Is the little doll really a crime?

According to the survey, many men like small dolls, how small is it? That is, the height is less than 140 cm, and the chest is not very large, there will be people worried that these little dolls are actually children.

In Japan, there is a company that sells small dolls, which they claim can reduce the possibility of crime, because children who are hobby can vent through sex dolls. Soon the news attracted a wave of netizens’ siege. Most of them thought that this would only increase the crime rate because once they were not satisfied with the sex dolls, they would start with real children. Also in the United States, the United States has ordered that sales and purchase of small dolls are not allowed. Many people are detained by the customs when they buy sex dolls in Asia, and they go straight to prison.
In fact, the main concern is that children are hurt because there are many pedophiles, so the governments of various countries have to take this matter seriously. Especially in Japan, Japan has a high crime rate against children.

Controversy on The Sex Doll Brothel Caused Again

The project that the sex doll brothel opened in Houston suffered dystocia. It stopped the progress at the Galleria-area office building.

Without the support and permission from the government sector, the business seems to be ending soon.

An anonymous woman told the reporter, “A lifelike sex doll is really a good option to discover the sexual preference. I thought it did not harm to humans. On the contrary, it helps human to be loved.”

mini sex

The employees in the sex doll brothel work as the maintainers of the real doll. They cleaned the body over properly after each use. It asked for making sure the safe sexual intercourse. For a sex doll brothel, Creating a maintenance team is quite essential. If someone will possibly bear the risk of any sexual disease, no one would support the business though it is attractive.

Then the neighbor company comments, “It looks improper to open the sex doll brothel here. We are worried about the bad effects arisen. But may we don’t interfere with other’s business.”

real sex

While the mayor Sylvester Turner clearly states to opposition to this real sex doll business. It won’t be accepted in Houston. The critics also sign a petition against this business.

It looks like there are still a few impediments the sex doll brothel need cope with.

Unique Lover, Huge Growth on The Sex Doll

We should be grateful to live in modern societies. Whatever how much the critics attack sex doll, we feel lucky that we can choose the most beneficial for us. Sex toys are the most loyal friends for the lonely guys. If we assume the life a circle, we are always wandering in our own circle. Only if you are chosen or choose someone, then you have in the relationship. Hence, it developed a time that people are free to look for companionship in their life.

realistic sex doll-usexdoll

Since the sex ratio imbalance in some countries, some people contributed and found out the way to solve the shortage. From the torso till developing to the real sex doll, sex toys are helping more and more people to enjoy the sexual life. Not only it is used for the single, but also it enhances couples’ sexual interests. When the need is increasing, the sex dolls are asked more realistic. The real sex dolls are anatomically the same as the human. It is basically treated as a real human.

love sex doll - usexdoll

The sex doll looks so lovely and sexy. You will be addicted to its perfect appearance and impressive body features. Owning such a sex partner will double your sexual confidence. Once you get the realistic sex doll, you will be the only love for her life.

Sex doll brothel

If you pay attention to the news of the sex doll brothel, you should know that Vancouver is about to open the first “sex doll brothel”. I think everyone knows that the Italian sex doll brothel was forced to close soon after it was opened, and there are many many Toronto doll brothels. What caused these people to risk the closure and continue to open sex doll brothels?

I think the sex toy market is now a violent market because there are still many people who reject this industry, so there are not many people in this industry. Once a friend asks about your work, you will be embarrassed to say that you are engaged in sex toys. industry. In fact, many people are very fond of sex toys, especially sex dolls, because they are frustrated and hurt in real life, and they dare not reveal they’re the true heart, so they have to be pinned on sex dolls.
Sexual dolls don’t talk, and they won’t get bored with you. Even if there is some sexual intercourse, she will not reject you if you want to try something. The real person will be different. Plus, now that you are still working as a sex worker, you can hardly guarantee that they have no sexually transmitted diseases, but you don’t have to worry about sex dolls. I guess these are some of the purposes of the adult sex dolls that people want to open.
I also read a lot of news, there are still some women who support their husbands or boyfriends to use sex dolls, at least they will not go out to find other women and betray you, nor will they worry about getting sexually transmitted diseases, if you don’t want to be with your husband or boyfriend. Sex dolls can help you solve this problem during sex.
Or because of the different laws caused by the political differences between different countries and the different local cultures, it will be the reason why the open brothels are frequently closed!

Miracle, The Couple Enjoy Living with The Sex Doll

She is a real sex doll, human size high. She has vagina, anus, mouth and the most important, her body is filled with the TPE lifelike flesh. Extremely soft touch.


The man brought her home two years before marriage. Just like most men in the busy schedule, he would not have the time and energy for a new relationship. Thanks for the sex doll, the daily life doesn’t go to the boring road. Till met the soul mate, his wife, everything turn to be embarrassed.

sex doll deals

The third girl was discovered in his house, that was easy, he did not hide her under the bed or put her in the closet deliberately. He asked his wife if she wants to try. She held the doll’s arm, then pinched the cheek. “It seems so hard to hate her” The new wife laughed. Besides the awkwardness first time, the new wife kept curious and open. He explained seriously why he bought her, removed the conventional stereotype on the sex doll.

The new wife confessed that she did not agree on the doll fetish. But the doll is like a virtual friend, she would be glad to dress her. Then there was nothing that brought the real doll into our relationship.

Really or Bullshit? The Sex Doll Brought Disaster to Human Birth

It is reported from social media that the sex doll brothel business is like as one falls another rise. Whatever, it is developed around the world.

