The Most Popular Sex Dolls Forum And Community Catalogs

If you are worried about how to share your life with your sex doll and how to communicate with other sex doll lovers, then I tell you that there is no need to worry about it. Below I will introduce some of the major sex doll forums and communities, specifically for sex doll lovers, take a look at their main functions and features.

The Doll Forum

sex doll forum

Dollforum is a professional forum that discuss sex dolls, with more than 50000 members, More than 1.2 million posts have been posted. Silicone sex doll lovers to share their sex doll’s photo or story here,talk about everything about their silicone sex dolls. You can ask all kinds of questions about silicone sex dolls. The sex doll forum also brings together silicone sex doll vendors to answer questions.There are also electronic silicone sex doll magazines for members to watch.


sex dolls forum

Ourdollcommute is smaller than dollforum, with only 5,000 members and more than 120,000 posts have been posted.But it’s also a community for realistic sex doll lovers.Here you can learn all kinds of effective ways to maintain realistic sex dolls.There are also some realistic sex doll manufacturers Posting here.


sex doll chat

Sexdollchat is a typical realistic sex dolls q&a sites, and similar to the forum. You can communicate  with others about realistic sex dolls of all kinds of problems and photos here, and can also be published photos about sex doll.This is an unfettered site where you are free to express your views, enjoy the stories of others, and share experiences with other sex doll lovers.

Great Way to Balance Your Sexual Desire And Your Relationship

Without any doubt, No matter men or women are very sexually oriented. While there is the mass difference in the ways in experience and expression of sexuality between women and men. Thus, in general, man is disappointed that their female partner wouldn’t agree to work with him to explore more sexual pleasure most time. Men are natural to enjoy adventure and stimulation. But more women are emotional. They are easy to be tired, resent, painful. In that case, women will withdraw desires. We know the men’s sexual appetite is extremely high especial in being arousal. If the man gets off the strong desires in a pleasurable method, and meanwhile, the female partner doesn’t feel being cheated. Then why not say yes to it? Yes, I am gonna talk about the lifelike sex doll. Our starting place is trying to guarantee the couples in a relationship are pleased with the basic of loyal to the relationship.

Why do we fetishize sex doll? What is it better than other sex toys?

Real feeling
Sex doll has all the advantages that you want in the sex with a really pretty woman. If she can talk and make initiative acts, then you can take her as a natural woman. And other sex toys are created for the partiality of enjoyment. The only purpose is getting themselves off quickly.

Back to the sexy sex doll, you can enjoy the fantastic time as long as you wish. Isn’t she your spare mate? She is always in preparation to serve for you. You can hold her in the whole night. Isn’t it a perfect resolution? Your partner doesn’t need to worry about you seek hookup when she was not making out your sexual needs. And you can get your all sexual fantasies fulfilled.

It’s rather refreshing way to make use of sex doll to remain to balance the sexual needs and relationship.

A Different Option – The B-Cup Sex Doll Is Also Great

In the human the inertia of thinking, the more plump, curve sexy women more able to get the favour of men. So from ancient times to the present, women are crazy to use a variety of ways to increase their bust, reduce their waistline.But anything can happen by accident. Not every man has the same idea. Everyone has his own unique taste.Flat chest is also a good choice for men who do not like full boobs

Here are three great B-cup sex dolls.

1. Demi-165cm Silicone Sex Doll

sex doll

Demi is a very lovely woman, with lovely hairstyle, lovely eyes and cute lips.Please note that the height of this silicone sex doll is 165cm, and her weight is 70.54lb, which isn’t very light, so the men who want to buy her must consider her weight.It’s not easy to carry her and bathe her, so be sure to know if her weight is within your ability.

2. Sherry-156cm Silicone Sex Doll

silicone sex doll

Sherry is a girlish silicone sex doll.A good face, a slim figure and innocent eyes make men want protection.Although she doesn’t have a full bust, it doesn’t affect her attractiveness.She is 156cm tall, but weighs 63.8lbs.Although slightly lighter than Demi, it cannot be ignored.

3.Kate-156cm Realistic Sex Doll

realistic sex doll

Kate is a realistic sex doll with a bit of sex appeal and cuteness.The short hair of the golden micro-volume, blue eyes, full lips, very provocative.Very beautiful face, slender arms and waist, attractive breasts, it’s impressive and unforgettable.Although she wears simple conservative clothes, but also it’s can’t stop her sexy and lovely temperament.

