Will The Sex Doll Be The Threat of Human Propagate?

As we all know, the lifelike sex dolls are used for solve the physical sexual needs. Or it will be helpful in enhancing sexual ability more or less.

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In the latest years, the sex doll users skyrockets, which global market is growing to widen. More and more people discover many troubles to get along with others. But they also have great fantasies and look for romantic love and perfect partner. They found the romantic love in real life would come with many additional terms: House, family living cost, children education or the couple’s relationship. They felt upset when facing these negative pressure in the future.

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As a result, a lot of single men turn to live with a sex doll instead of a real woman. The lifelike sex doll can help to less loneliness for those people who live alone. Meanwhile, no one will judge and complain about their daily presentation.

Some people think the generalization of using the lifelike sex doll will encourage more people to fail to consider marriage. It will be one of the important reason lead to the human low birth. In the future, the relationship of human and robot will be mainstream.

The First Generation of Robot Sex Doll Who Can “Mass Production” And Sold to Customers Around The World

We know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. According to a study in the Journal of Gender Studies, research shows that men consider one-time life every 50 minutes, about 19 times a day, while women pay more attention to food. And because of the increasing complexity of interpersonal relationships, some men or women are afraid to love and fear being injured again. So in the past few years, sex dolls have been welcomed as never before, and sales have grown.

A Chinese sex doll company broke the convention and integrated 3D printing technology into its production line process, enabling the company to quickly produce a large number of  robot sex doll to meet the needs of the market.

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3D printing is a method of manufacturing parts for robot sex doll. The 3D printer makes many parts for the prototype of the robot sex doll. This technology improves the speed and processing time of the sex doll robot. 3D printing is the process of making three-dimensional objects using high-tech machinery and computers to connect or solidify raw materials. In order to print an object, the 3D design created on the computer software is usually uploaded to the machine via a memory stick, and the memory stick builds the material layer by layer. The final product consists of thousands of layered tiny pieces of raw material called additive manufacturing.

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3D printing dates back to the early 1980s, when additive manufacturing equipment and materials were first developed. Fast-forward for about 30 years, this technology has changed the manufacturing, medical, food and fashion industries. The US Marine Corps uses 3D printing as a quick solution; NASA plans to send printed parts into space; MIT is printing color-changing accessories.

3D printing technology enables the production of humanoid robot replicas by scanning the entire body into the software. The 3D printer works by developing the shape of a particular part in computer software and then transferring it to the printer. It is also connected to a 3D scanner that can be used to scan the entire human body as well as the prototype parts used for reproduction.
This type of technique is ideal for creating new sex doll bodies and faces because they can be developed from real humans.


Due to its laser guidance accuracy and economic efficiency, 3D printing will become an integral part of the manufacturing process. Using 3D printing simplifies the process of making complex parts for a robot sex doll, which means that all parts will be 100% identical, less waste and lower development time.

TPE materials used in making sex dolls are phthalate-free and therefore safe for privacy purposes. This advanced polymer has a warm, smooth skin that mimics the true feminine feel. Sex dolls are very useful, give you warmth on a lonely night and share your love for sex. If you are a happy pretender who likes to relax in the hills and valleys and look for great happiness and deep penetration, you can personalize your sex dolls. The actual sculpture along the anal insert has an articulated silicone hip with internal ridges that provides a strong thrill and enhances every second of the session.




What Is The Best Storage Condition for The Sex Doll?

People who got the sex dolls know that the good quality sex dolls are made from TPE or silicone materials. Which have a good stretch nature of elasticity, that is why we can touch the durable and beautiful skin. The most important is that these two materials are non-toxic and tasteless.

Back to the topic, due to the material characters, it often easily appears oil stain on the surface of TPE or Silicone sex doll. As a result, the dust and stains in the air will adhere along with the oil. You can have a “Sponge Bath”, wipe off the stains with towel or sponge, then rinse clean. Once happens stubborn stains, you can daub soap repeatedly. After cleaning and drying, you can dust some baby powder on the body.

Attention: Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the TPE sex doll.

Well, it is time to get a proper place to store the sex doll. The favorable storage is the precondition to guaranty the sex doll long life. You can spare a unique position for the sex doll. Whatever hang from the closet or flat on the big carton, or you can buy a storage couch, if you are in good condition, your family won’t discover what is it in.

The Best Cosplay Model, Lifelike Sex Doll

Speaking of sex doll, most men think about the blow-up sex doll. However, it is not the ideal model for the cosplay. It has not the body quality to support the costume clothes. The upgrade lifelike sex doll is fully qualified, whatever the beautiful appearance or the perfect body figures.

100cm sex doll

The good-looking sex doll is always delightful. It is truly real thinking of materials and structures. For the cosplay fan, it is essential to pick up the fittest sex doll.