The diverse views on love sex doll flood each forum and community. Some people think it is creepy, some are curious about it, and others are excited they can own such a beautiful toy.

During and after the hot topic, the worthy and serious problem caused human concerns.

realistic sex doll -

Will the sex doll effect the human birth rate?

It was said the female matters little when the heterosexual man has the second option to solve the physical needs. They also found out and offer up some events on the human fell in love with the sex doll or married her. Not to say in the near future, the realistic sex doll can interact with humans. The sex robot will replace human sooner or later. What the saying is ridiculous, yet many people echo the words. Others keep silence. Guess what, in the silence group, there are some sad people and lonely people. They actually consider it is not wrong that using a sex doll to provide sexual satisfaction for those people who need.

The real doll, as the available sex alternative, is a good fantasy thing for those people who need companionship.

Really? The Crazy Sex Doll Owners Are not Perverts

If you are talking about the advantages of the real doll in public, you will be considered as creepy even though you are in the most open-minded country. The people seldom advertise their purchase plan for a sex doll. Moreover, some people are afraid others will be curious about what it is in that big carton.

The surprising thing is that there is no one shy away from the other sex toys. For instance, naked realistic genitals or the lifelike vagina. It seems that people have the common sense that the partial organs are more acceptable.

Whatever, the real doll business is booming online. The doll buyers are glad to share their ideas on maintained of the sex doll. They exchange their experience to use and care. They are so attached to dress the dolls, makeup for them. Each doll has its personality under the efforts of the owners.

So what do you think of those doll buyers? Undoubtedly, most people are impressed by the sex doll because of the lifelike appearance. The new widowers take the sex doll as a partner to pass a hard time. And the couples even consider the sex doll is an applicable third party for the sex adventure. The young generation would like to dress the sex doll for anime cosplay.

Hence, the love doll owners are as normal as anyone in society.

Italian sex doll brothel was shut down

In the past few days, when the Italian sex dolls were copied, the people were known to have been shut down. According to Italian media reports, Lumidoll was shut down by the police and reported on suspicious health standards, saying that “the hygiene guarantee for establishing LumiDolls is 100%.”
After the company’s landlord canceled the lease, Barcelona’s second brothel was forced to move to a new location and then closed. Lumidolls also has a brothel in Moscow, Russia, which plans to open other sex dens around the world. Health authorities are conducting an investigation to determine if the company’s doll cleaning meets all standards. Lumidolls owner Sergi Prieto had previously told Daily Star: “As you know in Italy, prostitution is 100% legal. Customers can choose Lumidolls Torino for new sexual experience in a safe and secure place.”

Sexual doll brothels pay £67 per half hour, or £83 per hour to rent a room with a sex robot. The prostitute allowed the Randy to live a dirty fantasy without having to convince the real woman to indulge them. The agency’s website tells guests that they will be “indistinguishable” from dolls and real women.
For sex doll brothels, customers can show any sexual fantasies they dare not do with women, which enables them to achieve their most impossible illusions, which may not be possible with others, maybe they have some physical complexity, not allowed They feel comfortable with one person and make it easier with a doll.
For hygienic conditions, these dolls are made of a thermoplastic elastomer known for its softness, and the site is keen to point out that the dolls are “disposed of appropriately with special antibacterial soaps” before and after each service. Despite this, tourists are still urged to use condoms.
Therefore, instead of doing this, it is better to buy a sex doll that belongs to you. Love dolls are always risky to open, and you can buy dolls without risk. Of course, you only need to violate the legal conditions of your country.

Life with you and sex dolls

As people gradually begin to understand sex dolls, they will think that sex dolls are only suitable for sex, but this is not the case.
1. Take a photo
In the past, the reputation of sex dolls was not good, because if you bring them into public, many people will be disgusted and feel very awkward, so people will reject them. But now people get sex dolls for different reasons. For example, some customers who buy sex dolls will take photos of their dolls. The advantage of silicone dolls for the shooting is that they contain metal enamel inside, so the joints are very flexible and can do whatever you want!

2. A fun sex life
Of course, sex dolls are used for sex! More and more couples use them as sex toys, and more and more women support their other half to buy sex dolls. Sex dolls can be used to enhance your sex life, you want a trio, you don’t want to share your partner with a real person, then a doll is yours!
3. Hug
When your loved ones leave, you miss them very much, and love dolls can replace the people you think! Or, if you like to hug something while sleeping, TP E or Silicone dolls have a soft skin that mimics real human skin, and some sex dolls can even have heating! When winter comes, they will be a good warm bed tool.
As you can see, buying a sex doll may be for any reason! These dolls are popular and affordable! Why not try it?

All The Things of The Sex Doll You Are Interested in(Part 4)

TPE sex doll is popular because of three penetrations different from other dolls. It includes vaginal, anus and oral. All of these are realistic with special textures. Like the vagina, it is made up of labia and clit. The interior tunnel has the bump textures. You can choose the built-in type or removable type. Both are good for accommodating the penis. It provides a real feeling to enjoy the sexual pleasures.

In real life, your female partner perhaps won’t accept the anal penetration. In particular, if you have a super thick penis, your partner will feel scared that the anal will be torn up. But the sex doll is always ready well for a great sex experience.

The sex doll mouth is amazing. You can put your penis into her mouth totally. It does well to simulate the oral intercourse. When the softer TPE mouth sucks your penis, you will forget any discomfort. And due to the special head structure, the route of the penis in the mouth is through uphill instead of straight towards the back.

Whatever penetrations you prefer to practice, it is helpful to use the lube. Dry rubbing will make you feel not good, and also it probably defects the interior.

To be continued……