We don’t have to follow the crowd and make choices that go against our hearts.The most important thing is to find your heart and do what you think is right.Because anyone or a realistic sex doll is unique.

7 Reasons of Sex Dolls Popular with Men

In recent years, sex dolls have dominated the market with a dark horse trend.People no longer hide in dark corners for sex dolls.Attitudes towards sex dolls are becoming more open.Sex dolls are increasingly popular with men.The reasons are as follows:

1.Reasonable Price.

While great sex dolls always cost you a lot of money, this is not a reasonable excuse for shameless predator sex doll dealers.To avoid possible online or physical fraud, try to strike a perfect balance between high quality and affordability.

2.High Quality

When considering buying a silicone sex doll, the quality of silicone sex dolls should be considered first.Silicone sex dolls on the market are mainly made of silica gel and TPE.TPE is more durable than silicone.TPE features softness, anti-skid and waterproof.

sex doll

3.Realistic Appearance and Soft Skin.

The great advantage of modern silicone sex doll is that they look like real women.A man never wants to have sex with his hands when he gets a doll that looks like a real woman, and then he gets more fun.So, that’s one of the most basic reasons men love silicone sex dolls.

4.Very Safe.

Before choosing the most attractive sex doll brand in the current sex doll market, be careful about the safety features/aspects of the product.For example, is the material used to make realistic sex doll poisonous to humans?

5.There Is No Risk of Contracting STDS or AIDS.

You don’t have to worry about sexual transmission from having sex with real women outside.But realistic sex dolls can solve this problem. Realistic sex dolls don’t have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

silicone sex doll

6.Realize All Your Sexual Fantasies.

Every man dreams of having sex, but your girlfriend or wife doesn’t take it seriously or follow your heart.Realistic sex dolls don’t reject you. They can fulfill any sexual fantasy you have.The mouth of a sex doll can give men real oral sex, while the vagina can give men the same contractions as a real girl.

7.Easy to Clean.

In order for you to have a healthy sex life, you need to clean your sex doll for at least a month.The way to clean up a sex doll is simple, and the tools used are common.The manufacturer will give away the cleaning brush.

140cm Sex Doll Will Be The Best Investment for Your Sexual Pleasure

If you’re going to invest in your sexual pleasure, then you’ve come to the right place.
USEXDOLL could offer many kinds of sex toys for the male. You won’t find more proper sex toys than a lifelike sex doll if you want to enjoy the whole set of sex activities.
You might sniff at what I said. It’s nothing but a humanoid sex toy. Before I saw the displayed sex doll, I am on your side. But in fact, I was impressed by that amazing realistic sex doll. When I pinched its arm flesh, I was shocked at its softness.

I know, it cannot express feelings or react to your acts. But what it lacks in the emotions, it will make up in time and energy. Think of the paying in your previous failed relationship, what you want is a queen or a sex doll?

What is the feel like to play with the sex doll? Let us see the review leaving from US consumers.

Everyone has the different view for sexual pleasure. I am trying to dissect the physical feel as much as possible. Then you can have some images of which it will be.

Let’s start at the sex doll appearance. The sexy sex doll I get is 140cm of height, F cup. I have to say I don’t have a chance to make a relationship with such amazing girl in real life right now. She has an extremely beautiful face. I feel it necessary to say that its half success because of the makeup. Its fake flesh is built to feel like the natural, soft and elastic.

Concerning its breast and butts, thick TPE flesh could be shaking when I spank them. Then I would like to hold her, it weighs about 23kgs, a little heavy but I can manage it.

I take her towards the bed and dress her. Thanks for the movable joints, there is nothing difficult in this process. After finish it, I make her present a very sexy pose.

Overall, I strongly recommend this 140cm sex doll for your good sexual pleasure.

The Most Popular 3 Types of Sex Dolls in The Future

No one could have predicted that sex dolls would quickly take over the sex toy market and become popular with men.In the past, sex dolls were taboo, and people were careful to avoid anything about them.Now it’s totally different. Sex dolls are gradually accepted by human beings, and new kinds of sex dolls are coming out.Here are the three most popular sex dolls of the future.

Artificial Intelligence Sex Doll

The combination of artificial intelligence technology and silicone sex doll is a trend of future development.Being able to talk with people, interact with them, have your own personality, and have the same learning ability and super intelligence as human beings is a great eye opener in the future.Buyers can also customize their own unique silicone sex dolls according to their fantasy and taste.The previously created harmony and samantha have generated a lot of buzz.Makers say the artificial intelligence silicone sex doll will be the perfect sex partner.


