organs must feel completely real.”

The design concept of the sex doll proposed earlier has been realized: the synthetic body must have a real feminine touch; the body and limbs of the sex doll must be as flexible as that of a real person ; the organs must feel completely real.

In addition to technical difficulties, they are not sure how to position sex dolls in terms of their appearance and aesthetics. “Boghild” was actually the name of an ordinary German woman, and the plan certainly catered to the Nazi army’s aesthetic, which said the sex doll had to have all the qualities of an Aryan woman. After half a century, according to a Norwegian media disclosure, Hitler during the war also put forward for the appearance of sex dolls very specific requirements: they must be fair lady, with a sexy appearance, white skin, golden hair, blue eyes, height 176 cm, of course they also have thick lips and big breasts.

The birth of the sex doll

Hanuson abandoned the idea of making sex dolls with the faces of real models. He thought the soldiers were more stimulated by the desire of the faces. One of his personal diaries, published after his death, reads: these dolls had only one purpose. When soldiers had sex with Boghilde, there was no emotion. So the sex doll faces have to be real, the kind of womanly faces that Otto Weininger wrote about in his great book Sex and Character. From there, models were made of 10 dissolute, life-size faces that were sampled from a group of soldiers and their feedback served as test specimens. After this experiment, both Chagheimer and Hanuson were convinced that the success or failure of sex dolls depended largely on their facial expressions. The results, as expected, were that the soldiers were sexually aroused by the vulgar women’s faces. The model was soon put into production at a factory in Konigsberg.

The desire of womanly faces

Half a century later, Arthurlink recalled in the press how Hanuson had created 10 lewd faces and put him on a psychological test. Link also claimed that she and Chinchuk had completed a sex doll model. “We were going to make three sizes of sex dolls,” Link said. “the A size was 168 cm, the B size was 176 cm and the C size was 182 cm. The members of the team were divided over the breasts of the sex doll. We in the German Nazi wanted the breasts to be round and plump, while Hanussen, a Danish doctor, insisted on a rose-hip shape, apparently winning the argument. And so the first Boghilde sex doll was born. She really looks like a Nordic person.”

The first sex doll was produced in September 1941, just before Himmler’s parade in Berlin. Himmler is said to have shown such enthusiasm for the sex doll that he ordered 50 of them on the spot.”We probably had access to some special manufacturing equipment because chinchuk’s lab was too small to produce 50 sex dolls,” Link recalled. A week later, in a surprise move, Himmler cancelled orders for the sex dolls instead of adding equipment, and cut the project’s budget as the nazis focused their financial efforts on wider battlefields, especially in the east.

The welfare scheme for the inflatable dolls paled in comparison to the defeat at the front, and “Boghilde” was subsequently shelved. It was not until the allied bombing of Dresden in February 1945 that the entire health museum was destroyed. Later generations of researchers have questioned whether Boghild’s secret project really existed, or whether it produced inflatable dolls at all. NorbertLenz, a Hamburg-born journalist and freelance writer in the 1960s, argued that the project had not actually produced a sex doll, but that allied bombs had blown up the health museum and destroyed two models in progress.

A legend to be written

After the war, the German health museum was restored and reorganized, and today, it has many mannequins made of glass and plastic. Members of the group responded that they had never heard a word about the Boghild  project while working at the health museum. Within weeks of the German defeat at Stalingrad, the entire laboratory was returned to the health museum in Dresden, according to Arthur Link. But he didn’t know where the sex dolls were. He guessed the plastic and blueprints were shipped back to Berlin. Born in 1919, Link was an art student at the time of the Boghild project and is the only surviving participant. To prove the sex doll was made by the team, Link released two photos of the model.

In addition to Hitler and Himmler, two well-known Nazi leaders, the other technicians involved in the “boghilde” project were also real figures. More people believe that the birth of the sex doll must be the Nazi, because the German market after the second world war began to have sex dolls on the public sale.In August 1955, MaxWeissbrodt of O&MHausser brought the world’s first sex dolls to market, but it was only a that mimics a cartoon character, called Bild Lilli, whose leaflets were distributed to grown men in the red light district and sold in bars and tobacco shops.

