Expectation and Anxious of Sex Doll Robot

AI robot industry is booming since last two years. The market of AI robot faces stable development in the global. The trends of development special in Asia is also overwhelming and rising in the later. It offers people a giant opportunity. The series of robots have ever arisen as scientific research and conceptual design. Then right now, it has developed to multiple types to serve humans better. The industry and consumer market recognized its effectivity.

In the premise of guaranteed basic material life, people focus on life quality and spiritual life more. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people are exploiting sex robot for sexual gratification.
Meanwhile, with the status of static sex doll in the previous hot sale period, it is undoubtedly enhancing the confidence of sex robot manufacturer.
Most of the females expressed unwillingness to mechanistic sex. That is why the sexy sex doll market is mainly for the male.
Manufacturers are trying to make people experience as real as possible, and create a healthy human-robot relationship. Equipped with human features and input human big data, the sex robot will understand and perceive human life.

Sex robot is used for experience service business or private entertainment. Many people feel good for this novelty.
There are so many sex doll brothels gradually start their business worldwide. It seems that the kind of business slightly hits prostitution and sex trafficking.
In the other hand, what additional impact on societal perception will be caused from lifelike sex doll?
Explained with the idea of inertia, when one person is used to spend much time on the sex doll robot, then he will probably seldom involved in natural social life. As a result, it will form a kind of social isolation. Even far away from human emotion including the feeling intimacy and empathy. When people shift the focus of life partner, it will become common to take the sex doll robot out.

Sex Doll Is The Best Sex Toys

Some sex toys can help men get an erection, stimulate women’s genitals to become more sensitive, or provide a different feel for the “normal” sex.Other sex toys provide an “environment” for gender change, such as so-called rave sheets.

The usual expectation is that sex toys provide direct genital stimulation during foreplay and/or during sexual intercourse, or as a means of achieving orgasm through stimulation provided only by sex toys.

Dildos and oscillators are just two examples of these devices, and they take many forms.You can buy them as a lift free oscillator;Some are tied to or stuffed into underwear.Many are designed to look like human genitals.

sex toy

There are many kinds of sex toys, including sex dolls. Many people like to use them on other toys.

Gentlemen are found their best reason is these forms and features of lifelike sex doll is so real, you’ll tend to believe that you and a real female partners together they can help you meet your sexual desire and fantasy;You can hug them, kiss them, hug them, have sex with them, just as you would be a true partner.Sex dolls have many textures, features and sensations that allow you to reach orgasm.

Over the years, lifelike sex dolls have become so popular that people have begun to notice that the topic was initially considered taboo and associated with talking about them, especially in public.More and more people are beginning to realize the many benefits of these happy gods, and it’s good to talk openly about lifelike sex dolls.In fact, as research continues on how to better experience happy adult sex dolls, the prospects for this multi-billion dollar industry look bright.The latest modification is that lifelike sex dolls give specific responses during sex, allowing them to interact with humans.

sex doll

Sex dolls have the same appearance and body structure as real women, unlike other sex toys that are only used as a specific body part or as an aid to masturbation.Adult sex doll is feminine and give you almost the same experience.You can use the reality of the anus, vagina, mouth and breast to implement your sex, all of which can be used to search for pleasure, they will give you true feelings, or give you a a level of service.These adult sex dolls are great, especially when you’re a virgin, or you don’t have the necessary skills to please a girl in your bedroom.With these loving sex dolls, you can improve your proficiency by practicing sex until you have successfully built up your confidence.With adult sex dolls, the only limit to your daring sexual behavior is your imagination.

These are experiences that no other sex toy can provide.Sex dolls are a huge investment in personal happiness.A sex doll can provide companionship and sexual satisfaction at any time of day.