Star Sex Doll

It’s only a matter of time before the star realistic sex doll comes along.Who doesn’t want to sleep with a reading idol?For ordinary people, and the distance of the star is always reach, can close to watch their idols are become very luxury, so celebrity realistic sex doll is a very big potential market.We’ll start with porn star realistic sex dolls and test the market first.If there is a lot of money to be made, there will be star sex dolls.


The Surreal TPE Sex Doll

The first two realistic sex dolls will be more expensive due to artificial intelligence technology or celebrity portrait rights.For ordinary people, it is a heavy burden, but the affordable surrealist TPE realistic sex doll is a very good choice.The sex dolls made from TPE are very lifelike, with the same body structure and appearance as women, as well as better body proportions than women.And sex dolls’ bodies and looks do not change over time and can remain in their original state forever, but women in their lives cannot.

Is your life lonely?Sex dolls are the perfect partner to keep you company until you get old!

How Will It Be If The Man Is in Long-term Celibacy?

What happened in the routine life will become some reasons to stop your sexual life more or less. How will it be if the man is in long-term celibacy? Will it affect his health? What kind of unexpected changes will it cause?

Sex is an effective natural way to relieve stress. During the intercourse, the endorphins and oxytocin released from the brain will make people feel good. Consequently, the people in good sex life will be easy and comfortable. Otherwise, people will live in high stress and anxiety due to lack of release.

Living alone is surely less trouble. But distinguished from animals, the human has strong affective commitment. They are positively to look for a sense of belonging and a sense of approval. Once out from the relationship, they will feel extremely depressed.

As per the latest survey, the frequent ejaculation will remove the inner harmful substances. The men who ejaculated more suffer less prostate disease than those seldom released.

Then for the grown-up men, owning a stable sex relationship is essential for their health. While in the current society, women are relatively independent. They gradually no longer rely on the economic support from the men. The adequate pension system solves the anxiety of old age insecurity. Thus, many people can not find a proper partner. They have to explore the more effective way to solve the personal needs. Vendors push out various sex toys in view of the market condition. Particularly, lifelike sex doll becomes the top option for the middle-class consumers with the charm and weird human-like looking.

The lifelike sex doll doesn’t only bring sexual pleasure, but also a good partnership. They won’t complain, argue, jealous. They will benefit you as a good listener. They are loyal, submissive, quite, understand you. The doll’s owner confessed the sexy sex doll is the idealist partner in his life.

Is It Legal to Buy Sex Dolls in The United States?

Sex dolls used to be taboo.Even at the time it was taboo to mention the subject, and people could only talk about it in a corner.But recently, as human minds have opened up, the sex toy market has driven the popularity of sex dolls.More and more people are willing to accept that and have sex dolls.Sex dolls are real, and humans can form close relationships with them, and some people think that sex dolls are even better than girlfriends.

Thanks to advances in technology, you now have artificial intelligence sex dolls that look and feel very real.Sex dolls combined with artificial intelligence seem to be very popular in the market.They have human-like appearance and are able to interact with people and adapt to situations.The silicone sex doll is very obedient and act according to their owner’s consciousness.That’s what everybody wants, isn’t it?

silicone sex doll

Every man wants a sex doll, but they’re not sure it’s legal to have one in America.In the United States, you can legally own an inflatable doll, but be careful of dolls that look like children.Having sex dolls like children is considered a crime and illegal.Child sex dolls can affect children’s physical and mental health.

It would be a nightmare if they were sent to prison just because they had a child sex doll.There have been reports of people being sent to prison for buying a child sex doll.This is the fear most people have when buying sex dolls.Remember, preteen dolls cannot be bought in the United States because they are illegal.So avoid buying dolls.

sex doll

The makers of child sex dolls are said to claim that they can help people with paedophilia, but they have not been scientifically proven.Sex dolls on the market a lot of children, but also could promote the behaviour of pedophilia, it is a kind of cause the mental illness of sexual attraction, in this state, people would have a sexual desire for children.Therefore, the purchase of child sex dolls is morally and legally prohibited.

Except for child sex dolls, other adult sex dolls can be bought with confidence, without fear of being punished by the law.

Are You Falling in The Trouble of Instant Love?