The world’s first sex dolls : Bild Lilli

Then, apparently, Ruth Handler took her cue from the lily dolls and invented Barbie. Later, the United States in Vietnam also produced a number of inflatable dolls were sent to the front line, also by the soldiers’ praise.

Customs regulations in Britain and other European countries have long banned obscene imports.In 1982 a consignment of sex dolls owned by the company of DavidSullivan, the entrepreneur and publisher, was seized by staff at hm customs and excise (HMCE) while passing through customs.Mr Sullivan then went to the European court of justice, where he won five years later.Since then inflatable doll also opened the door of the United Kingdom, and the birth of the corresponding manufacturers. By 2004, Sullivan, who made his fortune in the porn industry, was ranked 68th on the sun’s rich list.

By the end of the 1990s, Japan had made inflatable dolls that could simulate the skin and body, have flexible limbs, make human voices and have various facial expressions, and they were easy to carry. A California company called Abyss Creations USES non-toxic silicone and PVC to make sex dolls called Real Doll, which can cost as much as $6,000 or more.

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Spice up your sex life

We all talk about sex in one way or another. Everywhere you turn around, it’s about sex. In the office, all your colleagues dress sexy and wear high heels. There are girls in the bar who look at you like they’re eating you right now. Everywhere you look, the temptations are there! It’s hard for a man to live in a world where he’s surrounded by sexy women, especially when he’s shy. Are you single or shy or do you just have to spice up your sex life?

These realistic sex doll could be a nice companion for your bedtime no matter how much you much you are excited to get a comfort orgasm. When you insert your penis deep into her orifices it will be enough to drive you to play some different moves while planning for some more wild strokes. Her every beautifully and cleanly designed hole promotes you to try something unique to make you feel satisfied. Penetrating her every real-looking hole provokes your intense sex desire.

Unlike real women, life-size sex dolls will not complain you about pain no matter how intensely you insert your penis in their any orifices. Having an intercourse with lifelike sex doll will give you an unmatched experience. So, feel free to go beyond any limits and restrictions to please your sexual urges. The premium quality materials like silicone are used in the making of these realistic adult dolls. Thus, it’s quite possible to find these dolls in a look that resembles with a real woman with deep mouth, anus and vagina.

real doll

Realistic sex dolls pay attention to details, even the fine lines of the skin, the hair is very realistic. If it’s a high simulation, it feels more comfortable when it feels like it’s touching. Is not it easier for a real person to arouse sexual love? Although we know that the price of true-to-life life-size love dolls is definitely a little more expensive than the price of ordinary inflatable dolls, is not it the best reward if we can enjoy sex?

2019 Sexual Technology Trends

The idea of ​​synthetic sex robots has never stopped. Their fascination with the sex robot culture is reflected in the growing demand for sex dolls, and manufacturers and sellers of various sex toys are flocking. Despite this, it is clear that the stigma of sex dolls has not been eliminated. When it comes to sex dolls, it’s easy to just think of it as homosexuality.

If you think that the development of sex robots and realistic sex dolls is just a trend, then you can understand the following.

WM doll

The highlight of the 2019 Las Vegas Adult Expo is no longer a variety of beautiful synthetic beauty. The sexual dolls and robotics exhibited at the event this year show a richer imagination. From self-heating talking dolls to sex robots specializing in oral sex, VR also brings closer the connection between adult products and customers, and provides an incredible fantasy experience.

In addition to the appearance of common silicone and TPE sex dolls, there are synthetic dolls. 1AM came back with its synthetic fibers. The exhibition hall displayed a variety of dolls that differed from conventional dolls. There were anime faces and sex dolls that were just human torso.

Technology can help humans explore and change sexual behavior. Conversely, the form in which sexual interests and technology are intertwined is becoming more and more accepted. In addition to physical sex dolls, sex technology also allows users to remotely access certain sex toys. Make sex more personal. In addition to flexibility, this will greatly reduce costs. Do you think it will become the trend of future technology?