Basic Maintenance of Sex Doll

The sex doll industry is booming recently, even though the design of realistic sex dolls has been passed a long way, it has developed from the blow-up sex doll to the lifelike sex doll. You will be shocked by the lifelike appearance and really feel. Whatever the advanced technology or skilled artificial work craft, It makes possible for the intimate sexual experience.
It is an obvious indication that more and more sex doll types are created and purchased. It is also not hard to combine the ideal body shape and admiring face. What’s more, some vendors also offer the customized service. You can choose the eye color, hair style, even the skin color according to your personal preference. You will accomplish the transformation of the general doll to your private fantasy partner.

The sexy sex doll is absolutely sophisticated, her gorgeous features are impressive without any doubt. While the daily maintained appears to exclusively important. The basic care for sexy sex doll covers cleaning and drying.

1 Entire cleaning
Due to the characteristics of skin materials, the sexy sex doll will be adhered by dust for the improper storage condition. Periodical entire cleaning is essential for a better experience. You can use antibacterial cleaner or soap to fix it.

2 Special cleaning
We know the sexy sex doll provides three sex channels, oral, vaginal, anal same like a real woman. Men prefer to take advantage of it for fulfilling more sexual fun. Therefore, cleaning the intracorporeal parts is necessary but not such easy. You have to turn inside out as possible. And eliminate sperms or other foreign matters in case it grows bacteria. Fortunately, the manufacturer has developed the removable vagina, it makes cleaning easier, people just need to drag it out and clean it like other sex toys.

3 Drying and dusting
No matter outside or inner parts, you have to keep it dry, then dust some baby powder on the whole body(inside and out). In that case, the sexy sex doll will be smooth and fresh. Otherwise, the sex doll flesh will become sticky and more dust gathering.

If you have a sex doll aside, you are welcome to bookmark this page for reference. Or you can visit www.usexdoll.com for other maintenance.

Best Sex Dolls in 2018 That You Should Take Home

Sex dolls have become a dark horse in the sex toy market, accounting for most of the sex toy market.At first, people had to hide in a corner and talk about sex dolls, but later, the topic about sex dolls continued to heat up.Many men are interested in sex dolls.

1.Celina-163cm, Sex Love Doll

sex doll

Big breasts and fat hips have long been a fantasy for some men.Her carbon-gray skin, cold eyes and blond curls have established her as a mature royal.Black stockings set off the sexy figure.It would be very exciting to take such a lifelike sex doll home and do what men have always dreamed.

2.Slut girl-165cm Sex Love Doll

                                                                                                     sex doll

This lifelike sex doll has very fair skin.Men who prefer a fair-skinned lifelike sex doll may consider the doll.Purple hair makes her unique, very prominent in the crowd, and also confirms her unique personality.You can dress her up or you can make her naked.You will find the body curve of this sex doll very attractive, no man can calm down in front of her naked body, because her every pose is very fascinating.

3.Mary-145cm Silicone Sex Doll

sex doll

This is a very cute sex doll.Lovely big eyes, beautiful golden hair, and fair skin, as if she were a very lovely little sister next door.Sweet and lovely, even in a pink bikini is very lovely.

4.Bandi-153cm Silicone Sex Angel Doll

sex doll

The adult sex doll is also a little sister.But she was a beautiful and sexy little sister.She has carbon skin and yellow curls. She has a beautiful and attractive face.I can’t help but want to be close to her, pinch her face, hug her, do other nice things with her.

5.Lily-140cm Silicone Love Doll

sex doll

This is a adult sex doll who likes to play bundling games.She can play games with the host. It is so interesting when she is bored.You can tie her up, blindfold her, start your game, and join her in your wildest sexual fantasies.

Threesome Fantasy, You Can Make it

Threesome play will no doubt be counted among your many fantasies. It remains little hope in real life. It looks good on those porn films. You may try to make it real.

Who would like to be the volunteer as your third party? Have you got approval from your wife? These two problems you should face when you are trying to proceed. Of course, you can be surfing in the dating site and find that person who is looking for hooks same time.

Rather than take the risk of the marriage cheating, you should think if you can ask a life size sex doll into your party. What are the good ideas in your mind? Come on, go to sound out your wife.