Owning the fabulous figure with the gigantic boobs and big ass look, the sex doll is impressing. Nowadays, such a sexy body is just what the public swooning for. Most anime game actress is created from this beauty standards.

The most popular sex doll model among the anime fans is the 100cm sex doll. We know in the anime series, most female roles are short and slender, which becomes strongly contrasts with high male images.

Nowadays, with the increasing work strength and the pace of life, it will be one of the most effective ways to release pressure. Makeup and pick dress for the sex doll is also providing the opportunity to training patience.

Which Adult Sex Dolls Ordinary People Can Afford?

With the advancement of artificial intelligence technology, the variety of sex dolls is becoming more and more abundant and the functions are becoming more and more powerful. Inflatable dolls, silicone realistic sex dolls, sex dolls that can interact with people, and sex robots that are being developed with children. Humans always have a very rich idea in the field of robotics, and their brains are open.

Inflatable dolls have been completely replaced by silicone sex dolls. The loyalty and huge sexual experience of silicone sex dolls make men linger.

With the perfection and diversification of functions, the price of sex dolls has gradually increased. From a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. For many people, a powerful sex robot is indeed a heavy burden. But silicone sex dolls can meet the basic needs of men, and the price is very reasonable. This is the first choice for most men.

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Sex dolls are handmade to ensure the best details are accurate. This extra care brings more realistic sex doll and experiences, such as the large features of the breasts and vagina that are perfectly contoured and realistic. Even smaller details, such as eyelashes and vaginal walls, are very real. We not only ask the teacher to engrave the face, but also leave no traces of detail; the internal structure of privacy is completely designed according to the real structure, and the g point is developed. A large number of folds and processes, tail and vaginal thorns increase stimulation and truly restore sex.

The adult sex doll is based on real young sexy women. They are aesthetically pleasing to American aesthetics and offer a variety of functions. They are deep enough in the vagina, mouth and anus, as well as body temperature heating.

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The joints of our adult sex dolls are completely imitating the joints of humans. They are made of stainless steel and are sturdy and flexible. These adult sex dolls can perform three-dimensional activities. Therefore, you are free to adjust the adult sex dolls of various movements in response to your needs and restore the true taste. Making love is a wonderful thing. The perfect cooperation of adult sex dolls also gives men a greater experience.

The price of adult sex dolls ranges from a few hundred dollars to $2,000. The price is also affordable and the quality is guaranteed. Fully able to meet the sexual needs of men, adult sex dolls can complete vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex. You can choose from a variety of sexual intercourse, you can control sexual intercourse.

Tips about How to deal with Sex dolls That Can’t be Used Again

The life span of silicone sex dolls is still relatively long. Of course, in this process we need careful care and maintenance.

Not everything, we can pay attention in advance. Perhaps because of carelessness, our beloved sex doll was injured. Unexpectedly, a sex doll was stabbed by a sharp object; or accidentally, a sex doll fell to the ground… The owner of a sex doll needs a lot of care in his sex doll.

For those who only have sex dolls, the experience of caring dolls is zero, so in the early stages, sex dolls are more or less injured. Over time, inexperienced sex doll owners will grow into experienced veterans. Therefore, during this time, sex doll will be taken care of safely and will not be easily injured.


Although the silicone material is durable, the owner of the sex doll will take care of it, but the sex doll is always old and can no longer be used. So how do we deal with sex dolls that can no longer be used?

Some people suggest throwing them directly at the dump. Because adult sex doll that can no longer be used have no use value, they are like garbage, so they can be thrown directly into the garbage station. At present, the widely used garbage disposal methods include sanitary landfills, high temperature composting and incineration, which will undoubtedly cause certain pollution to the environment.

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However, we promote environmental protection and are environmentally friendly. We know that the material of the adult sex doll is medical silica gel. The use of silica gel is very extensive. Its applications have expanded to include: construction, electrical and electronics, textiles, automotive, machinery, leather and paper, chemical light industry, metals and paints, medicine and healthcare.

So silicone materials are recyclable. It can be put into recycling facilities for recycling.

Exploring New Area of Sexual Pleasure with Sex Doll

A romantic candle dinner, flirting talk, soft lighting and soothing music. Yes, you may need to create the most comfortable atmosphere to heat up the intimacy touching. While the sex doll is the best way to turn to a pleasant time in bed. It simplifies a prelude to sexual response. The real unique advantage of the sex doll is that it makes the dream that living with a submissive pretty woman come true.

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If you are browsing the sex doll on google, you will find out every vendor promise the sex doll can bring you a close to the real experience. Most people think it is a little overblown. What is interesting, using the sex doll to simulate sex activities is truly amazing.