Hitler created the first sex dolls: Debauched faces pick sexual spots I — Sex dolls were born in war

In recent years, historical material about the Nazi create of sex dolls has surfaced, presenting readers with another face of the Nazi.

With the rapid popularization of the Internet, “stay home” has become more and more popular. In Japan, sex dolls are almost a necessity for otaku, and there are even tidbits about a man marrying them. The subject matter has also been used heavily in movies and television, such as the 2007 American film Lars and the Real Girl and the 2009 Japanese film Air Doll, in which the main characters are unsociable older unmarried men.

Sex dolls were born during the war, but failed to become an industry in the early days because of technological delays. In the 1970s, artificial materials continued to innovate, and vinyl, latex, especially silicone, were widely used in the production of sex dolls. At the same time, the development of film, television and books also opened up a new world for sexual themes. In Japan, a country that is both conservative and open, the AV industry was born. The diversified change of sexual concepts also gave rise to a market for sexual products, one of which is sex dolls. But sex dolls were first born in Germany.

Sex dolls were first born in Germany

In June 2005, the leading Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported that the world’s first sex doll was created by the nazis in September 1941 and was secretly commissioned by Hitler. The report shocked readers around the world by revealing a wealth of historical details. Sex dolls and Hitler together is such an interesting history that some even give Hitler the title of “father of inflatable dolls”. In 2010, the American author Anthony Ferguson published a book called “The Sex Doll: A History,” which also detailed the Nazi invention of sex dolls.

During World War II, the axis powers of Germany and Japan were experiencing a boom in industry. Meanwhile, a large number of soldiers were traveling abroad. For a long time, these soldiers could not have normal access to the opposite sex, so their sexual problems became a “pressing problem”. The Japanese solution was to recruit a large number of military prostitutes, known as “comfort women”, in their own countries, China, Korea and southeast Asia, and to recruit women in their own countries, which the Japanese euphemistically called “women’s marching teams”.

German officer during world war ii

In an attempt to be more humane and hygienic, Nazi Germany created sex dolls that replaced the female sex dolls with imitation functions. This kind of silicone doll in contemporary Japan has been a long development, known as the “inflatable doll.”

The Boghild project

In order to solve the soldiers’ physiological “helplessness”, Nazi Germany developed a secret plan called “The Borghild Project”. According to Corriere Della sera, the mission was assigned by Hitler himself to Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Waffen-ss. The trigger was Himmler’s fear of widespread venereal disease among his soldiers, which neither he nor Hitler could bear, had come from prostitutes of a non-aryan race.

German soldiers and non-aryan prostitutes in bars and dance halls
The soldiers suffered terribly from venereal diseases

Himmler wrote on November 20, 1940: “the greatest danger to our army in Paris is the widespread and unrestricted availability of prostitutes in bars, dance halls, and elsewhere. And it is incumbent upon us to protect the health of our soldiers.” He was referring to the Nazi soldiers who contracted syphilis and gonorrhea from visiting brothels during the occupation of France and Poland. Himmler was convinced that the Nazi army needed sex dolls to replace women.

It is well known that during World War II, the US and Germany sent planes to each other’s territory to hand out pornographic leaflets to demoralize the other side. Besides, the US military handed out many leaflets with pictures and “wonderful” stories, which made the Nazi soldiers crazy. Although the plan “benefits” soldiers, the Nazi soldiers driving trucks and tanks but also carrying inflatable dolls look very funny to the enemy. As a result, project Boghilde was kept secret from the start.

The Boghild project

Not only did the boghild project focus on the big picture, but it did address the most practical needs of Nazi soldiers. Himmler assembled a professional team of wehrmacht specialists to develop the inflatable doll, and the Boghilde project was launched with a number of sterilizing laboratories. The project is being run by the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden.