You have to know the top priority is getting your wife’s nod. Share your fantasies with her, whatever it is kinks, voyeurs or threesome play. Don’t expect to compel in the process. You have to discuss the details and make up a simple flow within the acceptable range, then you will avoid off-limits.

The threesome is conducted under the premise of mutual trust and understands. Once you or your wife feel not good, you can get rid of it. The communicate of intercourse can help each of you know more, it also enhances the sexual pleasure.

Keep a love sex doll on hand, also prepare the water-based lube for a smooth play. It is very interesting to have a threesome play with the sex doll. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to worry about being dragged into unnecessary affairs. It is very safe without any risk of sexual disease. The most important, you will get the positive sexual life.

Why Vibrators Can Be Accepted, But Sex Dolls Are Avoided by The Public?

The discussion surrounding the hyper-rational sexual behavior of sex dolls has led to the question: if women can have vibrators, why can’t men have sex dolls?Many women find sex doll’s aggression and contrasts with the vibrator, and after the change of The Times, vibrator has already become a kind of strengthening the means of female sexual desire, from the beginning to avoid this is society.

Both methods help individuals enjoy sex alone.Clearly, sex dolls are meant to make people look like women and epitomize the ideal woman in real life.Not all vibrators are designed to replicate the penis.Women’s vibrators are now fashionable, with soft hues, rich material contours and thick bindings.For men, lifelike sex dolls still have the mark of being used by depressed men who are unable (or unwilling) to take part in typical human activities, and are considered annoying.Dildos was one of the first sex toys invented.When sex toys became popular, doctors and GPS advised them to treat hysteria.When women’s sex toys were advertised in adult magazines, their reputations began to deteriorate and the magazines were considered “too sexy”.Thanks to female-driven sexual technology, vibrators are finally moving away from pointless genital and heterosexuality programs.Still, while the sex toy industry for women is being liberated from anatomical remedies, the sex doll industry is moving in the opposite direction.


In real life, there are always some women who can’t enjoy a good sex life for various reasons.Masturbation provides vibrator can improve the quality of people’s sex life, but also can make women get the normal marriage life satisfaction, and can effectively reduce the unethical behavior such as looking for partner or a one night stand.It’s very good for women’s physical and mental health.Is good.

Women, on the other hand, may prefer vibrators because of female masturbation.Although masturbation is a normal physiological phenomenon, but for girls, if you don’t have the habit of masturbation, it is not recommended because of curiosity, who make a habit of masturbation girl, cannot too frequent masturbation, masturbation safety problem is particularly important.

In my opinion, there is a clear difference between male and female sexual behavior in most societies.You can extend it to the concept of masturbation toys.In most cases, the vibrator is considered a female masturbation tool, while the lifelike sex doll is considered a male masturbation tool.Generally speaking, female orgasm during masturbation is sexy and celebratory, while male orgasm during masturbation is shameful and creepy.This is the result of my experiences in the sex toy industry.

sex doll

The most dangerous and frightening thing about lifelike sex dolls is that they treat women like toys for men to play with.They risk reinforcing the idea that women’s bodies exist only for men’s happiness.Is it good to persuade men not to talk, not to move, not even to relax?Beresford believes that lifelike sex dolls do allow men to encourage superior sexual relationships and comfort themselves in the absence of others, social unrest, innocence or reluctance.However, adult sex doll is the best choice for men when their wives are reluctant to have sex because they are 100 times better than prostitutes or men who suppress their sexual desire.Adult sex dolls can not only satisfy men’s desires, but also teach them to be better in the bedroom.