The TPE is one of the best materials to absorb and conduct heat. The heating element will make the body warm easier. Or you can lay it into the warm water for 10-15 minutes. Would you like to try the soft warm skin? Perfect appearance with ultimate fantasy experience makes it possible to enjoy close to real sexual life.

You see, the lifelike sex doll saves too much. No sumptuous feast, no present, no risk to be refused. What are you waiting for? Start your relationship between virtual and real, explore the new area of sexual pleasure.

Will Male Sex Dolls Be Popular with Women?

Women’s Sex Robot Harmony 3.0 and Samantha have been hot topics, refreshing people’s understanding of sex robots. An American doll manufacturing company has launched a male robot, Henry.

They believe that women also have a desire for sex robot male partners. Women and men have the same loneliness problem. People call them sex dolls, but mainly about companionship. In this computer world, people miss the communication between people.

Henry has a British accent now and will have more options later. Weighs 84 pounds and is 6 feet tall.

According to reports, he will also be equipped with bionic penis and dialogue through special artificial intelligence software.

robot sex doll

Customers can customize the size of the robot sex doll they want, as well as their skin color, hair type and general size. Henry’s face can be exchanged and connected to the robot’s head with magnetic technology. The robot sex doll’s head can also be attached to a person’s choice, which means there are many possibilities, and the customer can choose the appearance of their companion. They will spend $11,000 or more.

Male robot sex dolls are more diverse in terms of sexual technology, but this is not an improvement. A well-defined abdominal muscles, a well-balanced arm, and a quirky and boring standard contempt. The appearance and personality of male adult sex doll meet the female fantasy of men.

male sex doll

The personality of artificial intelligence, also known as sexual robots, is often programmed as an anisotropic, rigid, and intensive chat bot. Similar functionality of the Harmony Artificial Intelligence app will also be used in Henry’s artificial intelligence applications, such as the ability to remember user details, recite poetry, and create avatar interfaces.

The head of the sex doll company said: “I believe women will find male robot sex dolls as attractive as men.”

“If women are interested in getting satisfaction from the vibrator, imagine that the same women will feel like having a robot sex doll that can hold them with their arms and let the robot squeeze them.”

This sex doll will enter the market as soon as the end of this year.

Detailed Maintenance Guides about Sex Doll’s Wig

Each sex doll has at least one beautiful wig, and different wig types can create different sex dolls. Proper maintenance of the wig of a sex doll will make it look brand new.

The frequency of washing depends on factors such as air quality and humidity. Generally speaking, a wig can be washed after one month of wear, but this is not static.

If you are looking for some tips on how to maintain a wig for a sex doll and let it last longer, then you are in the right place.

To take care of the wig of a sex doll, you need to follow these simple instructions:


sex doll wig

How to care for the wig of a sex doll?

Brush the wig thoroughly with a wig brush before washing. For curly, firm wigs, do not brush and gently remove the tangles with your fingers.

Use a mild shampoo. Add cold water to the sink or basin (don’t heat, because heat can damage the fiber) and mix in a small amount of shampoo. Turn over the wig and immerse it. Gently rotate and soak for about 5 minutes.

Rinse the wig gently with cold water until all shampoo is removed. Rinse twice.

Gently apply the conditioner to the wig and let it penetrate the hair in 2 minutes.

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Gently place the wig in cold water until all the conditioner has been removed.

Wrap the wig with a towel and gently pat the excess water. Do not squeeze, rub or twist your wig while it is dry.

Optional: Apply a hair spray on the wig and spray 10 – 12 inches from the wig.

Place the cleaned wig on the wig stand and air dry thoroughly before combing. Do not let the wig dry in direct sunlight.

IMPORTANT: To prevent fiber damage, do not use a hair dryer, curling iron, or other drying equipment, and keep the wig away from all excess heat or open flames (such as stoves, ovens, grills, lighters) because heat can damage synthetic fibers.

Crave Comfort Relationship? Try Sex Doll

A long time he has single, he craved to own a life partner for good accompany. Hence, he ordered a lifelike sex doll, which the size and shape same as the natural woman. He feels sweet when back home after work. He could not stop anticipating and felt thrilled for a great lover.

love sex doll

From the moment he signed for the sex doll parcel, he was devoted to trying to make the special mate look great. Each time their eye contact, he felt satisfied with the current situation. Of course, the public condemned it was a morbid fantasy. It was a long and not to be understood relationship. Living with the sex doll is not only a weird circumstance, it also reflects the anticipation from the man to an ideal life partner.

lifesize sex doll

The men dream that the female partner accompanies them forever. When they facing a real woman, the men feel more uncertain if they can maintain a healthy relationship than women. The wonderful world is fulfilled with kinds of temptation. The men are upset when the women betray their love.

The lifelike sex doll is not the best path in the sexual life, but it is the relatively convenient and desirable choice for the men.