It was a behind-the-scenes team directly under Himmler, led and supervised by the famous German technologist and synthetic materials expert, FranzTschakert. Himmler first thought of him because of his famous “Woman of Glass” model in the 1930s.The team later joined Joachim Mrurgowsky and Olen Hannussen, along with Rudolph Chargeheimer, a psychiatrist, and Arthur Rink, then an art student turned sculptor. All members of the team must keep this secret from the outside, because it is top secret. It wasn’t until decades after the war that the story began to surface in the media.

The “Boghild” project began in June 1940 and officially ceased operations in January 1942, surviving only a year and a half. But Himmler and his team were as confident in their early victories in Europe. Such confidence stems from their belief that the Aryan people are the best and most intelligent people in the world, and before they made the first sex dolls, they were already worried: what if sex dolls became popular?

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The consumers demand for male sex dolls

The demand for male sex doll has steadily increased as companies adapt to consumers of different sexualities. However, consumers and manufacturers have a common complaint: the weight. “The only possible sex position you can do is cowgirl,” doll’s seller wrote. I think you could probably try, but you have to tie his arms back so he does not fall forward and crush you. “

New real sex doll is made available to meet the needs of people across the spectrum of sexuality. With the rise of artificial intelligence and the spread of ways for non-traditional pornography, it was only a matter of time before the sex robot approached us. But most people think of sexrobots that satisfy the needs of heterosexual cisgender men. The majority of customers are gay members and transgender communities. Most of this boom is due to cultural stigmatization of sex toys and openness within the LGBT community – because the dolls are still rather impractical for heterosexual women.

male sex doll

But now sex dolls are being opened up to a broader market as manufacturers have begun to respond to the needs of people across the spectrum of sexuality. A US sex doll maker has now created a male model to meet the needs of this emerging market with all the attributes one would expect from a male sex doll. The male love dolls have a number of characteristics, including a “bionic penis”.

Even with a bionic penis, the male sex doll is not limited to just one kind of pleasure. He has anal access and verbal access for people of the homosexual community, not just for women, but also for men.
The male sex doll is available in different sizes and weights. Nevertheless, the male model has a design flaw that could possibly restrict the target group, according to the manufacturer of the sex doll.

What kind of material is good for buying a doll?

Sex dolls, I believe many male friends know it? There are also many male friends who also have one at home, or are now hoping to buy. So, which material to choose when buying a sex doll is better? Then let’s start with the common sex doll material.

First, what are the common sex doll materials?

1, ordinary PVC material, is like the kind of balloon that you usually see. Feel bad. Work is not good. This is the lowest level of the inflatable doll. The face also posted a layer of plastic star face.

2, a little better plastic, plus some other rubber materials, such as the head and so on. This kind of inflatable doll belongs to the second level, but most of the looks are scary.

3, silicone material, full-body simulation inflatable doll, currently there is no full silica gel on the market. There are two kinds of all-silicone on the market, called Korean girls, which are scaled-down, but it is a very good choice for those who are looking for the feeling of solid simulation dolls.

4, special skin materials. The skin is a layer, another layer of the inflatable bladder, this is the best sex doll on the market in China, the feel and touch are first-class.

A good sex doll is soft and elastic, and the skin is similar to a real girl. It is similar in appearance to real people.

Also, although the role of sex dolls seems to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases on the surface, if multiple people use a single sex doll and the disinfection is not strict, it will be a contagious disease. It is therefore recommended that the use of sex dolls should be used as their own.

Tips: Buying dolls are best to buy soft and elastic, but the price of this sex doll is relatively high, depending on the price you can afford.

Do men use sex toys to harm women?

Sex toys can help the sex life between men and women add spice. This is the way to change the boring sex. However, when using sex toys, female friends should pay attention to the protection of private parts. Because the use of some sex toys may hurt your private health, let’s take a look at these taboos.
Taboo 1: enchanting perfume spray

This kind of spray is sold in the face with the slogan of wake-up, but in fact soap and water can achieve the above effects. Experts warn that some of the sprays are made of benzocaine. In addition to causing allergic reactions, they can also mask the odor caused by infection or sexually transmitted diseases, and the user can not seek medical treatment in time to cause further damage.
Taboo 2: Temporary ink

Individual spa and beauty centres offer a five-day vaginal inkjet pattern service, but if exposed to the thin labia, these inks have the potential to cause irritation or allergic reactions. Whether it is permanent, inkjet or printing, if it is to be in the lower striated pattern, it is best to mark it outside the line of the Kennedy.