Adult Sex dolls and mannequins can be used to improve people’s sexual health.They are especially helpful for those who are sexually active, and for those who have a partner who is pregnant or disabled.There are many documentaries and movies about the use of adult sex dolls.There is also much information available to promote the use of sex toys and masturbation.I think the confusion probably stems from people’s relationship to sex dolls.

sex doll

Hallie Lieberman, the creator of the buzz, says that an exciting history of sex toys shows that comparing realistic sex doll with vibrator isn’t entirely deceptive.”I think from that point on, we’ve put them in an isolated category, which can be devastating,” she said.From then on, we get confused about realistic sex dolls and see them as startling ‘other’.”Sex dolls may look like women, but they will not replace women, just as vibrators will not replace men.””I think there are several reasons why vibrators are more popular than sex dolls.”Part I think it is based on we think men are naturally enough, don’t need a small tool or a realistic sex doll to play, they will figure out how to give yourself orgasm when young, however, some ladies before the age of 30 or 40 no orgasm.

From the beginning, women’s sexuality is ignored, misjudged, or discussed about men’s happiness.In fact, even the vibrator itself is used by men to treat female insanity.In any case, we have finally entered a wave of sexual instability that is gaining sexual consistency.In the end, sex dolls are just as dangerous as men who use them, and it’s not where we resist or discard them.One day, though, sex dolls will be standardized into basic.

Odd Status for Current Social Relationship

The way to love and marriage twists and turns, it is filled with pain to fun, not everyone could get survival and stick to it. Attitudes to love and marriage continue to change. Then how is it like right now?
1. Rising Divorce Rate
Under the temptation from real life and virtual web, loyalty to marriage is worth something. Most people have learned how to comfort themselves in the gap of reality. Human has an instinct selfish. Once confront of the disadvantage factors in subjective or objective, they will probably run away or give up directly. That’s why the divorce rate remains high.
2. Declining Marriage Rate
Social sharing makes it possible to speedy exposure other’s life. Paparazzi always tracks and publishes celebrities’ negative marriage. Many affairs, such as promiscuity, cheating, is flashing around. All it happened makes people not aspire to marriage. They realize live alone is much better than the couple.
3. Blind Narcissism And Personality Disorders
It is a common scene that people are longing for something gorgeous. Those celebrities who are in good shape, pretty looking, fabulous income, have become public dream life partner. The crazy followers have carefully constructed the house of cards and looking for romantic love in the mirage.
4. Becoming Materialistic
Many people are disappointed with love, so they learn to focus on house, car, wealth to make themselves feel safe. Men neither rich nor handsome are usually left alone.

Moreover, it is not difficult to feed themselves for a normal in this world. The young people are more like to enjoy themselves and far away from the troubles brought in a family.
One more question, how to fix their sexual need as an adult? For women, a proper dildo and comfort vibrator is enough to get sexual pleasure. For those men without the regular partner, there is a great product created to meet their vanity and fancies. That is life size sex doll. It is popular with the star status. It provides love and fills people’s loneliness.
If you are not going to date a natural woman, realistic sex doll is a not bad option. You don’t need wrack your mind and heart for an uncertain dinner. You don’t need to spend time on anything boring. You can do something for yourself. Perhaps, You just need a partner, rather a capricious girl in your life.
Sex doll manufacturers are capitalizing on the chance and start their business fast. They have developed more and more life like sex doll for the market needs.

Really?The Robot Sex Doll Can Save Our Marriage

With the rapid development of science and technology, there seems to be something new every day from science fiction to daily life.

Robots sex doll will soon make that leap.

While the idea of intimate contact with machines will undoubtedly make some people uncomfortable, there are some who believe that introducing robots sex doll into our lives can be a vehicle for positive change.

The adult sex doll industry has experienced a period of hate and ridicule, and the industry has become an elastic developer for millions of industries.Initially, not only adult sex doll was banned, but it was also taboo to talk about it in public.However, due to the continuous development and modification of robots sex doll and the amazing benefits of robots sex doll, more and more people are using them without adult sex dolls.

sex doll

Among the many benefits of robotic sex dolls, one is their ability to play a third role in a relationship.Unlike a third person, a lifelike sex doll can only get you together in a weird way.What’s going on here?I’ll tell you what to do.