For many people, instant love is expected but deserves doubts. Particularly, sex comes too early in the unstable relationship. There will be uncomfortable sex activities before you understand someone well. It is important that you increase the confidence and have more sexual experience. Then you will forget all the embarrass and discomfort.usexdoll

Do you want a healthy sexual relationship? If you are not caring about your feelings and needs, you are hard to find out sexual satisfaction. As a result, you won’t get a healthy sexual relationship. From now on, value yourself and explore the best comfortable ways in a relationship.

We lived in the different environment and impressed with various thought. It brings many difficulties to unify each others’ sexual interests. When two people with different tastes want to get an erotic relationship, they have to pour more time and energy on keeping a close to fake fantasy. Most people live in the circle of exhaustion lack of controlling their emotions.

For the sake of sexual security, there are not few people choose the lifelike sex doll as their sexual partner. It is sure that the sex doll has solved many situations.

Your sexual life won’t be broken off even though your partner is out for business. When you are caught to have sex with the sex doll, you won’t be criticized, your partner won’t feel being cheated. You won’t doubt if the sex doll will judge your sexual experience. When you dress sloppily or are not well-groomed, the sexy sex doll still thinks you are attractive. When you are sick, she will stay with you and give you comfort.

How to Effectively Heat up A Sex Doll?

The temperature of the sex doll is usually the same as the indoor temperature, so the temperature of the sex doll changes with the season.Sex doll skin feels soft and warm in the summer, and in the cold winter, ultra-low temperature lead to sex doll body cold, the cold can seriously damage our intimacy and sex dolls.

Cold also means loneliness, and for some people, it’s harder to enjoy the experience if they don’t feel anything but the chills they feel from the dolls.In order to feel more real, and to realize your sexual fantasies, you need to know how to properly heat up a sex doll.Several heating methods are described below.

Built-in heater

The sex doll with the built-in heating function will be able to heat the inserts located there.When you have sex with a sex doll, it gives you a warm, authentic feeling.It may not heat the sex doll completely, but for those areas, such as the vagina and mouth, it can make the sex doll feel more real, serve you better, and enhance the overall experience.

Heating a silicone sex doll is the right thing for you to do, so be sure to consider heating it anyway.A comfortable body temperature is what many people like.It increases comfort, prevents loneliness, and so on.

Use an electric blanket

sex doll

You can use the electric blanket to heat temporarily in a short time.But it is recommended that you look at the temperature of the blanket when it is heated.It’s best not to cover the silicone sex doll too long.But usually, these electric blankets are too hot for silicone sex dolls, and they can damage the skin if you’re not careful, so this is usually not advisable.You should make sure that the temperature does not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit, because if it does, it will begin to melt the silicone sex doll’s skeleton and destroy it.Silicone is more of a concern than TPE.However, it is important to note that it does not heat the hole in the silicone sex doll very well, but will heat the end.

Heating pads may be a good idea for some people, as someone said: I bought an electric blanket for $50, and the love doll was as cold as an hour later.The electric blanket is not hot enough.So I went to walgreens and bought three heating pads.They’re like 12 “x12” pads.I put one on my love doll’s breast.One on the stomach, one on the stomach.Close the door, of course.Cover the quilt on the mat and cover the love doll.Only 10 minutes later, dole began to sweat.Well, it wasn’t hot enough at first.But what I did was I took a pair of scissors and cut the front of the piece off the heating plate so that the hot wire could reach the love doll directly.It does cause a lot of heat. In fact, its heat can burn your fingers.So be careful.But when you’re dealing with it, don’t get shocked.It’s great.Now, when I had sex with her, the doll was sweating.These pads are 50 watts each.So if you want, you can buy four and warm your love doll up.

silicone sex doll

If you do heat the realistic sex doll, once you’re done using it and ready to store it, you should make sure you put some powder on it.This will help keep the skin soft and make the realistic sex doll live longer.Yes, you can use an electric blanket for temporary heating.But notice the temperature.

A hot bath

If you feel unsafe or too expensive, a warm bathroom is a great way to warm up your realistic sex doll while bathing yourself.To do this, you should put some warm water in the bathtub.But, you should make sure that the water temperature is less than 104 degrees, because if the water temperature is higher than the temperature, are in danger of melting skin and bones, if you’re not careful, will increase the wear and tear of the realistic sex doll.These dolls are fragile to some extent.

Be careful not to put the realistic sex doll’s head into the water.If you have a TPE realistic sex doll, this is important to note, because TPE realistic sex dolls are usually not good at keeping body heat.By the way, women’s skin is usually cold, almost at room temperature, because women are more insulated than men.

If you have a sex doll, you can try the above method to increase the authenticity and intimacy of sex with the sex doll.