Taboo 3: Gel gel sex toy

There are many first-class sex toys available, but products made from so-called gelatin compounds (ie, phthalates) have been shown to increase the risk of allergic reactions and even cancer. Another disadvantage is that the surface of the product will form a gap, that is, the cleaning can not remove the hidden microorganisms after use, and thus may cause infection in the next use.
Taboo 4: shame dye

Changing the color of the pubic hair to create a surprise for the male partner seems to be very interesting, but even a specially formulated shame dyeing agent can cause damage. Experts say that the chemical substances in the dyes can cause irritation and cause adverse reactions, resulting in burning, which can not be achieved for weeks.

Three funny NEWS about sex dolls.


British woman spends 10,000 on plastic surgery to turn herself into ‘sex doll’

Cindy, from salford, Greater Manchester, has spent £10,000 a year on breast implants, hair extensions and lip implants to transform herself into a real-life sex doll. Cindy has spent £7,000 on breast implants to turn her a-cup into fabulous F cup. She said: ‘I’m still not satisfied with the shape of my breast and I’m going to have another plastic surgery. I also want to have a tummy tuck and keep losing weight so I can look more like a sex doll.’

Cindy reportedly started wearing makeup at the age of 19, and was fond of flamboyant looks. But after knowing that her fiance was cheating on her, her fascination with plastic surgery became increasingly rampant. Cindy says she has received even more attention since the procedure, with 3,000 facebook followers and 4,000 Instagram followers.”A lot of guys stare at me now, and I can go out for date every night if I want to. Cindy said proudly.

Before and after plastic surgery


Sexual harassment of sex doll

An sex doll named “Annilenr” was found to be badly contaminated at the Austrian electronic arts festival. The doll’s breast was covered with black handprints, suffered from fingernail scratches and cracks in the most bizarre places, had to be sent back to the Spanish manufacturer for repair, cleaning and disinfection. Annilenr, an interactive artificial sex doll that became a star and attracted crowds of men, is now temporarily off display to clean up after being hugged and attacked by millions of men. Annilenr not only looks like a real person, but also can interact with the people, respond to being touched and speak several languages. Annilenr, which costs about $4,500 and is made in China and Spain, responds to touch and speaks several languages, and has sold 15 units so far


Men ordering sex dolls ‘that look like their mate’s girlfriends’

In a disturbing twist to the growing trend of sex dolls and robots, men are ordering silicone dolls designed to look like their friend’s girlfriends. The trend was revealed by a popular doll manufacturer, who said that dolls designed to look like celebrities were falling out of favour. Andy Phelps, product specialist at Silicone Sex World, told the Daily Star: “We do get customers who inquire about celebrity dolls although they are not as popular as you may think… “We do get some strange requests for dolls, such as dolls that look like friend’s girlfriends.”

Other sex doll manufacturers have previously spoken about the demand for dolls with “girl next door” looks. Jade Stanley from Sex Doll Official said that fulfilling customers’ fantasies was as easy as them sending a photo of someone they were attracted to. While it’s not clear whether dolls created in a real person’s image would run foul of the law, the rise in sex dolls has been met with several legal hurdles. Italy’s first sex doll brothel was raided and shut down by police only nine days after it was first opened in 2018. Offering clients silicone models inside one of its eight private rooms, LumiDolls Torino was found to be breaking Italian laws on renting out accommodation.

The city’s health authority also investigated if the dolls in the secret establishment situated in the northwestern city of Turin were thoroughly cleaned after each use. And last year a Timaru man was arrested and charged after importing a child sex doll. Customs investigations manager Bruce Berry told the Herald in 2017 that the office was aware of the growing, global trend and was monitoring it closely.

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