Robots sex doll offer another option, especially when only one partner is craving sex at a particular time.This option is perfectly safe, and one partner does not have to worry about being cheated or unclean by visiting a brothel.It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Men especially want to have sex when a woman wants to have sex with him.Otherwise they don’t want to have sex at all, because obviously women don’t enjoy that much.Most men don’t like sex if men feel that women can’t fully enjoy sex.This is the cause of many sexual problems.Sex has undermined the relationship between couples because of lack of synchronization.And that in itself can be a means of sexual problems, and divorce is a possibility. Lifelike sex doll, to provide the man with such a scene, a safe choice, to help the husband release sexual desire when his wife is not in the mood.

The form of marriage is changing, just like everything else in the world, adapting to the development of The Times.It’s important to keep an open mind.

‘I Won’t Stop My Husband to Have A Sex Doll’ Said A Housewife

I felt kind of uncomfortable on love sex doll from the very beginning. Just like most feminist, I thought it was insulting to the women. It materialized male’s disgusting desires. I noticed there happened a no small dispute. Not like the torso for masturbation, life size sex doll has simulated the entire woman body from head to foot. It makes this possible to achieve the integrated sex. The men can dig out the deepest sexual pleasure.

Will the sex doll be more conducive to men remaining harmonious marriage or relationship?
For most of the women, it is the mutual responsibility to loyal to spouse and marriage that have sex in couples. Then should the sex doll be counted the third party of the relationship? There is no consensus, perhaps no one can say it convincedly.

From the moral justice, women seem to have no reason to restrain their spouse to get a sex doll.

More or less, the life size sex doll becomes the alternative once you are in the period, pregnant, even not in the mood. Your husband can get the sexual desire off safely, rather than go out for the hookup. In another world, the sex doll is a perfect way to enhance your marriage and relationship.

Maybe some women thought it is no concerned if go for a hooker. Have intercourse with a hooker sounded fell much better than a dead sex doll. Come on, have you ever thought it would bring the STD back home? Would you want to bear such risks?

Anyway, I am glad that I have watched a lot of things open. I can understand and accept it if my husband asks for to get one.

Does Sex Doll A Violation of Feminism?

The sex dolls have been in a heated state since they were created, supporters and opponents are in a state of war.Opponents say sex doll is a violation of feminism.But supporters say the growing complexity and lack of communication and trust in modern relationships have led many men to feel lonely and empty, designed for lonely men.There will be adult sex doll designed for lonely women in the future.Do sex dolls a violation of feminism?

The end of the 19th century was the first wave of the women’s liberation movement, the focus of the debate is to require the gender include all of the life course equality between men and women, which is the equality of the sexes, also calls for civil rights and political rights, against aristocratic privilege, polygamy, stressed that men and women in intelligence and ability is no different.The most important goal is to strive for the equality of family labor and social work and political rights. 

sex doll

The second wave of feminism began in the 1960s and 1970s.The second women’s liberation movement was believed to have originated in the United States.The movement continued into the 1980s.The key is to emphasize the nature of the division of labor between the sexes and to eliminate the phenomenon of equal pay for men and women.The requirement to ignore gender differences is seen as the basis for women’s attachment to men in the relationship between the sexes.It requires that the field be open to the public, and so on.

Sex dolls are the epitome of perfect women, and men can get their own adult sex dolls in real life.And the figure of the sex doll does not increase with time, it can maintain a good image of the man.Therefore, in a short period of time, they are warmly welcomed by men.

sex doll

And the lifelike sex doll is not exactly equal to the female, because it has no life, no soul.

The feminist movement has been to increase women’s social status, think women and men enjoy equal rights, feminists have been efforts in this road, and achieved significant results.After the lifelike  sex doll was created, it was found that men compared lifelike sex dolls with women, even to the extent that they did not need women.The feminists felt threatened again.

The invention of e-books does not affect the existence of paper documents, and the appearance of e-commerce does not affect the existence of physical stores.Now do you think that sex doll  a violation of feminism?